Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 27, 1952 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 26
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PAGE TWENTY.9TX ALTON EVENINO TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1952 No Mere Jest Buying the Best!! Yoi'll Find Thi Bill Al DivliII W* At» Not AHlllaled with Any Buying or Bulling Group, Paying Them Pal, Juicy Gommltsion* lor lh« t/i« ol Their Good Namell You'll Bavill * .,. ......... -. .- .-.— ____^. _^_^_^^. Our Plnwl Frwh Drettedll „ No Trieml One Prlcell FRYING CHICKENS . . 49c A Dial Thol'i R«al No Kidding 11 SHORT STEAKS . . . 59c DoHciouely Tenderll It's Truell DelieiouBly Tenaern nairueii T-BONE STEAKS . . . 79c Male Method of Food Buying h Ruinous for Family Budget ny GAtLK IJtHMft NKA Womnn'ii Kdlfor NEW YOnK-~WKA)~Tho real menace In tho burtg-t bout when women dhnp for food (hose dnyn a hidden one. II. lurks Around ho nupermnrket under the alias of Try 'em Broiled I They're Swelll Try em Broiledl ineyre awein SIRLOIN STEAKS . . . 79c Thiy Travel Miles lor Our Pure None Finer! PORK SAUSAGE . . . 25c Full Pounds Too! Sell Service Package LUER'S WIENERS . . . 49c Our Famous It's Topsl LARGE BOLOGNA . . . 39c Our Cholc* Center Cuts I Tender and Loanl CHUCK ROAST .... 59c Here'a a Scoop—Rath's First Cuts—All Slicedl SLICED BACON . . . 5 99c Fancy Cello Sealed Package It's Another Scoopl SLICEB BACON .... 39c None Can Compare Just Like Tenderloins! PORK CUTLETS . . . 59c Packers Finest Sugar Cured Generally Sold at 29c Ib. BACON SQUARES . . . 15c Small Sizes—Choice Cuts Centers 59c Ib. First Cuts PORK CHOPS .... 29c From Our Own Oven* Slnhl Burhpeuwl By lhn Unit BarbecuedRibsS1.49|Chickens . . , . 69c — Grocery Dept. — Tall Size 0-C»ii I.linlti Tall Sl/,o I'd or fl-Cun Mnill MILNOT . . . IOQ|CARNATION. 12 c With Purchase of SI.00 Other Merchandise. It's Mountain Grown I Real Flavor! Around The Clock Coffee./ 75c No Coupons Necessary-jA 93c value I Here's Opportunity SandWCOFlEE . . . 79c Peter Pan Large 12-oz. Jar PEANUT BUTTER . . . 29c Family Size Package M and M CANDIES . . . 23c Box of Twelve Egg Carton Package CHOCOLATEEASTERECGS25C West Park It's Planting Time Nowl IS'/i-oz. Box GRASS SEED 49c Kraft'. Two-Pound Loaf VELVEETA CHEESE . . 85c Lincoln's Finest Bread and Butter Pickles. 29c Kraft's Famous It's Popular MIRACLE WHIP . . . 45c — Produce Dept. — Finest Grown Truck Load Purchase BANANAS . . . . . 12lc Fancy Selected TOMATOES . . Four In Cello Pack Hovl 15c Our Special—All Bound Red or White Potatoes. 10 49c IT'S GOOD BUSINESS TO DO BUSINESS WHERE BUSINESS IS BEING DONE! flo mny br the rnnn who foots in bill* but he'* nlao Ihc nrmn ho HcndA I horn shooting up ns nirh ns 15 pcrronl . ((hopping •IP. Thin Is afrnlKht from chain ftlorp fi'iilivps who, nJittmilly, firo not, vorso to sroinic hiwlxinrls do the ItoppniK. Hut. «t Ihf? sfirno time try forl It's only fnir to Issue n ord of wnrnlng to wives, "We find," those executives any, I hut husbnntlft are Rrent peanut tilers. They also like cookies, oft drinks nnd fxotir. lunch meats. nri they don't rnind munching on relzels, chewlrtK Rum, Rum drops nd rnre cheeses. " the nvf.'riiKc mnn n shop- list, and sending him off 'is as ensy on the budget ns ordering /(Mr dresses ttt might from Puns C. 0. I). If the list rends "slen! ." he'll iring home the sirloin every time, f you point out that you meant minute steaks, he'll sulk: "You didn't say which kind." It he can't find bread at. the I rut grab, he'll take bread sticks or ilnnumon rolls or poppyseed rolls. 