Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on July 7, 1951 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1951
Page 8
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS mmmmm I CLASSIFIED PAGE | i 3 ! There are Offers Here for Every Purse, Person and Purpose! | ^iiniiiiimiiiiiiiiiiltiiliiii^ WANTED HELP WANTED DUPLEX, fl ROOMS down, 8 up. heat and I FOR SALE — Beautiful plastic and oil water furnished; some furniture for cloth »hoe bigs, basket liners, clothes sale. 10213-W. T-9 | dampeners and basket covers. Rust remover, removes rust from clothes instant- FOR BOTTLED GAS tort Initkllstion: Phon» 2134J, N Sinman. Benton road. Mt. Vernon. 111.. D««ler for PUR GAS. II FOR SALE—Combination fuel oil and bottle rai Florence ranje Rerularly $290.85. one to sell at $1*0.05 Mitchell's U WASHERS wuiMUKK ROLLS lot aw *aa«an Briag la eld rolls (at vrtnaw r *atk«ntcn'» Radio Saiea. tilt Broadwav IVM ateknp and delivery Fkea* ttl If MISCELLANEOUS (V ANTED —• Experienced ehrubbrer and jprar man. Call 4233. T-f) VTOMKN TO SEW our ready cut "Rap-A- Rnund" at home. Easy. profitable. Holl.vwood Mfc. Co., Dept. 340. Hollywood SAFETY ENGINEER to rnnsult wtih policy holders roneerninif •lintr nomine southern II 11 Kiiu nutual caS' unity FOR RENT Modern 3 room furnished i Uv. Tell us your washing machine troubles. apartment, close in; also trailer space. ; we can help you. New and rebuilt mo- Call 5M3 -J. -f l °rs for sale or e.\<hanire. installed at ! lonce. Hoover. Eureka. Bevac, Universal | —— " —•^sa^^. FOR RENT Upstairs unfurnished apart- and Hamilton Beach belts. Bring: old one I WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING—Films ment. 4 rootriB. 1803 Broadway. Phone or machine number. Thrilty Laundry, i developed Watches, bracelets, wrist 714 or 2734-W. tf J1711 Conner. 7-11 | bands, rinss. Credit FOR RENT—Modern furnished apartment, electric refrigerator, hot water. 909 S. 12th. Phone 253C-J tf Mfcty condition; openinp southern Illi- mu« with law. fast crowing mutual casualty and (ire insurance company for man with contact personality; ase 28-40. industrial experience in safely and some college ewri -necrinsr. Must have late model car: above average salary, free benefits, cost of livinc allowance, car allowance and expanse account: no previous insurance experience necessary. Write Box N, Care Recisler-New*. 7-7 FOR RENT— 3 room furnished apartment. exhaust fan. electric kitchen, private bath. Adults. Phone 6C4. tf | PEOPLE in the know use Glaxo plastic ' type coatine instead of waxing- linoleum. I Douglas Drug. 7-10 | OUR CUSTOMERS buy Fina Foam airain and afrain. It cleans rues like new. Benoist Bros. 7-10 bracelets, may be arranged Williams Jewelry Store. 118 ». 10th St., Mt. Vernon. Ill 8-11 UNFURNISHED FULLY modern 3 room duplex apt., with nice utility room, close in. Phone 2906-J or 1604-J. 7-7 FOR SALE—Building- 30x50. $500. Loyd Allen. Sesser. 111. See 7-7 FOR RENT—Unfurnished all modem apt., close in. Madee Stull, 1110 Main. tf WANTED YOUtiG LADY TYPIST CASHIER Age 21 to 28. Experience preferred, with pleasing personality, for small loan office. Applicant selected must be able to deal with general public. Apply at once in person—to J. P. BRESNAHAN WHITE LOAN CO. 1116 Broadway VESTED — Beauty operator. Beauty Shop, Phone 3041. Marine's 7-9 See Orla Lash- WANTED—Truck drivers. . „ brook, Mt. Vernon Tent and Awning Ccr WANTED TO BUY WANTED—Stock saddle. Ashley. 111.. Rt. 1. Julius Klein. 7-9 WANT TO BUY—Boy' 10th, Phone 1744. • bicycle. 316 So. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR S4.LE—33 room hotel, fully furnished' Vood income: building leased: full pri'-e So 000. For complete information: Write or contact prop. Rose Hill Hotel Christopher, 111. FOR SALE—Shoe repair shop, fully equip' ped and supplies, in Waltonville. Paul David9on. 12 FOR SALE—Burton's Bar-B-Q at once. Reason for selling, ill health. Apply four miles west, Rt. 16. 