Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 20, 1958 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1958
Page 2
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Established in Published every Thursday morning at Fayette, Iowa SUBSCRIPTION RATES (YEAR) Fayette County ... Sii.OO Outside Fayette County . . S3.BO SECOND CLASS MAIL PRIVILEGES AUTHORIZED AT FAYETTE, IOWA ing—the way to do that is constant promotion, education and perpetuation of these ideals. We must not let our youth down! It is for them that this reorganization is proposed. They deserve the best, let's give them the best. (•KhiiK-BOnOM by Reuben 20 MARCH 1956 pT7 NATIONAL fDITOP. IAI AsTocfTATlGiJ M U CJ Communications of public interest must, be received before Wedm.sd the current issue. DONALD L. KIMBALL WAYNE BARNES BUCK MAXSON MRS. RALPH DICKINSON MISS ANNA WILSON MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS MRS. TED LENIUS .. ire invited. Such communications ly noon to insure puLlirai ion in Editr r and Publisher Linotype Operator SIKI|) Assistant Lima Correspondent Fayette Corrscpondenl May nam Correspondent Handalia Correspondent THE SCHOOL REORGANIZATION ISSUE By Donald L. Kimball House of Representatives, State of Iowa (This is the conclusion in a series of three articles on the pending school reorganization.) PART III WHY IMMEDIATE ACTION IS NECESSARY The first big reason why immediate action on the reorganization issue is necessary is the education of our young people. The second reason is that its either clone now or IT IS TO BE REQUIRED BY THE STATE LEGISLATURE IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Many say ( I ) West Central is large enough already and (2) our kids will get an adequate education as the systems are today. The fact that West Central is large enough is true. But, will it be ten years from now? Remaining as we are today means we have planned a few years ahead. That is good. But, the approval of the new district means that we have looked at least 30 years ahead. We have insured ourselves against change lor that long! An adequate education is wonderful, but we must give the best to let our youth compare favorably, educationally, with those of all other and larger schools. Actually, there is little or no choice. So, if for these imminent reasons we must face the reorganization prospect, let us do it now, while we are free to work it out in such a way that the most people can be happy with its result. The present plan has been worked out by conscientious men from all parts of the proposed district. It would appear that the interests of the greater number of people have been served thru-out the planning of the present proposed merger. Some facts concerning the district have been misconstrued and/or misinterpreted. Fact No. I : The new high school will NOT be located in Fayette. It will be located in a place that is very near or exactly the geographical center of the district. Fact No. 2 : Westgate Alpha, WILL retain her local grade school. The country school is a thing of the past. And the sooner people realize this fact, the better off our whole educational set-up is going to be. Iowa has always been a progressive state in the field of education. It must remain that way. But, it cannot do so by retaining antique methods of education. We We must live in our day. We must meet the standards of our day. It is a matter of tradition versus convention. The conventional system has been outmoded by advances in technology, educational methods and rapid strides in transportation and communication. To truly live up to the tradition of Iowa we must retain that aggressive, progressive spirit. In old Hebrew theology was the idea that, the chil- ren of the coming generation must suffer for the sins of the parents. It is no less true that reluctance to act in a case such as school reorganization constitutes a "sin" in that field. It is certainly true that the same defection will cause the children of the coming generation to suffer Except in rare cases, children of smaller schools do not enter college today with an education equal to that of students from the larger schools with the variety of subjects. If schools reorganization will accomplish this, then surely we are foolish to linger as we are. A very fine young man, graduating from Fayette High School, not long ago, has learned this fact the hard way by struggling at Ames; he'll make good. It's his nature. But, there's no reason why some of the subjects he is taking now could not have been taught in high school. All we have to do is make them available—the kids will take them from there. To have an education or not to have one was the question of some years ago. Now the question is that of having an education or the best education. It is time, as we move into this project, that all citizens