3nng! And there's another hole in he budget, After he's finished his lively game of substitutions, this fiend n human form will throw every- hlng else within easy reach Into lis basket. Almond-stuffed olives are just his style, That's because he's some- .hlng of an adventurer in new 'oods and likes to think ot himself is having an open mind. Incidentally, ft sneaky subsUlu- lon lhat'hc pulls often is carnem- :jert cheese for the plain old American kind. Did you ever try to make a sandwich of grilled camemherl for Saturday lunch? But when you decide to do the mying yourself and take your hus- bflnd along to bring home the baemi, you renlly shoot the works. Thin Is on the word of A & P ftxceitlve*. who might to know. While you're busy tending strictly i to business nnd sticking with your list, your husband is off making little forays. | He's adding to the gourmet-' type pantry he's established at ', home. What you get out of this Is everything on your list plus everything he's nblc to think of as necessities In living. When the checker 'innlly starts to ring up your bill, it sounds as If he'd combined the national debt with "The Star-Spangled Banner." Who needs champagne these! days? Who, for that matter, needs caviar? Your husband, ot course. There's just on$ solution. I^et him stay at home to baby-sit, send him our. with the boys, or give him the spring cleaning to do. But never, never let him put foot inside a grocery store! Mental Health Week Scheduled May '1-10 The fourth annual observance of "Mental Health Week" in Illinois will be held May 4 through May 10 with a program built, around the Iherne, "Help Yourself to Mental Health." Sponsored by the Illinois Department of Public Welfare with the cooperation of many social arid civic organizations, the mental health week program stresses both individual and community action through education on mental health. It. is part of a nation-wide observance, Co-chairmen of this year's mental health week observance are Dr. Rudolph Novick, medical director of (lie Illinois .Society for mental Health and Louis deBoer, executive officer, slate mental health authority, Department of Public- Welfare. Members of the mental health committee include B. L. Smith, formerly of Alton, now school superintendent at: Oak Park. Gallants Will Get Well-fed by courting Girls Who insist on using... PURE SUGAR from fhe iwolcton 317 »!•!• ' f Brown and Washington litb itini Opin Till 9iOO P, M, Fridiy Nlfbti PHONE 3-35^»9 ' We don't &elL all the ?ood-0ut we &U. thefteat i CORNER HICHIANOAVE AMD GOLD ST MILK °°"". r " m . . . . 3« a i.39c COFFEE 1±:. . . -87c CLOROX . . . ::;v: 15c FLOUR, Occident.5 49c LIMIT STARCH .. 2 25c AEROWAX .... 27c CHOICE QUALITY MEATS liiirr'n or Kroy's—!-(> l.h.