Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 27, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, March 27, 1958
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TTPT, OF HISTORY & ARCHIVES i^ :.:OIM^ i-;, IO.VA VOLUME 42, NO. 39 FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents 27 MARCH 1958 thru the week with the editor William Paschal 2nd Accident Victim, Dies later moved to a farm near Lamont, where he attended school and graduated in 1950. He graduated from Iowa Stale College, Ames, in 1954 with a degree in MAYNAD — Funeral services animal husbandry. After serving for William E. Paschal, 25, of in the army two years, he began Maynard, will be held Thursday ^P TM^ t . hc _ ftarm ° f his " ndt ': I. P. (Mike) Stewart south of at 2 p.m. at the Presbyterian Maynard in September, 1956. church, the Rev. C. H. Willems- He was married Dec. 28, 1955. sen officiating. Paschal, critically to the former Janola Diane Har- A couple notations from injured in an auto accident near dor of Nebraska. They became around (the little college city. D es Moines March 11 died at the parents of a son, Eric, last L 0 "_?i-_? C ^ li ^ laSt _- W ^ ek , Wh .<: n Broadlawns hospital in Des June. Eric is now with his ma- toines at 7:30 p.m. Monday. ternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Pascl al's wife, Jan, 25, was Robert G. W. Harder, of Sacro- Final Talent Show Will Be April 7th OPEN HOURS FOR BETTERMENT MEETING TOWN HALL TO BE NEXT WEEK The Fayette betterment group The office of the Clerk of the The date of the final for the talent s 1 o\v ;.j onsored by the Ir.is been rescheduled for April 7 l!u> hl « h school auditorium. Garbee a bit of surprise Associated Press release. Well/ fett'eTfrom 3 :, JSfin'TSS a killGd ^ thC aCddent ' WhlCh ° C " mCDnt °' KC ; llf - . Ah ,. Town of F«>-,.tte has been opened will hold' another m eetin B "next Starting time has been set at 7:30. letter from a gentleman in Water- cured about 12 m iles east of Des Paschal is survived by his par- for yom - ,,, nvt . n ience during the Thursday, April 3, according to M|- - Walter Cherwein, vocal mtis- ents, of Rogers, Ark., and two hours of 9 a.m.-Noon and 1 p.m. Mrs. Lois Davis, the acting Sec '"' .-......They had been attending the sisters, Margaret and Paulina, to 3 P- m - f' vi - days a week. Closed Iowa girls' high school basketball also of Rogers, where the family GROUND TOWN... Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Frye, Randalia and Mrs. Ethel Clark were Sunday visitors with Waterloo relatives. Prof. Wilson C. Gill spent last weekend in Chicago, Illinois. While there he visited with a former Upper Iowa student, Mr. Jack Kirkpatrick. loo, who must 'have thought the- Moines on Iowa 64 President was commercializing the wild ganu ttw Anyway, a letter came into tournament and were en route moved six years ago, and by a Prexy at Old Main saying, "We'd home when the accident hap- brother, Robert, Oelwein. His also like to know how to make pened. reservations for the dinner you Paschal was born in Maynard serve." The guy was serious. Dec. 2, 1932, the son of Frank and this change on ivtary. The meeting will be held the Farm Bureau building your water bill, which you will 7:30 p.m. Representatives of nil son ' K ;| nny Olson, David Hmilton, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lattner of Dubuque, Iowa were recent visitors in the home of Mrs. ,, ,, . following: Lattners' uncle and aunt, Mr. (1) Primary — Vicki Thoinp- it 1 instructor in the North Fayelte Community Schrol, will j Finalist;; in-lude th and Mrs. John Hastings. receive before April 1. civic, fraternal, social and re- David Panu Curtis, Mrs E ^ndmother. Mrs Paul P. SU Head your bill carefully. Pay - attu.d.ligious organisations R-ckie Sche.de, Bar,n,ra Ashby, lno Faculty w ~ Beck entertained ttw Gladys Stewart Paschal. They Ripley, Tenn. also survive. and Mrs. Paschal, y our bill promptly. from Fayette and the trading Mike Buhman. Rose Anna Stepp, But, you can bet your bottom dollar he'll get invited to next f ill's. We've been to two now an ', enjoy them more eich time. ttw Then we walked into .he Ca l- - d^nals High School 'the other day and found Mrs. 