7-9 FARMERS! — Would like to haul your wheat. Phone 2159-J. 7-10 WILL TRADE 8 ft. cash or groceries. 906 Main. showcase for S25 Mary Jane Studio. tf MUST SACRIFICE CAFE — Doing very pood business. Must leave town soon as possible, husband ill. wife cannot handle business alone. Good living quarters for young couple. Across from Shoe Factory and school. Inquire 1912 Perkins. 7-11 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED—Baby sitting. Phone 1387-W. . day time work. 7-9 WANTED—Yard grading-, any kind o: team work. George Mare, Phone 3S21-J1. 7-20 WANTED—Washings lo do in my home, 1 block east Werner Equipment Co., turn left, 4th house on right. Lewis Simms. 7-9 FOR THE FINEST IN FURNISHED APARTMENTS See JAMISON REAL .ESTATE FOR RENT—Nicely furnished 3 room all modern apartment Call Madr* Stnll. Phone 364—3488-J tf FOR RENT- Unfurnished 3 room apt_ modern except heat 1004 Bell: colored only CaiJ 607 994 tf FOR RENT—Modern furnished apt., newly decorated Private entrance. Phone S50-J or 7S0 tf HOUSES FOR RENT — 4 room furnished house. Iichts and wat?r furnished; reasonable. 130T So. ISth. 7-9 POPULAR RECORDS —Sheet music. Pay us a visit, we have the largest selection of records in southern Illinois. Many hits of yesterday and western tunes, all new on our bargain counter. 4 for 51.00. Featherstun's, 1112 Broadway. tf FOR FILTERED drinking water: Abie's Water Wagon. Phone 1021 Call VACUUM CLEANERS —Hoover factor? re built, guaranteed; priced from J24.9S np Featherstun's, Phone 322 tf PICTURES AND MOTAR1—One it op aerr ice for chauffeurs Mary Jan* Studio. 906 Main Phone 2247 7-7 GLASSES—Dr J W Willrama O O. M 10th Mt TenjoD. Ill lie 0 -6 PERSONALIZED stationery four name or monogram imprinted with OIJJ new machine, 24 hour nerrice As low a* 79c per box I Personalised bridge card*, nap kins and many other item* Little'* Office Supplies. Emmerson Hotel BIda if PHOTOS—Cnaffeurs 10c; billfolds 20c: also refreshing, cooling snowballs, all flavors. Photo Place. 811 10th. if FOR DRINKING WATER— Phone 3S22-W1 or 3621 P R Bullock. 7 -20 BOR SALE—For filtered drinking water: Call Hodges 4 .Warrens D-X Phone 403. 7-18 FOR FILTERED drinking 3858-W1. Andy Maynor water — Call 7-14 FOR SALE—White Dour bag*. 20e each Hawkins Bakery 7-12 AUTOMOTIVES FOR RENT—Modern 2 bedroom home. automatic heat, plenty of closets and cabinets. S05 per month. See Jamison Real Estate. 7-11 FOR RENT—5 room unfurnished house,semi-modern, at 313 Jordan. Call or see Mrs. Fred Nelson. 301 So. 22nd St. Phone 3633-W. 7-9 FOR RENT—5 room house at 720 Herbert. Inquire at So. 9th. 7-9 FOR RENT—2 bedroom furnished home, oil heat. 12th and Waltonville road. Adults. Phone 4132-W. 7-7 FOR RENT—6 room house, modern except heat, close to grade or high school. Inquire 415 Broadway, 1260 or 1614J. 7-10 FOR RENT— 2 704 Main. furnished cottage. 7-7 FOR RENT — 5 room efficiency house, * modern except heat. Phone 3296-R. 7-9 FOR RENT—4 room house at 1307 Westcott. 7-7 FOR RENT—3 room house in Bluford. lights and water, near schools. S22 per month. Phone 30S5. 7-7 FOR RENT—Small house furnished, clean, water and lights. 1008 N. 10th. 7 -10 FOR RENT—2 room cottage, modern except heat, at 914 Jones St. Key at Zesto stand, 10th and Jones tf 1947 KAISER 4 DOOR: radio and heater; holder of mortgage must sell today for best offer. In;»rtvt car and submit bids by contacting Harold Ashby. Universal C IT. Office. 7-10 FOR SALE—1949 Sturiebaker 4 ton pickup, good condition. S900. Call 4S2S-W. FOR SALE—1939 Ford ton truck. Browning Coal Co., Phone 1031. 7-7 FOR SALE—1940 Pontiac. 6, 2 door, fair condition. Burton Cook, Dahlgren. 