Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 10, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1958
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r~?T. OF !!T"TcrY 5. ..,•,;; ••.(U.\;^ iv, I'.)/. VOLUME 42, NO. 41 thru the week with the editor Now, that the Easter Bunny, Peter Cottontail and others have returned to their domain until next Spring, we can get into other things. ttw Well, enough gentle sarcasm. We guess its kind of like Christmas. ttw We are happy to welcome Mr. Ralph Welch to our area. He was in to subscribe to the LEADER a couple of weeks ago. We hope you folk will get acquainted with him. He farms near here, now. ttw We took li'l Dayna to church for the first time Sunday. She liked .the music and didn't cry until it stopped. ttw Joe Wright, who sat 'behind us with his little boy, warned us, as we now know, that you can't wear dark blue suits and handle babies with flannel blankets. ttw Did you hear Bob Hope last week? 1 didn't but my Uncle Kenny, a detective in Waterloo did. (Everyone in the family has TV but us.) Anyway, he reports that Bob Hope reporting on Presley says, "I believe the army will get a fair shake." Catch? A fair shake? ttw My Grandpa reports that Lee Sheeley of Fayette used to play ball with him. He says Lee was quite a good pitcher. That was back in 1915. ttw Grand-dad says, however, Lee '^walked me five times in one game." ttw He also says that "Doc Dorman, who was coach" when the EDITOR'S GRANDFATHER WAS ON HIS TEAM, "thought the team of Higby, Walgamont and Finch (the family name till Kimball got it) was the best team he (Doc D.) ever had." ttw Only one regret from last Thursday's Fayette betterment committee meeting. And that is, that we lid not get more of Lois D's clever jokes on record for this column. Like we said to Ott Finger at the time, "Why did I forget me pen, I've got to get these things down for my column." ttw Oliver Troupe Candidate For Supervisor Oliver- W. Troupe of Oi. n township nas filed nominal ion papers \vilh [he Ka\-cite , omit v auditor for sop"ivisor. term In ginning Jan. '.i. I'.KiO. Troupe. \vho is •!!» and a Republican, owns and operates a farm in Oran township. He serve.(I or-, the Oran No. :: schoolboard from HI45 57 and on the board of diret tor:-; of Oran Municipal Telephone Co. lor eight years. His term as town ship li U..H e \vill expire in llilK). Troupe is a member ol Immae ulate Conception ehmih of Fair bank. He is married and has a married sorr livin.i; in Waler'oo and a daughter, five yi-aiv. old. FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents 10 APRIL 1958 Development Commission Formally \ r -'rv Members In Methodist Church u. Guest In Naomi Hanson Home At Randaiia Mrs. Lyle and Janet Hani, were overrule guests Wednesday and Thursday in the Naomi Hanson home at Randalia. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Han-on and Kristi of Maren^o, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gray and Don, Mr. and Mrs. John Cray. Mr. and Mrs. David. Mi-Gee -.'iid family of f'ayetlf were Kaster dinner guests irr Naomi Hanson home in Randalia. Bill Moellering Begins Work At West Uniw Bill Moellorin",. a I'ra.lua!' engineer of Ames, i;; now i m- ployeci by Fayutte Comity as assistant engineer, lie is livm- with his mother, Mrs. Tslyrua Moellering. M- sn i Mis. Robert Lewis and ••»! M.i-'.iael and Hill were receive.! in;., tin- Method!: t church Ka-'li ; Sun-lay on transfer from '!>' '!' former , hurch at Cedar Fall.-, Oi tiers received into tire fellow-hip of the church Easter Sunday vise Mr. Roger Lund, Mr. and Mrs. Krsvin Van Bogart and Mrs. Dale Sheppard. BUSINESS NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Hob Lamphier •: r, e purchased lire other half of '-'• (I ''' p > Cafe from his parents, Mr. .,nd Mrs. Joy Lamphier. ' 'iia.--., '. IGA i building a Hi !>'•' i" ft. ;t<le><.(.]; io th"ir grocery t<-ie and have oilier prospects <'<>- improvement. BOY FOR THE ERWIN GOEKENS A ;-on h::s come to brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Ci-iei-:c-n. lie \vas, born at the i-Mlm.-r Me-novial Hospital. He 1 hod il Ibs. (i'i u/. and was 01 i Thursday rroon and will i riled Steven Erwin. Ki! Kare Klub Held'Meeting AprilTsf 1 e Kil Kave Klub met on \pi il 1st at the home of Helen vl il' r, with ]'.i members, 1 guest 1 7 children present. 