Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 30, 1971 · Page 10
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 10

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1971
Page 10
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700 Years Ago By THE KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY This account of a hunting trip, which describes . the •cciiiiitry month 0C Hays, appeared in Uhc Juwc'tiioTi City Union, July 1, 1871: "One fine morning, be-fore rcvcirtle had sounded from tihe quiet parade ground at Fort Hays, a party o.C four, including your coiTespoiKlenil, were preparing to stort on an expedition to Wio plains of the' west- em froJTl'ier to hunt fee buffalo. We had with us -as a guide Sergeant McPhailan. a veteran soldier and mighty hunter. . . . "We started across the country north of Hays just as 1;he morning sun was adorning ilihe eastern horizon; with sbreaks of carmine. There has been more pain in these parts tlris sea sea than ait any time within the memory of tihe white man, hence tine enltftre country over which we traveled ... was like a great ocean of living verdure. As we traveled along over the quiet •country, we watched with interest 'the freaks of the prairie dogs, whose cities are scattered everywhere tlhrough this comiparaitively barren country. Now and tJien we observed a huge owl—the feathered sentinels of these singular villages— seated on a pile of earth, at tihe mouiWi of some deserted hole. . . . "Aboult Mf past one o'clock we struck the beautiful valey of the Saline. From the bluife, three miles distend;, a bird's eye view of this country presents a lovely and somewhat raniEUibic piotee. So free does it appear from sitraggling . grasses and underbrush, that the whole valley looks as if it had been swept witJh a broom rand the trees planted by a gardener along the crooked bamks of the river. ... On tihe bluffs, sloping away from the stream, herds of deer and antelope are seen grazing on the rich grasses, and so pure and clear is the atmosphere that libey can be detected with unmistakable certaiintiy, ait a distance of four and five miles. The history of this valley renders a trip through it somewhat exciting and intenisely in- teres.Ung. The red man has opened its record by deeds of rapine and miirdeir and in this magnificent paradise hawie been enacted some of the most bloody and cruel deeds performed on the frontier. . . After dinner we saw ptentby of buffalo and antelope.. Killed a buffalo for supper and ttat night camped on th« Saitae. When I got awake in the morning, the first thing I saw alter I opened my eyes was a 'buf coming leisurely toward camp Killed Mm before breakfast. "Leaving tine Saline we came to the most desolate looking country one can image. Every few mites, however, small canyons filled witih timber breaks the monotony of the country. Wei on 'in the afcr- noon of the second day we caime to the valey of the Paradise. It did, indeed, look like a paradise to one coming across the treeless plateaus ttoat stretch for miles emywheiie. It is walled in on one sideby almost perpendicular bluffs. "The Paradise creek (which head® in, Rooks County and joins the Saline northeast of pnesent Russell) is well timbered and from Hie hiigih land as far as the eye can reach we can see it wandering like a great serpent througlh, the ca-ooked valley. Struck ; the pfta<se . . . where GenierM Cits- ter first camped when 'following tihe red man. through that country. . . . Next day kfflled several buffalo 'and had a glorious time. ROME '(AP) _ The threat of n Italian genieral election was i'Ofced Tuesday for six months, '•resident Giuseppe Saragat en- ered Ms "blank semester," Ms ast six months in office, a period during which lie can't dissolve Parliament and call new election's. Many conigr-atulated Premier EmiMo ColonJbo for having sur- Italian Prexy in "Black Semester' vived 10 months of labor unr&st and economic deterioration. But many predicted controversy between Colombo's Ohriistiian Democrats and Garden Girl Is National Winner Eleven Garden City area young'Steins have won prizes in. Gappy Dick's Young Hobby CM> 'Contest®. Leticia Laremore, 607 E. Fair, has won a naitioii'al prize, two Strip n' Steer model automobile construction kits, in a word-s'cnaimble puzzle contest. She also will recieive a local prize in