7-9 NOTICE—Complete well drtllinf and water system Installation and •erricea Harne* A Schell R R I. Grtdl. Di Fiona SI 8ft Fairfield tf MARION- LODGI r»o IS every Tuesday 8 pm. Visiting brothers welcome l.O.OJT meets 133 H loth U BEAUTY SHOP SPECIAL FOR JULY—Machine Creme oil - permanent S3.00: cold wav» $5.00. 56.50. SS.50 Phone 1414. 7-11 "THAT'S MY POP!"— Three-year-old Gary Adam* shows that he's a mighty proud boy—and why wouldn't he be. Isn't his dad, M/Sgt. Stanley P. Adams one of the top heroes of the Korean war? Sergeant Adams, happily reunited with hi* family in their Olathe, Kan., home relaxes before going to Washington to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Truman. He won the medal by heroism in a suicidal chare* in Korea. • ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HOOVER VACUUM CLEANERS —Factory authorized sales and service. (You'll b« happier with a Hoover for 51 and the years to com*.) Featherstun's. Phone 322 tf LEGAL NOTICES VACUUM CLEANERS are oar only bail nee* New and used Parts, service any make. We rent cleaners Phon* 1012 City Hail Bldg.. O ft Buford tf BATTERY RADIO OWNBK9 - Bay Itia •ew Breryrwady Layer Hit 1000 aoar oattery pack—-«sU» •fl-»» raathentan* U13 Broadwas tf FOR SALE—194S Chevrolet Carryall Suburban, radio, heater, good tires, low mileage. S800. Call 1952-J. 7-11 FOR SALE—1949 Plymouth 2 door. Radio. heater, seat covers. Excellent condition, good rubber. 19,000 miles. Owner recalled to Navy. S1200. Can be seen at 607 N. 7th street or Phone 31S7-W. tf 1942 NASH 2 DOOR sedan, radio, heater, extra good motor, body and tires. 1017 N. 7th, Phone 1548-J. 7-7 FOR SALE—1948 Englisn Ford. Prefect. Engine recently overhauled. Owner leav. mg for overseas. Leonard Wtutlock. 900 Park Ave. tf ROOMS FOR RENT—Sleeping room for gentleman. 315 north 9tb. Phone 149-J. Call after 6:30 p. m. tf FOR RENT—Jsfodera sleeping rooms at 704 Main. 7-12 FOR RENT — Modern sleeping room, 2 blocks of square. 608 Main. 7-7 FOR RENT—2 large sleeping rooms, large WANTED—Baby sitting, day or night, by j closets, private, one-half bath, share tub. middle-aged lady. Experienced and re- i Private home, nicely located, hear bus stop. liable. Phone 3168-M. 7-7 WANTED — Lawn mowing with power mower. Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable, Phone 2007-W, 308 Castleton. 7-19 PAINTING—Inside and out, paper hanging, wall washing. Work guaranteed. Free estimate. Edward Flota, Ph, 3030-W. 7-11 WANTED—Painting and papering, inside and outside. Phone 855-W, Morns Yost. 7-9 SIGN PAINTING—Show cards, posters, stencil cutting. Also rug weaving. C. 0. Clark, Phone 2546-J. tf WANTED — Upholstering, furniture repairing. Auto-truck cushions repaired. Upholstered. Geo. McCoy, 331 Bell, Phone 1498-WX. 8-2 WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIR — Quick service. Williams Jewelers, Stanley Brandt, Mgr. 8-30 WANTED—Old age pensioners, men.. Call 2302-J. Prefer 7-11 LAWN MOWER grinding, repairing. KEYS made, locks repaired. A 8. Hodge. 811 aouth 18th street. 7-25 GUARANTEED wheel balancAna II AO pej wheel Phone 1490 tf DEAD STOCB WAMTHD — Pttons eoliect: Harry Smith. Kaece*. 01 is. Wood Uwn. Dal* Bstaa SSI aft Tenaa t> LAWN MOWERS sharpened and repaired. after 4 p. at. Dick Rose, 3rd and Walnut. 7 -16 FOR RENT 316 So. 15th. Tel. 285-WX. 7-7 MODERN FRONT sleeping room: gentleman. Large closet, shower and tub bath. >'ear square. • Phone 4304. ^ 7-9 FOR RENT—Sleeping room, modern, close in and near bus stop, private home. Call 871-J. tf FOR RENT — Nice, desirable, aleeplns rooms, single or twin bada 426 N 0th Phone 1420 If THINK? When You THINK of Buying or Selling- a Used Car THINK of the S. R. VENTRESS MOTOR CO. 505 S. 10th Street Where You Buy for Less and Bank the Rest CHICKS MT. VERNON HATCHERY CHICKS — O S. APPROVED PULLORUM PASSED Hatching each Monday Raise some fryers now—cut down on cost of meat Plenty of Power Packed Wayne Feeds, Poultry Supplies and Remedies Mt. Vernon Hatchery. 