Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 27, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1958
Page 3
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THE TATTLER THROUGH THE GRADES Firm! Grade News Those first graders who participated in the talent show Friday night were Marsha Frcy, Ricky 'Schiedel, Diana Barnes, Linda Himmel, Pam Curtis, Susan Aanes, Barbara Boulton, David Swehla, Bonnie Boulton, Linda Lamphier, Rosanna Stepp, Dawn Pattison, Nancy Hennig, Johnny Orr, Kathy Farney, Jimmy Nelson, David Jurgenson, Donald Crawford, and David Yearous. The winners who will go to the finals were Ricky Schiedel, Pam Curtis, Rosanna Stepp, and David Swehla. There are now 6 members in the "Busy Bees Club". Membership in this club is earned by preparing 12 stories from books other than our readers and reading them to one of the teachers. Thursday we enjoyed an archery exhibit in the gym by professional target shooters. - Monday we added variety to reading and phonic classes by using the opaque projector. With this machine we were able to put our stories and our phonic worksheets on the movie screen. We have also enjoyed several Easter Film strips this week. In science class we have talked about the life cycle of the butterfly and the frog. We have also studied the necessary steps to properly prejpare a field or garden for planting. We will prepare a seed bed in our room and have collected a variety of seeds which we will plant and watch grow. Second Grade News Those receiving 100 in Spelling last Friday were: Barbara Ashby, Laderyl Bierbower, Eileen Bonjour, Billy Gillette, Joyce Hall, Karyl Hienemann, Peggy Hofer, Judy King, Darla McBride, David Orr, Diane Pattison, Mary Schmidt, Julie Smith and Noi-ma Tripp. We are now writing and printing each spelling word as they are pronounced so we may get more practice in writing words. We know how to write all the small letters and most of the capital letters. It has been fun writing the names of the other members of the class. Rhonda Van Bogart, Mary Schmidt and Clyde Pickett read stories to us this week after visiting the library. Mike Buhman, Barbara Ashby and Rhonda Van Bogart were the second grade winners in the talent show Friday night. Rhonda sang "Sugartime," Mike sang "Mr. Sun" and Barbara played the piano. Fourth Grade News We are getting ready for our trip to Chicago on April 19. Those of us who are going are to have our money here by April 9 or sooner. On March 20th we went to the Archery demonstration in the gym. All of us enjoyed the show. Some of us have our own bow and arrows. We went home and did some practicing. For Art last Friday we made sera, 1 ? pictures. Most of the pic tures are made of just scraps of paper but some of used cloth, yarn, and cotton. The next art pictures will be fishing scenes we are studying fishing regions this six weeks. Finally we got our half hour recess again. On the final Spell- DRIVE IN BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER WHY? ALL THE FUSS AND MUSS OF HOME BUTCHERING? Why not step into our large, large refrigerators where you will find tons of fresh beef with thai delicious corn-fed flavor and pick a side or quatrter from the beef of Your Choicer All our beef is slaughtered, cooled and aged under the strictest sanitary conditions. If you wish it will be cut and wrapped while you wait. SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK SIDES Hind Quarters Priced Accordingly Cut and Wrapped - _ •"« YOUR CHOICE BEEF CO. T » •—••" — 37 c Vt Mile South on Highway 150 West Union, Iowa :;iK^ MARCH 27 — 28 — 29 1958 Van Camps O TUNA FISH £cans 3 bath size All Flavors JELLO •pkgs. Nu-Turf LAWN SEED 5 bag $1.69 .