Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 3
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SOCIETY Mrs. Sid Henry Telenhonf. aai mm s^Aft, £6PE, ARKANSAS If I knew u belter hmd than this glorious world nf ours, When; a nii.n nets hiiiKei- money anil PK worlunj; shorter hours: 'f the fit r (la- Kienclmian hud tin easier life dnin mine, I'll pncU my !>""ds this niinuli 1 and Frequent COLDS wFnr r<'fiVri'rifl«/fd- comfort* of client. colih am) niftlit roupli*, rub VapoRub on tlun.it, chest, niul back ntlitxl time. VapoRub'spmil- tite-vapnr .iction relieves congestion of upiyr fiit P.-ISSIIJJCS— f.-isfs soreness of chest :ind back muscles— helps the youngster relax into liealiny :>leep. <'niii;liinf! mttl irrilnti'tl tliriint. i'tm,ii'il liy nilits, \i\\t VajviKlib on the child's H)ii(.;ue to relieve the it ril.it ion. Then massnue VapoRub on throat and chest. For "sni///e.s" unil misery t>S Itt-iid rtiitlx, melt VapoKub in a bowl of boiling water. Have the child breathe in the steaming vapors. This loosens phlegm, clears air passages, makes breathing easier. Also massage VajxiRiib on throat and chest. Millions of families use these three time- tested treat-, menu »• - ---- VAPORUB TUESDAY "5th Avenue Girl" WEDNESDAY BLACK GOLD guihing from rich soil! Fighting Fury .unleoshed from desperote mcnl I'll sail ncrosK the brine. But I notice when nil alien wants n land of hope niitl ehcer, AJU! a fulurc for his children lie ecinics mil unil .settles here. Here's the glorious land of Freedom. tin.' milk mid honey goal Kur tho peaxanl .out of Hussia, for the long subjected Pole. It is here the sons of Italy inul men of Austria (urn For Hie eomfort of llu-ir bodies mid the money they can earn. £'• I'm thinking when 1 Ihitcn lo (he wails of discontent, And Mime foreign disbeliever spreads hi* evil .•ionlinient. That the breed of hale niul envy flint is .sowini; sin and shame In this glorious land of Freedom •should no back fro whenec i( fame. And I hold it is Die duly, rich or poor of every man, Who enjoys (ho country's bounty to hr- All American . . . E. A. Guest. The nriiokwodd P. T. A. will hold its November meeting, lit .'!:()() Wednesday afternoon al the Brooltxvood school, a full attendance is urged. —\>— Miss Lucille Murphey of Te.xarkana was'the Monday night guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Murphy. Tho I'at Clebiirne chapter, U. D. C. will hold its November meeting ut i!:!t(> Thursday aflcinoon at the borne if Mr.s. 11. C. Whitworth. South Elm street. Miss Mary Evelyn Whitworlh daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Whitworth (if this city was selected to lead the "Home Coming Parade" at the Stale University in Fa.vetteville last Saturday. Tin- Paisley P. T. A. will hold its nnuilar monthly meeting al Ihreo o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the Paisley School. Mrs. W. if. Bourne is the ('nest of her daughter, Mr.s. F. E. Fowler and Mr. Fowler in Rodcssa, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Surrey Gilliam and children of HI Dorado were week end iiuests of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. La- G rone. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Fowler and children of Rodc.ssa, La. were week end guests of the Bernard O'Dwyers. from ti I rip lo Euioiw, unit experiene- i ed some difficulty in Belting n hoat home. The Junior-senior high P. T. A. will meet Thursday Hflernoon, Nov. 9 nt H:!lO at Ihe high school. An excellent pi OKI am has Ijcen arranged hy the'pro- grun ehairninn, Mrs. E: P. McFaddin. "What Can We Do Aahnut the Henlth of the High School Student." will he discussed by Mrs. C. D. Lester. Tliis is the first regular meeting since September. 