1 ne n, xt m (-ting will be at ( 'loi-ie of Bt mice Bonjour on A,J rl 15th. Clarence King (I, to H) of Oehvi corn growing champion at a ban of northeast Iowa corn growin bushels per acre was the top yi National Seleetcil Five Acre DeK; up winner was Jake Schneider 0 ( els per acre. Orvm Thompson of of 12::.!):') bushels per acre. Fourth also of Waclena with a yield of li! TALENT SHOW FINAL HELD APRIL 7 Last Monday night the final for all five divisions of the Talent Show were held in the Fayette High School tuditorium. Ptmela Curtis received the silver dollar given as a prixe to the winner- of the primary group. Pamela sang "There Came To My Window". In the intermediate group two winners were chosen. Richard Earle, who sang "La-Dee-Dah", and Sue Crafton, who sang "My Special Angel", were each rewarded a silver dollar. Roberta Gage won in the junior high Ji was recently proclaimed county quet held at MaMin City in honor ' champions. His yield of 130.5!) Id in Fay; tie coiin'.y in the 1!)57 'Ib Corn Growing Contest. Runner Klr.in with a yield of 129.fi:-! brisir- Wadena placed third with a yield place winner' was Reynold Strong 'i.lilj bushels per acre. division with her acrobatic feats. Carole Dahli|iii.-t won in the high school with a flute solo elltitleh "Minuet". MardeH Ki-efer was awarded the pn/.e for 1 the community division. She sang "It's A Grand Night For Singing" and "Somebody Bigger Than You And I". Mi 1 . Waiter- Cherwein, vocal music instructor from West Union, judged all events. The '•'ayetie High School Music lub wislu-.-; to express its appreciation to all those parents and people in the it-immunity whoso cooperation and efforts contributed to this year's talent show's success. KANSAS CITY CHOIR AT UPPER IOWA By Ethel Gillette FAYETTE — A capacity crowd received lull measure of satisfaction fro mithe music of the Kansas City Choir as it performed in Upper Iowa's Colgrove- Walker Building at Fayette last Tuesday. Dr. W. Everett Hendricks, as a former member of the Upper Iowa faculty, was already assured of a warm personal welcome from his many friends in -this area, and the 54 voice Choir will be remembered as well for their enriching performance In each number the choir displayed the balanced fullness and attention to detail that have brought them a well-deserved nationwide reputation. Dr. Hendricks played upon the voices of the choir like «he fine instrument The simple tout effective sittings and the lighting added an almost mystic atmosphere to the first group of numbers. Two Gregorian Chants, from about 200 A. D. were separated by Heinrich Schutz's I am the Resur- redion. The first Gregorian Chant, sung in antiphony, was particularly effective. And He that Doth Search the Heart*, from <the motet Der Gei»t hill* unsseer Schwacheil auf by Bach, .and My Jesus, also by Bach displayed the activity of melody that had been achieved bv the 17th century. The second part of the program (presented a cross section It the history of music of the Larry Jeanes .above-) of Fayette was recently proclaimed county junior corn growing champion at a banquet held at Mason City in honor of northeast Iowa corn growing champions. His yield of 117.12 bushels per acre- was the top yield in Fayette county in the 1957 National Selected Two Acre DeKalb Junior 1 Corn Growing Contest. Unable to attend the banquet was Lyle Alcorn of West Union who produced a yield of 113.20 bushels p'c-r acre for second iplace and third place winner Larry Alber also of Fayette with a yield of 112.33 bushels per acre. 18th century with Schubert's Credo from his Mass in G; Salvation is Created by Tshesnakoff; followed by When Curtained Darkness Falls by Christiansen, who for many years directed th'_> St. Olaf Choir. The final number of the section was the moving Advent Motet, one of the few compositions of Schreck, a famous teacher who numbered Christiansen among his students. The importance of the opera tn the story of music was illustrated by a scene from Elijah by Mendelssohn and the Easter- Scene from Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni. ChesterO'Bannon, who sang the bass role of Elijah did an especially fine job, as did Shirley Generoux, singing the role of Santuzza in the Easter scene. With the chorus in the background, it was one of the most interesting numbers of the entire evening. The fourth and final group contained a HHh Century number. Spring by Grief, with Virginia Pearce singing a contralto solo part. It was followed by the negro -spirituals Go Down