The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1940
Page 7
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MAi- 8, 1940 Na/i ^E 11 ? Troo l )S Tip-loo Into Action ('ARK.)' COUKIER NEWS Mailer Of Bcsl War Participation And Post-War I I'ogram Involved By JOHN AMftOU Dulled 1'ress Slal! Coirc.i|i3tulent O'JTAWA. — A double-barrelled problem will face parliamentarians when they assemble here on May lli lo consider how the Dominion can continue in the W ar most effectively. Along wilh de-.-idiug what is Ihe most, telling means of participating in combat, they must lay the foundation for the hazy ai:d seemingly distant post-war period. looked upon a.s the principal industrial reservoir of the empire, Ciinnda is foreseen as liaviii" a particularly ivi-oblemnUral manufacturing .slliiiilion when Ihe war is over. The fiuc.stion of wlial lo do with the government armament plants is already being raised in government offices. Wliea tlicre is no more call for war supplies, it is figured thai- billions of dollnvs worth of Canadian machinery will be useless. ICxiiaiision (jo*s i'cinvuril At present., the growth ol wai faclorics has evidently not reached the point in Canada where it must be restrained. New plants are being erected throughout the country and both Britain nnd Canada are nursing them along to the maximum extent of tlieii funds. While Britain already is spending approximately $1,200,000 daily in Canada on war supplies, the Dominion is planning in the current year to spend about $1,300,000 n day ou its own accord. The man who probably will have to answer most of the cpics- tions on the present and post-war Industrial problem, provided lie holds lo his present portfolio, is Munitions and Supply Minister C D. Hoive. By the time parliament opens, the now department should lie well on its way into a mir.iltel survey of Canadian manufacturing ' resources. It will have examined, especially, second-line industries which, according to reports, the government is intending lo assist by leasing them government-purchased machinery. More Oollav-u-Year Men In settling the problem, Howe will have tiie assistance of an increasingly large number of expert dollar-ti-year men whom the gov- i — - eminent Is gradually appointing These will bs workli;.- in closest' <|1V1 5 10 ! 1 .-went to Augusta awl third cooperation: with the., wartime honors <° Newport. boards now established, priiici Stepping cautiously Icrs afler Nazi The Domtaas terminal of the vital Domoaas-Ktocrcn railroad i-nntrni t* .n the cent,,, .or.egiau eampai^n, German ». g H c ±,T m. and to have Junction of Mazl fo™ s frou, T rouclhcinl [llui Oslo llic ran line. pally, the wartime prices and trade board - which already has 'devoted considerable, study lo the fundamental industrial picture in Canada. Another minister who is due for much time on the Commons floor is Defense Minister Norman Rogers. With Canadian military and air units starting their parade across tlie Atlantic, and the-pace of (lie British Commonwealth' air | rtaining plan quickening, Rogers is expected lo have a busy lime narrating the country's defense progress. The recent division ot the department into military, air and iiivval sections, each supervised by an associate acting deputy mjii- ifler, should help Roycre fcecp his figures and fuels in order. But as the suggested system of appointing wictcr-scci eta tics to do the talking in f'arliamtmt has not yet madn much headway, i key ministers such as Hoivc aiiti,' Rogers appear destined to spc;'d | much time on-their feet. "Winners"'in the oratorical contest were jonesboro, Blylhevillc and Marion. Winners in the ceremonies of N. E. A. chapters were Osceola, Gridcr and Wilson. Male Quarlot winners were Augusta. Armorel and Newport. Plans for entertainment of the National N. !