The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 30, 2006 · Page 5
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 5

Hays, Kansas
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Friday, June 30, 2006
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 30,2006 FAITH THE HAYS DAILY NEWS A5 Five loops cowboys need to know how to throw By BILL CORNELIUS LIVING SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH In ranch country, the value of a cowboy is determined by how well he knows his job. And one of the jobs a cowboy is called on to do is to throw a rope. Every cowboy worth his salt knows that there are at least five basic kinds of loops or throws he can make with a rope. There is the head loop, which is used to rope a critter around the head. The horn loop that is used to rope an animal with horns. The heel loop for roping the back legs of a steer. The backhand loop, which is thrown with a reversed spin, is used in tight spots. And the hula-hand loop is a special loop used to rope horses. If someone wants to make a living as a cowboy, it is neces- Guest Column sary for him to know these five basic loops. If we want to "make a living" in heaven's eternity there is something basic that is necessary for us to know. Once a man asked the apostle Paul, "What must I do to be saved?" Paul answered him, "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved." Paul was not asking the man to make a decision for Christ. We as sinful beings cannot do this. Also, Paul was not telling the man to do something in order to earn salvation. It doesn't matter if we know how to c thro,w the perfect loop or make'theperfect'golf 'swing'Or if we try to live'a'Perfect life. In fact, nothing that we do will make a difference. Jesus and what he has done for us is the one thing that is necessary for eternal life. We cling to Jesus by faith. The Holy Spirit working through the means of grace, word and sacrament, produces and sustains saving faith in your heart that Jesus is your savior. This faith and the salvation that it brings are his gifts to us. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God." On Sunday mornings, after hearing God's word, we sing, "These words are written that we may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God." In the Bible, that passage goes on to say, "and by believing you might have life in his name." Please, take some time today from your busy schedule and read again what your loving savior has done for you in God's word. It will show you just how valuable you are to God. It will show you the one basic thing that everyone (yes, even cowboys) needs to know. Bill Cornelius, Pastor Living Savior Lutheran Church Faith-based group filling arenas across U.S. By KATE BRUMBACK ASSOCIATED PRESS ATLANTA — The arena crowd was on its feet, arms in the air, dancing to the lively beat. Colored lights flashed on the performers, who belted out some of their most popular songs. But these fans weren't teenagers and the attraction wasn't a hot pop act. Two of the four performers, in high-wedge platform sandals and trendy but modest outfits, were obviously pregnant. And many fans were middle-aged women. This was the scene at Contagious Joy, an event organized by Women of Faith, a national women's group that recently stopped at Atlanta's Philips Arena. Its purpose: To remind women that God loves them, no matter what. "We want to encourage women and inspire them," said Mary Graham, the group's president. "I would like every woman to leave the arena knowing for sure that she is loved by a God of grace and that she can have a relationship with him in the hardest moments of her life and in the best days of her life." During the two-day meeting, speakers and special guests shared motivational stories with attendees and led them in song and prayer. At times, however — such as when the Grammy-nominated Christian group, Avalon, took the stage — it felt more like a concert than a religious conference. The 13,000 women in the audience ranged from retirees in their 90s to newborns. Some came alone, others with church groups, many sporting matching T-shirts. Speakers talked about rough pe- riods that madp them realize they didn't have to be perfect for God to love them. "I discovered that our brokenness is a much better bridge to other people than our trying to be perfect ever is," said Sheila Walsh, one of the speakers, in an interview. Decked out in a stylish blazer, artfully torn jeans and funky floral-print boots, Walsh looked composed and confident. But she told the audience that she still has days when "I just want to quit." After co-hosting television's "The 700 Club" with Pat Robertson for five years, Walsh stepped down in 1992 and checked herself into a psychiatric hospital because her quest to be "the perfect Christian" led her to a physical and mental breakdown. Nearly 15 years later, her life is back on track, but she still takes medication to keep her depression in check. That the speakers openly discuss their problems, including depression and drug addiction, is what makes Women of Faith unique, spokeswoman Nichole Masker said. "It shows you don't have it all together, and churches often hide that aspect of people's lives," Masker said. It is that openness that attendees appreciate. "The speakers are so real," said Sandy Aldridge, 45, a high-school English teacher. "They tell it like it is. Knowing that other people share the same kinds of problems and fears is nice. It's refreshing." Though men are allowed, few attend the conferences. Having a mostly female audience, organizers said, helps women feel comfortable enough to openly identify Mount Pleasant Church to host'Creation'conference ' STUDLEY —Mount Pleasant Baptist Church will be hosting a conference July 15 and 16 that is open to the public. The co r nference RED TAG SALE ENDS JULY 3, 2006 Wolf Furniture Galleries Mon.-Fn. 9-6 Sat. 9-5. Sun 1-5 625-4800 888-5:J!i-9b5J 4313 N Vine H.iys you might bring to the nursery and children's session and how many adults and children will be attending the sandwich lunch Saturday Please call Pastor Herder at 754-2217 with that information. Find additional information ,a|)p,u!tj,tjhi,s, conference at www.An aprpfil: ministry Siai: is understand and defend their faith. In Sprrng^dOrF&nsSflfers 4 in Genesis will open a $25 million Creation Museum in the Cincinnati area. The 50,000-square-foot museum will be filled with life- sized dinosaur models, fossil and mineral collections, waterfalls, live exhibits and many other first-class exhibits all proclaiming the wonders of creation. Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor from Nashville, will use colorful illustrations to help present his dynamic talks, designed for children age 11 through adults. There will be special sessions for children ages 5 through 10 and a nursery provided for ages 4 and under. The schedule for the Creation Conference is: July 15, sessions at 10 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.; sandwich lunch at 12:30 p.m.; special youth session (also open to adults) at 3 p.m., followed by an ice cream social. July 16, session at 9:45 a.m.; worship at 11 a.m. with Dr. Mitchell speaking; fellowship dinner at 12:30 p.m.; sessions at 5 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. The public is cordially invited to attend any or all of the conference sessions, for which there is no charge. A free-will offering will be received. To help us be prepared, we would appreciate information concerning how many children ^Retreat helps individuals heal from abortion decisions Rachel's Vineyard Ministry announces its next retreat to take place Aug. 4 to 6. This weekend retreat is designed for anyone affected by abortion. Once a woman has an abortion, she pushes it to the back of her mind, but the pain remains, and women must pretend everything is OK when they really are falling apart inside, Donetta Robben said. Rachel's Vineyard provides a nurturing environment where anyone affected by abortion can safely grieve their loss while dealing with the anger, guilt and shame that accompanies this decision. The retreat is not only for women who have had abortions, but for men, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, married couples, people who have worked in the abortion industry — anyone affected by the loss of abortion. For more information, please contact Rachel's Vineyard toll-free at (877) I-GRIEVE or by e-mail at Registration deadline is July 28. JOHN AMIS / Associated Press ABOVE: Participants raise their arms as they worship during the last day of the two-day Contagious Joy event organized by Women of Faith, a national faith-based women's group, at Atlanta's Philips Arena on June 24. BELOW: Janna Long, a member of the contemporary Christian music group Avalon performs during the last day. with the speakers' experiences without worrying what the men in their lives might say "It unites women," said 31-year- old Rachael Jacobs. "Men don't go through the same things we do. Women understand each other." Women of Faith held its first conferences in churches in 1996. By the next year, demand for seats was so high, they moved into arenas. In Charlotte, N.C., a 22,000-capacity arena sells out a year ahead each year. The group now holds about 35 conferences a year, has visited 80 different cities and has welcomed more than 3 million women. Last year saw the addition of the five-city Revolve Tour, aimed specifically at teenage girls. It was so popular that this year it will visit twice as many cities. "Now I just love men," said best- selling author Donna VanLiere, in costume as her ditzy comedic alter- ego, Ann Clink. "But I am thrilled to have an audience filled with women because I don't have to say the same thing over and over again." The joke drew a deafening roar of laughter and applause. When Avalon came out for its first appearance, band member Jody McBrayer told the crowd, "If you want to move a little bit, it's OK, we won't tell your pastor." God finds his family in his mold One of the most important facts to know about the eternal God is that he is a family. There is the Father, who is the head; then there is the firstborn son Jesus Christ, having been with the father from eter- ndtj^who became the son when he " was born as a human and ascended back to the father; then there will be many sons and daughters. These children of God are all those who will come up in the resurrection to be born again to eternal life. In this present life, we are given the opportunity to become begotten children of God — if by his grace he calls us to follow in his way and accept Jesus Christ as our lord and savior. Eventually, everyone who has ever lived will have the opportunity to become a member of the family of God. God's whole purpose for creating man was to build a family for himself, so he could share all the rest of his creation with that family He gave man a list of rules to live by so that we would learn how to love him, and only by loving him and keeping his commandments will we be granted eternal life in his family. When God created man, he instituted the family organization. None other of God's creation has such an institution; neither angels nor animals. By functioning as a family unit, the members learn how to give and take responsibility This is why it is so important to allowed Satan to continue his rule on earth even after man was made. That rulership will end only when our savior, Jesus Christ, returns to earth in his glory to bind Satan and preserve the family unit as God intended in human society. Man has an innate desire to function as a family but the pulls of society as well as false notions instilled by the great deceiver have caused much deterioration of the family unit as originally intended. This has caused man to drift away from the true God and follow after false gods, which are not gods at all. Man is the only creature that God said he made in his image and likeness. Does it not follow then that mankind is destined to become like his creator, as members of his family? There is a great deceiver, Satan, who from the very beginning has convinced mankind of every possible misconception about his creator and himself. Since Satan knew that he himself could never be in the family of God, he is very frustrated and does everything in his power to destroy man. He even tried to destroy mankind's savior, Jesus Christ, on several occasions and failed. He knows his time is short as god of this world. God has .,, , er IJvcOTtat foHovwd rt Ute^and^cceft^fele- « sus as their.lord and savior. This ;. will be the beginning of the kingdom of God on earth, with the family of God working with Christ to restore the earth and prepare it for the billions of people who will need to be taught about God and his ways, so they to can become part of the family of God. Throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, almost every book talks about God's great purpose for man and about the family he is establishing with 'man. Whether it be historical events, praise or prophecy, the focus is on God's relationship with man and the great purpose he has in store for him. This is not religion and there is nothing religious about it. Religion is man's device, not God's. God's plan is much greater than religions of this world. God's desire for mankind is to share his great love, much as loving parents desire to share their love and possessions with their children. God is our father, Jesus is our brother, and we are destined to be members of that family Bill Luecke, Pastor Church of God of High Plains News Hotline 1436) Got News to Report? Call: 628-1081 1-800-657-6017 *HDN (436) on your Nex-Tech Wireless phone Help us stay on top of the latest news and weather. Now you also can dial M36 on your Nex-Tech Wireless phone when you see news or weather events happening. Each time you report news from your wireless phone you'll be entered to win a free t-shirt from Nex-Tech Wireless. Also, visit the Nex-Tech Wireless website at to register for a year's subscription to the Hays Daily News ^ , — • »•• m m mmt-^m m wireless UMnbtrofUu Sprint'Jr MuniAUiMM • THE Voice OF THE H IQH PLAINS Partnering together to keen the community informed! The Circle of Love pendant Wear it. M it. Be it. P1AMONO jeWBLBHJ IOW Mil*

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