__ 2 for 41C Welch's Frozen GRAPE JUICE Butternut large d»| 1 Q INSTANT COFFEE jar«Dl.lU Lemon or Coconut Cream SAWYER SANDWICH COOKIES __ Ib. 29c CHANT FAB ----------- - --------Folgers, Butternut, Hills 7Qo ropppp. ___________________ Ib. I if V COFFEE THRIFTY FOOD MART ing test for Unit 27 we got 27 A's. Richard's team had 14 A's — Richard Ash, Pat Ashby, Ronald Crawford, Curt Dumermuth. Sandra Gray, Dennis Hendrix, Harriet Johnson, Tommy Lam- phiur. Rose Mary Owen, Louise nor, and Patty Schiedel. Tom's Pickett, Bob Swehla, Carol Wog- leam had 13 A's — Steven Aanes. Diane Alber, David Buhn-.;m, Tom Butters, Paula Gould, Linda Henry, Howie Hubbcll, Ernie Johnson. Mike Schroyer, Larry Webb. Rodney Whitt,'Larry Joe Yates and Rita Jellings. We have five new books to add to our library. They are 'Tommy O'Toole at the Circus." "Cowboy Sam and the Rodeo," "Cowboy Sam and Freddie," "The Buttons at the Soap Box Derby," and "What is a Frog?" For story period Miss Stevenson just finished reading "Lone Hunter's Gray Pony." The next book will be "Zip Zip and his Flying Saucer." Some of us brought enough clothes to fill our clothing bag for the children in Korea and Europe. Some of the clothing is also used in some parts of the United States. We are busy preparing reports on sea birds and anhr.als' for Social Studies. Some of the names sound as though they will make very interesting reports. Last week was a week of birthdays in our room. Larry Webb brought us cup cakes on March 17. Linda Henry nml Don Blue treated us with candy bars on Tommy Lamphier brought us March 19. Then on March 21, candy bars. Thanks to all of you for the treats. Fifth Grade News Mrs. Everett We have learned about eight more states this week. We have now learned about 30 of our states plus the District of Columbia. We have read about state flowers, nicknames, history, capitals, grographical features, and products and industries of each division. We have had film strips on each section we have studied. The Cadets have presented plays and reports for added interest. We have done map work on each division. The best maps were displayed on the board around a large map showing all gcograuhi" cal divisions in the United States. We had 22 A's in Spelling Friday. Wednesday we had only 8, so this is .a definite improvement over bur Trial Test. Health projects for this week were especially interesting. Eight persons completed 2 projects and we displayed them on a bulletin board. The rest are due Monday. We wrote business letters to Chambers of Commerces in cJlie.; in states we have studied asking We wrote the letters as a Langu- for maps, booklets, samples, etc. age lesson and sent them as a Social Studies project. Eveiyone tried to write his letter very neatly and with correct form for a business letter. We also learned how to fold a business letter properly for mailing in this endeavor. Everyone is waiting anxiously for answers to their requests. Sixth Grade News The 6th grade talent show was last Friday, March 21. There \vere fourteen people in that 'sang for it. The following are the contestants and their sonps. .Sup Oration sirii>in:_; "My Spo- cal iAngel," Jams Lens singing "Catch a Falling Star", Sharon Pattcson singing "The Wayward Wind", Janet Schcidel singing "Peggy Sue", Donna Roberts singing "Why Baby Why", Winnie Mae Zbornik singing "you'll Never Walk Alone", Linda Van Sickle singing "He", Jean Schue- ty singing "The Bible Tells Me So". Bob LamphitT singing "Mr. Leo", and Richard Earle singing "La-Dre-Dn". Sue Crafton. Richard Earle, Linda Van Sickle, and Janet Schoidcl won the above. Our reporter. Sue Crafton, has tile mumps! Sevenlh Grade News Helen Kauton Those who ijot A's in spelling Friday were Randy Anderman, Diane Ashby. Mary Austin. Carol Bock. Trim i'.orchort, Ronnie Brown, Jim Buhman, Barbara Burget. Ken Butters. Carol Clark, Don Kvans, Diane Franzen, Melody Gil.lte, Hubert Gould. Cleon Hammondb, Sandra Hennig, Helen Kautcn, Kathy Keig, Zoe Anna Martin, Linda Nilos, James Rohdo, Don Timmorman, Ron Timmorman, Dennis Tope, and George Van uren. Carol Clark, Diane Ashby and Barbara Burgot were very ambition.