Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 20, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1958
Page 3
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THE TATTLER THROUGH THE GRADES Kindergarten News Last Friday we were in a talent show up at the high school building. All of us took ipart in the show. We have two groups that will sing in the final talent show. They are Danny Olson and David Boulton, singing together. "I've Been Working On The Railroad," and Vicke Thompson. singing, "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer." The March winds made us think of flying kites. So we are going to make some small ones out of cloth sometime this week. We have also made furry cotton lambs and brown lions which are some symbols for the nice sunshiny days and then the cold windy days in March. We have been working in reading and number readiness workbooks since the second semester started. We are going to finish one of our reading readiness workbooks this week. The name of it is. We Read Pictures. Next week we will .;tar'. workmi; in a new leading readiness workbook called, Before We Read. Most of us enjoy our number readiness workbooks, Happy Way to Numbers, more than our read ing readiness workbooks. We have made a lot o| l-irliidas cakes reci nlly. Those wbc.-- b:rthda\s we cell hrated were' Dianno Yrarous. Barbara <'oppe.-. Gary Bee!;. David Boullon. Lav ton Olson, and Dennis I-:ri'.::.'s. « * • • First Grade News Oil. deal-' The thin;; • they e.x- pec! you |o reiii'-inber. .N'l.w m numb' r cla.- : we ' : i e 1 .en • ,o! ' that wh"ii you write your numbers past 1M!) it is nei'i :.,!'-v to put a /.ero in t:ie midel uni-1 you ge! ! 10 and then ''->'i ir.u- ! remember to stop doi;i" it. Somethinu imi; - .rd b.• pp^ii. 1 i in our re'ifliie- • 'a.- ! 'i:- : v. -e -. Nearly ev<-rvi-r,< V.M/ r v''n", :'•-.< san-.e storv a' !' ! " :.:mie thr.e. Viut DRIVE IN BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER ^PRICES MARCH 20 — 21—22 1958 Powdered or Brown f% lb. «"& "J SUGAR L bag LlC Folgers, Butternut, Hills COFFEE Hi-Lex POWDERED BLEACH Briardale PANCAKE FLOUR ___ lb . 70c — 33c Northern TISSUE «J rolls L tC Simonize VINYL FLOOR WAX qt. Briardale GOLDEN CORN Admiral OIL SARDINES . cans T'l/C cans THRIFTY FOOD MART Phone 81 Fayette. Iowa H. A. Schmidt V, i;i. t'li-uc ri'utlin.i; levels this . (.'Lloin hnppijns. but it was fun tii n-;iil I'll'ii.qi'tlH 1 !' for a fc'w ' ::•!• I J;i" i ny ivinarki'cl. ''Well. Mr.'. Meyer finally ^ot us ' • ;.iL;h rni',1 nut bul 1 suppose it'll j;H us mixed up aj;ain... A;l,l she (li'l. Mmh i>f nur plmnicr. work i> •iuii' in r( ,i(lin>; class but w :i'i\ e lii-en (Innu 1 , extra XVork " .1,1 I inal sounds. 'l'i i i !.•. i 'in ,i::r lots of extra : < a.l.n 4 v.v \veri. 1 preparing .-i.ir.'.- v.'hirh (if carefully prtv p.'ii'eMi c.iuli'l in 1 read to the class. ;•)>' irany :.!iiiies \vere prepared Ii:.!' •.'.<• .-n-'ii I'l'.uul \ve vvi'i'c un- ,|!lii Id r:. i much school Mil!' 1 . ": Ii .1.11.; .-.I'll le-., so HOW V.'e . i .1 I I in :.' io the teachers a, ..re s a.i i alter .-clmol. We ha\'(. iiarls on which we record the sto:'a :•• Ilia! are read. At this i,Me Linda Lain.jha r and Dar•.•.•, 11 H< a:i lup.e p. epavi'd 10. I"'am t'a:'ii:- and lucky S( hie lei ha\'e :' ai'.d Dawn i'. itr-i.n has !i. Mis. ;.'n y.'r t!iinl:s our |;i'oup dm s n.ore oiuside rcadnit; than inosl i.. .. graders ilo. \V.' iiave heard biu, news at -!ia;iii-; lime lately. Darwin ; 'minor has a IHAV baby Ijnitlii 1 !' Ll n.l 1'atly Al.' House has a new . a by sister. If you could learn to do one iii.w iiiiiii 1 , today wlial would it be'.' These are t'iie things sonie o; us would choose to learn ii we .'