Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 27, 1952 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 36
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PAGE TMIRTY-8IX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, MARCH 27, !»S2 PABULOUS AMOS BURTON HIMSELF/ HlRf THfV COM/AND NOW XT LAST 1 CAN GET SQUARE WITH MY OtO COtOWBL! rr« IN TROUBLE I VOftWT ^O WK>OVO O WVM.TIV. r s sa kd ,\v ONELI'LOi: NUGGET/S A CINCH WE'LL NEVER OET RICH HERE.' A t HI, NEI0HBOK6, Y -"-<iOBLL THIS MINE? _- _ NICE LOOKIN 1 Ll'l.\TH10 FABULOUS /VBH... O\L DIGGIN'S Y'GOTNLODE? WHV.THI3/WE1L HERE....WOULDJUH) IS PAYDIRTfe I SELL IT CON3IDISK. /NATURAL rVTOYOU.. 6PLUN'?yi ABODE/. 1 / V ^ £j TEN POUNPft? OKAY, '..TEN \b.A DEALl THAT'3 POUNDS} ONE HUNPREP GOLD/ J TWENTY OLINCE6, RIGHT? ^ NO,5IK,VpUbE /THAT'S SIXTEEN OUNCE WRONG/MY \TOTH'POUND/WHAT PI6GER6 DON'TVYOU GUY6 MINlNfi LIE. 1 TH'V '•' * MAKE FORT V OUNCE 3-27 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS E&AD,TWI6&S' WllSH ME LUCK.' ^ I'VE- GiCDED /VW LOIN'S TO INIVADS THE PLUSH LAIR Of- 4 OLD MOM&VBA&& ecovow, " Tl4e BAMKER./—1.'LU / THAT ^OUR. v- -IRST )-".TO < ' TrA& I HOOPL6 '-s. L.TUCKAWAY) L-eL & y BREAK IT TO HIM _ ^LOYOLY, MA3OR^ We MASMT SMILED £ COOLIOGG WA£> PRfc'SIDGNiT. AiOD \ ~m\<--> MAY Be ALL, S ' M£ rJE.EDS FOR / A COMPLETE- / -•'., I KNOW A MULE IS 1 MORE CAUTIOUS AND \ SAFEST TO RIPE IW THlti \ COUMTRV, BUT I DOM'7 J LIKE 'EM--THEY LOOK TOO UNCOWBoyLIKE AWP-- / OH, 1 THOUGHT SOU WAS \ IW TH 1 COW BU&INJESS, l ^ MOT TH- COWBOY BUSIMESS- f THEY'RE A LITTLE V MOwAPV\YS, MCU KNOW.' .XT -•'•<- - J-17 THE 6LAMOUR BOV MANlcxo I THA FORTY-WIMKS A MEAT-LOAF COULO SURF CAN GO I MAKE" A TRACK TO TDWN PROAA \ STAR. OUTA . A LYING-DOWN J ANYBODY/ STBOW, LETS CHAN6EOUR ADDRESS- He PIOS ^NDCR IT/ IA5Y TO H»5 ROC* MKEP KTUKN6 A CAPTAIN EASY WAITEP SOME TIMg FOR YOU, SIMON. ME LEFT THI5KEY! I MET HIM A6 HE Lf Pf, NICE CHAP. 4\E SEE IF THE GIRL DIP GIVE HIM THE RIGHT KEY! MOW I 9B6 V*«y TMt CMPTy LITTLB Mill* PKWEP ANP KBPf ME WAITING FOR NEK, IN THE PARK! ir GAVi THAT OILV SCQUNPREL TIME TO MlKg QPF . turu UY SQUATTItJS JfOM6 IB ' e " T TUBi/ mnunrl OSfAWAV WlfHlT! T/ic Tele.fraph't Daily Radio Chart Thursday «§D (NBC)) IM KC *80 KC KO RFtJO SM KG KMOX (OH) KWK <MM) 1128 RC »*»» R0 WL 14*0 RO WORJ8 tOO Mg. Ntwl Edrtj> N«WI S0n«« id ftonnw N«wi; Bonnur Wtwt Quad HuHK Sport* Heel RMdlfil Cfrei* A tun JttkMB Newt Curt M*«»«J Lowull ThomU Crotbj N»w«i ftMerti JNHrii Wttttr n^CONnk * TB 8 pOMfttt (4 Trciiiur* Ch«f( Dpotti Ltnd of th4 fret t oo N*wi, Wwthtr Uux :l» Richard HkrkMM N«w« •no World Newi 8ll»er Cn«l« •4A On* Mtn'i r«mlr» Concert Meditation B«ul«h j»cK Smltk P«ni[y Lee Ed R Murro ( no rather knowi b«t The n*rfhe*d IS •V) Mr Kent *pae« C«d»1 "48 « port* Research Worthlo rat PUyhouM rrttttr Runt four KnlfhU Cote Glee Club Chuck Noftnin MufM I 00 nmrnet .IS 'VI Cnnnteripy 4fl Amateur llmir foreign Rcporttr Lutheran Church Mr. Chameleon Gabriel He«tter Sportf- Newi •tan in th« Air ReoorUrt Round'o News; Cornho tlm« Navy Band Banditand I on Hit Pirad* :30 Nawi; Muilfl Mutlo Hall do* Moon Ortami New* 10 11 Concert Hall Newi Open Bible Hollywood Stilt Quiz Robert Q frank Edwirdl Mutual Newt Caianova Newi: Lombards Hero't tha Band nn Wtwt MA World N«wa :3o Platter