'Fick?tt in the .' upt's office making a requesi 1'or supplier, Now you krow. t ncre's one family where the man really is boss. But, Paul :;ays, "I don't know about that." ttw To quote Cleo Hyde, UI'J pitcher: "I believe in patriarchy, I really do!" ttw Comrpliments to Al Hanson and the city hall boys. Fayette's streets are nice and clean now, and they are the first in the area to be that way. ttw An interesting letter was received by Mrs. Ned Denman. It was from Germany and to inform her of^jHe death of an aufit. In* tradition, it had a black border around the envelope. ttw How many of you noted the sharp remarks made hv Dr. Galbraith (Economics prof, at Harvard) Sunday afternoon. One in particular was good: "It seems we are long on tail fins and short on education." Very good. ttw Our good friend, Mrs. Henry Hettler, is in the Oelwein hos- ' pital. We sent her a little note this morning and hope you'll do the same. M;\:i-.e L. Cole — Town Clerk area are invited to attend. Jro. I enry Hettler in Oelwein Hospital Rhonda Van Bogart. Merline Brau.se, and Connie Dalilquist. (2> Inl Tme;!i.-!te To:n nut- evening. ter:; P;:tty ' ; V.-.n 1: V"i , M' I c >ry Het'ler of Faycl e In t!ie U Iwi : n Mer.-y •v <• Mon 'ay. Khe had a :: k an-1 is reported •ii»n ' l'in(-. Yesterday ;: y March 26) was the :i , . nni, < rsary of the el I.ind,'! Kin;;, ( !;;[ v M-iu-.;r, "i a ton ;v:d: '.':•' ..••<; ( ..], aii.l CHOIR TO SING IM'S REQUIEM .•n ,-"< n ':, 'an '-'ie' 1". C{) Junior lfi;;h P; r.,1 Clark, .t.-iiiv Jellin * Ku 1 M'ki Cane, in i a fl'ite ir';> c; mpiv <-,! of A <n Au--.t n. Kailiy Kcijj and ;ia i- na Punic: ini-th. '4. II i;h Hcliool C'uro'c Palil" jiiiJ. S ('Vt-ii Taliott, a ^irls trio • imprised cf I'.hia'iin Hl.ihiT, X.'iye Oainp'yjll ami Kolli en An- f n on, and th" Ja/y. l';uv.l com- piv.i-l of Kathv Shaffer. Mar jorie Downing, Sharleen Mullins, FAYETTE — At 8:00 p.m., Gene V.-in IJuren, Doug Fay, Don- '.!'ir!;y March 31, in the First a Hi-tii, Kip Kniuhl, I'arbara Mi 'iodist Clu'rch in Fayette will J.'ading, and Becky Maxson. e tie setting for the beautiful (5) Community -- Mary Mr- :.iu-,:e o" Brahm's German Re- .-'.weeny, Mardell Keeier, Bill •nunom as sung by the 35 voice ''avis, and a duo act by Bruce Upper Iowa choir. The perform- Blank and Ted 7,erun. aii:'o will be broadcast, over a The finalists huvt: been ja'.iosen / ^ial radio hookup by station from a tield of 20(3" participants. 'OEL in Oelwein. The Requiem is an especially a >prr>pr:ate contribution to the E-isl-.T season because of its mess:'i;e of grief for the dead and consolance for the living. It was written between 1857 and 1868 by Johann Brahms, as an expression '>f his sorrow over the death i;f Schumann and in memory of h : -, stepmother, who died in 1865. li is somewhat unusual as a re- A sma'J pruo will he presented .o the winning entry in each •lu.-oifica'iion on April 7th. Dr. E. Naylor Represents UIU At Ames Centennial T.i/'itt b.-'irausc the music and the t xt are never depressing, but arc instead, comforting and hop 0 - ful. It is also charactcrixcd by tiie lyric quality that has made Practicing for the presentation of Brahm's Requie m are Dr. W. LcGrand Maxwell, Miss Rachel Van mucn of Brahm's music known Cleve, Mr. Bill Davis and Mr. Robert Keyton. Dr. Maxwell will direct the UIU choir and Mr. Keyton .,„,, i, ivp ,i hv mnnv n( , nn i,, ...ill »r>nn.v,nnn.> nn tV,n SM.ffr,r> TVTit.0 ~\7nn nio.,« o«J TJ i 11 D-,,.;.. ...Ill 41,,, „,.]- I I,. '"' U ' uvuu "J niclliy ^tv<|JH_. Dr. Ernest Naylor, head of I he Science Department at Upper Fjwa University, was the official representative of that instilution at the centennial observances at Iowa State College, Ames, S:.tur- d«y. Dr. Naylor attended a lunch- the P Elmer Nelson has a picture of will accompany on the organ. Miss Van Cleve and Bill Davis will carry the solo Iparts. Mi , e R . . , v Q\ CVC mcm . SESHKp EVASHEVSKI HERE - ='S^=r" lto " *«.-. H* Mond. y F i ^^±£j^ M™ „ ,h., s w hy he, .0 MT ^TOHDAY J^ = S ^^ ; P"-'ey Jenn,«,n, 88 ^"^ —'joL^ ^ «w FAYETTE — The second an- of the press, radio and television MAYNAHD — Funeral services You probably noticed a story nual upper Iowa University All- .staff over the state as well as were held Monday afternoon at intone heading last week that said, sports banquet will be held coaches from several other col- the Maynard (Presbyterian church 'Directing the choir will be Dr "Cafes to give free coffe for fun." Tuesday, April 1, with Iowa foot- -leges in the state. Mr. ;<nd Mrs. F. P. Walker of f'liTir Lake. Iowa were Sunday u"-.'