.'el e ^ivc-n tiic oppoi'tlllli! V. -'.iniiuy 'I'liomas would lirivi 1 a ,,.r. Linda llimniel would read arrived in time for National Library wee';. They are easy e:v i ::;h .'. i t !,al \\ . cai . read them oll.-'.el V('S. We have one very lar^e pap(.'r bag in our room thai wr arc fio- inp to ti-v > an. J.mmy Nelson would learn o :,v. .in. ilri'iula Lelis would •,•. rii" ii;- t, a,i of plant. Diana .!aijr.- would learn to ice skate a; 1 . I ivaliiy Farney would roller i;a',v. David Swi.'iila would pilot an a .1 plane an.l ilariiara Ijoulton .•. uiild i idc a iiike. Seccn-J Grade News Kr. e, new Look.-- will be added ! i our library lius week. Tliuy THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY FEEDS "You can pay more — but you can't buy better" Mfd. by BELL BRAND FARM SUPPLY Fayette, Iowa NOTICE DeHAVEN & KROEGER Of SUMNER' IOWA Are Now Selling TRACTO MOTOR OIL AND GREASES Dissolves engine gum — prevents sticky valves Cleans your motor as you use it Keeps rings free — Reduces friction Contains no chemical detergent additives Made from a rare naphthenic crude Chemically different from other oils TRACTO MATOR OIL Order Your Supply Today — Test It, Try It, Use It. SEE a DIFFERENCE or YOUR MONEY BACK fill with clean, we. liable clothes. This clothing will be shipped to "Save the Clul.livn Kedi ration" and be distributed to nei dy American youngster:, and others overseas. Those receiving 100's in Spell- in:; la-t Friday arc: Uarbara Ashby. l.aleivl I'.iei bower. Ei leen I'lonimii. .lovci' Hall. Norma Uaniinond. Cheryl Hie nemann, Kar.vi H'eni'iiiami. .Judy Kitm. Darla Mcl'.inle. .limmy Nile's, Mary Schmidt. Julie Smith, Norma Trip-. Terry Van Huren. and Low, 11 Yos-iHI. Fourth Grade News 111 1 dl II: got A'S III! lellm,; Irsl for Unit •ere: S,. veil Aanes, Nancy Heckner, Da. Tom Butters. Ron- 1. ( 'nrl Dumermuth. . Sandra Gray, Den'., Howie liubbell, n. Harriet Johnson, mphier. Hose Mary :>.e Picket t. Diane Hob Swehla. Larry >l Wegner. Rodney Seheidel, Rita Jell:IK;S and Francis Kauten. We are on the Storyland unit in our blue r;ading group. So far we have- enjoyed "The Raccoons ask a Question" and "The iliu-kabuck Family." These are make h< lieve stories and are vt ry funny. Very soon we will lie ready to stai\ o'.ir new books. In Social Studies we are on the unit called "Chris of Courage Cave." Chris lives in a fishing village on the N; w England sea coast. We will be studying other fishing regions of the world in this unit, too. Rita Jellmv to the list o! strumental n saxophone. Nancy Bcckner had her tenth birthday on .March 10. She gave the class candy lor treats. Thank you, Nancy. On March 10 the fourth grade and high school students had their Talent Eliminations Contest sponsored by the Music Club. Those from fourth grade who participated were Nancy Beckner, Bill Bitterman, Tom Butters, Curt Dumermuth, Sandra Gray, Dennis Hendrix, Rita Jellings, Ernie Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Tommy Lamphier, Louise 'Pickett, Patty Seheidel, Diane Schneider, Bob Swehla, Larry s lias been added p( ople taking in- ib'c. She has a 20 MARCH 1958 Webli. Carol Wegner, and Rodney Whitl. Nancy nnd Sandra played piano solos and Bob played an acc'ordian solo. All the others sang solos. Picked as winners from this group wore Tom Butters singing "Honeycomb" and Patty Sehuidel singing "Hot Diggity." Congratulations, Tom and Patty. Best of luck in the finals on March 28! We hope you can win again. Last six weeks .ve had fifteen people who were not absent or tardy. Three others did not miss any days but were tardy. LOST: 20 Denial Cardsl We haven't had any dental cards bark lor a long time. Is yours here? Sixth Grade News Mrs. Nrl/g< r We have !