1016 Casey AT *. Phone 101 tf Complete line of PURINA CHOW for poultry and livestock RILEY PRODUCE, 215 So 11th Phone 83 tf SWIFT'S CHICKS are tiusky, healthy. hardy, U S approved. Pullorum passed, sexed or straight run Hatching each Wednesday Place order now Complete line of poultry, cattle and bog feeds Swift's Hatchery. Phone 661 600 Caaey Ave. tf FRUITS & VEGFTABI ES MISCELLANEOUS FOR LEASE—Conoco service station. Inquire Conoco service station. 504 west Main street. Salem. Illinois. Telephone Salem 1039. 7-11 FLOOR SANDING — RENTAL SANDERS. Call 4055 for free estimate or reservations. Wm. H. Carnahan, 1215 So. 23rd St. 7-28 OFFICE SPACE for rent— 1106 H Main. Phone 994. tf Need A Car or Truck? Rent a Car or Pickup Truck by the hour, day, week or commercial. New cars and trucks. MT. VERNON RENT-A-CAR CO. 821 Jordan Phone 4078—Night Phone 4137 APARTMENTS FURNISHED APARTMENTS — Telephone 3177-W or 189. 1-7 FOR RENT — Furnished apartment. 3 utilities paid. Call 2777-J. 7-1 :\ FOR RENT—Two 3 room apartments at 1604 Broadway: unfurnished, modern except heat: $35 per month. Inquire 511 So. 7th. 7 -10 FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment. Phone 3216-W. tf JtOR RENT—Modern 3 room furnished apartment. Call at 1904 Conger. ; 7-7 FLOOR SANDING— Free estimate (Sal tafactlon guaranteed! Raymond Edmi son. Phone 923 W 2701 Collef* tf FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE—Fryers, 2% to 3V4 lbs. 2 14 miles northwest of Opdyke, 111. Bill Kissel. 7-11 FOR SALE—Apples, yellow transparent. red June. You pick them. SI bushel, this week end. Ira Childers. 4 miles out Waltonville Rd., % mile east. Phone 8XFR1GEBATIOH IIBTICSS aa aJ) Stake* ratrlcerator* and alt eaadlU— aauip caetit Pred 9fca*fs Pfea*M la«» M MOVING WALTER HUGHES—Local and state-wide moving, experienced and equipped. 114 N 6th St. Phone 2699. 7 -13 RADIO & RADIO SERVICE RADIO REPAIR SERVICE on all models: tubes tested free. Call 1844 for free pickup and delivery. Guaranteed service. Warrens Bottle Gas Service, 1009 Lamar. 7-11 OS ED RADIO—A few very good console models and table model* Priced tor qatck *al» reatbsratun'a. lilt Broad way tf RADIO SERVICE—CALL JJ2 OR 32*— FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY Bt rep Mi aad correct any radio failure to ac cordanoa with modern snflneerini prin ciples Tbs result la a tmaranteed satis factory Job Art Featherstun 1113 Broad way Tnba* tested fra* of ebarsja " REAL ESTATE S300 CASH, bslane. like rent, buys n«w 4 room bungalow, west psrt; hsrdwood floors, built-in bath; immediate possession. Call 400 or 48. tf FOR SALE—A well constructed, almost new. two bedroom home on a fine lot in Oak Grove Addition. Nice homes on each side of it and it is the nicest part of this Addition. Owner leaving town and will sacrifice for quick sale. Pn.c only S3250.Q0 with S1250.0O down and balance financed. Ed B. Moss, 1442 or V. E. Richardson, 1203. 7-9 FOR SALE—5 acres with hog wire fencing. good house, nice yard with beautiful maple trees and on all weather road adjoining Ina. 111. on the west side. Abundance of soft water, low taxes, splendid garden and nice corn crop growing All for S3250.00 with quick possession. Ed. B. Moss, 814 Main. Phone 1442 or 738. 7-9 NICE LOT ON PAVED ST. —50x150. So. '-3rd. hi block north Perkins. Inquire 13lV Salem road. . tf 3936-W1. 7-7 TRANSPARENT APPLES. $1.50 per bu.: pick your own. 1 mile east Cravat on gravel road. Charlie Witzel. 7-11 FOR SALE—Fancy red npa tomatoes: transparent apples, at. the big tent, 1310 So. 12th St. J. O. Riley. 7-9 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE—5 yr. old big Jersey cow, giving 5 gal. per day. Olaf Larson. 1207 N. 12th St. 7-7 FOR SALE—Cows, heifers, bulls: calves: pigs: 120 New Hampshire red pullets, lay soon. Geo. Daniels, Bluford. 7-12 FOR SALE—36 pigs, 8 weeks old. S. E. Cloyd, 1st road west, v» mile north Jiggs & Maggie. 