Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 27, 1958 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1958
Page 4
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Minimum Charged Classified 50c FRUIT TREES — Introducing per line. Classified (National) 18c per line Classified Display (National) 77a Col. inch. Card of Thanks $1.25. Minimum Classified Ad 45c Classified Display (Local) 70c per per col. inch. Classified (Local) 15c per line. Blind Classified Advertising 20c BOH bALE: QUALITY WASIIEL 5and, aggregate Pea (.;.;. i ilutk dirt for lawns and j,... . . Jarl Zupke and Son, K;uih .i, phone 0617. (3 IK FOR SALE — Five room modern home on Main St. First home south of the Masonic Temple. Mrs. Rudolph Johnson (38-39) Iowa State's new Jonadel Apple, fur the first time. This variety combines flavor, kedping quality and disease resistance. A Jonathan-Red Delicious hybrid that will suit mothers and kiddies alike. Large trees — $4.50 each. Also Haruy peach, pear, cherry and other apple varieties from $1.75 up. Piatt's Nursery Oelwein, Iowa PLAN FOR RURAL FIRE PROTECTION Fayette county firemens association approved a township fire protection plan at its last regular meeting which will give rural under the provisions of Chapter property owners year around fire protection with the least possible expense to the property owner and the fire department. Under the millage taxation, a Vfe mill levy would cost the own- 2? MARCH 1956 NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF D. & H. TRANSPORT. INC. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that a corporation has been organized 491 of the Code of Iowa, the naine of said corporation befog "D. & H. TRANSPORT, INC.", and its principal place of business being in the City of Oelwein, F'ayullo County Iowa. pay Up to $166 for aft &AltNr to his fire call. Most county fires cost approximately $250,000 for a run figuring depreciation and upkeep of equipment plus manpower. Millage taxation will eliminate the "share plan" and will give all rural property owners equal year around fire protection by the nearest fire department. It will also eliminate loss of time reaching the scene of fire and enable the fire department to MET LAST AY comfire protection. This example was presented by a The Fayette r?ndy to start an Training Class, Applicants please call 206. (39) The objects and purposes for cr of a farm of $10,000 taxable which said corporation is formed valuation only $5.00 per year for have more improved equipment, are as follows: To transport for m , t tee hire petroleum products and other personal property of any kind or nature whatsoever, any- county committee composed of where within the United States; Chief Lelland Knox, Wadena; to buy or otherwise acquire, own, chief C. Philips, West Union; hold, lease, sell or otherwise dis- and chief j D clarkS) Qelwein as "indeed cheap." They also point out that it will assist in a School is now pnse 0 f, and to mortgage or other Adult Driver wise encumber, real estate and personal property of all kinds; pogsible reduction of fire insur- to own, hold, build, construct and ance rates FOR SALE — 1954 Ford ton pirk-up. Full Stock Rack. Phone Whita 89. (39) FOR SALE — Mauure for gardens, also garden tilling for Fayette and Maynard. Rolando Gray (39) TO RENT OUT — Pure Bred Hereford Bull, 3 years old. Bob Swehla, Fayette. Ph. 1902 (38) FOR RENT — Small modern house in west side of town. Partly furnished. Write Kenneth E. Moore 1308 M Ave. N.E. Cedar Rapids or call EM 5-4151 (39) FOUND — Wrist Watch. Owner may claim by calling at Gay's Barber Shop. (39) WANTED — Old live barn pigeons, 15c each. Truck wiil be through on April 7. Write how many, and give directions to your place, to P. I. NOTEBOOM, ORANGE CITY, IOWA (38-38-40) WANTED — (Party to assume monthly payments of $19.06 on new Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet piano. No down payment necessary. Save $219. Write C. R. Piano and Organ Co., 522 1st Ave. N.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (38-39) Now I can save you more than ever on your car Insurance as Stale Auto didn't raise their rates Earl Schneider Ins. Agency Fayette, Iowa (38*39-40) BABY PIGS, they are worth more this year. Give them Bolson's Hi Energy Pig Starter. Bolson's has 10 dozen dried eggs per ton. These dried eggs put better curls in the little fellows tails. You can have Bolson's Pig Starter with either Dynafac or Bolsons when you need Pig Hygromix at no extra cost. Say Starter. Buy Bolsons from your Bolson Feed Dealer. (38-39-40) PIG WEANER, wean all you pigs at four weeks with Bolson's Early Weaner. You'll save more pigs, you'll have bettor pigs, you'll save money. Buy Bolson's Weaner from Your Bolson Feed Dealer. (38-39-40) Fertilizer & Fay. erect buildings and structures of all types, and to buy, sell, lease, manage, operate, maintain, repair, restore, and rebuild the same; to do everything necessary, suitable, and proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes or for the attainment of any one or more of the objects herein enumerated. The amount of authorized stockholders to be held on the Order you Armours SveUe lowa mermUth 34°Mav"l5 capital stock shall be $50,000.00, third Wednesday in January 1959, .ayette, Iowa 34 May is co £ sisting of tWQ c]asses There , h „ ni «,nt„« „# -«M — shall be 250 shares of Class A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Male or female, from this area, wanted to service and collect from automatic dispensing and amusement devices. No selling. Age not essential. Car references and $400 to $7flfi working capital necessary. 