Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 2, 1968 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1968
Page 13
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WEDi\Efc)DAV, UCluB^K 2, J^bS i'liht UtiiJiLti'l'&l-l-is&W 6 ^ Helping Good Samaritan Expansion Program §111 People in The News Farm News NEW YORK (AP) -- Twiggy's back, a whole pound heavier and bent on projecting a ; new image. The 19-year-old London fashion model, who measurei 31-2332, told newsmen at Kennedy Airport Tuesday she has brought her weight to 92 pounds. "I -think the next thing had to : be feminine, didn't it?" she said. "I mean, we've had the little boy look already.'.' Twiggy, whose real name is Lesley Hornby, was accompanied by Justin de Villeneuve, her manager. She will make a 17-day tour in the United States. H • : HELP ~.. SAMARITAN BUY HERE mm *> S »«* K ^^ ,.„,™,:,. w; .,,.,, AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP. — Joe Louis Jr., a private at Ft. Gordon, says "the one thing my father didn't want me to be was ja fighter." He is the son of the former heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Louis, and is assigned to the Army Signal School. "When I was born," he said, "my father looked at mom and said 'when this boy grows up, if he acts like he wants to fight, and I have one good punch left in me, he's gonna get it.' " The men in the picture above are Harry Axe on the left and Dale Russell on the right. Axe, who manages the Burger Chef on South Tenth Street, has been telling Russell, the category chairman for motels, hotels and eating establishments, why he is cooperating with Wonder Bread and Uncle Charlie's Meats in giving 5c to the Good Samaritan expansion fund out of every sale, he makes from Sunday, September 22 through Sunday, October fi. Axe credits Good Samaritan itan Hospital, I want to do what for using this novel idea for sup- Hospital with having saved his I can for i): to help others." porting the expansion program, life after he was overcome with J. L. Buford, General xumd I It is hoped that other Good Sam- toxic gas earlier this year. He 1 Drive Chairman, when told of | aritans will be challenged to said, "Since,I'm sure I'm living •• Axe's proposal and plans said, j come up with new and imagin- today because of Good Samar-; "I am grateful to Harry Axe • ative plans to help too!" Nine Illinois War Deaths WASHINGTON (AP) — The Defense Department announced Monday the deaths of nine Illinois servicemen in Vielnam. Killed in actiqn: Army 1st Lt. Jack A. Plucinsky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene nois Marine was listed as dead ;iot as a result of hostile action. He was Lance Cpl. Tyrone Jack, son, husband of Mrs. Peggy A. , son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. • Jacksorif 939 N . Hudson, Apart- Mayficld Ave.. nient 4Q1 Chicag0 Army 1st Lt. Steven C. Gascon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Gassen, 2408 Payne St., Ev- .1. Haring, 250 N. Kendall St., Aurora. Army Pfc. James D. Hacek, Hacek, 125 Crystal Lake \ Army Pfc. Thomas J. Smoczynski, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Smoczynski, 2114 anston. W. Belmont Ave, Chicago. Died of wounds: Marine Capt. Dale A. Luster. Marine Pfc. William L." Mc- M. Plucinsky, 15111 Marsnfield . husband of Mrs. Mary M. Lust- Furland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ar- Ave., Harvey. , or, 2200 • Oakton St., Park -hur McFarland, Madison Ave- Army Spec. 4 Karl R. Har-! Ridge. .iue, Granite City, 'ng, son of Mr. and Mrs. Karl 1 The classification of one Illi-' Changed from missing to dead MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - The pony-tailed teen-ager who sneezed for 15 4days two years ago will be married Saturday— probably with the sniffles. "Four days before my wedding and I've got a cold," June Clark said Tuesday. She plans to wed Bobbie White, 20. Miss Clark will be 20 on her wedding day. Miss Clark met her fiance at a party. "Somebody clued him in and he said: 'Are you the girl who did all the sneezing?'" she said. During the spring and summer of 1966 Miss Clark sneezed for 154 days but electrical shock treatments finally halted the nuisance and stilled other attacks more than a year later. By DON KENDALL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — More red meat is being produced from leaner, lighter cattle entering the slaughter market, Agriculture Department figures show. Commercial slaughter houses turned out nearly 1.8 billion pouncs of beef in August, 4 per cent more than a year earlier and 1 per cent more than in July, the department said. But the four per cent boost in meat