Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 2
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Hope 9 Star Star of Hap*. USB; Press, 1*27 GaaoIMated January «, U» O Jvjlttee, Deliver Thy Herald from Fate* Report! HOPE STAfc, Jtopfe, AftKAX Political Announcement we«k-&»y afternoon by Stsr PabHshing Co. Inc. C. E, Pafjwr and Alex. H. Washterr?. ;\ ;h.« Star Guiding. 232-214 South WflJnttt *tr**t, H<3{>*, Ark. _ __ ^ pALS1ER j,^^- ALEX B. ffASIfBLR>, Edifaw »mi PuMfeher —Meant Associated Press. ~Means Jfowspaper Ehtsrjzrie* Asv'ii. tifofewrriptioo Bate 'Always Payable in Advance): By tily camw, per *r*ek.l3c; p*r month S3c; one y*ar J«30. By ma:?, in H«rapslesd, Nevada, KowartJ, Mtlter *nd LaFsyetM count!*-,. J3^« per year; *iwwti»rc SSu35. Member of 71*. A.<noeiat«ti Prtsw: Th* Auociaiec! Preni is rrw'usiTwly Wttlikd to thff use for rt«jreiblic»tion c-f aU r-ews dispsileJm craJHwi to -t cr *»t «Hh*rwis* credited in thto paper and al>e tf.* Jccal n*"*s published b*T»;n. ChWjes on Tribute*. Etc.: Charg* V.-H! I* irjwis for all tribute*. cards o? ks, r**j!'jlten«. or rmtnorlatt, cnr.*»min? the d«p»rled. Commercial n«*»p9pcw hokJ to this yfAicy in tfc- :>*V.T «>Iumns to prolwt lh*;r readers frflW a delude of irpace-tattng roemcrfj'w. The Star diselai.-n? rtsporubbility «r the safe- keeping or r*tam o-f any 'jrj/>Jj<rf«d manuscript*. Star M authorized (a ™- nwuiwe th* follnrwinf: candidate* AufcJMt to the wtJon of (be Demo- rr»!lt rily primary elttlhn Tue**»>•. N<n«mber K, 130*: Tor City Attonwr E- f. WFADD1X LAW3OJ; E. GLOVER • ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER IFIED OPPORTtlMrTir- • "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand." SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ad* cash in advance AV taken over the Phone One tinv*-22 wsrd, minimum 3* Th«e tiaies-3%c -word, minimum Sfc ji Six times—«e word, muurowa S«Jc On* mon'Ov— 18c word, minimum I2.7Q I , R*t" «** <«"• contlauous toserticaa only. For Sale Wanted Service! Of rered ? WA.VTBD PZCANS-We pay highest SERVIC PT' : «S te "Pecaw. MtlU* Mill & K~-l i « tea<i Ma re - built j B-.;v Wi!h hotif* am-1 K,m. \Vrtf i ' S. -J. Hf*Jv5. R,.:'j-..» 2. HMJ-O "A.-v 5. v. j ._. ' *"'" " "'"' . WAXTKD BARBS <•<) todies 1 .silk i.... merit in ii'i inakinR s;in<IV>!>R.«. Ciljicrl b'liliir- sacks would (jive the win- Ihiit i!«.-iil''''l tulii/fi. It lifts l>Of u ii'itiffl Hiat Mi.triy b;m- ''• i.jii I'licntlv IHIVC "linwn mor" courtesy tnwnnl Ihi-ir vnM.imv Th" rf-.mlt <il "HUH! Iti'int- li;iiiiMi<* Mjiiks '•iMiilin I" tin- 1 !'' •) •.'! by N!;s H.nitir.eViri, who i-'it -*•* * *' -- - t , :.-;• /.'rcj^.C'i /V<//:t !/;'.' I*, i? '•'x f\ "r- A -,» t?'*- **r..-*v P- 'o ;-- rV-"' ~^;H-V •"'--rttirrvs < ~ A Loari'.n firm wliii'li lunivi ly in tins cuiiiiliy ))>' )>»>' u-V't-r vic- lirns. Aini-i ii .in-- >.,r.-i- IM.I to l.i i \, up willi thr Jcin<"ii's. An i h vtiii-i.ni l»'il $2."i MI ;i r.iiilcttc '.vfii-i.'l iifli-i In- 'AM.-, II,H<[ $2.1 fur wintiK Ih'- u-lii'"l. I.ikc .my ti•(/(.• i infl'im.'iM. he w.niicil in ic.st hi; liinvliwork undri iiftii.il ciinihlinnv For Rent i OUT OUR WAY An Election Is Just Around the Corner Isi £'« h\ i.T.