Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Page 5
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* V v y v •/ v •-/ -/ y y / V v / y v Wednesday JSoyem Wan Who Selected Unknown Soldi HOPE'STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGEFlVfi H,v MA Si'i-vire CHK'Acn i,„.,-..;,. i,,,, thund-',- ,,r Europe'-, i;m,s m-.-d in,I disturb the slumlie, e.f America's Unknown Sold- ilM-. Sen.;!. Kdw.nd K. Yiiunjjcr, who cllOSe till' \WI\\, bem-.llh tin- lll/iMlfl>l.-o( in Arliiiiiluu, says hi- unknown ,-om- I'liilt iliil mil die in vain. Tin fctmci iiiiny "i rwinl. now a postoffii-c fu: email In-!.', • i,oke ,,| American sacrifices ; n n,,. |,is'i w ,, r "I .Should say (hoy died in a ri.,nl L-amc." Ho chose hi;, won!.-, c.nefiiHv: "They tii<-,l t., : .;,v,. J)eoioera>'Y It IcaM that's \vlr.il they I,:!,| os "-,. Won- fi|>hliii», I'm and |'|,,. v ,|;,| , ;iv , : ' once. No\V '( IKK. l'i hi- :;;',vc-1 ;, .-,,.,.. '»»l lime. I.Ill thai ,!,„., ii,,1 lake away rum tlr- valni- nf ihe v.-oi I; Ih, -, <li.'i. "HoW'-vei. I'll! ai'ailis! Al.M'ii.-a MI')- ' ier Says He Didn't Die in Vain Coach Bob Neyland's Super-Patience Makes the Tennessee, Vols Violent »"' «M.H l»,,,l,o,lusf,» m whch tin. of Mas .s .t wis idinid into CJialoi s-S ur M 'irn - ' (.nalon.s but -Mai no c. ) M' hall. of fcuropc. the body of tl, ( . Unknown Soldier was returned to America on tlu: Olympus, which sailed as a 17-Eim sulul.- rumble..! military farewell to A«ncricivi-: 77.0(1(1 dead Npyland Teams Ahv«.vs Ai-f Terrific Rioclcers With Every Playei 1 Knon'jnp; flis Assifrn In Detail Semi. K(hv;;rd K Vounccr By DON WHITKHKAt) 1P28. AC Feature Service , For seven consecutive vcars, 1926 KNOXV1LLK. T"iin. - Down ir.-! to 1032. TrnnesFee It-urns missed pcr- Lixie they're calling Major Bob N;;y- ' i'e<:( seasons by the heartbreaking land the prcalesl football coach .vim-o . margin of only one game, finally ac- Knute Hoekne sent the Irish of Notre j complishing tile feat last year. Two Dame bkc/.ing across the pridiron i losses and five tie games .spoiled the heavens. j early seven-year record. When anyone askt- what makes the i I would say Tennessee's success is 'lennesye Volunteers .TO violent- -the due to Neyland's infinite patience in ant-wer must always I;:.- Bob N<-y- i developing each individual playef's land, r.ne-time army engineer and j ahililivK. and his mania for perfect* one of the finest .athletes ever turn- j ion in fundamentals, ed out at West Point. j On the practice field I have watch- Many times he has almost rrali/cd ' '-d him drill his men over and over the coach's dream of a "perfect" fool- .with nit notonous .. regularity on one hall team—the experts say he finally '< iimilc phase of play until they have has accomplished it wilh bis HO,i! i/v/oetr-d. Th? backs are trained to powerhouse that is lolling alen« to- '; ha-.illi the ball with smooth precis- v.airl a national championship. ion and evtry j.-Iayer must know his It's an iimay.inyly poised, v^r.saiil^ ; •irsifimnf nt. in detail. outfie--as all Neylapd learns are. The ' 'i i-.cn. l.y : omc le.Hcrdemain. he rn- l.