Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 3, 1958 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1958
Page 5
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THE TATTLER THE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MIXED CHORUS GIRLS GLEE CLUB SENIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS TYPISTS BIRTHDAYS FUR AND FEATHERS GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL NEWS SPONSOR TATTLER STAFF Barb Kauten ...... Ruth Nims Donna Hetth and Kathy Shaffer ----- Steve Talcott - Carol Dahlquist Jan Schabacker and Bill Hughes Jan Bennington and Roger Otterstein Ruth Nims and Jan Bennington Becky Maxson and Marge Downing .... Lowell Paul Peg Eischeid and Sharlcen Mullins . Kip Knight and Gene Van Buren Kolleen Anfinson and Gloria Alber Jean Cue and Carolyn Bright , Mrs. Pickctt THROUGH THE GRADES Kindergarten News We are starting a new unit called "Fun With Toys." This unit is corrulated with out new workbook, "Before We Read." Last week Clyde Pickett talked to us about "Bows and Arrows." We were very good listeners. Some of us thought of some good questions for Clyde to answer. A few weeks ago Mrs. Crafton brought four little puppies to school. The morning section had lots of fun holding and playing with them. We have a new chart "We Can Print Our Names." As soon as Everything i»V for color I slides.., j New C-20 Kit Only $59§§ ' New Argus C-20 color-slid* taking-and-viewing kit is one prize gift idea — even for yourself. Contains everything needed to take and see lifelike color slides. Here's what you get: New Argus C-20 Color- Slide Camera with coupled rangefinder, rapid film advance, f:3.5 lens and 1/200 second shutter with Color- matic settings. Argus Pre-Viewer shows slides on big, illuminated TV-type screen — big enough for several people to enjoy at once. Flashgun • Color Film Bulbs • Batteries There's nothing else to buyl DAVIS REXALL STORE Photographic Headquarters we can print our names real nice we can print them on the chart. We also have another chart called, "We Can Tie Our Shoes." All but five of us have learned to tie our shoes so we have pasted a shoe by our name. This week will really be a busy week for us. We are going to make an Easter egg tree on Tuesday, bunny Easter baskets on Wednesday and have a Easter party on Thursday. First Grade News Max's group has their new reader "Fun with Dick and Jane" and a new workbook to go with the reader. Mrs. Schicdel is hearing their group in the afternoon. Marsha's group will finish their reader Friday and will get a new book and workbook on Monday. Their new book is called "Our New Friends." On Thursday we enjoyed listening to Clyde Pickett who came down from the second grade to tell us about "Bows and Arrows." Archery is his current hobby and he has some interesting and unusual knowledge about bows and arrows. On Friday we went to the UIU museum. Some of the things we enjoyed most were various waterfowl, sea creatures, an exhibit of corn and its products, fossels and the stuffed animals and birds. "Subtract". We have found that this big word simply means "take-away." Nearly all of us have learned 18 subtraction combinations this week. Of course, they were easy ones and we will not 'be able to learn nearly that many next week. Our science book says all plants 'must have sun, water and soil to live. We are testing with beans to see if this is so. Johnny Orr brought a little white rabbit >to our room which we enjoyed watching and petting. When the first graders were asked to recall the most interesting day that they could remember we were surprised to find that so many have taken long trips and vacations. Linda Himmel told us about visiting Disney How To Open CLOGGED SEWERS Without Digging ! ! SEWEBEAMEB will remove ROOTS. pujier, grease, rags and other organic matter. No tools needed. Just mix and pour In floor drain. Past Acting. RKAMS LINES CHEMICALLY, CHEAPLY. QUICKLY. Results assured. Packed In 5 & 10-lb. cana, priced at $2.29 and 13.00. Accept no other brand. Ask for SEWERBAMEB by name. E. H. CARLEY Plumbing & Heating Land. Nancy Hennig told us about an elephant in Memphis, Tenn. that you can ride. David Jurgenson has visited the Chicago zoo and Susan Aanes has seen George Washington's monument. Dalyn Nefzger visited the Chicago airport