-; this week and decorated the bulletin 'board for Easter. On the other bulletin board they put several spring pictures. Eighth Grade News By Marjorie and JoAnn Wo are finishing our reading book with the last unit entitled "Playing the Game." This unit was mostly about playing baseball, swimming, antl playing other games. In Arithmotio we have just finished a chapter on different ways of saving money. In this unit we learned to find simple and compound interest. We also studied United States Saving bonds. Different kinds of insurance were also studied in this unit. In American History we have United States became a world just finished a unit on how the leader. In this unit we studied how the United State acquired Alaska, Hawaii, and her island possessions. Also in this unit there was some information on the attack of Pearl Harbor and the bombing of the United States ship, "Maine." We just finished a general problem in Science and are going to have our test soon. On Wednesday, March 19, the band members enjoyed hearing a band concert by the State University of Iowa Concert Band at Valley High auditorium. Something the whole elm's could enjoy was an assembly pro gram about "Archery." We saw this program, March 20. We noticed that when ihe. gun was shot all the gals had their ears plugged. What's the matter, girls? To brighten up our room Mrs. Stirk put up pictures a'bout reading books. One picture says "Wake Up and Read." This is very good advice. Our question this week is "What would you do with a macaque?" Jean Ramsey: I'd hang it up. Gary Campbell: I'd wear it. Billy Chase: Throw it away. Mary Manson: Depends on what it is. Ihy I vya^.-r-f CIS* * > *** 100 YEARS OF SCIENCE \, I ru Activities in agriculture, science, c nyineoi in;; and i lege which began the celebration ot it> (.Ynirnni, gram. Other events on the Centennial pro.ran. a centennial Vcishea, Mav 1") 17, and .; r. :••,: n ,,; REG. $1.00 KNEE HIGH 39 c STRETCH STYLES $1.29 Variety Jean Ann Cowles: Just sit and look at it. Chris Sparkman: Pen it up '"id use it for a pet. According to Mr. Webster a "macaque" is anyone of a I.MV.C group of short tailed monkeys of Asia, Africa, and the KasJ. Indies. HOW'S YOUR DATING ETIQUETTE? Should you break a movie date with Bill (1.) for a Big Man on the Campus, (2.) If you're askt I to a formal fray. (H.) To moot a blind find? You're booked for Saturday night at the cinema. And then the real Bikini comes along. Should you cancel "good old Bill" and beg off? If yon checked "NO" on all three counts above, you're right! Breaking dates is a rating buster. To straighten out a feud you started should you (1.) Make the first move, (2.) Wait for him to call. (3.) Try the weeping tecliin- que? You blow your top. And you're sorry—even before you hear the door slam. Well, tell his so, in a little note. Or ask the crowd over and include your bitter half. If that doesn't fetch him, why knock yourself out? 'Taint worth it, anyway. To snare a man of letters, should you speak (1.) first, (2.) his language, (3.) with an accent? So you don't know a dribble from a drop kick, hoy? Better start discovering the sports page, if you want the letter-sweater lad to get your message. Learn to talk boy language— about football, bnsketcall, track. Breaks the ice! upon the new several people more V.ll": .'lid We I'.ii': 1 l>< )UUIUUUiU!UlinUUililliiiil!lliHU»UUi:iHaiUUIIiUUI!mU!IUU SPECIAL EDUCATION By Mrs. Swariz Weaving baskets bus boon furnishing pleasant craft periods for a number of special education students. Philip Wenthe has fin ished two baskets and Claude Llewellyn and Loel Bross havi each completed a basket apiece After the weaving was done, tin boys singed the basket:; and then took them out to the shop for Ihe final coat of shellac. A few plants have