-tckfield is fast and powerful: the ,-. til 1 '; a fifd-fin? -..pint into his players line i.v well-nigh impregnable -it v.'as ; !o add ihe last vital element for a dented for only five first downs by : 'ifi! club. rushing in primes apainsa Alabama.- Is'cyland teams always are great Clutltanonua. North Carolina f_tate ami _ klr.t.-kini,' and tnckling outfits and they Scwanc-e—and the ros-erves are as poll- ' iollow Ihe ball like hawks. In the ished and capable as thc-ir fhsl-sUon-j '. Alabama came, the Tide hall carriers males-. . v.-.-io sv.'mrn'd wilh Orange-peersied "Wlial makes Tennessee click?" Ney- '.-c-.'Jcts. The movie:; of little Johnny j land echoed in reply to a <jue:=li,-.n. Binlt-r-.- ::• '.'.-.-tacular 56-yard run in ! "I really don't know. We don'1 .spend that jramc sl'iov.-ed down-field block- more time than other coaches on in,<! -el'lom equaled, with .some players the field, and I suppose our coachini! ! mal-.in-j, iv.'o blo'-kx methods are about (he same." I The ' Tennessee offense, operating But ,!,,-,( s modesty of the rankest j .,,, n ., ,.,,,,,,„,.,, )ino wiu , ' a „, f e sort--ior Tennessee cbck.s because | ,,1,,,,.,-,,,,!, am , ,,.,. Ko . 2 hack art f ie Neyland ,s never sat.sfied with any- i hcds ol UK- W nlcr. is deceptively llnng less than the power and s:nv:oti,-], ti) , )!;ir . bu) ;,,. rffocliveness is gain . m,ss ol a IG-eyhnder hmonsme. ctl hy Si) -,it-second precision in hand- Look at (he Record The proof is in the record. Nc-vland coached teams have won 10,'i (iaino;-. lied eight and lost only 12 .since K'7 tT 1 « ; 'ff*i If^iHll!^ svE us? I OUR T.s.lions f-very once in a while: Do I try to heat other people to (he draw by frequently refering to ysolf as an old maid? Do I worry or talk about my health.? DC I have several "pel hates" trial I- talk about a great deal? Do I talk to men just exactly as: ! talk to other women? Do I piide myself on being verj if .-ink. of being extremely self-suf- la.'icnl. ol "ij.'iif! after whatever I wan: without any jireten.se? S,,!ii:-,tei Mir-.l lie Self- Oilic'a! I'le of one social or busines ^rnup? j Have I lilted my close friendship.- LI Williout Cdomcl—And You'll ,'..-.i(i Out of Bed in the Morning iiaiin' lo Ca Till- liv.-." .-li.i-.-'.l ;./.;:!• f..-;[. [v.-, )io-intl: .if liUtli/l hilt- I'll-' V,, ;;• !, |( ,\-. ,.; . ii a!v. h -, ;ii-. l.ih, It ju^t il'Tity.-; in III,' ).i,\v, 1-. (las lj]o;il:t up j-uur r-l(ini:u-h. Vu-.i )•• t CMII .'.ipiiti-il. V,uir whnl,- s>-f.'-n: i-.-. ^^oi...) -,u.' :.,r.i f- •! ; M,LII-, Mllltt 1111(1 til,- V.',.|-i,i ].,.,!.' ina^.. A iin-i'i- lii.w, i nio.-i-i-.i.-iu -l n't ret, nt tin' r.-nuii-. It liikc; lii,,-:i. i:<,.,J, .,:,! (•;, ,-.,,,-• i I.ittl,- l.ivi-f J'il! ; t.n .'-., I. till--,- tv.'il I'Oliliil- ni' liitt! llowitir fr,'•:;,- :-.,;.i i n :,;. ( . .. ,,-a j',,.1 •• u ^ > and lip." Iliunilt ., : . •.:!;, , .-, .-I. :in!;i::ii.-,: ill mukimv liil-- il,:-. 1 .- {y -I,-. .->--. I'm- t'.-tvi'-i-'ii : n I. Voi",i.;er told of his jiart in , •< lion oi :iic (.aiKnown .Soldier in ' .-•!;. --I nhr.-i i-.'--. NOW'S YOUR CHANCE "ll's Choose ^'oiir COAT V/EEK" I'natb t:iiiin:; Valni-s LADIES SneciaKv ? Profile for '40—or /50 hi-ld accountable for what may provi 1 to h'.