7.7 ANNUAL AUCTION SALE of purebred Hampshire and Suffolk rams and ewes from the experimental flocks. Write for a catalog and attend the sale, Thursday, July 12. University of Illinois. Dixon Springs Experiment Station, Kobbs, Illinois 7-7 FARM EQUIPMENT FOR SALE OR TRADE—1948 Indian mo- ' ton-yelp. Phone 3985-W3. 7-U r'OR SALE—Five good used white sidewall tires arid tubes, size 7.00x15. 715 So 20th St. -j.ll 3 FURNISHED ROOMS: private bath and entrance, electric kitchen. Adults. 112 ' N. 12Ui. Phone 4132-W. 7.7 FOR RENT —Five room unfurnished apartment, newly decorated, modern except heat. $40.00 month. 304'A So. 10th. Phone 580-W, 7-7 FOR RENT—4 room modern furnished semi -basement apt., $45. Phone 780. tf FOR RENT—3 room all modern furnished apartment: adults . preferred. Phone 2888. 7-7 FOR SALE—Brand new 1951 RCA television set. 17" screen, way below celling list price: Norge electric range. $20' boy's 26 ' hicyr:le ¥10. Phone 1893-WX. 7-10 iOR SALE—Two 30 gallon water tanks: new ti.00x10 tire: new french fryer- radio-phonograph. 1022 Herbert. 7-7 HOM ART GAS hot water heater. 30 gal. capacity. Practically new. very reasonable. Phone 285-WX. 7.7 FOR SALE—Wheat straw. Darevillc. FOR RENT—3 room unfurnished apt.. modern except heat, clean, 1st floor, on bus line. Phone 3209-J. tf FOR RENT—3 rooms unfurnished: individual bath, heat, hot and cold water: 930. Call 1838-J, 701 So. 12th. tf FOB RENT — Modern apartments, also sleeping rooms, with board. Marie Lancy. 30B S. 11th. 7-0 FOR RENT—Modern furnished 3 room apartment, private oath and entrance; 940 month. Phone 1133-W. tf FOR BENT—Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment, large rooms, on bus stop. 1503. So, 12th St, \ 7-9 FOR RENT—Modern unfurnished 4 room' apartment, newly decorated. Inquire 818 So, 10th. Phone J426. 7-0 FOB RENT—a room 1 m M> otb at. I modern apartment. / 7-10 Norris Baker. 7-7 FOR SALE- condition. -Electric refrigerator, 1st class 1401 Westcott. 7-10 FOR SALE—Lumber, blocks, roofing and sheet mck. Buy for less. Sherman Benton road. Phone Roberts Lumber Co., 8100. we deliver. 7-12 FOR SALE—24" window fan, good as new Phone 1757. 7.7 FOR SALE—13' steel boat with 3% H.P. Evan Rude motor. Gene Richardson Belle Rive. 7.7 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY «*> New 1951 model Wood Brothers Combine, 6 foot cut, motor driven machine. DELIVERY PRICE, YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO PASS THIS UP. Holitian Tractor Co. Benton Road — Phone 277 HOUSE FOR SALE by ownei-—4 room house, hardwood floors, all modern except heat. Phone 2622-W. 7-9 FOR SALE BY OWNER— 4 room house (large rooms), plastered -walls, newly decorated inside. 2 lots on bus line, 6tore and church near. Plenty shade and water. One shed 18x10. 2 large porches, nice yard. 910 Dewey. 7-10 FOR SALE OR TRADE for late model car—Equity in house. Second house north of Game Farm road on Rt. 37. 7-7 FOR RENT. SALE or trade for car—My equity in 3 room house, near Shoe Factory. Phone 3928-W1. tf FOR SALE— 7 r6om house, modern except heat, furnished or unfurnished. Will take house trailer. 512 Opdyke, Phone 2382-R 7-9 FOR SALE —West, 5 rooms, bath, garage. 5 lots. Phone 1981-J—do not call after 6 p. m. 7 -26 FOR SALE — Nice, hifh buildlna let* on all, weather road, near school Electricity. See or call Mrs. Mott Wsrrtn, 118 days, or 1712 aftsr 5 p. m. tf FARMS FOR SALE FOR.SALE— 55 acre improved farm, good fishing hole, electric available, southeast Wayne City, 111. Chas. Bee. 7-7 FURNITURE GOOD MAPLE FURNITURE—Living room suite, dinette, desk, lamp and i-or-ktail tables, electric water healer. 833 North St. 7 . 7 3 -PIECE SECTIONAL Divan, light green. made bed, has storage space. 