>. en going into division of fractions; albof us have been doing quite well on it. Friday we hud 23 A's in spelling. If we would have had 1!5 A's we would have gotten a half- hour recess, but some of us didn't quite make it. Some of us have started making poem boofcs. Most of the poems are very interesting. We got I'ive new books in our library, which we are very 'proud of. As you probably know, the school has started a drive for clothes to send overseas to the people. The (i;h grade hopes to get alot of bags filled up. We found a play in a reader that we are going to put on named "Blue Willow." Seventh Grade News By Helen Kaulen The question for this week is: "If you had a chance to meet a movie star w'nich one would you like to meet most?" Clary Yates: Peggy Lee. .James Rohde: Jayne Man.:field. Dennis Tope: Jane Russell. Carol Clark: Elvis Presley. Sandra Ilennig: Pat Boone. Barbara Burgel: Tennessee Ernie Ford. Those who got A's in spelling Friday were: Diane Ashby, Carol Beck, Tom Rwdvjrt, Barbara Bui-get, Paul Clark, Don Evans, Barbara Fish, Diane Franzen, Melody Gilelte, Robert Gould, Cleon Hammond, Sandra Henning, Renee Jellings, Helen Kauten, Kathy Keig, Linda Niles, James Hohde, Don and Ron Timmerman, Dennis Tope, George Van Buren, and Gary Yates. Kathy Keig and Diane Ashby EFFICIENT FEEDING AND LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT BrDr. Custnv Bolistoiit Emeritus I'rofrs.sor of Animal Husbandry IJnivoisily of Wisconsin Mineral Deficiencies Reduce Stock Profits The farmer's livestock profits are bec-iming more and more a mutter of ediciont niiinafternent and c/licient feeding, nations deficient in major and trace minerals rob the fanner of part of his profits by causing mineral deficiency diseases nnd promoting inefficient use of feeds for growth and production. A sound mineral feeding program begins with tho soil itself, w h o n the farmer mnken good use of •table manure, lime, and any necessary commercial fertilizer to grow crops that then Dr. Rolistodt are well supplied with essential minerals as well as with other materials. A second step in providing vital minerals for livestock feeding is in feed crop selection. Legumes ordinarily are richer in minerals than grasses. It is not often possible tn supply every mineral ivquin'ini •;! through good feed ;ilnr.\ s i 11: program must include mineral supplement feediiv;. In areas known to he ('> .'•• : ^nl in trace minerals, £ive Ir.v access to a divided miner::! ho:; with trace minerali/cd salt on one side nnd honemcal or other suitable phosphate and ground limestone on the other side. Often it is n good idea to mix n little salt with the honemeal, or (he limestone-bonemeal niixtu re, Bieroly to keep it from getting dusty and unpalatable. Considering their ordinary base feeds, cattle need primarily phosphorus added to their rations rather than limo or calcium. If intended for cattle, mineral mix- lures, whether home-made, or commercial should as nearly aa possible have tho phosphorus as high as it is in steamed bonemeal (14%) or oven higher. To make sure of enough phosphorus for dairy cattle, add one per cent bonemeal or other suitable phosphate along with one per cent Halt to the grain mixture. Other ruminants, or dry cows that may not be getting grain, may he given voluntary access to minerals. To make suru of enough calcium for swine, if fed all-plnnt rations with no animal protein, add 0.75 per cent ground lime.-.lone, or about one per cent of •.I mixture of 1'inesione and bon; 1 - nie.