7 to 12 hours weekly nets up to S300 monthly. Possibility full time work. For local interview give full particulars, phone. Write P.O. Box 150, Rochester, Minnesota. (39) the Directors of said corporation shall be Robert A. Dohse and Common Stock of the par value Raymond D. Harford, and the of S100.00 each, which stock officers of said corporation shall shall have voting rights on all be Robert A. Dohse, corporate matters, and 250 shares of Class B non-voting Common Stock of the 'par value of $100.00 each which shall have no voting rights on corporate matters. No stock shall be issued until the corporation has received payment- in full therefore, in money or in pi Millage is not levied until new equipment is needed and can be reduced when equipment is paid for. Community and rural fire trucks now in use in Fayette county are from two to fifteen years old and some will soon have to be replaced, the committee points out. The law allows up to 1V4 mills levy for fire protection and equipment. A minimum taxation per year from each farmstead or resident in the rural areas would more than offset a large amount from a few. At present 30 per cent of the rural areas of Iowa have adopted the taxation plan and more are considering it A vote on this issue may be President called at the will of the township and Treasurer, and Raymond D. trustees or by a petition of 25 Harford, Vice President and Sec- per cent of the rural vot ers. It retary, both of Oelwein, Iowa. The private property of the Under the present system of shares, a farm owner desiring to do so buys a share in the farm fire truck which the local fire department maintains. The shares range from $25 to $100, depending on the locality. Under the share system an individual not holding a share is requested to The Fayette County Farmers Union met Friday evening in the Art Quandt home with a good attendence. The meeting was opened with the Vice President, Bob Wessels in charge. The Secretary-Treasurer report was read and approved. A discussion followed concerning price supports. The small towns and cities in the farming area have already felt the effect of the farmers low buying power. To allow milk and other prices to go down still further would only make the situation much worse, both to the farmer and city man. A resolution was adopted which stated "The Fayette county Farmers Union disapproved of the way Iowa Congressman Henry O. Talle voted on the price support freeze. In case the bill passes the house and senate and is vetoed by the president, the resolution urged Talle to reconsider and vote to over-ride the veto: Hickenlopper and Martin also voted against the freeze. The State Convention which was held in Des Moines last month was discussed and the resolutions and several articles were read concerning the convention. The next meeting will be the can be voted on at any regular stockholders of said corporation election or a special election. operty in accordance with law. seal. shall be exempt from corporate debts and liabilities. The corporation shall not have a corporate BABY CHICKS, when you get your chicks, 'put them on Bolson's Chick Starter. If you think some other chick stahter is better, divide your brooder house down the middle. Feed one side Bolsons and the other side any other brand. At the end of two weeks, weigh one side against the other. Then you will know which feed to continue with. A good feed scoop free with the purchase of your first bag of Bolson Chick Starter. Buy Boli'-. from Your Bolson Feed 'Oe.der. (38-39-40) We are now set up to clean and treat seed oats. Avoid the spring rush by getting your work done early. A telephone call will arrange an appointment to suit your convenience. Call 145 Fayette. Bell Brand Farm Supply. (36-37-38-39) BABY CALVES, wean all your calves from the fifth day on with out scours, with Bolson's Calf Weaner guaranteed to wean them better for less or your money refunded. Buy Bolson's Calf Weaner from Your Bolson Feed Dealer (38 -39-40) clean hot water *« YOU CAN HAVE mm THf GlASS-UNfD WATER HEATER PROVED IT OVER 3,000,000 FAMILIES Only Permaglaj gives you the one fully proved glass-lined tank.,. easy-tcadjusc EYE-HI temperature control. .. fuel- paving HEETWAIX design..j stunning aqua-and-copper styling. There's a PemtagUt tor •very home, every budget, Ttrmt, ofcount/ •irntK OUUI—IANOIR UN Gene Win. Singer Fayette, Iowa Phone 247 Farmers & Landowners For all earth moving, ponds. Terracing, Ditching, etc. Timber and Brushland clearing — Contact Robert (Bob) Swehla, R.F.D. No. 1 Fayette. Phone 1902 The corporate existance of said corporation commenced on January 30th, 1958 and will continue fo:- a period of twenty years unless sooner dissolved. The names and addresses of the incorporators of said corporation are: Robert A. Dohse and Raymond D. Harford, both of Oelwein Iowa. The affairs of said corporation are to be conducted by a Board of Directors, consisting of not less than two, who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders to be held on the third Wednesday in January of each year at 7:30, P.M. Until the first annual meeting of the CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all our friends and neighbors for all the cards, masses, flowers, memorial fund, food and help given us during our recent bereavement. Special thanks to Father Shekleton, Father Roskopf, Father Mullin, Mrs. Ned Denman and merribers of the choir, C.D.A. of the West Union Chapter, and the St Francis Rosary Society. Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Sinnott Mr. Ralph Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. William Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Everett Sinnott Mr. and Mrs, Lee Sinnott The Articles of Incorporation, except Article X pertaining to the liability of stockholders may be amended by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Class A voting Common Stock. Dated this 15th day of March, 1958. D. & H. TRANSPORT, INC. BY Robert A. Dohse President ATTEST: Raymond D. Harford Secretary Maynard is operating under the plan at the present time and finding it very successful, the County Firemen's association reported. The Association also pointed out that the Fairbank area will vote on the proposition in the near future. "Anyone interested in this plan contact your local fire department or fire chief. Discuss this plan with your neighbors making an effort to promote better rural fire protection at the least cost/' Chief Clarke stated. CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Marian Iliff, winner of last weeks Glov-etts. CARD OF THANKS I wish to express my thanks to all of those who sent me cards, letters, and gifts during my stay in the Sumner Hospital. June Hanson' TEN DAYS LEFT EASTER is APRIL 6 Time to look over your spring wardrobe. Let us have your cleaning early. UNIVERSITY CLEANERS in eooperalion wilh thi manufacture* o* th« tmotl lillla wtdglit Ihfl! or* fomoui I for "BURBlf. SOfJ WAIKINO" w« or* going la glv< away th. «CA VICTOR ClOCK RADIO •hewn abavt, Htf. DRAWING TAKES NACI — nt.rr tt SUM TO MOIUI* UfOU THIS DAT! 10th af April 'In the C&rl (March home. A pot luck lunch was then enjoyed by all. MEN & WOMEN For Added Income: OWN A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN PART TIME WORK Reliable men or wom«n for thii arcs to handle nationally known product* purchased daily by the public for the first tiino at a bargain through new beautiful merchandising dispensers. Will not interfere with your present employment. To qualify you must have $900.00 to $1800.00 cash available and car; should net up to $450.00 a month working 6 spare hours weekly, and must be able to start at once. This Company will extend financial assistance to full lime If desired. Do not answer unless fully qualified for the neoessary time and investment. 'BUSINESS IS SET UP FOR YOU 'NO SELLING OR SOLICITING FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW IN YOUR CITY WRITE: (Please include phone no.) MIDWEST AUTOMATIC SALES 1507 Goodfallow St. Louis 12, Mo. GRAND Htll RCA VICTOR CLOCK RADIO Fln.it •( «l«lk todlat. ••oolilyl dW- llncllva . Ilyllna. Svptifc "Galdt* Thecal" . Int. 3-»»lUUn nna.r-tla I.IKIM l«v«r. A«»ialt, d«aandabU clack, aaaialat fadta «vlamal!<allr> anr-ilia dial lac«, Hand, (law I* datlt. "Wladaw dial" tanlitf. Call* kraltd valumt laatrat. Ilma.itl canlial. All YOU HAVE TO DO la b< tllglalt far H« dtawlat It *)•• w yaw aama and addrtii, and ha al adull.aaa. Jvtl cam* la tut lto#« and roalriw . . . thai'i all Intra II la III Yaw da nat kava la b* a»Mat at MM drawing ta win. Come in and Register Today!! NELSON'S Shoe & Clothing Fayette Phone 152 Easter Specials $3.25 a.. 45c 4 lb. Canned PICNIC HAMS Picnic HAMS ALL SIZES CANNED HAMS 3 lbs. to 10 lbs. ROASTING CHICKENS CAPONS - TURKEYS FRYING CHICKENS Place order by April 1st. for Easter Poultry SMITH & SONS MKT A better home in YOUR future Beautifully remodeled 3-bedroom home. New Roof. Maw oil furnace. Double garage. Fruit tree*. On the pavement Very reasonable. New 2-bedroom home. Lived in only a few months. With deluxe appointments throughout. Partly modern 3 "bedroom brick house with gang*. Will tell on contract. Like rent. Modern 3-bedroom frame house. Near-new furnace. Very reasonable. Three large modern homes. Perfect for living with additional income. Priced from $4,000 to St .500. JUST LISTED. 140 acre well-improved farm In West. field Township. v THE FAYETTE AGENCY INSURANCE DEAL ESTATE PHONE 14 OR 2706 SETS BASKETS _ FILLED WITH GOODIES only 10 c SHOP HERE FOR BASKETS — GRASS — EASTER TOYS Fayette Variety Lucky Auto number this week is 33-5291 ORANGE DRINK ._. Commander Maine O OCt^ SARDINES O cans LoC Hill Crest •> «7|* CHEESE L lbs. I DC CASTILE SOAP 3 bars 25c Rice Land Q lb. OO ^» RICE „ «£box J«JC Highland O CO~ RAISINS -T. L lbs. DiC BISCUIT MIX box 29c LETTUCE head 29c Buy a 6 pac of RC Cola and save the caps. Send them in and get a coupon for a free 6 pac. Goeken's Food Mkt Phone 10 Fayette, Iowa

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