1017 N 7th St., Phone 2621-W. 7.7 PETS DOGS BOARDED—All have clean individual penB. Mae Callander, east hard road Phone 609 -J. 7-30 DOGS BOARDED - Groomed sheared and batbed. WiU eall for and deliver Happy'. Pet Shop, N *6tb and Hichvtew road Phon* 42U y ATTACHMENTS for your Sunbeam Mix- master in stock: meat grinder, food chopper, drink mixer, slicer and shredder, butter churn, all so helpful during caning- season. Feathurstun's. tf FOR SALE—No. 1 timothy hayi Williams, Darevillo. Burton 7-11 FOR SALE—Electric refrigerators, one small and ono large; cheap. 813 So. lath. Call 4325-J. 7-8 STOVES RICHARDSON PLACE— 23 acres. 3 miles S. E. Mt. Vernon; 6 room house, good barn, tractor. Also 2 cows, 1 calf. 18 pigs, 15 hens.- Tony McKenzie. 1505 Lamar. Phone 1146. 7-7 LOST LOST—Female fox hound pup, ring neck. white feet, black back. Finder notify Lyal Sands, Mt. Vernon, 111., R R. 5 or Phone. 7 -9 LOST—Setter male bird dog. white with black spots. Write or call A. H. Williams, 706 N. 18th, Phone 4254. tf IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of Philip Greene who passed away six years ago today: Your memory to us is a keepsake With which we never part Tho God has you in His keeping We will always have you in cj,ur heart. Sadly missed by: ELNORA JACOBS. who In loving memory of our dativl was born and died four years ago today. MR.' AND MRS. MAX WILLIAMS. TOUR BEST BUY IN BOTTLE GAS IS SKELGAS—2-100 lbs CYLINDERS IN STALLED $20.00. CHANGING CITY GAS RANGES TO BURN SKELGAS OUR SPE­ CIALITY. HAMPER KELGAS AND AP PLIANCB. 114 NORTH 10th. PHONE oifl. 7-ia IT'S PUN TO COOK with gas. Cooler and cleaner kitchens See us for dependable double bottle hook up of Trl -Gas Tri-Stat* Consolidated Ga» Co., Fairfield Rd. Phoa* 1400. tf TAX PURCHASER'S NOTICE TO: Taylor WiJls. Gladys Leather-man. Tholma ' Rice and the Unknown Owners or Parties interested in The Southeast (SE) Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE L 4) of the Northeast Quarter (NEU) of Section Twenty-Two (22), Township Four (4) South, Range Three (3) East of the Third Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois, containing Two (2) acres, more or less. You are hereby notified that at a sale of real estate made by the County Treasurer of Jefferson County, ( Illinois, at the Court House in the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. County of Jefferson and State of Illinois on the 10th day of October, A. D.. 1949. The Interstate Bond Company purchased the following described real estate: The Southeast Corner (SEl of the Southeast Quarter (SE 1 -;) of the Northeast Quarter (NE L 4 ) of Section Twentv- Two (22), Township Four (4) South, Range Three (3) East of the Third Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois, containing Two (2) acres, more or less. And that the said land was taxed in the name of George Wills. That the said sale of the above described real estate situate in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, was made for general taxes, interest, penalties and costs due and unpaid thereon for the year, A. D„ 1948. And that the time allowed by law for redemption of the said real estate will expire on the 10th day of October. A. D„ 1951. That Paul Wills of 1333 Summer Street, Eureka. California is assignee of the Certificate of Purchase issued by the County Clerk of Jefferson County, Illinois, to the The Interstate Bond Company, purchaser at the above described Tax Sale. PAUL WILLS, Paul Wills, Assignee of the 7-7 Interstate Bond Company. TAX PURCHASER'S NOTICE TO: Kirby Smith, unknown heirs or devisees of Kirby Smith, deceased, and unknown owners. You are hereby notified that a tax sale of real estate made by the County Treasurer of Jefferson County, Illinois, in the Court House in the Town of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson, and State of Illinois, on the 10th day of October, 1949. Dan Morgan purchased the following described real estate, situated in said County and state: The East third of the North three-quarters of the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section thirty-five (35), Tow*i four (4) South, Range Two (2) East of the Third Principal Meridian, situated in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois. That the said premises were taxed in the name of Kirby Smith and sold for the payment of taxes assessed against the premises for the years 1938 to 1949 inclusive; that the time allowed by law for the redemption of said real estate will expire on the 10th day of October, A. D.. 1951. DAN MORGAN. 