Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 27, 1952 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 30
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>AGE THIRTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH fHURSDAY, MARCH 27, f«* Olrtral Wofkrr Gwwge Wnlts, Rhodesia's oldest working civil servant, recently mused away, at 80. Hn rnn the THIe telegraph and post office nt Vfptkfi, a lonely spot, on the Groat forth road to TnnRnnylkn. George tod bpfln nround so lonff Hint he fcas something of n legend, hut hn |ldn't go to Rhodesia nnlll he wns 65 and retired ns « postmaster In South West Africa. Giving his age as 5<J, he got another postal Job, and as the Northern Rhodeslnn postmaster-general Bald In a tribute: "He worked like a man of 34." France wllh a car for every 28 people, is second In Europe in that respect, Rrltaln being first with a car for every 21 people. DIETSCHY'S MARKET ftTII Ac ItfDOP, f'HONKfl BB2B WB 1)KLIVER—U|»p«r Alton, Mlllott Ronil, North Alton, MotiUM', Wednesdny nnd Friday—Mlddlntown Every '>«.v- nguy, FRfSH EBBS . PORK SAUSA6E HAMBUROER WMTMIT^ • • • Ungraded, do*. • • UOME'MADE, Lb. FRKSII GROUND, Lb. ijJH 2 to .i-lh. LUG I'lftCM. Lb. 3*6 Farmed Repefn nut* George fioussard Is waging his annual war against, big bats, nt Panrl, South Africa, Kvery year they Invade his orchard, coming down from the mountains to stenl plums off his trees, carry them lo huge onks in his backyard, and hang head downwards while they ent. the fruit. The uneaten part they drop and it makes quite a mess. f.fiRt year he bagged some 50 "flying nits" before they quit nnd he his oiled up his double- barreled shotgun ready to repel (mother attack. Guest Soap Pleases A mnn trying to rob a cnr In Vlnwnzn, flnly, was held prisoner by the owner's 12-fool-long pet python unlil the police arrived. i Do unexpected guests find your | home in a state of preparedness or j confusion? Of course, it isn't possible for you lo be ready for visitors at nil tlrnns. but there arc mr- taln small things you ran do Ihnt will help. Always have Attractive guest towels within easy reaTh of the basin in your bathroom, Another nice touch Is your soap. Colored cnkes that have a flowerlike. form, for instance, make an especially nice Impression. Just such a sonp, molded to look like a delicate three-rose corsnge, comes in flower-garden colors, and in rose or geranium* fragrance. ' finest soap Is « small luxury | that costs very little more than (the usual bath variety. ! Soap will keep Ms shape and last a lot longer, if you remove the i wrapper before you store It. Take j advantage of the wondwful fra- I grance of your soap by placing j cakes of it in your bureau drawers i and in your linen closet. ! A well-equipped bathroom, com- j plele with a gaily-colored shower i curtain nnd matching hath mat, guest soap and towels, is a luxuri- I ous (ouch to your home that will Sliced JOWLS ..... .._.._ Lb. fUtffHiK- ..... CUBE STEAKS .. l.b. **» OHIMJR flgl OlIC I'OT ROAST Lb. WW* 21 c BACON PKKsrf-HMAT-fr JR* I'ORK IHITTH ... : ..M!.V. V** ilAKTNfO or AQf* 8TKWING HUNS, Lb. ****** FRYERS HMCKIJ— l-LII. IWlVKll I THRIFTY or KlnB'»-X, Lh. FRESH 'BBISMKH," • 2 to 2H-LI). avenue, Lh. 55c FRYERS WINGS <0c Lb. LEGS 8»« Lb. MACKS 3«c Lb. PORK STEAKS INKARLY MONKLBSS, Lb. 40C HUMTtili'M FRANKS ........ Lb. WIKNERS ...... . Lb. CHILI ........... Lb. CWTLKTS Lh. SOC e/OTLoM 70^ CIITLKTS •••_-j^- Lb. I«V !x)Wi7AMir" OQ« CHOPS Lb. O»B LARD-LUER'S PUR OLEO-A. G.- . SKINNED JACK SALMON Lb 29c BROOKS' HOT n SPAGHETTI *c«ns WIIOLK SW*. « NeTT POTATOES * xsriociB «r BEETS * cans cans J. Ul*rj l,V«i SUGAR .. MOT MILK .... _ GKKKfT, 0'IA'NT' PEAS Can jOLft-j?? 3 Li>rge J[Oj» nans 1«i«» CDfl7CII I A^Pens, Hplniic, mit enim, prouu P KU£EN I VC |T|"r~)~ LIDDy 8 caiillf lower, Hroccoll ....... Vkg. i 300 Pkif. 8t»« pkg. 8»o PI*I(.. IJAIIKOIW • . » FUKSII "~ TOMATOES . KOJ POTATOES.. LARGE S 2,, rh , I5c „, 23c I0,,,65c EEDLESS C LETTlfCE FliESlT RHUHARB LAllGE PASCAL CELERY RAPEFRUIT ,b 29c L>, 25c I2c 5 F<>r 29c CTEAMHTCOTTA^ TURKEYS . . • HENS, Lb. TOM'S, IB" to 20 Ibs, Lb. LARGTAHGEL FOOD CAKES . . > 49c An Attractive addition to any bathroom Is a colorful cake ol sonp that has been molded Into a pretty design. make a hit svith guests and family aliko. Telegraph Want Acts "CLICK" OPEN 7 A. M. 10 » P, M.