'Hie School of Instruction held Sept liOth took Ihe pluee of the October meeting. Yon Sre missing n great deal by not attending the P. T. A. meetings. The programs arc interesting, mid it in the way to know your teachers and your school. A Inrge crowd is expected. -Q- Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. Buddin of Arkadelphia were Monday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. ft. M. La- Grcine. At a recent session of the North Texas Conference Dr. Buddin was transfer,ed from the Little Rock Conference to Munger Phice Methodist church in Dallas, f>5(l(l Bryan sti-cet. where he preached his initial sermon last Sunday. Dr. Buddin was formerly pastor of the First Methodist church in this city, and he and his charming wife have a number of Hope friends who wish (hem all good things In their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Allrecl announced (he arrival of a little son, James Clark. Thursday, November 2, at the Julia Chester Hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Gus Mayton t>f "(Vest Sixth street, a daughter, Mon- liiy. Nove;nl«.'r (j. She has- been •hrislened Phanae Sandra. . Alienation of (Continued From Page One) Mr. and Mrs Earlie Archer have re-turned from a week end visit with their .son. in the State University al Fayetteville. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Milam had as .Sunday j-ueM.s. 0r. and Mr.s. P. U. Ducommon of Cmnden. Dr and Mr.s. Ducomiium have reeenllv returned OUR BOARDING HOUSE H'LO, MEEST' RAFFAIRTSf/- YOU BETCMA ALl HE'S > READY RA.6SLE WUOLE HOOPLA FAM'LYj WAW BY WANJ/ TELL PlPPL^S ' AL\ BEN ZEEN WIWQS AN' PEETCU BE£C3 BUTTA BALL OVER HOME PLATES LIKE STRIKES/. LETSAGO/ H06RAY BEN ZEEN/ BEND HIS EARS "BACK, . WOOPLF.' with Major Hoople AL.)/ GOSH, LOOK IT THE ONE-MAN MOB SCENE/ BUCK UF> MAJOR, HE'S OUST TALKING. TO KEEP HIS COURAGE UP/ X-v 3s m AMBULAMCe V/V?' --^ff^^ Tabernacle in 2nd Week's Service Evangelist W. F. McPher* son Is Gaining Increas- \ ing Crowds Tho revival meeting at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle, conducted by Evangelist William F. McPhersort. internationally known revivalist of Sanford, Fla., has gone into the second week wild growing interest and accomplishments, the pastor said today. Sunday night the Tabernacle was filled to overflowing, all available extra seats were brought in and quickly filled. The evangeist spoke on, "The Rent Veil" declaring thai it Was through the death of Jesus that m&i can enter into fellowship with God. He emphasized the fact that it is not the life, nor ministry of Jesus that eaves men, but the death and resurrection of Jesus brings salvation to mankind. / Again on Monday night an appreciative crowd heard Kev. McPherson preach on, "If Any Man Thirst." Th« special music and singing of Mrs. H.-imill. the Odom Brothers Quartet, The Girls Tabernacle Quartet, Men's Tabernacle Quartet and others are adding much to the enjoyment of those attending the meeting. Services are held nightly at 7:30 and each morning at 10. A holly tree nearly 100 feet tall in Grsnville county, N. C., is believed -to be the largest on record. •I WORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR AMD WHAT A WORSE / V. |.| ,1.7 _ COPR^MJ iv "" •"•f-'liE. in,. T.-M.R(n -., T . orf" Alice Faye Constance Bennett Nancy Kelly "TAIL SPIN" —and— IS THE JUDGE" RocheMe Hudson STARTS THURSDAY lelibcrately risked war with the United States in the hope that victory could could be achieved before American military power could make itself fell in the struggle. Na/.i officialdom may believe that the opening to the Allies of American sources of vital war sup- lilies represents a future rather than an immediate threat to Germany's hopes of nt least a stalemate victory. It will take time and financial wi/.ardry for Britain and France to capitalize fully on that development. Stepping up combat airplane production for the Allies either in the United States or in Canada is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Until it is stepped up, Germany .still has her reputed superior air power as a weapon with which to strike for early victory. Germany Without a Friend Tile continued withholding of a German attack .some believe, masks