7-7 Purchaser PUBLICATION NOTICE In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. Claudine Tennyson, Plaintiff vs Benton Junior Tennyson, Defendant —Complaint for Divorce; No. 51-2063. You, Benton Junior Tennyson, will take notice that on the 4th day of May A. D. 1951 a complaint for Divorce was filed against you In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County Illinois, to be held in Mt. Vernon, in said County; to which complaint you must answer or otherwise make your appearance on or before the 6th day of August A. D. 1951, the return date, or default will be entered against you. (Seal) HARLEY .. WARREN. Circuit Cleric. Joe P. Allen, Attorney for Plaintiff. Mt. Vernon City Bldg., Mt Vernon, Illinois. 7-7 For Sale-By Owner 2 BEDROOM HOUSE — Large glassed In front porch, large utility room, modern with new automatic oil furnace, new inlaid linoleum in kitchen and bath, built in cabinet with new inlaid counter top, automatic oil hot water heater. GI financed, small down payment. 4 acres. Located went on Ashley Road. CALL GUY C. FOX S810-J8 DID YOU LOSE YOUR BILLFOLD? Or Do Other Money Troubles' Have You Down? CROWN FINANCE can consolidate those many payments in one small monthly payment. LOANS - $10 to $500 Phone 1526 Today, or COME IN. CROWN FINANCE CORPORATION 1110 Vi Main — Hawkins Bldg.<. R. 8. DICKSON, Manager < Scientific Care Will Save Your Hair THE FIELDS SYSTEM 122 N. 11th St. Phone 4175 POLIO CHAPTER LISTS "DO'S" AND "DON'T" FOR SUMMER With the "polio season" at hand, the Jefferson county chapter today listed "do's" and "don'ts" as precautionary measures and treatment. Pointing out that no new polio cases wore reported in this county last year, R. LeBen Garrison, chairman of the Jefferson county chapter, expressed the hope that no new cases will occur this summer. ^Hr listed tho following precautions if polio does come to the community: Don't get over-tired by hard play, work or travel. Don't get chilled. Don't bathe or swim long in cold water. Don't have mouth or throat operations during a polio outbreak. Don't use another persons towels, dishes or tableware. Don't take children to places whore there is polio. Don't take your child out of camp or playground, where there is good health supervision. Do allow children to play with friends they have been with right along. Do wash hands carefully before eating.and always after using the toilet. Do watch for signs of sickness, such as headache, fever, sore throat, upset stomach, sore muscles, stiff neck or back, extreme tiredness or nervousness, trouble in breathing and swallowing. Do put sick person to bed at once, away from others, and call the doctor. Quick action may lessen crippling Do telephone your local chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, if you need help. N^t) patient need go without care for lack of money. Do remember—at. least half of all polio patients get well without any crippling. Chapter Pays $2,058 The local polio chapter has recently paid bills for care of patients totaling $428.95. This makes a total since March, 1951 of $2,058.12 spent by the chapter on current and past accounts. The local chapter, due to the fine response of citizens in the March of Dimes, has been able to pay all back bills and have a small balance to help' take care of current