and -we have no doubt that Dawn Pattison will always remember the day she was riding in a boat that overturned in the Mississippi River. Second Grade Nowi Miss Marilyn Baugous is the name of our new student teacher. She will be here until the end of the school year. We have planted seeds in twenty-four jiffy pots and in a large deep tray. There are many flower seeds, cabbage and celery seeds. We can hardly wait for the first plant to push up through the soil. Those with A's in Spelling last week include Barbara Ashby, Ladevyl Bierbower, Linda Clark, Billy Gillette, Joyce Hall, Cheryl Karyl Kienemann, Jimmy Niles, and Mary Schmidt. Third Grade Newt We are halppy to have Miss Lynne Stanley do her student teaching in our room. Danny Dean has returned his dental card which makes a total of thirteen cards returned. David Gourley, Roy King, Linda Moore, Marcia Beckner, Merline Brause, Eugene Weyant, Clark Austin, Cathy Alshouse, Peggy Maxson, and John 'Manson received A's in Spelling dictation Friday. In science we have learned about the four parts of a flower. Each child also drew a picture of a flower and named its parts. Fourth Grade Mews Patty Scheidel brought her dental card back so we now have fifteen of our thirty-four back. We are happy to see Linda Henry back in school. She has been out with the mumps. Bill Sparkman has gone to Mississippi for the Easter holidays. He left on March 28. Only nineteen of us had A's on the final test for Unit 28 in spelling. We wrote sentences as they were dictated and our grades •were taken from the spelling words in the sentences. Those on Richard's team with A's were Richard Ashby, Nancy Beckner, Curt Dumermuth, Sandra Gray, Dennis Hendrix, Harriet Johnson, Louise Pickett, and Bob Swehla. Those on Tom's team who got A's were Tom Butters, Steven Aanes, David Buhman, Howie Hubbell, Ernie Johnson, Mike Schroyer, Larry Webb, Rodney Whitt, Larry Joe Yates and Rita Jellings. In Arithmetic we are now studying the multiplication facts through 7's. We write each fact we miss on our test twenty times each. Our bulletin boards are dec- orrated with Easter scenes now and will be covered with spring flowers after Easter. We are doing tumbling in our gym class now. Mr. George is teaching us to do backward and forward roll and is also trying to teach us to stand on our heads. This proves to be quite a task for most of us! The following people have given their reports in Social Studies: Steven Aanes on herring, Curt Dumermuth on Sea Anemones, Howie Hubbell on sandpiper, Tom Butters on the March 26. Janis Bennington was Our next track meet is April . wn ,,M not ft one of those chosen to serve on 8. at our local football field at £:,,,, rn ° r a • u_ ;,,_., o n n m, • • , , Hilly ctiase. id run. tne jury. 3:30. This is a quadrangular pi TV, ti't The one act play "Sunday Cost o meet with West Central of May- ,. h rt" °" nson: ll Mun Five Pesos" went to Grinnell nard, North High of West Union, terrv Tnnn- AftP?'thnv Saturday to the stale contest, and Valley High of Clermont- TM t k b k t They received a 3 rating there. Elgin. No admission charge, come nT.^rn AH,™-TM. Roger Otterstein went along with watch the boys. Barbara Albcr. id scicam. the cast to keep Bill Hughes A number of seniors partici- ins t ru ment to^sc'rwinE 'boner company. Girls in thc cast were pated in thc College Entrance mstrumem lm ^i aping bones. Carole Dahlquist, Kolleen An- Tests given at Upper Iowa all finson, Peg Eischeid and Kathy clay, April 2nd. Shaffer. Mrs. Lease accompanied The Student Council has com- the group. pleted their project of collecting The track boys held an inlra- and shipping clothing to thc Save track meet last Friday. Five s<:n- thc Children Federation. Cloth- ior boys acted as calptains. chose in B was brought in by all the ^ct'oToT Specif EdiicTtio'n SPECIAL EDUCATION By Mrs. Swartz the past week, we h;i DON BELL'S TEEN TOPICS TEENS TOP TEN (Returns from votes cast for pop tunes at our most recent Bell Hops at Val Air, West Des Moines, and at Kcota.) Last Week 1 This Week 1 up teams and organi/ed thoir grades. Approximately 350 Ibs. ()U1 . arca Mrs Dw j K i lt Miller groups. Captains were: Max of clothing was collected. Psychologist, and Mr. Highy! Iowa State College Students Breakfast In Capitol from the Special Education offic in