—Ilpaily-to-Srrvo PICNIC HAMS Ib. 39c (iratio Choice or Omul CHUCK ROAST Ib. 67c Choice PORK STEAKS Ib. 47c Krt'.v's PURE LARD Ib. 13c Thrifl.v SLICED BACON Ib. 33c NECK BONES Ib. 15c SMOKED JOWLS Ib. 19c Krej'ti — ll.v Ihc I'ii'ct- BRAUNSCHWEIGER Ib. 45c Olovor l-'arni j <JuU'U or Keguhir Shortening.. 3> 79c Quaker Oats, ^ 16c Clover l-'uriu, for pies. No.'! PHII Clover Farm Sliced Apples,.. 19c Oleomargarine • 23c Draft or Lge. I'kg. Clover Furm CHEER , , , 28c Red Beans, 2, 27c Footlliiiid KRAUT 2Y./;27c FRESH QUALITY POULTRY HENS 41< FRYERS AUVK Lh. ^T Ml Al.iVK Lb. Dressed and Cut Up Free «««,,•» * !SPINACH , otll«ba«l5o OFAPEFRUIT , , la, 5o n oriuu _ m si « * RADISHES , 2 bunohu 9o ORANGES , , doz, 33o New and Tender CrUp aad Sweet OR. ONIONS , 2 bunehn 9o CARROTS , , bunch I OP COMF IN AND GfJ nFTTFf? ACQUAINTFD DURING Oil? f Blrdseye Frozen Foods! i Blfdseyr—Frenh Fmen 12-or,. pk*. STRAWBERRIES . . . . 33c 12-o*. »', Fresh Frown BIRDSEYE PEAS . . . . 19c DUNCAN MINES CAKE MIX 19-oz, Pkg. 19-oz. O*5f Blrdseyn FRENCH FRIED POTATOES 2 45e (1-07. cnns ORANGE JUICE .... 2 39c Blrdir.vo — Ocean 1-lh. ctn. Blrdsrye—Baby 12-oz. pkg;. Perch Fillets . 45c Lima Beans . 33c CERBER'S STRAINED BABY FOOD 3 c- 27 c OLD ORIGINAL BROOKS CATSUP 2 "35 12-oz. Bottles C ROYAL GUEST — SLICED PINEAPPLE 25 No. 2 Can C DEEP BROWN LIBBY'S BEANS 14-oz. 4j Ac Can MUCHMORE PORK & BEANS. ... 3 N £T 29c CUT GREEN IGA ASPARAGUS . . . Knca3nno 29c IOA FANCY SLICED BEETS ... 2 No. 2 Cans FANCY IGA VEG-ALL No. 303 Can 29c 17c KREMEL PUBDING 9 C Pkg. CHASE: PANNED i2-o/. c-oiio BANTAM EGGS 29c CHASE PANNED 12-nz. cello PIGEON EGGS ....... 29c CHASE l-lb. cello JELLY BIRD EGGS 25c pQRK ROAST . . 29c CHICKEN CU'MBO CAMPBELL'S SOUP . . . 2«»'35c VKGETAIUAN CAMPBELL'S SOUP . . . 2«-29c SK ' NLKS FRANKS . . "55c MUSHROOM LEAN—MEATY CAMPBELL'S SOUP . . . 2«»35e SPARERIBS .... NABISCO 1-lh. Box ' PREMIUM CRACKERS . . . . 25c *«""• BACON SQUARES ... 19c DELMOIVTE FOODS! FRESH PICNIC—6 to 8-lb. avg. SMOKED DKL.MONTK CATSUP li-07. Bll. PORK HOCKS . . . 29c ** t ~J > f\ I . l-Jf\* \,\.l l.J A ~ I II. V. 1 I I . - . DELMONTE PRUNES . . . . 27c "; KVAP. LARGE 1-lh. Ctn. T-BONE or SIRLOIN KVAP. LARGE 11-or. Ctn. ^^ m ^ _ . - ^^ ^*.*%< DELMONTE PEACHES . . . 32c STEAKS "98 KVAP. MKD. 11-07. Ctn. DELMONTE APRICOTS . . . 43c DKLMONTK No. 2 : . Cnn FRUIT COCKTAIL 39c DKLMONTE SLICED PINEAPPLE No. I' C'an 33c BANANAS . . . DELMONTE 46-o/. fan ORANGE JUICE 2 7c u N0 MVAS1 " D GOLDEN CREAM STYLE No.303 Cans KED POlATOkS • • DELMONTE CORN . . . 2-37c •EARLY GARDEN No. 303 Can Ul S - XO> l CALIK DELMONTE PEAS 20c ICEBERG LETTUCE SEEDLESS 15-oz. PUg. DELMONTE RAISINS .... 19c c .axo.i I..OU.OA FANCY GOLDEN KIl'E JUICE ORANGES ... 5 37c T. S. NO. 1 TEXAS CELLO CARROTS 2 25c i: S. No. I AIKDIl-.M YELLOW ONIONS . In IGA \Vindnw hag . , 3"39c SHOP AT THESE IGA STORES AND SAVE ROWE'S MARKET SIXTH AND FEKGl'SON, WOOD RIVER DAUER'S MARKET 201 Ct.NTKAL ECONOMY SUPER MARKET IHIKU A-NU PENNING, WOOD BUCK GERDING'S MARKET HAHTHOKXE AAP CENTRAL, WOOD BHTCR SCHNEIDER'S MARKET •EVENTS 4ND 8PBIJSG, ALTON, ILL. GOLDFARB'S SUPER MARKET 28 FKKGl'SON, WOOD RIVER CHARLIE'S SUPER MARKET 301 SINCLAIR AVC., SOUTH RO.VVNA KNIBB'S MARKET BUNKER HILL, ILL. MATHIAS FOOD MARKET HARTFORD, ILL,

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