.s in the home of Mr. and .VIrs. Waldo Walker. Mrs. Carl Masters has re- Uiino-1 homo from a stay in TVxux where she visited her • laughter and husban.l. * * * • >!"s. I'errl Pvnrr'rmuth has re- L'Tiu'd l'oi:ie from a visit with '!'•:• on in M' r.ina Arizona. She • '•>"> •' 1 at JJhell Hock on her V.MV home. • • * • Mr; St.lla I rn-l is planning 1'] leave soon for St. Louis, Mo., >vh re she expects to visit with h; r daughter, Dorothy. .',lr. and Mrs. Skipton spent '. ' wceken at Blooming Prairie, Minn, in the home of their daughter and son in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. f-iolts. •v m . .* -.- - •; V/,irf! has been received from r" ert Rob 1 ) of 1415 Pana- Mishawaka, Indiana, that .i.-Vand suffered a stroke is p -ie.l away at St. Josephs >!. Veterans of Foreign on luctecl a Military Serv- .VI rs. Rohb will be remembered V'l-e a- the daughter of the late Won Hockcrls who were pio- 11 ITS near Fayette. rw iK.: helping to celebrate the ' ir!h.'-iy of Mrs. Rolande Gray und:;y were Mr. and Mrs. H. Platens and son of Tripoli, Mrs. Elnor Schur and Zatha Tegt- of Surnner. M Loveless. lie returned to Fayette Sun- the ROUND-UP APRIL 15 Mr. and Mrs. Milo Schneider of Fayette s'pent part of last week at the home of their daughter and sun-in-law and family. They are the John Brandts of Osage. Didn't you? Well, that was sup- ball coacn F ores t Evashevski as R- M. Westerfield, West Union, posed to be FUND, but we'll as- tne featured speaker. will be the master of ceremonies. sume it was fun, too. The event> which annually ~— ' — ttw honors football, basketball, base- Randalia 4th Grade for Mr. Jennison, a member of the Register Three Quarter Century Too many things to do this week to ramble on in ttw. Got to spend Friday in Des Moines with the politicians, so, we'll see you next week. — Don and wrestling letterwinners Lwt Rites For father Of Fayette Attorney ORANGE CITY, IOWA — Funeral services were held here for John W. Hofmeyer, 65, Friday afternoon in the First Christian Reformed Church. He was the father of Fayette Attorney John W. D Hofmeyer. Mrs. Hofmeyer and the two children had been staying here for two weeks and are now home m Fayette. Maynard Chorus To Present "Seven Last Words" Will Present "Hansel And Gretal P hp club, died at the Good Samaritan urt " '" ™ ash ngton, iJ.u, oe- On March 31st the Randalia He was a former Maynard post- P.'T.A. Randalia 4th grade will master for 22 years and was also present "Humpperdinck" operetta a minister of the E. U. B. church. Hansel and Gretal based on the a longtime resident, Purley LcGrand Maxwell, head of the The annua kindergarten round Mrs E. E Garbee, Westfield 88 music department. During the "P wlllc \ c h . cld ln ««=. Fayettc I ownship ehainnan for the East- time Dr. Maxwell was connected "'^h School gymnasium on cr Seal Fund Campaign, reports with the National Mormon iut!sd ay, A Pr'l l5 ^- beginning that the response has been good at 9:00 a.m. in their effort to raise money f r nminu tn iTTirvnpr Tnu/n hi> Letters are being sent to the for the Crippled Children Society. Home in West Union where he l ° re coming 10 _ upper lowa, nt parents of a]1 th(j cnildren known However, many have not sent in as possible students next fall, their envelopes. The final relport' Parents who have a child start- from Westfield Township must ing to kindergarten next fall who go into the County Chairman be- M had made his home the past two d ,! re i ted . that years, on Saturday morning. Requiem casions as a tw oc Mr. Robert Keyton, Uplper Iowa music professor, will accompany the group on the organ. do not receive such a letter may for Easter. call t!he high school and request ......... He is survived by a son, James, The performance will be open folk story. Also light selections Cetar Rapids, and two daughters, tn the of 5 and 6 grade chorus. Public Mrs. Mel (Ruby) Bell, Topeka, one be sent to Ithem. is invited. SCOUTS PLAY AT WEST UNION Kans., and Mrs. Loraine (Velma) Maynard community, has been Allen, Hazleton. Also