Na/i hopes that \\ negotiated peace may yet be obtained. Intimations that Paris and London are preparing to restate their war aims could account for German reluctance to press the war to the threatened "bloodbath" conclusion. Yet the unanimous rejection of the role of peacemaker by all neutrals following Hitler's recent bid for such intervention creates doubt as to where Germany miglil look for an agent through whom to renew her peace offensive. Any new German peace drive, to fall in with tradition, would require some : tartling new German military or naval siiccx'ss as a .springboard Instead, Berlin has witnessed within the weeks since consummation of her Polish campaign, a steady deterioration in her strategic position due both to neutral action and to Allied war measures at sea. That of itself serves to set world nerves on edge for some dramatic German move to break the battle lull. Noah Webster took 21 years to prepare his American Dictionary of the English language-from 1807 to 1828, Hull Critical (Continued from Page One) an American citi/.en couldn't operate a foreign flay vessel with a foreign crow." Title lo (lie vessels will be transferred to a Panamanian corporation. They will carry the Panama flag and will be manned by crews other than United States citizens. Under the Neutrality act. American citizens as well as crews are ruled out of the eombat zones. Principal trade of the United States Lines, a private corporation, has been with British. French and Irish ports, all in the eombat area. Truilt .said the federal government has no financial interest in the vessels to be transferred. It has been granting operating subsidies but these will cease. The commission holds mortgages on two ships of the company, the Manhattan and the Washington, and they will re'm'ain under the United States flag, probably in Latin-American trade. The company applied for the transfer of nine vessels, but approval was given only for eight. Seven of these are the 7.500-ton cargo-passenger carriers: American Banker, American Fanner. American Importer. American Merchant. American Shipper, Ameri- can Trader, and American Traveler, The eighth will be either the Roosevelt or the Harding, in the company's discretion. They arc 13,869-ton liners. Hempstead County (Continued from Page One) Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, co-chairman. Ward Two — Mrs. Steve Atkins. Ward Three — Mrs. A. J. Neighbours. Ward Four — Mrs. Jack Atkins. Under each Ward chairman will be .some 20 or 30 workers. The campaign in the Hope public schools will be under the direction of Miss Beryl Henry, city superintendent. Drive Opens Momla Tho 'big push' for memberships will get underway next Monday morning with more than 100 workers in the field. The intensive campaign in Hope and over the county will continue for three days and it is hoped that, the membership of 1,1000 will be reached by that time. Memberships will be taken for SI or more. Out of each membership 1 50 cents goes to the Red Cross re- igional office at St. Louis, the balance I stays in Hempstead county for relief of humanity. CHURCH NEWS Rev. W. J. Surges, pastor Temple Baptist Church Little Rock, Ark., will preach at the Garrelt Memorial Baptist church tonight 7:30. Rev. Burges is well known through out the state; he is the former pastor of Shovcr Springs church near Hope. His visits in the Holy Land have inrichcd his ministcry. All members of the church arc urged to be present to help intertain tho visitors who will be with us in route to the state meeting. If you can not come, call in and let us know if you want guest in your home. Attends Homecoming Earl L. Willis of Prescott has returned lo his home after attending the home-coming day event at Louisiana Polyytechnical college at Ruston. La., where he reported he met friends last seen by him some 20 year? ago. Mr. Willis -reported a highly- enjoyable trip. m i • A large "cistern" was part of the furnishings of well-appointed