-ALL DAY SUNDAY W* SptdrtUt* fa W«ddfn? and Patlj Cato DUKE '9th and Henry i /' Allnn I ^ Alton Dial 2-2922 \ WEEK END fSATVMS \ Burnt Sugar Layer Cake—Pin«appl» Upside Down Cake Danish Fruit Filled Coflee Cake Danish Nut Stolltn Homemade, Vienna, Old Fashioned Rye, Pumpernickel and Cinnamon Bread Dellcloui home mado bread. ..criup, goldnn-' brown rolls . . . mclt-in-your-mouth cnkns nnd pics . . . treat your family to nil their bnking favorites, mnde with rich, wholesome Milnot! You can u«« Milnot for nil cooking purposes . . . as you'd une milk, crcnna, whipping crenm or a cnnned milk! No unpleasant "canned" taste! Milnot is n pasteurized. homogenized dairy product just packed with energy-giving proteins. In fact, Milnot contains tnore than twice the rich mineral and protein values found in whole milk and cream. Low in cost, too! Milnot actually costs less than a canned milk! Try it todayl Countoy f|»sh Ftovw ! , (•• Milnot Idwl for details ol spociol Olamorliti Dcmrtil It Whlpil Preductd In modern dairy planri In Illlnoli, Indiana, Oklahoma, Mltiourl, wher* (In* butltr and other dtllclaut dairy producli or* mad* FRUITS and VEGETABLES I want to thank the public for the Interest shown In our new market even before we opened. We shall endeavor to brlnr you the freshest, choicest Fruits and Vegetables at the Lowest Possible Prices. MICKEY. Seed Red • HOURS • 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. Daily Open All Day Sunday. Good Eaters POTATOES Large l-'lorlda | Ta»ty, Delicious ORANGES i TANGERINES 3 DOZEN 55 I "J Shop at M1CKETS and Save"i BREAD ?Qr 12 1-lb. Loaves . . . ^i\JU Crisp, Red Rosy RADISHES ... 2 Bunches 9c Iceberg LETTUCE . .. . 2 15c — ONLY AT — FRUITS and VEGETABLES 1836 EAST BROADWAY (Old Sportsman's Park) ALTON Thin'j No Parking Problem at Mickey', PRICES FOR MARCH 28-29 VIVIANO MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI 12-oz. Pkg. LUER'S SKINLESS WIENERS l.Lb. Cello LUER'S HICKORY SMOKED 53c METTWURST ." 59c PET or CARNATION MILK • ••it Large Cans PURE CANE SUGAR. FRANCO-AMERICAN SPAGHETTI Lbs, 2 153-oz, /U Cans £J MAYRO8E PICKLE and c AG BRAND FRUIT COCKTAIL DICED, IN No, 21 HEAVY SYRUP Can JERSEY BAKERY PRODUCTS COCOANUT CUSTARD COFFEE CAKE . 30c AI'l'l-K OK (UKHICV PIES 50c SERVE A \\'inii(»r Dn HAW J » 41 A s>mH'a Purex 8I u,o,,3lc cleanser3,„,, 2Bc Soap 2S35o Cheer . ,:r29c PAL&I- I'RJMK Olive 2':::23c Cleaner ,,,600 CASHMKKE LI-V Bouquet2'::23c Flakes . .';; 28c ASK FOR RECIPE A.(i. Blue l.rtke, Cut GREEN BEANS No. 303 A I Can 4 I C Klbo Macaroni CREAMETTES 8-oz. |M A l>kg. IftG Unite Star, Kite Size TUNA Can RAIN GROCERY M« 4JLTON, ILL. SCHWEGEL'S MARKET SOI WA8U1NUTON AVt., ALTON MATT'S GROCERY 30» OELMAB AVt H4B1FOBU. ILL. DUSTMAN'S A-G STORE i-;u rumo ST CAST ALTON We Reserve the Right (o limit Quantities. LUER'S LUER'S VOUNO TENDER CHICKEN LOAF » 59c PORK LIVER . " 29c LUER'S, 2 to 3 LB. 1st CUTS PORK LOIN ROAST 49c MAYROSE Shank Portion MAYROSE BACON. . . . INDEPENDENT PORK STEAKS. . 39c 45c M E A T LAKE VALLEY Pimento Loaf . . • 49c Cheese Spread , 2,?;, 77c MAYROSK WISCONSIN Club Steaks , , »> 95c Longhorn Cheese , L» 57c .0 • ARMOUR'S CANNED MEATS • TREET l?-oi. ABo C'orntd B iKfctr ... „„...« BEEp HAS|| CTFIA/ "'•'"• Ad° 9 I tw¥ ... lln . ,,ti9 Corned Chili Con RPFE* CARNE . . . ' 6 ;r 37° SAUSAGE . . Z* Sliced ....... 39' ^'•..48« 3',-oi. 4|« » . » • gl»M . . Tl* FRUITS and VEGETABLES FLORIDA GREKN U. S. Xo. I Nebraska Red Triumph Pascal Celery 2-^ 17c Potatoes,, I0">>65o FIRM SLICING GOLDEN RIPE Tomatoes , , . » 23c Bananas , , 2' 3lc T. S. NO. 1 CALIFORNIA Iceberg CAUFORNIA 288 Size Lettuce , . 2 — 29c Oranges , . , ">- 29c Select Green BROCCOLI Bth. 29c U. S. No. i Florida Seedless GRAPEFRUIT 5 ror 27C CHILDER'S MARKET 101 SEK1NQ ALTON PIETSCHY GROCERY 40« B10GI ALTON MONARJ'S MARKET COTTAGE BILLS ILL. ' THRIFT MARKET «J3 UENBI ALTON GODFREY FOOD SHOP GODFBEI ILL.

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