tlie saime contest—<a plastic-tube diime bank. Other winners of plastic-tube dimie banks are Robin Loretta DM, 1117 N. aith; Melainie Valenzueila, 1211 Gibson; Pamela PauLcomer, 2016 N. &tih; Tammy Ray Hayzlett, 2317 "B", and Janet Linenberger, 610 Conklinig. In a dog puzzle conitest, youngsters wlio won pocket- size triangle cfeeofceils games for the most neatly prepared comeicit entries are Leigh Springer, 1603 Jan; Robin Dial and Melody Dial, 1117 N. llith Clieri Leonard, 415 Magnolia; Joy Paascli, 513 N. HMfli; and Karen, Knol, Holcamb. AH winners wM Deceive their prizes by mail. Cosmetics Suit Filed KANSAS CITY (AP) - A suilt w»s been fted against a Florida cosmetics firm laileginig the comipany violated a consent order to wlhiicli it agreed in Marclh n Kansas City. TlTe suit, filed by the Missouri attorney general in Jack son Counity Circuit Court names Kos>cat: Interplameifcairy Inc. of Orlando, Fla.: Midwest Ros'cot Distributors Inc. of St. Louis, two Florida men and nine ifirom St. Louis. The suit asks for a restraiiiii- iu:g order, an- injunction directing compliance with the order and civil pemiaJiMes of $5,000 from eaicjh defeiwlamlt for each violation. The suit alteges that tihe violations occurred in St. Louis. Action on a bearing date and restraining order is expected to be taken today. The suilt filed Tuesday said Atity. Gem. Joihn C. Danforth leamed of alleged violaitaonis of tihje Maaic!h 'agreement, primarily representlaitions to recruits that they could earn suibstiamitoM mttome wiitlh little elfont tihnoiigh the retail seiainig of cosmetic®. Socialist partners in the gov- lernmenit would turn the center- eft coalition into a powerless blank government," IBS one Jome paper put it. Saiiagat's seven-yeiair term expires on Dec. 29. Ufflleiss the goverriimienlt loses a vote on a major issue, a mew Parliament does niot have to be elected until 1973. But there have been a succession of weak, short-lived govieraments in the last few yeais, generating growing pressure oa Sanagalt to disisolve Parliiamenlt in the ihope that an election would give the Chris- fcian Democrats a majority. Colombo's governments may ffi collapse, but until January it will have to be replaced by another govemimenit. This makes it easier for Colombo to continue in office, but new dissension 'is building up -between t h e Olinistiian Democrats, Italy's largest party, and the Socialists, whose votes tiie Christian Democrats meed to give them a majority. Demociialac sema- tors plan to try to amend . a •housing Deform bill the Chamber of Deputies passed this month. The • bill which giyes municipal 'authorities power for sweeping expropriation of 'building land, is one of the main items on the government's program. The Chiisttan Democrats now claim 'Hie housing reform cost them many of the votes they lost to the Fascists in the _ recent irteigdonal and municipal elections. But the Socialists are certain to figM any attempt to waiter down tihe legislation. Page 20 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, June 30, 1971 Other bills in the works which have been stirring Up disagreement between the two pair ties include a thorough reorganiizatior oC tihe taxation system, a drastic university reform and a program of credit liaci'Mtfes and other aids to industry. On the labor front, -tihe 180,000 hotel workers have called another strike July 1-3, at the height of the tourist season. Doctors are threatening 'a "white march" on Rome to protest government plans to reform the national medical car* system. HOBBY CLUB 'Talking Globes' Are Grand Prizes 33/IWHRKORP6IVE5 SOUNDS OFHURBICMtSS, By CAPPY DICK If you can figure out the name of a jungle animal by filing in the blank spaces of the adjoining puzzle you may become the winner 1 of an exciting Encyclopaedia Britain- nica "Talking Globe." Five of these globes,, accompanied by a recording of dramatic sounds of nature such as the ruimlbling of an earthquake, the 'sounds of an erupting volcano and the screaming of a typhoon, will be awarded as the national grand prizes in today's puzzle contest, one for each of the five neatest arad miost original correct solutions received from cities where this column appears, including Garden City. There will be 10 local qualifying prizes, also. ' These will be pocket-size Triangle Checkers games, to be awarded