dining rooms in 17th century England. Here the dishes were rinsed at the table. SPECIAL ON PERMANANTS 'Til November llth Introducing: 2 NEW PERMANANT WAVE SOLUTIONS IN OUR SHOP A REAL SAVINGS TO YOU also A FREE GIFT with each Permanant At Regular Price HERLOISE - FRANCES - RUTH ELLEN - FAYE "Flossie" the Maid Kate's Beauty-Gift Shop "For Something New — Call 252" ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME... Such * masterpiece of heart- thrilling romance/ COMING SUNDAY GREATEST OF ALL CAPRA PICTURES! OUR NOVEMBER SAVING FOR YOU SALE COATS valued to $17 95 for $ 14.50 COATS valued to $22.95 for '16.50 DRESSES up to $10 95 fo/ S 6.50 DRESSES up to $7 95 for $ 3.50 FASHION SHOP sets the and Wings FRANK CAPRA S mith (Boes JeanARTHUR^jQmelSTEWART with CLAUDE RAINS • EDWARD ARNOLD • GUY KIBBEE • THOMAS MITCHELL • IEULAH BOND! Directed by FRANK CAPRA • Screen play by SIDNEY BUCHMAN • A COLUMBIA PICTURE ^Creator of "It Happened One Nighr" "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town", " loif Horizon". "You Con'IToke II With You" Legal Notice Warning Order IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT CAI.LIE McFADDlN. .. Plaintiff. v, ALEX HARRIS el al . Defendants. The defendants Tom Harris. John Mnldrow. Hansel Harris, Jasper Hig- Uason and Mrs. Jasper Higgason, his wife. Mary Cooper. Otis McFaddin and Airs. Olis Mel'Vidflin, his wife. Viola Johnson. Nellie Johnson. William | Johnson and Mrs. William Johnson, !iis wife, Howard Johnson and Mrs. Howard Johnson, his wife. Moses Muldrow and Mrs. Moses Muldrow. his wife. May Delia Hawkins, Alberta Cox, Bert Hubbard. the unknown heirs of Sam Bradley, deceased, the unknown heirs of Nancy Muldrow, de- n.ased. the unknown heirs of Howard Johnson, deceased, the unknown heirs of Nancy Bradley, deceased, and each of them, are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this lilh day of November, lil.'i'l. RALPH BAILEY Clerk. 7, 1-1. '21. 28 as well! Shop our Furniture Dcpt. for all your needs. OUTSTANDING SELECTIONS in Student Lamps Knec-llolo IH'sKs Secretaries HOPE HARDWARE CO. OF KKVISIO.V OF ASSESSMENTS Notice is hereby given that the Guard of Assessors oT Street Improvement District No. ,'i. of Hope. Arkansas will nieei nl the office of L. Carter Johnson, .second floor of the Arkansas IBank & Trust Company building in the city of Hope. Arkansas, al 1(1 o'clock A. M. Thursday. November llith, Hi;-!!), for Ihe pin-pose of revising and readjusting Ihe assessments of benefits against the veal property in said district. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of hi.s asses^ncnts. or any change in values, for improvement:erected or removed, or any change whatsoever, may appear before the Hoard and make application therefor and .same will be considered. This 2liih day of October I'.IHfl. POLK SINGLKTON, KUGENE WHITE, CARTER JOHNSON, Board of Assessors. Oct. SI, Nov 7-H styling wins New York Auto Show crowds BEING HAILED AS NEWEST, FRESHEST NOTE IN THE 194O MOTOR PARADE H EADED BY THE boldly different and uniquely beautiful new Torpedo Eight, the 1940 Pontiacs open up a whole new world of luxury at low cost! Because the essence of luxury is BEAUTY —beauty that captivates the eye and leads the motor parade. And already Pontiac with its eye-stopping style and new interior richness is being hailed as the Number One beauty of the year! Add to that: greater length, more room, increased comfort, thrilling performance and record economy, and you'll know why the 1940 Silver Streaks are enjoying the greatest success in Pontiac history! Come in today! ana" up delivered at Pontiac, Michigan. Transportation based on rail rates, state and local taxes (i/ any), optional equipment and accessories — extra. Prices subject to change without notice. General Motors terms to suit your punt. 207 East Third St. HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. WAX CO.V, Owner Hope, Ark.

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