Moses and Set Down Servant. The final numb'er Stamp Your Foot from The Tender Land by Copland was based on a square dance and a group of the university choir members danced the number as the choir sang. The choir, which sings most of its numbers a cappella, has performed many times on radio and OTOLARSHIPS TO MU?1C CAMP ANNOUNCED The Fayette High School Music Club announced at their monthly meeting that Sharon Bla!:or and Bonnie Olson had In err selected by the scholarship committee to receive the annual vocal and instrumental scholarship, respectively, which gives the student:;, expense-free, a two weeks music training course at the State University of Iowa at Iowa City. Marjorii! Downing and Steven Talcott, recipients of last year's scholarships, have announced their intentions of also attending this years Music Camp at the University. EVENTUAL GOAL IS TO ATTRACT INDUSTRY HERE FAYETTE - Tl,.. ['.uetle Development \va, lormaliv or gani/ed here last Tliur;lav evening and dedicated itsoli ),, buildini! a greater Kayelle and area through the encouragement of present and future in \v businesses. W. V. Clark. Chairman of the Steering and Organisation com mittee, opened I lie meeting and reported that Ihi comniittei had finished its \v.irk and the pro jecl was ready lor formal and permanent or:;ani/.:it inn. I, o i s Davis presided as seen tai v. After it was decided I v unanimous vote to el'l'i el the peiman- ent organi/aliun elections of the commission's officer;: \\eie held U. K. Cousins, l-'ayette Mayor. was fleeter! by tin.- rrmip i,, art as Chairman of the Commiv -i MI Other officers eleeh ,i were Dean Henyan. Vice <'hairm.-'.'i: Lois Davis, Secretary; HonaM Kocher, Treasurer and the following directors, K,-mil th K:, ding, Handalia, Ted Werner. Arlington and Mrs. John Holmiyer of Fayette. -Sixteen or ;.• iin. 1 , ;ib!:-, r.l organizations were ropresente.!. This was considered an ex-i I'ent turnout flue to the rainy da-,- a;;-! Holy Week servici s i , i>>:; ;on- diujte;! com-urn-nth'. Cornmi sion o'firers aniritmee.' that there will he another- meeting to be held in April, (lie date to be announced. Fayette is capable of keeping in stride with future developments and industry is coming ( .o Iowa every day. "There is no r:-;\ son" one local leader comnr n'--d "why small industry can't lo,-.- there and help us all i eonomical ly." STEVEN NEAL, 3, is a big "'help" to mother, Mrs. George Neal, as she tries to prepare dinner while studying for classes at Upper Iowa, where she is enrolled as a freshmen. (Courtesy Register-) New Granddaughter For Mrs. C. A. Lund Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ralther of St. Louis, Mo. are the parents of a baby girl, born Thursday, April 3. She is the former Dorothy Lund. Baby Boy For Mr. And Mrs. Ed Wells Mr. and -Mrs. Ed Wells of Fayette are the parents of a baby boy born Monday evening, April 7. He is to be called Edward Scott. Ed is a local barber and a student at Upper Iowa, j _. television and provides all of this type of music tin NBC'.s Monitor. Dr. Hcndricks has also directed .the Blue Jackets Choir of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station and has been in charge of music in both college and radio positions before coming to chairman the music education department of the University of Kansas City. MURRAY EMPHASIZES HIS PROGRAM Many state issues today can be solved only through action both by the legislature and the governor, although the governor always should recommend to and cooperate with the law-makers on every issue, declared Dr. William G. Murray, candidate for the republican nomination for governor in a statement here today. Among the issues which he said must have action by both legislature and governor were. reapiportionment, any taxation change, expenditures for stale institution improvements and state aid to schools. Concerninj; reapportionment, Dr. Murray said that he favored a plan which would base the membership o' one house of the assembly on area, the other on population. and emphasized "there probably will be many plans offered in the legislature and it is very probable that no one plan will be adopted in its entirety". He said the governor and legislators should go into office in 1959 with the firm determination that they will give the state reapportionment. Dr. Murray's speech follows: Fn»m the very first week of my visits over ' the state to acquaint the people of