six grand- living in Oelwein the past few children and eight great-grand- years, put still owns a farm at children. Maynard. The Rev. C. H. Willemssen offi- He is employed by the Oelwein UIU MUSIC FAYETTE Sperry, chairman of the music at the University of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Templeman ~ have returned from a vacation in Florida. They spent Tuesday OATimrvAV night in Iowa City in the home uAlUKl/Al ot tneir daughter and son-in-law, Dr. Gale L. ^ r - anc ' M'' s - J°hn Taylre. Mrs. Kenneth Wilke held a P i « r i u th 11 * w, n played basketball at West Union lost to . . clBted at the funel ' nl and burial vCommunltv schooi as a sch ° o1 Minnesota, and Dr. Arnold Cas- meeting of the Retail Merchants was in Long Grovc Cemetery. bus driver. wcll> also o{ the Minnesota music Committee of the Chamber — - A Repoblican, Miehe served on of Among those playing were Teacher Appreciation Fund. He is" the first person from the Saturday" March'a^'The festival Steve Vermazen, Roger Earle, Archambault, County T.E.P.S. south end of Fayette county to win b ] n in the mo ,. ning alld Delbert Pattison, David Burget, chairman, urged schc-ols to inter- announce his candidacy for su- cont j nue throughout the day at Brace Beck, Randy Van Bogart, est young people in the teaching pervisor. Supervisor John Fay is tne Colgrove-Walker Memorial Allen Finger, and Calwin Hick- pro f eS sion. A newly chartered not seeking re-election to the man. They were coached by Ron- g roup O f Future Teachers of post. nie Kocher. America meets regularly. Their next meeting will be April 14 at at Upfcer Iowa, will be held in Education Awn. Met 7:30 at West Union gym. Dr. Ray Waldo Walker On March 30th the Maynard ^ auditorium of the Colgrove- ^ ^ ^^ Bryan, f newly fleeted Vice^Prest- Accepte p O8ition A , FOREST EVASHEVSKI low*'* Head Football Coach This critic festival is one of the ways in which the Upper Iowa music department is attempting to help encourage better music performance and enjoyment in this area. HOFMEYER WILL NOT SEEK ELECTION AS COUNTY ATTORNEY Grinnell College Waldo Walker, Jr. of Fayette, No Chamber Meeting chorus under the direction of walker Memorial building be- " c ' c «»•«-."«"John Van Bpps will present Dee ginning at 6:30 p.m. The Fayette coun ty Education- Pois "The Seven Last Words . Public Invited al Associatgjn met Thursday eve- The 65 voice chorus is wmpoiea ^ general Apublic is inv ited n lng at Fayette High School. William Miehe Candidate now a graduate of SUI has ac . of members of the Hjgn =>cno ^ aMend ^ eyent uh ^ial About, forty-five members heard j Succeed John Fay cepted a position in the Biology chorus and c, 0 ™" 1 " 1 ":^. t> ona i d emphasis being placed on invita- reports of the delegates concern- . ... , , o .' department at Grinnell College, • .«—j ...w..«.. e t _ Bwltone soloist will be JtonaU ^ to Jadles Ticketfl f the Jng the Delegate assembly which William (Bill) Miehe oJ Oel- G ^ nnell ., • The w b chamber S Buenneke. Soprano solo^t » event are 0 - n sale in the bus new met in February. Paul Frank of ^em announced; today (Fuday) ^ ^ J there final Line Miller. Tenor soloist is offlce on ^ campus and will al- Qelwein.reponted on the resolu- that he is a cnndidate ftw ^Fay- Masters • receive wiu b / a meeting o£ all retailers Lawrence Kurd. . t ___ it ^ ^ so be available at the door. tions addpted by the assembly, olte county supervisor, term be hjs ^^ deflrefi soon _ ^.^ ^ Committee To Meet Friday Morning SL^L^Jf "• FAYETTE — Attorney John Hofmeyer today told the LEADER thalt he is "not a candidate for County Attorney at this time." A burden of tax matters and legal work combined with for his so be available at the door. ene mvi ed To to ^ fc be held at the community toau, ^^ & prog ram Is acheduleij reported on leg»slation while . General public : » mvi ed To to ^ fcatured B - D . Ardwmbault of West Union ginning Jan 2 > Miehe, a his doctors degree soon. Friday morning at the Coffee might 'be a candidate for the '„ farmer of the He is the son of Mr - and Mrs - Nook at 9:30 > according to Dean fice now held by Mark Buchheit w.ij.-,„-„.._ ^.. .„-...... ^-_.u._ «_-, J ... i of W«8t U^QIU Chamber President.

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