- bad biifiness. If liu? le;-i'her asks .loiinny whether or mil lie .saw Slim copy, he is on the spot to he sure. But there is no use in his being .smug about it -md savin.', nobly. "1 know but [ cannot tell." He must either tell or say nothing. We think he should tell if it i-'; iiul to him directly, but .John might .-ay that such advice is all wet. and he won't double-cms.-; anybody. We don't know just why Slim look 11 peep, why he was tempted, liou- swell a lellow he is or how close a friend. John knows .so nrmy things about Slim, yi u sc:-. lhat you and I don'! ! know. We can't fix it up to suit our] :elves and .-ay. "So cndeih the first lesson." One-- .'.he has admitted to herself that she probably never will marry. ;• woman has to- reach another de- ci-'ioi:. Is --IH- or ini'l she going ti. lel^herself become an "old maid 1 .'" That is jus! ;,s mui-h iier deeisio:. ic make as is the earlier one—"Am I or am ! not going to marry?" An;l one:- ;-. wr-man makes up her mind (hat she won't | jL - »„ ,,],( maid- I . , , , ! evi j n if she isn't going to marrv And by the way, , tether rarely . no, even her caltiest friend can make ] asks one child lo (ell on another. If i her seem like one. i'he dc-.c" so. it is usually because a| A' a routine check-up, just to make serious situaliod demands it, and,>ure lhat she is living'up 10 her de- Ibe inlorm.-ttion is vital. ! cision. she oii.uln U, a --k herself a few Have I let my job become so important to me lhat I am as jealous a? i, as some women are of {her hu=- bantls? AH the answers should be "No." II a "Yes 1 rears, its head, the woman who is determined never to be an old .mud ought to change i.t. She has to bo more self-critical than married women, since there is no ,nc constantly trying to improve her. liny the ball and by terrific block- in i;. George 'Bnd New-l Cafego, triple tlirt.al ace. hty.ids the Tennessee back field brigade that includes such stars as Capt. fi.-anmy Coffman, Joe Wal- U-n, Ike Perl, Bob And ridge. Buist '•'V'ant.n. Jc.hnny Butler and Van Thompson. In Ed Alohnsi'.i and Bob Suffridge, Neyland has probably the best pair <-l juinrds in the South. Tin.-, (iown-the-middlc strenthg has been a potent factor in Tennessee victories, but Molinski and Suffridge are abley flanked by Tackles Boyd Clay and Abe Shires. Ends Jimmy Colemnn and Eel Cifers and Center ;;mn-.y Hike. 'lia' ii_nr.esKco ::riu^d is compara- .i\-cl.v Kinail in numbers, with only ,"i!l |)layrjr.s—-but this permits Neyland T give hi.s boys individual attention. '!-pr ycr.rp I hod occasional constipation, nvfnl £.'.-:s lilfi.-itin(,", lic.Kjaelics and back pains. A'.Utnl;,-'. Hlwayc !u:!|icd riaht away. Now, I =r.t s'liis.iKe, Iin-.mifis, pie, anything I want. -- Mi lipttc-r." Mrs. Mnhcl Scliott. K A Jolui S. Gibson Drug Co. M fii Ik ass We will not be open on Armistice Bay Saturday, November 11th. (Lt'Ka! Holiday] Citizens National Bank i • : -3-1 yi i;r-:,i!i' \vliv this iny,i-.. p 'tiii!:i .,111- Si v '•':>. il.-.-- Chani- is the M.-.uil-i.iil -.,-,, -i-i---s car of t he ]i:ir,t HI yi nrs. just as stnnnin;dy ;',»( stimuli-.- built. ;i!.; Slllde- iainr':; huned CfiiiiniiimU'v ami President. Saves j mi -ii'incy "n < r -,;is upk(.i'|> e\'i.-i'v :nil<- ym drive. SaiVsl, n)i.i.-;l ri-.-,tf,il rii'iiiii'. '-:ir <-.|' it:; low i'irv-. Tr:'.