for the 10 neatest and most original correct entries received Erom boys and girls of this area. Entries winning these prizes will be reviewed, along with local winners iSroni all other Hobby Club cities, when the judges look for the five national prize winners. The puzzfle is fun to solve, The answer is the name of a wild animal. To learn what it is, you must fill the five blank rows with Words 'having initial letters that will spell the animal's name. Clues to these words appear in tihe picture. Print the words in the pauper spaces. Clip out the picture and paste it on a sheet of pa- jer. Print your name, age, address and Zip Code number .be- leath it. Finally, decorate, the jnta-y 'in any neat, original way with paints, crayons or cutouts and mail it before midnight of day after tomorrow to Cappy Dick's Midweek "Talking Globe" Contest at the Garden City Telegram. Names of the prize winners will be announced here and their awards will be sent lo> their homes by mail. Judges' decisions will be final. All entries become Oappy Dick's property; none can, be returned. , TOMORROW: A Special-Interest Bank Made of a Piggy Bank! Deliver PKene 274-2771 TED'S MARKET 511 N. 4th Prices Effective Thurs.. Fri., Sat. INDEPENDENCE DAY COMES THIS WEEK-END. STOCK UP FOR A REAL "FUN" TIME. EITHER IN YOUR BACK YARD OR FOR A WEEK-END TRIP. IF YOU DRIVE SOMEWHERE. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. For Dieters . . . Water pack, Three Dliamond Chunk Tuna ........................ S 39 C 4 303 S| Cans • 4 303 $| Com I 5 303 $| Cans I Shurfine Cream or Whole Golden Corn 5 21*1 Shurfine Pieces and Stems Mushrooms 3 Vi, $ l Shurfine Cut Asparagus a? 39° Steakhouse Charcoal '!* 69 C Marx Coneys or Hamburger Buns 8 P «k 19 e Always Good Potato Chips Re V 9 ! e 49 e FROM THE BIG FROZEN FOOD CASE 1 LOVE TOO. Shurfine Peas or Corn 5 Shurfine Spears Broccoli 4 ";; Birdseye Deep Fries .'££• FRYER PARTS ARE GREAT FOR PICNICS. THE KIDS "DRUMSTICKS" AND CRISP FRIED BREASTS ARE GREV SEE US BEFORE YOUR PICNIC. Fresh Fryer Parts Breasts ,l c Legs & Thighs .!.;... 1 v 49 e Lean, Center Cut Pork Steak ... lk . 49° Winchester, All Meat Wieners ,£59° Jumbo, All Meat Bologna . u,. 63 C Thies, Lean Sliced Bacon Pk j b 59 C Fresh Ground Beef . Lb . 59° IT'S A GREAT TIME OF Y£AR TO PLAN A PICNIC. JUST SEC THE LARGE SELECTION OF FRESH FRUITS IN THE PRODUCE DEPARTMENT. Crisp Oklahoma Cucumbers SMh V Sweet, Yellow Meat Peaches u . 29 C Thompson Seedless White Grapes L b. Vf Mild, Crisp _ Green Onions •y«ci,9 c Full Ear Sweet Corn 5 tm 39° Norgohd Russet Potatoes 10 Si 69° Sweet, California Cantaloupe 4 0 % $ 1 WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY JULY STH IN OISERVANCE Of INDEPENDENCE DAY. ' Pre-4th of JULY Sears Save S 2.01 few AMERICAN LIRE "TOURS GUARANTIED • One •Hon •HO chai Your Choice Gallon GUARANTEED I-Coat, 450 sq. ft. covtra. smooth surfaces, 300 sq. ft. erag* on rough or porous turf, (shakes and shingles exeeptcd) ' you get necessary additional pa.nt for your money back. GUARANTEED I-Coat, 500 13. ft. coverage on smooth surfaces, 300 sq. ft. coverage on rough or porous surfaces (shakes and shingles excepted) or you get necessary additional paint or your money back. $10.00 Guaranteed One-Coat Acrylic Latex House Paints I Sears Best guaranteed one coat latex I Mildew-resistant. . . non-yellowing I Won't peel on sound surfaces I fasy cleanup . .. dries in \ hour $10.00 Guaranteed One-Coat House and Trim Paints I Guaranteed one coat covers any color t Won't chalk onto surfaces below i Tough oil-base finish offers protection against weathering, fumes 25005 3.OO Your Choice Gallon $7.99 Guaranteed 1-Coat Flat Paints • Guaranteed one coat covers with brush or roller • Superior coverage with dripless application • Ffeasant fragrance allows painting anytkpe . • Easy soapy-water cleanup ... finish dries in £ hour $6.99 Colorfast Semi-Gloss Paints • 'Great resistance tie staining, marring, chipping • Soft gloss finish is so tough it's scrubbable • Colors match Sear Latex Flat Wall Paints • Tools dean with soapy-water .. . dries in \ hour interior „ SUPERB COLORFAST UTEX SEMI GLOSS m wuis M nmNM Srnisl 71005 inferior GUARANTEED one coat GUARANTIED I-Coat, 450 sq. ft. coverage or you get necessary additional paint or your money back. 88005

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