•'. A. meet lo be held i" Pine Bluif in June were made at tin's meeting presided over by L. W. llaraway. Judecs for the judging contests were R. L. Randall, State Itinerary mslructor, c. s.' Wcodard, state agricultural director, find- Bridges Tinner, student trainee, of Pine Bhilf. Mrs. Randall of rim? .Illull judged the oi-iiloricnl JUKI musical contests. of any Kuropi-nn nation, followed byM.hat ,<;r Denmark, Clcrinnny,' and SwiUuiland, in respective order. )t is PA perish fn half the "f" '"•"; n ""' e '"' t ' 1 ,'" floors wouki Lees Has Vivid Ac- ,0f Hanging Of 'Jack The Bear' An Inieri'silni; m-comit ol Ihe >ansUs of 'Mark ,|, c „,,„,,._ ro> n r tin- numicr ol Curl Mathls, nu "Id (Ionium laborer, al lii-rflcld I" Aunusl. 1001. Ls Ihe principal n , ''"| I|11|I1M| "' «» edition of Hie Illyllievllle Courier of Ions ago Wbu-li hits been kept for ninny years by Al. 1-'. Nobles of Quill), Mo., formerly ol Uhlhi-villo. 'J'h<- nciiml publication dale of (he paper is IIDI , ]H[C ,| ,„, t|l(! |mgBJ by Mi 1 . Nobles but ». o. llnll "Illov of ihc paper at Ihe lime nnd 11 npjiiirently wns in 1005. 'I'he colorful iicoomil of Ihc lianc- !»R. ime of llic ovnils In niyiin- Which is well remembered by (lie "old timers" of this comparatively yimlhlnl city | s headed lerselv "John Jerked Jack And Hurls Ills soul Into Ktmilly Inr tin- Mm-iu-i- of Carl Malhis lulc.'ilcd his Innocence To i^ist" IMylllenili- was lust ui-o\vii> B av c iii»e oi tlii> edition's publlcu. li«n with luml rnii.iglHg |,iuuls fro- cyiinitly as limber jireiis were flexed «>«! tinned Inio crop producltu tracts. ' Hiiffmim "Hems" TOO scat lo the paper by n conespoudem wlio »wd (he pen niimu "Do Loyal" ile llarllc'ld "lociils" were wi'lllcii by "Cyclone Harry." The editor ik ocimlo.i to iirye encli of them I" i mil their cunlnlmlloris in earlier caeli week by appending tl printed note t» the end of euch I'G.Ulim. Lodge or frnlcrimi ornani/.allo:)s "1'reprobnbly at the li ( -i B m ,,r their |io|)iiljinly In those 'rtnys when movies, radios a:id iiiitnnioljllrs wore vet to offer other rtliwlmis.' No less ihan 10 loilfe notices were cnr- rled In Hie paper. Just wliy Hlylhnvillc cltem would be Interested la, sleeping cm accommodations from Memphis U Colorado Siirtngs. Colo., appenn somcililng of n mystery today Inn the Frisco railroad had . un advertisement advising Blythcvlllc residents that such accommodation «ere now provided and offered u se.:ri n free booklet on Colorado U who requested It. Competition in Hit- Ice Imslucs;. must liuvc been right brisk' judging Irom an atlverttacment of th; niy- thevillc lee. Coal and Tramfe Company Informing the public Dm; It intended to meet all compctltloi nll( l i'cinliitllng Its natrons thnl u lind served them "when no o:c els u man j would, al n loss", ami that It dc- vanish, served continued patronage. McLcod •mid Son; in another advertisement enough with a PERFECTION OIL RANGE Cbose the lowest-cost modern cooking fuel*... Blytheville Negro School Wins Honors isiylhcville won a loving cup for Orsl honors in ' judging'livc.Mock, poultry antl agricultural products ul the animal district judging con- tost of NBA members of District Five of negro schools at Owcola Saturday.'The nicclin^ was attended by llii) clut) members and ci(;lil .