cases and some new cases, if they arise, without drawing on funds from the National Foundation. Cards listing of "do's" and "don'ts" on precautionary and treatment measures for polio have been distributed through the schools. Anyone who wishes to have one of the cards should call R. LeBen Garrison, telephone 104. OLD NEWSPAPERS FOR SALE 5c BUNDLE For A Happier Tomorrow... INSURE WITH SUNWAY TODAY All Types of Insurance Coverage Phone 1558 What Will Happen at Kaesonf The loyalty of our Srare Senator can not be questioned. His untiring efforts against communism are evidenced by the following editorial and excerpts of Peoria Star. THE BROYLES BILL VETO (From The Chicago Daily Tribune) "Gov. Stevenson's veto of the Broyles bill offers an Insight into the mental processes of the man they have in the executive mansion at Springfield. "The bill was designed to protect the state and local governments against Communists and their fellow travelers. It defined the communist movement, correctly, as being a world-wide conspiracy and not a political movement. It defined as subversive and foreign subversive organizations those that carry out the various purposes of the Communists, all of which, of course, are directed toward the overthrow of constitutional government in this country. It made membership in such organizations a crime, provided for their investigation by the attorney general, and would have exacted noncommunist oaths from public employes. "In his veto message, Gov. Steyenson referred to his disposition attesting the good reputation of Alger Hiss, which was offered by the defense in the trial of the perjurer-traitor. He asserted that his veto would be "distorted and misunderstood" as, he alleged, his defense of Hiss was. There is no ground for misunderstanding in either instance. "Gov. Stevenson is a New Dealer. His political activities brought him into close contacts with the Communists and their sympathizers in the New Deal administration. His political ideas merged at some points with those of the Communists. In his view. Communists are wicked, but they are also virtually non-existent in Illinois. "When Gov. Stevenson swore that Hiss bore a good reputation, the governor was confessing that Hiss' associates in the New Deal in Washington simply closed their minds to the menace of communism, for there was ample reason to suspect Hiss before his indictment. Now in spite of the evidence of communist penetration of government, Mr. Stevenson professes to believe that the Broyles bill is not desirable legislation. Tenderness toward Communists is, with him, a habit. "The government in"this state may not be overthrown for lack of the protections of the bill. There is a greater danger from the presence in the governor's office of a man who, despite his protestations to the contrary, demonstrates by his acts that he thinks the way to deal with communism is to treat it tenderly." GOV. STEVENSON WAS WRONG IN VETOING ANTI-SUBVERSIVE BILL (From Peoria, Illinois Star) "The Broyles-Young anti-subversive bill was approved by the Illinois Senate by a vote of 34 to 15. In the House it carried by a vote of 87 to 42. Governor Adlai Stevenson vetoed the bill and the Senate failed to override his veto. Thus Illinois, in one of the most critical periods of its history, is without adequate legal weapons to cope with the Red Fifth Column which is known to be active in this state. "The bill vetoed by Mr. Stevenson is patterned after the Maryland anti-subversive law, which was adopted by the Maryland legislature and approved by a popular vote of the people more than three to one. The only part of this law that has been challenged as to constitutionality has been upheld by the highest court of the state." American Patriotic Committee of Jefferson County (Paid Advertising} i

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