-c y<xi nv.Tiev «, , j- O R R r N 'T: 3 -.^rr, Hc-se gooi c .- 'T'tf'f"^ 1 '' 1 '"" ' : ' :> ' i '' ?t " i ''" :> v'"" ," ; '^ Vl "" fcll >'^g. Cwr.pl«e;-'.-....n r.-. S-wth Miin Str«.-. R<-n; 2. Don-iW Bvi'^?<>. fvr wwor.'.! C-..T:- ; r>?<i". ",'/,-• r^v h.ch*«t p-x-"? /c-- .'ur- | "" '' w.T>i;-.-* >«- ' r..-../<». .W* 'a?. "fr.sri>:i.':i F'jm:'.:ir» •' ~'°~~~ HrST. A.-tu'i'. v.-.-^-^h^r. j. Hoy,; Rci>er^. Co. Q2 im p '' ° 2; - ?-^'.j.- By J.R. Williams rOR RKS'T- 2 .-.-.::r-: fii.-r-.iih/vj ar^'t. he ; V««r«r In CsiJforoi;. sr.-J fj't.i^. >.-• ,-,-, <•--.•«••«•. ;,<•<• ar.-.'.i.irg },-•!' ;,•-,.•»>><:-?> E."h '' ' One 'if '.r*i-r: 5 fre*-7;r,g. If yvj sro i.'^ p :<-y...*->; ; r ; co; L d v.'$'i:t/..^F'; but jf >''./>.; .'.-iti'«1 g'/ '.i<L -/v-jr wv,k-n ">:»c)ts. long c »5e* ?art fco^; v.-t^;. av,-iM- <J •/;«• ,^-^ ;/•/.%>.>,• y.vi-ir.'^.-^'i'.iii' f^;;:.v' A -< ••/.'L.O C^/T-T h:.-.-••• '-' .' ^ :: ^.-....; v.V:.-..r.x" ••-, , . ., r . ... r ;- SW i/vt «-•. 'i'j^ajjfjo «v A* fcaii..>« ,r. the;* twi ;V<Ur» .; ^vi-it-ros r.vugh ?isa; the s-h^.-^f- hiwe * cfaaryj: o( g,Kii-nji -.be vo'.«-;.' sv.rr.p '.f i;>p.-'/v.v3. Ar.--.J~ if 'Kit hij-^x-r =~ "" Th« jAtrvfu; r^r^reitr- f.f C^:-vr&-JV- S.W-s-r.-;f,r.t)-: pEr.5;.or"ro"a!l "ob*^-" '>>• w-u cvs? K piijju*--; Mr.hij/i;y '^v^c^a \r. Cs5;.'«T^-a ,-r.-v- OSi-," r-'f^C;'/'- '• '" p ; FOR RKKT R.-i r -^n. .-.•!;f,;, 1 ;r,p - '•-'•'• ••-'>•'; •.' -.j-.'.-*:. C'iH,l:!!U'->US h/it -A'at- ' - -f. <-• CloM- ;» -,.,w n . .\Jr~s. Hiirry W>u'.-i \ h$ ; FOR SALS: VT...r; f',r ':-:•• S^j T. A Lost LOST: R,-i htill t;,lf. six r.v..v.:« «v s- jgft ,,f ii. Oi'.--/: Ci£-.- r /Trj^ Htrbw": S.iw 15 =n^-!v ^sa at&cai zs- h.a plv.-, ;.'> g.vs &-v^ : /^.e ih^-.-.-; tH» sg*. /•/ «> a E-ji-.r.^*," •-" on* of en » ^r;y, «. t% , -^ 5ir a coypte . B , jdg ,, ; 'i^ ^;; «fea^J« T^Th jxa-^r, «^. w . v , ^ :>.- r.v.tj ^f *s- -,^, r ..u-,= 5». ..-.^-"Cl . *««at, isaa': _^ji> v^i» t;. A f,^ fra - r ^ :ir .,.,. .......... -—-,,. i«^i^» •*:: ^ .^^ in •,TW^r':;w"j« 9 ^""Li «*£-.•'' X'WMT -mil aiM. c* cr.r:*Ki fcy Xsr.-tr^-je^-j •^.~i.-i pursuing ?ir ;i« ?err.vr/,ber the c; G -. • FOR S-L" ihin ice.' ry j;; .>.- ;,„.: ^ -,' NOTICE .. . AT, ;.-.-.'.<-. •..-.jc.-t wi!i roJrj one ^*r 1 : iO-PuV Lifo Pulicit:-. Si'X/j up. Ages; ': • : ; y .,!•; ;,nr! up. T;,!b.;t KtiW. E""»: ! ! -C! ':'.•>:--• Ark ? yr- vith Reliuiiro Life. : Oct 27-1 m. -6- r -:^f" ,!- r "'- i ..,:::'" ; ' u '' : '^ "'"I- """" h ^"^^ Hl^/S'^c^Ph^V^c 1 r^v A:^J'; He}p Wa "ted—Female SSJ I^K;* • THE FAMILY DOCTOR ne- ; c,,-^-:',-"':- -.. fa*«a!. Bi^xxJ jx/ijionir:g :r<^y .. . . Ariy Vjt. 5.-rr&".Ti or punc'.urs of the Wanted to Rent . .. . • ' VOU KIM LAUGH,BUT I'M <3O!Si' TO TAKE A BOOK WiTH \',E LIKE - --- — , . VOU WITH A 6ET SO IF I HAVE \ / BOOC.- - SO GO TOO MUCH PLEASURE ) f RIGHT AHEAP-- x CAM ENJOY A ^ \. vou WOKI'T 3TUDV/ ~' ^ v V OH, 1 WOM'T \ / NO, A GUV LIKE PEEL GUILTY OF- \ / vou WITH A BOOK 'BElKJ'ALOAFER. AM 1 IDLER. WITH WOKJ'T BOTHER COMSCIEWCB-- BECAUSE I KMOW VOL) WOULDWT MOVE A PRESSED LEAF OR Bi-JTTER- FLV TO -READ UMDEli THEM .' ^• fi ^,,., ,£,? , \*«-'h££&b '"''&•?