production resulted from only a 3 per cent rise in the number of cattle slaughtered during the month. And the average weight of each animal was less—995 pounds, compared with 998 a year earlier, and 1,006 in July. The figures underline what most cattlemen already know and what the department has been urging for a long time: Cattle should be marketed when they retch market weights and | grade. ; Economists point out that when cattle are kept on feed beyond this point the extra costs offset much of the grain. It also increases the total volume of meat entering the market, which can contribute to depressed prices. Cattlemen's response to the problem is reflected in the slaughter report, department officials say. Improved breeding anc selection of feeder cattle by stockmen also have helped develop higher quality animals going into the slaughter market, officials add. The first international yacht race took place Aug. 22, 1851, with the yacht America outracing the British yacht Aurora. LOS ANGELES (AP) An 89-year-old Los Angeles widow leaves for India today to resume work she took up 15 years ago at the request of t he Indian leader, Mohandas Ghandi. Welthy Honsinger Fisher said — hostile: Army Pfc. Aaron. G. Johnson, husband of Sandra L. Johnson. 1312 Avenue G, Sterling. 1st Lt. Norman M. Paulsen, husband of Jennifer A. Paulsen, 24, Sunset Dr., Millstadt, was listed as missing not as a result of hostile action. Tuesday at: a news conference i that she will return to Literacy j House in the state of Uttar Pra-' desh to help train teachers to work with Asian illiterates. Mrs. Fisher begn teaching in Haverstraw, N.Y., in 1903 and . later taught in China, England j and France before settling in India in 1920. There she met and ; married Frederick Bonn Fisher, j Methodist bishop of Calcutta ; and Burma. j Ghandi urged her in 1947 to work with village peasants. , Five years later she started Lit- j eracy House, a nonprofit, non-; sectarian U.S. organization. | SHOP A KOI GLENN'S'! SHOP HERE ana/ SAVE Phone 242-5814 525 Old Fairfield Road Prices Good Thurs., Fri., Sat. — Oct. 3—4—5 Store Hours 8:00 To 6:00 P.M. Open Friday Nires Till 8:00 P.M. We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities DAIRY BRAND COTTAGE CHEESE 2 «„. 49* BUTTERNUT BREAD e , $loo Loaves | POTATOES 10 b 59* 5 b 35< "2" MILK 2 - 87« LAY'S POTATO CHIPS Twin Pkg 49^ SCOT LAD FLOUR 5 "> 49* LIPTON INSTANT LEMON FLAVORED TEA 79* ZESTEE SALAD DRESSING 1 Quart BOW WOW % DOG FOOD 5 B Labg 69* 25 Ba bg $ 1" RAY'S CAN CHILI 1 Can 39* MAXWELL HOUSE HOUSE COFFEE 1 - 69* BOW WOW % DOG FOOD 5 B Labg 69* 25 Ba bg $ 1" SCOT LAD CRACKERS 1 -.25* SPECIAL PIONEER BACON Lb. 36* PORK LIVER . .. Lb. 39* BEEF ROAST Lb, 69* PORK BRAINS .... Lb. 49* BEEF WIENERS Lb. 79* PORK RIBS Lb. 53* LARGE WHOLE FRYERS 25" PORK STEAK BEEF SIRLOIN STK. PORK SAUSAGE BEEF ROUND STK. PORK ROAST Lb. Lb. Lb. .. Lb. Lb. 69c 99* 49c J 99* 49* Czechs Expel Correspondents FRANKFURT, Germany f AP) - - A nup-'bei of Western correspondents, including Peter Rehnk of The Associated Press, 'ire tiring forced to leave Chech­ oslovakia The Czechoslovak government has notified them that their visas will not be extended. Rchak. 32. -cored a world news heat on the SovieMed in- vnsir of Czechoslovakia on Aug. 2t\ He w.'is born in Bratislava. Czechoslovakia, and js lluent in ihc languages of his native ountry. He re-established ihe AP bureau in Prague j Inst April. After leaving Prague, lie will ho reassigned by the AP. The remaining Associated Press cr>:Tcspondei !t in Prague is Gene Kranif", wlx went to CVerhoslovakia soon after the invasion. Krar.ier previously ,\ns stationed in Poland and ABANDONED—Anthony Dnstan, 22 months, has a bit of trouble (•ettiiiK mil-sins Ixttllet into his •>> t mouth old sister Christine's mouth nt Kevore Memorial Hospitul, where they were brought after being found abandoned in a Revere. Mass. apartment building (AP Wirephoto) SERVICE PROBLEMS? Call Wards For Expert Service On All Your Wards Appliances. Use Your Charge Account. MONTGOMERY WARD REPAIR SERVICE lMione 242-6540 Ext. 40 LAST 4 BIG DAYS! Mi Shu SALE CONTINUES THRU SUNDAY Placed Bo. low 9& AUod like QetiUuf 1 Quae : Shaving Meeds ^riWtydafQrity Heeds n 69c Rubbing Alcohol 9 /70 c 1 ' PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS. Pint *•§ ,V • 69c Dental Plate Cleaner 9 /70 1 Wolgreens. 7oz. net "*I ' W n 73c Antacid Tablets nilA 1 1 1 WALGREENS. 100't '/'" n $1.79 Sleep Capsules 9/180 1 1 ANIDON. Bold* of 32 *"/ * n 69c Mineral Oil 9 /70 c 1 1 WALGREEN. Extra heavy, pint fc l n 98c Saccharin 9 /99 c 1 1 1000 >/i-»r. 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