Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 14, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1942
Page 2
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Classified You con talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands SELL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP AH Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone OH* »im«~.2 4 wo ,d, minimum 30e Three times—3'/,c word, minimum SOe Six hm*»—3e word, minimum 73e One month—1« e word, minimum $2.70 Rotes or* tor continuous lnsef*'o'« only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale SAVE BY BimNQ USED FURN1- hire from us! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, Beds, and many other items all in good condition with reasonable prices. Also highest prices paid for used furniture. FRANKLIN FUR. NITURE CO., South Elm Street. 9-lmc. MULES, PLOW TOOLS OP ALL kinds. Plow gear. See A. N. Stroud, Washington, Arkansas. 10-lmp 1936 HUPMCSILE, 4 DOOR SEDAN, new battery, overhauled motor. Leaving town, will sell at a bargain. Call 255-W. 802 E. 3rd. St. 14-6tp Trailers For Sale V if«* NEW AND USED HOUSE TRAILER as low as 10% down, balance like rent. See Thelma Stephens or Regnal Roberts, Darwin Camp, on Nashville road. G-Gtp HOUSE-TRAILERS NEW, 1942 AND used. Buy like rent. On Texarkana Highway 67. Two miles. 14-Gtp Wanted to Trade TOUR-DOOR SEDAN IN EXCEL- lent condition, five good tires; trade for stood pickup truck. City Mar- .ket, 112 E. Tthird, Hope ll-6tc. For Rent DESIRABLE BEDROOMS WITH PRI- -vate baths. On Highway 67. 1002 East Third street. Phone 808-J. Mrs. David Davis. ll-3tc Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE - WE repair anytlung Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service 112 Main, Phone 144. 10-lm-c Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture see 21-30tc us - Notice DON'T TAKE A CHANC1! BRING us your abstract work. MONROE ABSTRACT CO. Phone 10, WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS. 1-23-lmp WE SAVE YOU MONEY IN BUYING Selling, and Trading. New and! second hand furniture. We carry 1 NEW BEDROOM SUITES, Studio' Couches, Occasional Rockers and Mattresses. "WE SELL FOR LESS"! Located by Saenger Theatre. IDEAL' FURNITURE STORE. 4-lmp Hope Star Published jvery wwkKtay after noon by ,„ fc Star Publishing Co. Inc. (C- E. Polmer end Alex H. Woshburn) at the Star building, 212-2H South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. Altt. •..««.„., Entered os second' class matter at trw Postoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. /kicA> (A f. > ~ Me ? ns Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n —..... Rote '('Always Payable In \dvonce): By city carrier, per week I5c; Hempsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 oer year; else- Member of The A»oelot»d PfM»; The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to 'he use for republicotion of all news dis- satches credited to it or not otherwise tredited in this paper and also the local news published herein. NoHonal Advertising Representative— Arkansas Dollies. Ine.; Memphis, Torn SJerlck Building; Chicago, 400 North -• , c .u' 00 . n Avnue; New York City, 507 I'"". Avenue; Detroit, Mich, 2842 W Bldg "' Oklanomo Ci 'V. 414 Terminal « * 8l J, Tr ' b " te! ' "«•= Chorae will be de for all tributes, cardi of thanks esolutions, or memorials, concernlna the n ?' C ° m T,? rcial newspapers h6ld to f thf* '"^ the ncws "Iwnns to pro- t their readers from a deluae of space- 's^iliTl 6 "? 0 '' 0 ^ The , S , lar disclaims ros- of om! , n Ir -, f 'afe-kecpinq or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. I STILL HAVE A FEW MORE mules for sale. Won't be at home until February 16th. A. N. Stroud, Washington, Ark. ll-4tp FRONT BED ROOM AND BATH IN private home. Also 1 house-trailer. Call 574-R. 10-6tp NICE FRONT BED ROOM. PRIVATE entrance. Adjoining bath. Would .share kitchen. Mrs. G. C. Stewart. 623 North Elm. Phone 889-W. 12-tf DO YOU WANT A BETTER JOB? Then why wait? See Miss Mary Loggins in charge of our Hope I School located in the Carrigan I Building and ask about our Special •' Civil Service Course that will prepare you kuickly for a Civil Service I examination. The government needs' thousands of stenographers. Perry Business School, Hope, Arkansas. 9-6tc Services Offered 556 SERVICE STATION. Washed nad greased SI. Called for and delivered. All business appreciated. ii. 6t p. 4 ROOM MOD"ERN FURNISHED A- ] partment. Also 2 room furnished ' apartment. James H. Bennett. 110 North Washington. 13-3tc ROOM WITH GOOD, WELL-BAL- anced meals. For one or two men. Select neighborhood. Phone 238. 