••Dotisors from Jonesboro, Osceola, : Ulytliovillp. Kliirkcd Tico. Marion, N'ciVDOil, jMi(;nst;i. Filxliiigh ami Arnwrrl. ! Wheeler Bell, Horvcll Lake JUKI Slicppcrson Willmrn comuosctl Ihc Blylhevillc jiic'lgin^ leatn. This award cnlillcs Ihc group lo en- Unncc lo the stale N. F. A. con- . test to be in Pine RlnfT on May I 26. A. E. Leslcr, local instructor is ' to be one of the stale coaches. i Second honors in the judging' to buy a pair of COTTON C 7 anil H iiu'h Si/.c Gtiiumie Soiitliern Meadow Hoc. F;ir superior to ordinary hoes selling at this price. Montgomery Ward SUK HOSE Every Monti . |, ovv I • That's , j you can nave n-ilh a "Hijh-l'owtr " I Perfection a, compircd with piped 1 or "-ircd f,,ct,. Come in an j SCD the beautiful new mi>J< .| 5p in ekamint whin, rurcclai.i tnamcl Uarn how ea,y it I, lo OCTn one , HARDWARE CO. I'lionc 3'! "Quality, Variety ;1 ,nl Value" get a Modern PERFECTION OIL RANGE! • SAVE «ANV DOLLARS A YEAR on your fuel costs. You can save over other modern fuels, because Perfection burns kerosene, the modern economy fuel. • MODERN PERFORMANCE AND CONVENIENCE. y ou get instant, clcnn heat from Perfection's High-Power burners. Heat is easily regulated and it j/«;5 5C/-HO fading or flaring! famous "I.ivc Heat" oven for better baking. • MODELS fOR EVERY PURSE AND PURPOSE. "Table-Tops" with handy reservoirs anil removable oven-burner sets; "Elbow-High" Oven ranges with attached reservoir or connections for outside storage tank for continuous fuel supply. Also smaller cabinet style and open front models. And a!l have High-Power Burners. • ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION. You'll sec liow fine the new Perfections arc when you sec them in actual operation. Your Dealer will gladly show you all of Perfection's features and advantages. Sec him this week. PERFECTION STOVE COMPANY 1200 Union Amiue • Kansas City, Mo, Kvomlsixl lo semi llielr | TO d man "iiiwnul In a «aiinj)" u H'Stihu- tlcltverj' iiuin failed to cull A loiig but soincwhut vnstic uc- c'ouiil of „ »dns| R |.,ii y crlme ,. WHS reprinted from the Kcnnell (Mo) Democrat wiiii tin- inference tlmt H ceiliiln man wn s the "mitlioi- ot n (jlil's I'tilit," Tltc Kiirmcrs CO-QDCIalive nnd Miiciiliuniil union imd lust been oi'iiiiiilitwl with J. r, j.yerly | 1S |)iT*lilri)t mid H i ilrec gi n ;,„„ , 0 be t)i'cr.lcil on ChlekusawUu aveiuic on properly "doiinlrd by Or. HIIKK " Of course iicivs|)ii|)or» were hiivlng heir roubles Irylim | 0 wcure puy lor Mibscrlpilons and Dm rrillor re- lirlnled (His "cxchnngc llrm" unw en l.v In liopt's a ijooti |,i Ua li WO ulA alii (Iw memory of sotno of |, ls "Scientists lell us Unit n coincl rusHlfj loward (he eaiih with (he spwd 11 „,, t , x|ll . ris t,.,,,,, nnd lit a short time will completely destroy It. Voll hllvc nuly ft fc > more d«y s I,, which to pay your stitacrljilloii, so come In. as we do col mini lo h;u-c (o hunt nil over Hell for yon." 'lucked nwny in nn hicon'siitcitoiis i)lnei; «-ii(i i, one sc-ntftico paru- Braph to Hie clfcci ihat "eroitml wns broken lodny for (lie new jail " And Unit might Imvo bco.i iiiior- iUns lo siime liiiffjinin residents illShU'iiin"." I 1 "" 5 '"'" Sn " '" "" S ef vIslthiB n,e conify" "irm"^!"?. hope Ihcy svlll B lve lip thai no Hon and ,1,1 y iiu-ii due." 'Hie "suin'c hunt" story was mi old one even in n, 0 . iC (1|)J . S ,„„ K Blipni'ciilly wns n new one 'for some PJ-oplc. l-'o,- InslaiK-e. IJnrfleUCs Oy- ('loi)i- Hurry records (lint "It takes (JhlciiRo boys lo limit 'snipes'" JR. nlso reporled Hint " Kl ,sl llarflcld's new dejxii Is »li»ast llnlsHed ,,ficr so lonn a lime," Jiiimilc 'nnsley's Oily Barber Shop hud just li-.Kiiilleil the "ma- ctiincry" of n " n i c ,, ijmij ,.