Des Moines. All students have been working on Arithmetic using the calendar and the month of April and on problems involving the spending of money. Rosy, Marcella and Patty made Jello and pudding and served a pariy lunch to the room Tuesday. On Friday, the girls baked cake and we were again treated to refreshments. The boys, Loel, Claude, Philip and Allen are enrolled in swimming. We were glad to welcome Rosy back after hospitalization for several days due to a severe rose- bleod. MUSIC Tille Sweet Little 16 (Chuck Berry) 0 2 Lollipop (Ronald & Ruby) 3 3 Don't (Elvis Presley) 0 4 Good Golly Miss Molly (L. Richard) G tie 5 Maybe Baby (The Crickets) 2 G 26 Miles (Four Preps) 5 7 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (J. Cash) 9 8 Wonderful Time Up There (Pat Boone) 10 9 Are You Sincere (Andy Williams) 8 tie 10 Who's Sorry Now (Connie Francis) 0 tie 10 Rock'n'Roll Is To Stay (Danny & Jrs.) Out from last week: Short Shorts and Bop-a-Lena. Students from Iowa Slat. College, participating In the annual Seminar-Tour ipon- tor.d by the Y.M.C.A. fcr both m«n and women students, stopped off In Washington lo hav. bicakfast with mombeu of the Iowa delegation In Congriu. The breakfast "LIVING DOLL" TO BE Saturday the Mixed Chorus, FEATURED NATIONALLY soloists, and small groups went .. Top Hit CUlb News " editor to the Upper Iowa critic session. Buddy Basch sent this memo: Thc chorus recieved a number .. will Definitely use photo-story 3 rating. The b'oys quartet and on yolll . j er ji yn Oliver. She the double mixed quartet both s , m nds like the nicest and most to ov, ,.o«t wl m.mei, o f« owo eogoon n ong«,i. . reoa.1 ,..„..,.,.,,, nilm u. M . 2 .-.tim's Solo , u 11 i « » wcu held In th. Speaker,' Dining Room In the Copllol. Student, on Hi. tour from UL LVCC ! numl3LI z i'»tinf,&. ^""> adorable lady of the year." In. Second District, pictured above with Congressman H.nry O. Tall., ar. Miss Marilyn Flllsch, Aburnert, Harlaa Mann (right) .f Brandon; low Blount, Maquotctfa. Ut.s rccieving number 1 ratings Ji. r jly n , of Williamsburg, was were as follows: Lowell Paul. L .h US en "Miss Livin' Doll" in a Kathy Lambert, and Marge rL , t . cr ,t contest in which Marlene Downing. Dr. Caswell of the Uni- Campbell, Oilman, and Linda versity of Minnesota, the critic of Crawford, Des Moines, were the soloists, discussed the prob- finalists. of the participants with thu Thc.se three "dolls" have ac- sea horse, and Louise Pickett on mumps on the other side, limpets. We learn many interest" Seventh Grade News ing facts about these animals By Helen Kaulen from these rU.:orts. Some of us The following people got A's ..._...._... have brought pictures of thesj in spelling Friday: Randy An- participant immediately follow- cepted our invitation to judge different animals to show to the diirman. Diane Ashby, Carol in 'K each performance. u ic pictures being sent in as class. Rodney Whitt brought two Beck, Tom Borchcrt, Ronnie The cr tic of groups w:u- Dr. nominations for our "Teen Mys- boats for our fishing village but Brown, Barbara Burget, Kenny Sperry, also of the University ot t LTy King". They'll name him at so far the village has not been Butters, Carol Clark, Don Evans, Minnesota. our Val Air Bell Hop March 27th, set up. Maybe we will gel it done Barbara Fish, Diane Franzen, • at which time he'll 'be presented in the near future. Mike Gaynor, Melody Gilctte, Don't forget the money for Robert Gould, Cleon Hammond, our trip to Chicago must be in by Sandra Hennig, Helen Kauten, April 9, 1958. Kathy Keig, James Rohde, Don Fifth Grade News anf j R 0 n Timmcrman, and Dennis Mrs. Everett Tope. Our projects in science are we would like to congratulate SENIOR SKETCH Jerry Burns was born March 1, 1940. He has attended school in Fayette all his life. His secret ambition is to be Superintendent with a §139.95 portable TV set and be informed of what he's king of. BELL'S BELLS BELLRINGERS The four new records rating from show _„. , ,,-.„... ... „ ..— ¥¥t; wuuiu ime i" i-uiigiaiuiui': , ™ TJ e Aftnr iflinnl inrl nn ±"e luui new iccuius i bringing forth some interesting Carol Clark, Renec Jollings, and ot *' n ' b - A / f " Sf , C "° , !,,," ," the most favorable response activities. We have films to show Kathy Keig, who won in the weck , C " d * h J°" yx " n "'ion He ° 11 '' Bell's Bells preview for each individuals project plus SCVBnth . grade in the talent show ' ound ,. at th £ Texac V ta ( ' R ' " C (ihis W tek were: pictures, reports and drawings. Tuesday, the 25. Renee -Tellings ?