Parartt :49 BtautlftJl Mutlt Mutilc Maitera Newi AMde with Me News HI net Murrow; SporU Health Aids You Jc The World Oreh. rirtl flra Newa Blue Barton Initnimantal :no New« :is Platter Mr*** •M ffrw«. Orefc, •AS Concert Health Alda frollci Chile Orch. Marrr Maktra Nawi, Dawn Friday 6 oo 4» Nutrt Hymni Melodltf Newi. Weather Alex Dreltr Weather rimeiihl* N«wi Charity fltookajr Nabor Newt Mktt New* ft Weither Concert Newi * Weather Call farm Newt Home It Market Sunrfie Salute Weather T Dalley Newt T Dalley Sporta New« Bruce Barrlnton Charley Stnoltey Concert Sacred Heart Meditation Hymns for Music Family Worship Horn* World Newi Newi Ozfirk Varieties World Newt Sport* Newt Time A Tempo Bruce Barrlnfton Breakfa»t Club New* Melody Matfe Newa News Salute Newa MkU, Varletlea World Newi Clock Watcher Quit Blnn Crniby fred Moegle Ert Wilton New* ~Ed~wiiion •unrilt Serenade Newa—Wlieman Muilfl Roundup Newt B'faM Club New*—A! Rlehl Mu.lcal Clock Newt B'(a*t Club Ncws—AI Rlehl Muilcal Clock New* B'fait Club Newa—A1 Rlehl Mutlcal Clock :4» Traveler* Double or nothing True Story Batty Crocker Agalnit the itorm Showcata Songt it Slngert New* Land of the free New* Portrait Student Devotion* Theme* ol Agei Arthur Godfrey Serenndert _Chapel of Air News—Wiseman HI Nabor Newt. Waltr.Time' »l Neighbor Paula Slone 10 11 II :li 2 Strike It Rich Bob ti Ray Dave Cnrraway Lone Journey New* Break the Bank Symphony New* Muilc of Matter* Grain: Serenade Ifompmakcr Chat Grand Slam Rosemary Ladlee fair Queen for a Day Newi; Opp'ly Hr. Meet the Band Stars on Parada Harmony House Bargain Counter Newi Weather Knln Smith Meet th« Menjoui Newi Pluvhoiiie Party Newi In the itore> Jack Berch Victor Llndhlar Kitchen Club Frank Parker Melody Jutt for Women St Loult New* New* The Open Bible New* Concert Time Music Club Wendy Warren Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Recalllt and Win Recalllt and Win Shoppen Guide News Louise Meet the Band Personality P«rty Line Tlm» New* Hal fredertcka Concert News Llveslnck: Mn«|p Repose with Christ Weather, Markets Doctor's Wife Judy & Jane Mclfidlea A Dog's Life Marv McBrlde The Common Oood Mutlo Hour Vic Damone Piano Portrait Rex Davit Ma Perklnt young Dr Malone Big Sister 2nd Mrs Burton Perry Mason Nora Drake Brlshter Day Curt Massey "op Commentary Bandstand Revue News; Take Ten Jersey Farm Hr. Keynotes by Caile Xews Rhythm Bandstand Ile'.'iis News; Melodies News Record Shop Mr-1 ulies Life Beautiful Road of Life Pepper Young Right to Hap 7 ! Hap'nea* Harry Fender Joyce Jordan Evelyn Winter* Sacred Fleart Music Showcase Program for You Newt Christian School Livestock Report News St. U Music Inst. Hill Top Home House Party Carl Smith Torn Dalley Ed Wilson New*: Capers Bandstand News Tops In Popt Concert Master 4 Rficknlage Wlfa Stella Dallas Wldder Brown Woman In Home Hal Frederick* Moment*- Masters Wings of Healing New* UNESCO Area Rent Office Hailen Family Curt Ray \ Guiding Light Ed Wilson News; Records !!. S. Marines New* Social Security Song Souventer Tin Pan Alley Plain Bill Far-rell Loranxo Jonee Nancy St. Jame* Ed Bonner New* Chamber Music Patlma Rotary Song Shop Children's Album Open Bible Serenade New* T. O'Brien Curt Ray Lee Adam* New*; Ed Wilton News; Records Record Report Newt Teen Tunea TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 TIMJftSrMT .