„„,„„ and tirijcil ihc public i 0 -.,\ m .,_ a call." The story of Ihc Iiannlnu ol Jack lie Dear flllc-d Ihree columns ol Iho paper mid Included, uiipiircntly ivord (or woi-l, n lemslhy slal.-- iili'ill by (lie c<p;Hle[inu'i) uojro In jvlili'h he rqienledly prod-sled his innocence, ihiinkai ,<jiierl|[ Lovewell for his Irciilinont nnd turned ui County Clerk Jim LoveivcH and "Mr. Jim, yon can say you smv oi;i! hinoreiit man hunj;," r n>c Courier's gripping accoiml "Thi-sc were his lust words, for t moment later (he trap dropped UK! Jack's soul was launched Into unknown eternity, n,, seemed tin- -»l.:flliil of Ihc terrible falc In store lor him, he passed (lirougli the iiwfnl and trying ordeal without Ihc- slightest sign of mi-mslucss or -lack liad been tried three times, l«e (list resulting In PAGE srnteiice which was set rusldc. The outcome of tlio second trlnl wns not revealed In Hie ,story bill the third s held hf OsccolS where the tli .wntcncc WHS inflicted, according to the reiwrt. Mr. Nobles, who has kept the old l'icr, mid his imclo T. R. Kobcrl- J")ii witnessed the As of Jnn, I, 1040, iliore were ci\r iioiilcv rcproscnlnUves hi the United States. . iwllon of Black ami , v ,,nu l.vr'ii?" 1 !'. °5 tllc!t -oul burn nnd ,» .A 17 , docs ll or i'°" r money mrk. J«'Vltiil In cleaiislnif Is coofl >,us« Black and White IbV . As of j im i, Kno/36 5 pci cent o the total mileage flown hi the ' united Stales was by private flyers and non-scheduled aircraft as 'i conipa^djo 190 for the airlines.-' Dr. Floyd Webb K.VC, Knr, Nus,c & Tin oat has . mom] hin office (o (he Lynch building over (irahcr's Store. finest cat oi lowest price in America Roomy, re$lful-ridin(j Vl 29.19 MILES PER GAUON IN OFFICIAL TEST £%*'! ^ n i 0 y " 1C distinction of driving ''$:~A lllia bcOHllful, (iciuiine Slude- I'/fjl lrakcr ' P|> V °»iy «s little us for any $?'•§} °U'd top-ranking lowest price car. g¥iiK Save money every mile on gas, j<:K: *> oil, tires, mechanical upkeep. Willi fe§tp;e expert, driver mid bw-cxtro-coslj W/''*£ ovcrclrivl -', n Studehnkcr Cham fffi-j-' |)io11 decisively defeated all thc^ 1*1 A. \ otllcr lni 'K«t- sclliiiR lowest price PI; , < curs in gna economy in this j car's 'ff ',,- Gilmore -Yoscmitc SwccpslnUs li.; .j£>«, Lowilown Foymcnl—e,ray leinw .".<1 llVtii LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. W5E.MBln n , mK We Are Proud to Announce That We Are Distributors for SEIBERLING Tl These lires need no recommendation to people in Blytheviiie trade te^ri- tory, having been sold here for a number of years. Special 10-Day Offer HALF-PRICE SALE HIN-C!»| arrancmaus will, (h» fae.ory, f,,r H) (!il ys uuly, voi, |, I1V one I the » K »lar pra-c iind we sell .you the sc«m,l (ire f,, r half.,,rict. «r, rou '»'.v three hrc.s H f Ihc ro B »lar price and we K ive v,n> une lire KHKE CHECK THESE PRICES SEIBERLING CHALLENGE TIRES Si/.u , 4.50 x 21 5.50 x 17 6.00 x 6.00 x 6.25 x 6.50 x 16 16 16 16 I'rirc $ 8.05 8.35 10.25 11.15 13.55 13.55 Second Tire $4.03 4.18 5.13 5.57 6.78 6.78 on -| Tires Z Tires Cnsl You 54.03 4.18 5.13 5.57 6.78 6.78 $24.1.5 25.05 30.75 33.45 40.65 40.65 •\ Tires $ 8.05 8.35 10.25 11.15 13.55 13.55 TO CI.OSK OUT OUH STOCK OK OT1U THIS SI'KO/M, SAI.B. Al,l, KKDKRAI MIX TIKKS ON SI'KCIAI. SALE. K.N' fil/AKANTKK WITH KACII TIKICS AKK COLMI'F.KTKI.Y GUAUAiN'l AND !!I,0\VOUTS AND ARI! ADJUiS'l AS 18 MONTHS. IK TIKKS WK INCLUDE THEM IN ., (.'OOnuiCH AND U. S. ROYAL I)K : TIKE SO 1,1). A I, I. SKUilCUI.ING IvKD AGAINST HOA1) HA/AKUH 'lOD ON .MONTHLY IJASiS AS HIGH Kuy On Our Kutlfjel flan Small l\aymenl lo Suit You Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Always Open

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