Iowa with mp /policies as a possible candidate for the republican nomina tion for governor, I have stressed the need for a reapportionment of the legislature. . (continued on page 6) 20th Century Club Spring Luncheon The 20th Century Club held its annual spring luncheon at the Cffee Nook Tuesday. The meeting was held in the lime of Mrs. W. V. Clark, Mrs. Frances Hettler And Helena Yzerman Here With Hettler s Mrs. Frances Heftier and Helena Yxerrnan have been in the Henry Hettler home this week, staying with Mrs. Hettler, who has returned from the Oelwein hospital following a heart attack. Mrs. Hettler i.s Dean of Home Economics at South Dakota State College, Brooking, S.D. and she will return there this Sunday. Mrs. Yzerman -will remain here .permanently with the HcUlers. TOWN. Mr. and Mrs. Homewood spent Kaster Sunday in Waterloo at I lie home of his sister. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nelson ami family visited in Clermont Sunday afternoon visiting with Mrs. John Nelson. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilke spent the Easter weekend in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her mother, Mrs. Emma Cook. • * • • • Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Paul from Waterloo. Mr. Jim Stebbins from Or 1 we in, Mr. and Mrs. Fred IJn-ekner, Steve and Pamela from Cedar Rapids, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stebbins from Oel- woin were Easter Sunday guests in the home of Mrs. Stella Paul. * # • • Mi-, and Mrs. Paul McElroy and family of 'Percival, Iowa and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grant :>n,l family of Lansing visited relatives in Randalia over the v.-i ek end. • • • • (In - ; : n i'.ie Tl. n. Erion home lor Kasti r ;• untlay were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Protsinan of Dysart, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Smith and 1'am and Cindy from Postville and James Erion from Waverly. « • • • . Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor of I.iwa City, spent Easter vacation in tl-.e home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Templemen, Mrs. Taylor's p .1 'flits. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Davis s .enI Monday in Waterloo on business. • • • • mi una Mrs. Earr Aanes spent" lvi.!t:-r -Sunday with Mr. Aanes' f:'t'-."r in Clermont. • * • * C;in Us in the home of Mr. and Mi'.'. Mcrvin Doty were Mr. and Mrs. Torn Doty and thei- two '•hildr n. They came Thursday and stayed until Sunday. • • • » Mary, Jim and Patricia Shadle of Maynard were Easter dinner guesfs at the home of their t'.iandparents, Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Odf.ll. • * • • • Mrs. John Bena called at the Myrna Moellering home on Sunday. * » • • Mrs. Ruth Hall of Evenston, Illinois spent Easter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. <F. Hall. • * * • « Mrs. C. H. Knos, Miss Bessie Schneider, and Mrs. R. W. Bitterr man attended the National Swim Meet at Des Moines this last weekend. Mrs. Knos 1 granddaughter, Da Anne Beach of Oakland, Calif., participated in the meet. Her team placed second. Her mother is the former Anna Knos of Fayette. Miss Marcha Schupback of Cedar Rapids apent her Easter vacation in the George Zabriskie home. • » • • Mrs. C. A. Lund left for St. Louis Saturday where she will visit with her daughter and a new granddaughter. Mrs. Phil Cox Wins Kacio At Nelson » Stoio Mrs. Phil Cox of Albany won the free clock radio given away i Nc-1. oil's Shoe and Clothing Aure last week. FINDING DISHWASHING time ideal for getting homework done is Mrs. V. C. Crafton, while daughter, Vickie, 5, lends a helping hand. Mrs. Crafton, UBU wife, attends classes with other UIU wives. Well-Dressed Pilot Even though Janet Leigh plays a Russian jet pilot in Howard Hughes' "Jet Pilot," 'great spectacle of today's air age, showing i •!., .Sun., and iMon., at the Fayette Threatre, she doesn't-hide ;u.i- spectacular figure under • ovall-i during the entire film. During the varied scenes, which range from Palm Springs to the North Pole, Miss Leigh wears 14 changes of «ostume, include ing five evening gowns and a r-rth-tnking -bathing suit, all designed for her by famed Hollywood couturier, Michael Woulfe. "Jet Pilot," an. RKO picture in Technicolor, was produced by Jules Furthman and directed by Josef von Sternberg, John Wayne co-stars*

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