-,U in .Vi'iir pi'i- vnt Suui' -bake .yC.l.'P. ti in is East Third S Hope, i-Kiiiiss.;; Here is a three-quarter front view of a 1940 stunner—the Studebaker CJiampion, which was designed by Raymond Locwy. This dynamic six, introducer) last spring, has made sensational sales records, also in the summer of 1939 proved itself the economy and endurance chamnion oi the low-priced hold. Displayed at local Studebaker showrooms. Children 11 HYP Ethics Which Adults Must Respect J-'np|-oM' S'lim has i-'-pioil an ans- ; child, en have a c-.,(c thai dors m -A'rr in a 't-hnnl c.'-saait'.ation and John l-:eojj wilhitt the confines: of ai-lnal i:. 1 .:/'.-.. il: :h<>iiM Ji-hn: ' I'tw. Wi- ;.;ive them a cons!i:iilion A. Kr: n it ID nii:.s- It'.' j "-'ni they m::kr their orvn amentlnuMit--. - !'. 'I i-ll :he li-arht r' 1 '. so lo speak. Quite morally, loo. ( - I'^'-il -->biii .--.' n the other J,.h n |.:,,,, ws |,e - 1K supposed to Inni cbdiir. n .' Ihnml.s down on anyllnnj; thai smells t:-. help Slim rove.- in.? . ,,f dishoiu^ly. B ut he also knows Lbl l-..-te 1 Ihiuk «-e shall have . ,|, ll( | u . L . lin -, let fr',c-n<1 clown. He w l, .nal.-e :,,. <,ur n.i.-ids lhal most , mt t( ,|| nny , jn ;, ,,f ,S|i m '. s plaMiari^iu j lol<l Ihe officer:- I had cho.-en. answer, whether il nit-els wilh Queen. "'I hi- in xi day v.i- esc,,rnd the eof- ' l-' ¥ ''''y "ties or not. t'in. and spent lhal nh'.hl in I'ai is. Tie.' Better, however, for him to HO lo win!, day we went on tin- morning hoadquarlei> about il. if circiim.stauci-s al liai'i to 1." liavie. where sailors aie such that he feels he should let in ihe Ii. S. b. Dlympi:i look 'it. be known, llian lo whisper the new; an;,-." ahoul cinielliy and never yive the r.'i loiii-'i'r lsii"\vs- the nain: s of oilier boy a chance to defend himself .iniade;;. <.'f ex]-,lain. This M p-| ol .- )i-i.,l black- Yonni!/- has seen Ihe ijravr " 1:ii) ii-' l"elly bad. C.'ircc'.n.-lantial iwi- i A.'hnvlon live iii.,1-;. lll ' nr! ' '^ "'" -''ways ,„•.„,l'. Mini ma\ /> 1-1 i , only have "appeared to rouv " On sevi-ra '-.•e.-i.-.-iniis. hesavs. be has ,, , ,,,. ' . ., ',-, F.-rliaps t,hm is utility. He eomc ee:i :-ppr..-acii-d bvCi-ld.Star mothers. ( , ,],,!,„ ,,. iys , - If (h L , '(eacher asks a-.-h jialiielieally askmi', il her son you whether 1. coppicd. lell her i'"!:t -.01 Li,- ihe unknown soldier. didn't, will you? In this case J,,h ".'.''. \',iur,L,ei says that if his country need not commit himself u, a ],r,;- eed-, him acair, he will ;.;o. lie is a mise. We can wain our children that ,ni:l> ni.w. wilh a wife. A.nncs. a wln.-n otlv .'"i-oicr ,m-l a son. others .;el into scr;i|-es. it i; not their affair lo be draped in ml Relieved «IJ I I n k A .I i uKid-Up Method pains? If slrcn;;lh. energy, ami nerve-force. Tluu ii:tl tl> snienorrhea. ,'?'" v.-nieh i: ,.;•> i,lion caused by under-| hi fi.re and iimiiij; "the time." women :;. : i:- : ; ooioi.-:i,mi-ill. |iy innirovinf-' the a|i-| by ihousand:; report dial C'AKDUI alsi n. a.'siiiiilalioo. diroue.h helps lo allay tin; pain ami di.-.cnmfnrl ••-::.-:* j lite proj«-j- n.j- of CAliDU), women 1. sparkl That' enjoying surprise to something more ancl more

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