been placed THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY "You can pay more — but you can't buy better" Mfd. by BELL BRAND FARM SUPPLY Fayette, Iowa, JL AT IOWA STATE — iioii'.ics fill the campus of Iowa State Col- iimday (.March 22) at a Founders' Day pro•'•! ics of academic symposia, March 23-25, a inont, June 13-14. Johnny Butkus introduced the acts and oven showed us some of iii-; siuiotinf,'. Donna Heth was a participant from the audience. Koiih was to break the balloon hanuiiiK directly above Donna's head by shooting his arrow through it. However, Mr. Butkus carefully placed the arrows in Ihe target to Donna's back. Thursday afternoon the Juniors and Seniors attended career day at the Sumnor school. The stud Mils were allowed to attend the two conferences of their choice and learn about these two careers. April (! is the date for the finals of the talent show. The winners j-r-dc. the hiqh school community will compete •..eh other. IOWA OtPARTXtHT O» WOllt MflTY Creamed C Mashed Po (!l:./ed Ca Kj;H Salad Peanut liiitli r Cookie Apple Sauce '.•:• Pint Milk Good Friday FUR AND FEATHERS By WiM:;cl If some nl I' keeps up, 1 he dii-'lni". nil II, ,'joiii;; nut suck a {jdd.'l time ol aldii^ ihe river I heard over ducks and j.;ee. ni'i ••' north warming up! Well, .-.i-e ya ~.',ir\ inlay, Larr sjirmjj, weather hoi men will he old llyrod and l'i.,!i in;;. I.s also ar to just walk i enjoy nature. r.idid that the are shirting to ain must bo Xl time. Happy HIGH SCHOOL NEWS i'en nii'ii;!,, i' • u| the track squad, a.'i'iinip mil d by Mr. Redel and Mr. Pick.-11 wont to Iowa City la.-.t Saturday to participate ill the Stale Indoor Track Meet held durini'. the afternoon and evening. There wore 73 schools in the Class 1! section, which was mi 1 section. ('Air mile relay team won their he at and plac-'d fourth in the meet. Members of the i-o- ay team wore: Larry M:i:«on, '•'rank Pickett, Max Gross and Mob Marvin. Thursday morning two chapi- on archers from the Assembly ' 3 rogram Service of the 'Universi- iy of Minnesota presented a pro- irotn lor the whole sliul.nl body. Keith, the younger was Ihe Junior Shampion Archer in 1957. By Bob Hullihan This is about a man you know. Wo won't reveal his name, but see if you can recognize him from these few hints: Once in a while you've heard him express some very firm opinions about the traffic death toll and about the people trying to reduce it: "Why don't they do something about it?" But you also know this man seldom drives less than 70 miles an hour on the highway and, occasionally, scoots it up to 80 or 90 for short distances. You know for cerlain lhat he is a fairly honest man with a firm belief in law and order. He wants to see the rights of the just preserved and the- guilty punished. But, when a club brother was nailed for drunken driving perhaps you were one of those who heard him say something about "... deserves a second chance . . . little slip now and then . . . man of his iposition, after all . ." And you know this man to be a faithful member of his church. You know he professes Christianity with its basic tenet of brotherly love. Bu't weren't you riding with him the time he savagely and gleefully forced another driver to yield the right of way? And wasn't he proud — and didn't you join him in his pride — that ho "couldn't be bluffed?" And you know, too, that he has the normal fears of sickness and disease, but you suspect that ho doesn't really -believe he could be killed in a Iraffic accident. Recognize him? THEATRE SAT. — SUN. — MON. MARCH 29 — 30 — 31 RITA HAYWORTH FRANK SINATRA KIM NOVAK IN "Pal Joey" (In Technicolor) Great as a Broadway Stage hit — Great as a best selling book, Now see it as a Motion Picture, its great with 3 Great Start. GET MORE OUT OF LIFE — TAKE YOUR BEST GIRL FRIEND TO SEE THIS

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