° esn l wn . 1K , ,' ,,"i,in« School of Rock 'n' Gary Maurer has a nice rock col- sang -You'll Never Walk Alone". Hls favonte pastmlt KS workln « GL . nu summers. . . J lection started on a plywood back Kathy Keig was one of a trio who on cars ; for displaying. He glued the flutes and Carol Clark played a , Jarrv s "Y° ,. rocks on and then posted a label p i ayed » Do n Dance" on their Wonderful Time Up under each one. S0 i 0 O n the piano. We are now nearing the end Eighth Grade News of our study f the 48 states. We By Marjorie and JoAnn - , haove learned abut 37 of the Friday, March 28, we had an R°fi ers - Jcrrv llk f t° cat - ancl states now. Those people who English test. This test was over savs ha ™ and baked beans arc- spelled the 37 correctly Thurs- business letters and contractions. io P s - "People who rub things in day were: Alice Kauten, Dottis Now we are starting a unit on 1S '" s pet Van Bogart, Donna Kuhens, and Definitions and Explanations. After Barbara Keig. High eliminations for the talent The Cadets presented a good Tuesday, March 25, the Junior show Thursday. Donna Kuhens sn ow took place. The winners was the commercial announcer f rom this grade were Roberta for Geritol and also acted us Gage, who did an acrobatic net, Mistress of Ceremonies. The an j t ne fi u te trio consisting of Roll . . . Jan 93 to 8 . . Sweet Skinny Jenny , ln , Paul Peek . . . N R C 84 to 16 woiiuenu. *«•.« - v --- arm Broken Heart his favonte singer is Pat Boone. T . .,:,,:„ Dn . fiq tn In the movie world he likes C,. Jaivu, . . . Dot 69 to Audie Murphy and Ginger 30 Bombshell . . .Jubilee 63 to 36 ADD1I AllUL BELL HOPS YOU MIGHT LIKE TO ATTEND ion Jerry plans March 2G Audubon Community in the service. Good lildg. March 27 Val Air, Des Moines. March 27 Ski-Vue Roller Rink, Promise City. March 28 Hedrick 3Js Roller Rink Band April 12 — Eddie Roberts. NOTICE ! FOR FARMERS Get your tractor STEAM CLEANED for spring work We have installed a new »team cleaning plant. After a long, hard winter and the wiow- mud and du»t your engine ha» accumulated, it is time to let us STEAM CLEAN and PAINT it. DOES YOUR CAR HAVE THAT OIL SMELL IN SUMMER? You can get rid of it by letting us steam clean your engine . . . take off that old oil that smells when the engine is warm ... You are invited to come in and take advantage of this local service. Fast Service Low prices ... Henyan Motor Co. FAYETTE produced, and acted out by the "Doll Dance". The finals v/ill be Cadets. We have several films to Apl .jl 7. Good luck to every- I-avonne Johnson. see yet on the West North Cen- body! April 12 — Eddie tral States. The Corn Belt is the We are sorry to report that April 16 — David Burget. name of one. Sharon Henry has the mumps Apri i ig Ronald Webb David Torson and Henry Cue and Karen Ash is having hen ^ v ,, ann ~ w;™ c ' each have a new reader and, t ons ii s Amoved. Get well quick, A P nl 20 ~ E ug ene Nims workbook. The name of the book gir ! s! April 28 — Bill Miller, is Cowboy Sam. Everyone in the Spring must be here for we April 30 — Darrel Lau. class will be listening to the nave noticed that most of the stories in these new books. kjd s have started wearing spring mistress oi ceremonies. me and tnc flute trio consisting 01 A y j _ Bm Hugh Sna ,. on March 28 Mt. Pleasant Bai name of the play was, The Cross- K athy Keig, Dayna Dumormuth QPR Carol Lamp ^ iei , Pai . cnts Fami i y Fun Night word Puzzle. It was originated, aml Ann Austin. They played ™ l> ~ * L b March 29 Boone Community nrnnuren. nnn acted nut nv the "r*r,li n^n^n" Thn fin:il<; v/ill ho April 11 — rvnuin, uumuui L, n| l r For complete information on the Bell Hops — without obligation — please write, or phone, Don Bell, KIOA, Des iMoines. Phone: AT 29191. TEEN TOPPERS This column feels that teens _ . who are worthwhile should be The whole class is working C i 0 thes and have put away their UAW'Q YOUR ETIQUETTE ref - 10 fi nize d publicly. The names very hard on English. A sentence winter clothes. MVfi U ivun unvuu* in you gco bo j (>w are uh 0se o j> j owa that is correct as to capitalization, Judy