< '•'•-" ^^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES' T >itA SEftVICf. INC. NO EXAMPLE T. M. i v-..'.---.- '.the.- rj!tib!r." a.v.,.vrp-,:f: " :rr;~.! , f.T-i.•.-.••.*-!:/ if-tr tr.e - a <.r.\-li : r.:. A g^n- 1 i tnt. . j By DK. MORK1S F1SHBEDJ fcoraaJ ot the Ameriean Medical Amtiattw. »4 ^ Hyjetx, the Health M.prri« T Gmifire Koc Only HazaP^J]iunting; Falls and Tut- ~ : Prwautio " < ' >»lay Pro%-e Dangerous tul- £ ;n- B «t thcr, a « other Th» city of London succeedcd in . r c-i , 5<;'.',r.% by r:.''!-': than cno-'.hird the I ; n'jrntxrr of suicides from BUckfriarV ; hn'jge r/y painting th'- gioomy old r '" °' h '-"" :; ' .slnjctuffc i- giy, bright grtt-n. •SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS BY JERRY BRONDFIELD COPYRIGHT. 1939. NEA SERVICE, "Wasting "No Time' ALLEY OOP 'i;''-~*V^ v y C'MOU V':'*"^ By Edgar Martin s'^tvx.'..-'' / C'J}''- , voo wtret '•' J * J2f ^^^ \ x. VR*TKH«AYi Joan', fnthrr fir* lo Tr*fc on»n rrcrlpt of the rani»m drmanU* and Joan It rr- rralcd ;i. a tvrnlthr hrlrck«. TIIWBI^ Vrlirr» finally rrmrialirrii Hurra i.a, mlxrd uy In a «i. l.oul» KMSnapInf;. •*! IhlnU l*vfr got H elcwr," f'rirni Hboum an he danbe* out. CHAPTER XXIV FJAN as»d Joan sat on the dinty aafa dejectedly, their backs against the v/all. "Mind Lf we talk?" Dan inquired. "Talk your fool head off," Big Ed told him. "As long aa you . don't get any ideas like bustin' outa ht-re, /or insUince." Ho dropped his hand into hir: t-f,.... pockt-t, casually but fcignificuntly. Sarn got up and took off his coat. "It's too tight," he irxplainwj. "It chokes rne, almost." Big Ed glanced at S;.m's shoulder holster. "Put tn;H coat back on and kt-ep that rod coveted. Some day you're gonna got too cart-Its:)." Ed took out a deck of cards and Stwtfcd playing ca;;ino with Sarn. Every t-.,u jninutts JIL- raised his head and looked at Joan and Dan quickly. "Scared?" Dan asked her quietly. "I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't," chc replied in a low voice. "I think you're safe enough," he said. "That is, if your father comes through." He frowned slightly. "That big Kuy said your father could raise Jour times that much in an hour. I/o one can do that unless . , unless . . ." He hesitated. "Unless what?" "Unless he's rolling in dough." "Pop thinks I'm worth $50,000, J think," she replied evasively. "Lucky these guyn aren't interested in ransom for one Dan Webber. There isn't anyone who v/ould raise 5 cents for rne," he jnuttered gloomily. "Wonder hov/ much Coach Slocum v/ould give for you right jibout now." "Don't remind me of that. Every time I think of rotting around this dump Saturday, I could howl." He towered his voice to a mere whisper. "We've got to get out bf here." "You've got to, you mean. Fifty thousand v/ill take car^ of rne. If you get your chance, just forget about me." She got a kick out of his reply. "Say something like that again and I'll whack you one," lie growled. * * # rniJEy heard tho motor of a car • coming down the road. Ed got Up and looked out the window. "It_3 Rocco," he said, and relaxed,! "Sure. When 