-il ,-'-in:: v.v.!i 0.5 per cent salt to the total ration. Merely free access to ground limestone has in some experiments given good results. \Vhen meat scraps or similar animal by-products make up the major proportion of the protein concent rales, no additional calcium or phosphorus is necessary. A mineral feeding program observing thc-io facts is practical, effective and economical. It is not diflicult to apply. ATTENTION HOUSEWIVES House cleaning is not far away. Why wait. Make selections of Floor coverings and Wall Papers. Some 1958 patterns are in stock. However we have some close-outs to be had in cl 'ce of pattern for every Room. See Them at Delsing Furniture have gotten A's all last six \v> ei.y and do not have to take the tost on Friday. W* did have three. but Wednesday Robert Could missed two words. We are sorry to say Mike Gaynor is having his tonsils removed sometime during the weekend. We all hope be will bi> back with us soon. * • * * Eighth Grade News By Marjorio and JoAnn We are now studying astronomy in science. We all enjoy it and four of our boys have started an astronomical club.-They hope to be able to gel a telescope. We found many books on stars and space. In American History we are studying about Canada and Latin America. We wrote speeches on what a Canadian would say if he were in favor of uniting the Canadian provinces in one union. I ; i',i;i; h we are learning all .: o ; ' . . . . n. '....ii '-; of in- •-'ir.'iM', ,'. ;>;• perty insurance, and lu'S;>it:,i in.-.i.; ;riee. physical education the girls been studying tumbling and i.line. They are learning such things as the front roll, back roll, double roll, juckknife, and other things. We have been studying coordinal in:; conjuctions and con- junctional adverbs in English. It is very interesting. The question of the week this week is: "Who is your 1 favorite singer?" Marjorie Webb: Ricky Nelson Karen Ash: Ricky Nelson JoAnn Quandt: Ricky Nelson Wayne Wegner: Ricky Nelson \\\\7./. Olson: Elvis Presley Gary Campbell: Ricky Nelson Sharon Thyer: Sal Mineo Larry Keig: Ricky Nelson FARMERS of the Fayette area From our Sumner Store we offer to vou NEW SALES FOR: JOHN DEERE Farm Equipment NEW HOLLAND Balers GMC Trucks BRIGGS & STRATTON Engines BEHLEN Corn Dryers and Power Steering TRACTO 6ils and Grease For Convenient Service we offer a fully stocked Parts Department consisting of — John Deere, New Holland, G.M.C. — Briggs and Stratton, Clinton, Power Products and Lanson Engine. FROM OUR SERVICE SHOP WE OFFER Factory trained Mechanics A Hydraulic Tilt-Bed Pickup and Delivery Truck Portable on the Farm Welding Service M & W Dynamometer for Engine tuning and maximum H.P. Checking Deisel tractor test Equipment Complete Magnets and Stuter test and running Equipment Full set Allen Electrical Test Equipment Plus all other necessary Shop Equipment DeHaven & Kroeger FREE E V • t3 i! g. BY LICENSED OPTOMFTBjST OR PHYSICIAN (M.D.) rttsolytely No Charge or Obligation with this Ad Phone 115 Stunner, Iowa If glasses or a chr.nge of glasses are not needed you will be frankly told. Glasses from $9.00 // Needed YOU MUST PRESENT THIS AD to Receive FREE Eye Test Service Optical Co. Iowa's Largest Retail Opticians 303 E. 4th, WATERLOO, IOWA Here's "PREVENTIVE MEDICINE" that does the world's best job...ends sluggistes in Cesspools and Septic Tanks! CAMP REViViT re«tore« your cesspool and soplic lank Ic cloj lit*, odor-lree, troublo-lreo sarvicol II • tho enzyme miracle oi our limes- inado by the world > largest producers ol tho most elfor liv» sewage chemicals in tho worldl AMAZING NEW CAMP "REVIVIT"/'^! - •• - ' QtfV- SV • Uqvtfltl griaiti, lall, tlimtt, icumi — molei daiglni Impoii/bltl • Nan-cavif/c, nan-acid, non polionauil • fraranli adtni, tllmlnalti htallh-rlikil • tail plumbing toili and bolhtrl • tain I/rat, fflontx, loll, rrovblil Henry & Vandersee

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