concerned look at the 'big picture.' Look at where we are and where we are going. Look at the difference in the types of education (we see them all the time from the statewide point of view in the capitol). It is a matter of choice for us . . . shall we stay where we are or go forward? Above all, realize that we, here in the mid-west, have the finest young people in the whole nation! We have a philosophy and a way of life that combines the . £L . .1.1. • • 1 1 1.1 I ravin;: recently "browsed" lliru the cieat department stores on Stale Street and visited the Art Mn-eum on Michigan Ace., we shall attempt a few gentle '.eords in ie;:ard milady's style, and "mod; nustic" art. • • * » • We think all women who care 'now lliev look, should band to- ."j-tbrr, can;.: up on the fashion designers, chase them into the der.) sea, and hold 'em under a wmle. Hoy/ever, it should be easy for the farm wives to be in .lyle. Just >>et a feed bag, dye it. black or bright blue, snip out arm-hole: and neck line, put on a leal Io.se fitting all-round belt. The all-aiourul belt serves the lu'stion bi' puipose of making tie- "...sk" look baggier. Also the .'-.pii/er-point shoes, with very high, extremely small heels will be something to be reckoned with. May lie- great for kicking an errant husband in the pants, or spiking an enemy on the dance floor, but. it will lake an acrobatic dance to walk gracefully m them. Th re are of course beautiful paintings and inspiring sculture at the great Art Museum, but the "modernistic" gallery is both a laugh and a shock. We shall attempt a word picture of one "masterpiece" by saying it looked like die probable results, if our little grandson got into four different cans of paint, with a fly-swat ter, while his mother was hanging out the family wash. A young "character" with big glasses and soft silky full beard, stood before this "masterpiece" expounding on it's fine [joints. A small woiip of girl students, in thick lensed glasses and goofy attire, were drinking in his every word, and taking notes. • » • » If we ever again visit the "modernistic" art galleries, we are first going to a bar and have several shots of bourbon-on-t'he- rocks. It's our carefully considered opinion that to enjoy this type of "art", you should be either half nuts or "three-sheets- in-the-wind. teaching career. She was principal or the Fayette High School for many years. Following her retirement from teaching she continued to reside in the family home in Fayette. She was a member of the First Methodist Church, Fayette, the I).A.Ib, the P.K.O., and the O.E.S. In l!t. r )l .Janette was seriously injured in an automobile accident. After several months in the hospital .she went to Pueblo, Colorado to make her home with her only sister, Mrs. Ray Hall. March 1, 1958 she suffered a severe stroke from which she never rallied. She passed away March II, H)5». Interment was in Grandview Cemetery, Fayette, on the family lot near die graves of her father and mother. Rev. Paul L. Huscher of the Methodist Church conducted the service which was held at the Belles Funeral Home. Janette was preceded in death by her parents and three brothers Ilolbs W.; Adalbert H. and W. Irving Bender. She is survived by her sister, Mrs. Ray Hall (Winnie), Pueblo, Colo., a brother, Reginald Bender, West Union, Iowa, three nieces, Gladys Bender, International Falls, Minn., Khzabeth Bender, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Mrs. William Wright (Margaret Hall), Pueblo, Colo., and' two nephews, Sidney Hall, I 'ueblo and Kenneth Bender, Hopkins, Minn. She is also survived by several grand nieces and a grand nephew, and two sister- in-laws, Mrs. II. W. Bender, Cedar Rapids and Mrs. A. H. Bender, International Falls and numerous cousins. Professional & Business Directory DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA • OBITUARY Janette Martha Bender Janette Martha Bender, youngest child of Henry A. and Juliette (Stone) Bender, was born July 123, 1I1M on the family farm near Iowa. She attended district school and was graduated from Waucoma High School. The same year she moved with her parents to Fayette, in order that she might attend Upper Iowa University. Upon her graduation from college she entered upon an active OBITUARY Duane G. Duckeit Duario George Ducketl, oldest son of Mark Duckett and Wilma Paul Duckett, was born June 23, 1930 at the Oelwein hospital. He was critically injured in a car accident on Feb. 25, 1958. He passed away March 2. He is survived by his Iparents, three sisters, and one brother. They are Sharon, Mrs. Harold Bearbower of Rowley, Leon, Linda, and Debbie Sue at home. One niece and one nephew, Gary and Julie Bearbower. Maternal aunts, Mrs. George Larghe, Huron, South Dakota, Mrs. Jess Welsh, Fayette, CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangerin, pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Divine Worship 10:30 a.m. First Methodist Church Paul L. a Huscher, Minister Sunday School 9:30 a .m. Morning worship 10:30 a.m. Wesleyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor .Sunday Schoei 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship . 10:30 am. Youth Service 7:15 p.m. Evangelistic Service 8 p .ir.. Prayer Service Thurs. 8 p.m. St. Francis Church Father Lowell S lekleion Sunday Masses: 7:30 & 10:30 a. * vVeekday Mass: 7:15 a .m. Confessions: Sat. 7:30 to 9 p .n Randalia Methodist Gale Hawhee. Minister Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. Worship Service, 10:30 a.m. Iowa, and Mrs. Gaylord Lennon of Oelwein. Paternal aunts and uncles, Mrs. Glenn Davis of Stanley, Mrs. Donald Guy, Buffalo, Iowa, Gerald Duckett, Spokane, Washington, and Gilbert Duckett of San Jose, Calif. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Duckett and Mr. and Mrs. George Paul and one aunt, Mary Paul. He spent most of his life in the Stanley and Arlington vicinities, graduating from the Stanley high school in 1954. He has been employed at the Rath Packing Co. the past two and a half years. He was baptized at the Methodist Church in Fayette by Rev. Paul Davis in 1952. He was SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auto-Fire-Liabilily and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Service Phone 199. Favelle Ambulanoe Service Fayette and Maynard DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayolle YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa • Well Drilling • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nite Lamont P. 2-58 Building a Greater Iowa fear of God with industriousness, conscience and healthful living. These virtues are true of Iowa. We who love Iowa want to keep this same philosophy living and grow- America's Top Pork Producer Hats off to Iowa's farmersl Thanks to them, our hog production is now nearly one-fourth of that for the entire United States. This means more wealth for farmers, more jobs for workers, more income for all of us. Similarly, our brewing industry, too, is pouring still greater and greater prosperity into Iowa. With over $30,000,000.00 a year in Iowa payrolls, $27,500,000.00 in business costs, and $25,300,000.00 in taxes, it adds over 80 millions a year to our wealth. Yet these, are only three of the many ways in which beer—the light, bright beverage of moderation—adds to the advancement of our state. Truly, it can b» said... ... the Brewing Industry helps build Iowa THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phono 14 Dr. Harry 1. Robin*on OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m.—• pjn. Fay«tJ» Iowa Ph. 156 ofc. Black 79 res. DR. t. J" DA.HLQULST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fay*tx«. U. a friendly, loveable ymm« man Mild will be greatly missed. "Barnyard Life-Saving" Program Presented A seven-point "Lifo-savinK" program for America's "barnyard babies" which will bo born on farms this spring, was offered to livestock owners today by the American Foundaiion for Animal Health. The seven points stressed by Foundation authorities include: 1. Make sure mother animals get a complete ration, including the correct balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals. If deficiency symptoms appear, call a veterinarian. 2. Provide clean, dry, draft- free quarters for brood sows, cows and owes. Keep them free of filth, lice and mites. 3. Be on hand to assist in births if necessary. Disinfect navels of new-born animals. GAY'S BARBER SHOP Gaylen Bierbower, Prop. 144 Main St. Fayette It Pays To Look Well 4. Make certain young animals (continued on page 4) How To Open CL0SSED SEWERS Without Digging ! ! SEV/^P-HiUOIIB will remove ROOTS. IMpiT. KM.'isc, ra^'H and other or- j .anir matter. No touts needed. Juflt in!'; Mill i >i >ur in door drain. Paat A.too:. ItllAMS LINKS CHEMICALLY. .-IIKAl'I.V. QUICKLY. Resil-is a.-.-llled. ]>aekud In 5 & 10-lb. i 'a 11 -•', priK'il al SL'.^'.I und S3.!>5. Acc. j.t no other brand. A.sk for SEWEItliUniB by name. E. H- CARLEY Plumbing & Heating 1958 WESTINGHOUSE SPEED ELECTRIC RANGE IN THE EXCITING AMBASSADOR 30 (Modtl BIS 30) SHAPE OF TOMO IT'S NEW ALL THROUGH ! UtXU Plug-Out Units ULII Throughout! Oven and surface units lift completely out... make WestinghouBe the easiest of all ranges to clean. Ijrlif Miracle Oven WL ?1 Bakes Better I Spread-Even Heaters top and bottom, plus exclusive Miracle Seal on door assure perfect results every time. ILUO Corox Un its- Rotary Control Dials with 5 marked settings and 1001 speeds in between . Infrared broiling . . . Appliance Outlet... Oven Signa- lite . . . Full width storage drawer . . No- Drip platform. YOU CAN »i SURE,.,i» rr» Westinghouse

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