1 called Alex I told The seaan crunched up the- ; him to get rr.o a grand's worth of drive "Run it into the barn," Biij! that 4 to 3 on this Tech outfit. Sd caned. "Keep it outa sight." j "That ain't all," said Rocco. "I Rocco came in a minute Mater, i Pick'c-d up a ticket down to the his arms laden v/Uh bundles. j hotel last night before I come out. "Well?" asked Ed. I'm gonna see that thing Satur"O^ay," said Rocco. "I called' Alex from a pay station in a drug store . . . didn't go far into town ..." "Yeah . . . yeah, go ahead . . ." "Alex says the old guy climbed right up on his hind legs. Alex had one of the boy:; tail hirn . . . he ain't foolin', either . . . and ho ain't wus'.in' time . . . chartered a plan'.- and head'.-d out this way" "Let 'irn c-orne," said Ed. "He's myself." "You're crazy! You're gonna get jam who up? | us.jammed up!" "Who's gonna .,_ „ „,.. Why, a guy couldn't spot an elephant in that crowd of 70,000 that'll pack that stadium." "Say, this crowd has a good kid named Rhodes, . ain't they?" Sam put in. "They say he's an All- America cinch. Ain't that right, Rocco? He's the kid wit' th' WELL, HELLO, ( VES, roC7OR,]Vl GETTI — Left-Handed OOOLA— FOROUR-TCUP GETTIM& (WAS BACiC TO TROY LITTLE TARGET \ ^'^^ PRACTICE, EH ? y OUR TRjP? CH,WO,,'v\V PEAC 1 V THIS TIME I'M oC!»Ji ALOWE-- -J TIME.-TRAVEL IS MUCH TOO PAKi<3E£LCXJ5 TOE. ,'ASr TO RISC. THE LIVES OF --• *AV FRIENPS I'LL HAVE ALL I CAMPO ^ -^ TO T*X= CAWE OF MY'- / PRETTY^ SELF WITHOUT HAVIKJG i LITTLE TO LOOK AFTER. A PRETTyV ' -LITTLE SIRL By V. T. Hamiin v i •;'; '-'•' V-^>" '••' : . J .1,M-,.'" f/orina play our rules anyhov/. He I drums, ain't he, Rocco?" even gonna corne clo:;e. But if he dots . . ." JJt- focused E'H- tering eyes on Joan. Ror:co r.necred. "Rhodes? Hell, " r J- I wm get j-ou guys like him for a dime o doztn. }ie ain't rny Dan looked at Big Ed and read | idea of a ball player, nohow. Too the expression on hi.-; 1'ace. A cold rage flared within him. "You big gorilla ... lay a hand on her and I'll take you apart!' 1 Big Kd stared dov/n on him, hands on hips. "Look who's taking v/ho apart, v/ould'ya!" He walked over and lifted a menacing hand. "Why, you flip punk, you ... I oughta . . ." "Cut it, Ed," said Rocco. "He ain't gonna do anything to you. These kids just shoot their mouths off without thinking. Anyway, let's put on the feed bag." "That's a swell idea," said Sam, had brought back. "How about letting me help?" Joan asked. Big Ed shov/ed his surprise. fancy!" Dan and Joan were all ears. On u sudden impulse Joan goaded hirn on. "Keith Rhodes is the best halfback v/e've had in years," she interrupted. "He's . . . he's . . ." Rocco turned on her sv/iftly. "Girlie, you-don't know what the score is. Me, I've been followin 1 this game for years. Sister, the guy that really makes that ball club click is a kid named Webber. "He's the boy behind the work;;. Where would Rhodes get without hirn? That guy Webber is the most _. _,, —_ .v. u «, uv- 1 « i^Miu ( •«*•«», ^.tiui. ti^j f r uuijt; i Jrs LIJU JHUbL moving tov/ard the groceries Rocco valuable football player in the '""-"' K """" ut v —•'- country. Trouble is not enough "Sure, sister, but I can't im;j»inf; | ing sensation. people know it." Shu felt Dan's muscles grow \£Qs tense. Inside her there was a sing- you being very much of a hand at this." Ho smirked. "All you've got to do is show me hoy/ to operate that coal-oil .stove there. That's a new one on rne." everyone Funny, the v/ay -even Rocco—had known. Evc.ryone but her. Served her right, perhaps. She hadn't given herself much of a chance to believe it. * * * . _ * * * "R IG ED suddenly sat up straight £<•" and Sam took charge. They 1 1J and laughed out loud. "Hey, had harn, green beans, and Rocco, that'.'; a good one!" He (•ofree. "And we got cherry pie,; pointed to Dan. "Know who that too, said Rocco, pointing to an-ikidis? From what you say there's other package. "We get fancy th' kid who could protect your . whenever we have company." "Haw!" Sam laughed. Dan didn't think it so funny. "That tov/n is getting nuts over that football game Saturday," Ilocco remarked after supper. Big Ed turned on him v/jth exasperation in his voice. "Dam- rnit, can't you forget about loot- ball for a while? Football, football, football! That's all I hear for the last three months outa you." "1 can pick 'em, can't I?" Rocco grinned. "I'm ahead three grand for the season . . . and I'm gonna pick up too," "Huh? 1 nice chunk Saturday, grand . . . that's Webber!' Kocco Jifted his head slowly and stared at Dan. There v/as a funny, almost sickly expression on his face. Rocco licked his lips. "You're kiddin'." "He's right," Dan said. "I'm Webber." "Well, I'll be— 1 ' Rocco shifted to Big Ed again. "Look, Ed this kid's only in the way, ain't he? You said so yourself. Why—why don't v/e ict him go. He can't do us no harm . . . and without him my grind ain't got a chance" (To Be Continued) WASH TUBES Buried Treasure By Roy Crane HOW I THIMK \ VE^.I'W A I KUOW WHY VOU\ FOR A -SOS STOCy TRV TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM, COMHJ6TOVOOP HOUSE, UWCLE LIWCOLN. YOU I TRY WOT TO L'ATEVJ TO TH£\t? WOT TO CAKE. 8UTGUCE THEY Cf ' BUT V;HHM i G^ OF Ti^H^A POOR Ll'L PRlODV HERE, HELP A POT. IT'S GOT WOMEV IN \T. I GOTTA BUY THEM UL KIDS •SOMP C.WCKEW4 COW WOUND UP, I'M A60'JEG. ort, I PUWUO WOT KIDS.'.ViTH THEIR FATHEM , PA 6UMWA DO! I CAU'T SO OH PI AVIU'^^T ' TOO L/VIY TO WORK, AND WO ' ' ALL MV LIFE. THE2E AlU'T MCWEV LEFT .- WIL'i< A'ki' E66S PER THEIR ft... IT...\T^QC >.'E, WASHIM&TQkJ "i KWOW youf? // _ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Super Scholar By Men-ill Blosse /^ Do You ME^AN To £A THAT THIS SOY WON A NATIONAL ESSAY CONTEST ? Yep--- ANJD A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP AS WELL / OFFICIAL LETTER MR. NUBBIN EZER: DIQGETY.' , ^ DID 1 ? -^ THE FAcr , YOU AR& HEREBY ADVISED THAT YOUR ESSAY WAS THE? AMONG THE THOUSANDS THAT WGR.E- SUBMITTED--- " AND REEL' MIS RED RYDER He's Loose Again y Fred Harman 'MAT5 WHT-r ; ;j\ OF ^ou.r^vD£(?.--• VEAH—TH' HOLD O.M —TH' ' - ' is TH' ^_,^, S^lETTe—SEND, OVER HERE QUICK THAT " sroov *-, / .EAoec ;J ^COWBOY is ALIVE / *

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