Langerman and Mary Would the well bred over- young adults who have recently punctuation, and completeness of Manson became ambitious and night guest 1. expect to be waited been honored on the Don Bell thought just seems a thing of decorated our bulletin board with O n, 2. help with the housework, shows as outstanding. Each re- utter impossibility to most of the injes, made out of paper, on a 3. leave it to her hostess? ceivcd a Teen Topper certificate, class. We hope that hard work background of yellow construe- A guest is supposed to relax, six month subscription to Teen will straighten everyone out on tion paper. It brightens up our you may say, so wfay lift your Magazine and season's supply 'of this problem. room a great deal. Thanks girls! iiiy. w hite hand? But ... do be Coca-Cola. Mickey Gage spent Wednesday j. n arithmetic we are studying helpful. Share household chores, Do you know an outstanding night in the hospital at West about symmetrical lines. We have take your turn at the dishes. Be teen? Write me about 'him or her. Union. He had an attack of ap- j us t finished studying about con- prompt for meals. The consider- Dick Larson, Centervllle. pendicitis. He was out of school s tructing and bisecting lines, and ate guegt goeg p i aces more O ft e n! Beverly Ann Seye, Guernsey. four days. angles. Wnen j n t rod uced suonose vou M a' - »a n Oxley, Corwith. We have all been receiving In science we are studying When introduced suppose you .... answers to the letters fe sent to abo ut our solar system. We drew didn t hear the name clearly. FAN CLUB Chambers of Commerce. Some diagrams of how far from the Should you 1. say so, 2. let it Everly Brothers Fan Club places we have heard from are: sun the planets are. We also drew pasSi 3, repeat it anyway? Pat Kempter, 2030 Des Moines Thomasville, Georgia; Jackson, diagrams of what effect the moon gee what happens when a st "' Des Moines - - - rr " would like to list the of your fan club here, information to Don Bell, Iowa; Dallas, Texas; iPortland, cdpell! say so, rather than ignore or KIOA, Des Moines, and we'll Maine; Evansville, Indiana; Bal- Some of us brought clothes to garble it. Even if his monicker's publish it in a future column, timore, Maryland; and Mont- fin our clothing bag for the t1o ^ i4 !,„,,, . * * * ' * gomery, Alabama. children in Korea and Europe.. Sehnicklefritz, he 11 expect you DIDJAKNOW? Those with an A in spelling We found out that some of the to remember—and pronounce it Q Qf DODU i atl this week are Linda King, Don- clothes are even used in the right, next time you meet. plays j uke boxes? Joel M* na Kuhens, and Alice Kauten. United States. For a date, should you agree to Cr'eu, whom we 'interviewed on These people had an A in dicta- I n American History we have meet ire j . f . , the Don BeU SnQW reo u tion and also in the master test, just finished studying about ' ^ t e , »Miao» Sixth Grade New. World Wars I and II. When we practical, 2. to show you're not .^J.^^S'nw are borh The people in the sixth and get done with this book we will stuffy, 3. nay, nay, never. ducting contest for teens seventh grades who wanted to start a civics book. It is ex- That squire's a square who ^ & columnist is on 'both boards help pay their way to Chicago pected we will study civics for does n't call for his gal! Unless of judges . . . 'IMiss" is searchtoi Sdh" 2 b 9 a th e SalC SatUrdaX> 6 ?™Sh P -irta have started there ' s a «°° d reason " For in ' f ° f models and {as h»n editora; March i!9th. In music she girls have starteo "Die" is nfferine nrlvne *»«• x^.Z Sue Crafton, our class report- listening to records from the stance, If you live way out and ^ n «„ ^"ther Elvi? ft er, who just got over the mumps broadway hit "Annie Get Your he works late, it s more (practical ley , s draftboar d WR8 rlght on one side planned to come to Gun," to meet ' < But ' be 8ure ** > k <* wrong, school Monday but caught the The Mississippi; Nashville, Tennessee; and sun have toward the lower- mumbles introductions'' If you ' New Haven, Connecticut; Schen- ing and raising of tides. It is all fnend mu mbles introductions. addl . ess 0 , ectady, New York; Waterloo, ver y interesting, thanks to Mrs. You didn t get the name! Well, send the ir thi* week ii:

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