—Wranglers Club —Buuke.Ve Four —Inshams Sporuvlew —IN3 Telenews —Kukla. Fran A Ollle .—Dottyc Bennett .—Plnnh Shore Show .—Nnwi Caravan [.—Break the Bank 7:30 P. M. V. M.~ 8:.'IO P. M.- 9:00 P M. 0 .10 P M. J0:00 P. M. IO::lO P M. 11:00 P. M.- 11(30 P M.- 12:00 P. M.- Oroucho Marx -Dragnet -James Melton Show -Martin Kane -Wayne King Show —Star Playhouse -T-Men In Action -Film Theatre -The Web -Film 12:15 A. M.—News KRinAf 7:00 A. M.—Dave Gsroway D:00 A. M.—I.nngford—Amoche Show 9:30 A M—Bride & Groom 9:45 P M.—Pint 100 Years 10:00 A M—Garry Moore Show 10:30 A M —Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—Ruth Lyons 50 Club 11:30 A M. —Love of Life 11:30 A M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 A. M.—To the Ladle* 1:00 P M.—Garry Moore 1:15 P M. —Homemaking—Wllma 2:00 P M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P M.—Bert Parks 3:00 P M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P M.—Hawkins Fall* 4:13 P. M.—Rusa David Show 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Doody •Imt \ CAO.U- r> >OU ASlsED ME TO SAV VVHAT THE JO& W'AS.THE NEAT j-— TIA\E I ASKEL 1 IV- \ /> i^p^A^™ 3-S7 ^ TO, TOOTS...THANHS PO, 1 ? TH= ADVANCE i INFOCA\ATIO\.' .. ¥ CARNIVAL I fill flicfc Tin MCI* »• M. ll| U. I. l|l 9 Iff. Hit e, M4 |,,,i«. "You'r« going to notice a mark«d chang« in your pay envelope, Snead—it will bear the name of some other firm!" Tourist* l.ike X.V. TV Nfc:\V VOltK, .V - Hoom service revi'iiue in one New York hotel doing mosUy toui'ist business has hit an all-time high and television U given a* the reason. "People from small towns are so impressed with the fine reception and programs uhktt llu>y ran get on teles IMON sels in New V«yk that they .spend many more hours in iheir hotel rooms wall-fling TV and onk'iing their food and beverages in," said Jrwin Kramer, Hotel Edison head. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Famous Dams Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 5 Number 1 California dam 7 Grand dam in WBAIngton 13 Wyoming dam 14 Graders 15 Malicious fires 36 Scents 17 Journey 18 Diving birds 20 Employ 21 Eternity 22 Specimen 93 English river 24 Attires 26 Cubic measure 27 Pitch 28 Ends 29 Serves food 32 Operated 33 "The Ram" 34 Beveled 38 Young salmon 39 Mature 40 High priest 41 War god 42 Atlist 43 Discriminatory secret organization 44 West Indian bird! 46 Woolly 48 Belgian city 49 Click beetle 50 Persian city 51 Emphasis VERTICAL 1 Moved on ice 2 Terror 3 Poisonoui gas 4 Halt V Rail bird 8 Rowing tools ghosts 11 Removal 12 Hebrew ascetics 19 Prosperity tlrnes 22 Former Russian rulers 23 Makeanrtfrid* 2» Guide 28 Finegrained rock ;, H N N 28 Lames 29 El , darn in state of California 30 JJebra wood 31 Harangue* . 34 Unit of wive measurement 35 Tell 38 Cheen 37 Pullman eirs 39 view again 42 Sun (prefix) 43 Knot in wood 44 Noun suffix 47 High (music) w Iff Cro|)-Dustiug Costly AIAN. Wont. ,'p-Crop dusl- ing 'by plane is 2-1 times gs dangerous as driving an auto. The comparison was made by David Nelson, chief of safety operations. Civil Aeronautics Commission, before « Montana State College pest control course. Bead Telegraph Want Ad|

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