14-3tp 2 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT on Old Fulton Highway. Clifton E. Whitten or call 567-R. 12-3tp FURNISHED ONE-ROOM APART~ ment. All bills paid. Also front bedroom. Mrs. C. A. Wilfair 710 north Elm. Phone 786-J -4-3tch. Lost ENGLISH SETTER. WHITE WITH solid black head. Two years old. Lost near Spring Hill. Reward. See Roy Butler. Spring Hill. 9-6tp BOSTON BULL, 10 MONTHS, weight 10 Ibs. Has white collar around neck and star in face. White right front paw. Wearing Harness. Reward. Mary Anita Laseter, 315 West 6th Street. ll-3t p PAIR OF GREEN AND GRAY WOOL gloves. Return to Mrs. Martin Pool, 1 phone 392 or 396. ll-3tc LADIES BROWN WOOLEN PURSE. Containing money, check to A. N. Stroud, valuable papers, keys, and fountain pen, and bank book. Re- war. Call at Hope Star, or call 15 at Washington. 12-tfc ?. WELFARE CHECKS: MADE TO Elba Knight and James Stewart. Tuesday in Hope. Return to J. W. White or Hope Star. 14-3tp Air School MEN AND WOMEN, 18-45 VITALLY needed by aircraft factories. You must be trained and in good physical condition. See our representative, Mr. Mills at Barlow Hotel, Thursday or Friday for full information, AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS, Uallas - 10-3tp We, theWomen Uniforms Don't Protect Women War Workers Against Cats By RUTH MILLER Put a woman in uniform; give her a man-sized job to do for the defense of her country; let her face danger and hardship. In short, make a soldier of her—but you've still got a Lost or Strayed FROM MY PLACE ON ROSSTON highway Monday: one dark brown mare mule with white spot on shoulder. Wt. about 900 Ibs. Notify ' P. A. Lewis 14-3tc. NOTICE • • • • W. B. WILLIAMS Has joined the personnel of the CAPITAL BARBER SHOP and invites his friends and customers to visit him CAPITAL BARBER SHOP FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR WATCH CRYSTALS 35c AH Work Guaranteed Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One specifically for only the Supreme court. 2. Law falls into civil and criminal divisions. 3. A writ of mandamus orders someone, usually an official, to perform a specific act. A writ of prohibition orders a person, also usually an official, not to do something. 4. Most American law is founded upon English common law. The laws of Louisiana, however, are based on the Code Napoleon. 5. Some federal cases can be appealed only to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals. vvoman, whose morals will be watched and who will be gossiped about just as much as any woman in civilian life. They have found that out in England where the government has had to start a campaign of counter-propaganda to offset the vicious gossip that is going the rounds about the women in uniform—who my dear, aren't any better than they should be! if you know what I mean." The stories have sperad fast and furiously, and the women who are hardest hit by talk are those who mcve up in the ranks. Just as in this country the business woman or actress who has phenomenal success is ) always a target for gossips—so in ' Great Britain is the "lady soldier" who gets a promotion or a good job. It's just fresh evidence of the fact that, war or no war, women keep right on being wemen, jealous cats if one steps out of the ranks to win some personal glory for luji^elf. And it's safe to bet that if women are taken into the army hero, as has already been proposed, the same thing will happen. Wagging Tongues Rarely Cease Over their bridge tables and over their knitting the women who aren't in uniform will sperad gossip about those who are. They'll do it because women instinctively hate to sec women try anything new (look how the homebodies turn up their noses at working women) and because gossip is a form of excitement to women. It's too much to expect of the sex that they could send some of their women into the armed forces and that the rest would sit back and cheer them on. "Limas" are limes, not beans, in Lima, Peru, where lima beans are known as "pallares." • NOTICE • Erie Ross is now employed by Keith's Barber Shop New Location on E. 3rd Next to Checkered Cafe OUT OUR WAY NO f WELL THEM, I'LL TRADE VUH THIS OFF HINC? ONE PER THET NIGH L.EADER AM 1 THROW IN THAT SOUTH FORTY ACRES O' MINE TO BOOT.' V By J.R.Williams WHUT? VUH MEAN THET FOUR-YEAR-OLD WITH BOG SPAViN AN' CURBy HOCKS ? HUSH UP/ WHY THIS \<B ONLV A TWO- VEA.R-OLD/ BUT T MIGHT,.. MIGHT... TRADE EVEN, PER THET VEARLIN' ON TH' NIGH SIDE WITH WIND GALL .... BUT STILL I DUNNO RUBBER HORSES ,'V HOM StAt, H d M, A ft KAN S A ft WASH TUBBS The Lost Is Pound Sater<joy, FebFuqyy 14,1 943 By Roy Crane MAKE CER1AIU VOU NOT ESCAPE HEREWEAWS 1 REMEM6fR VfJRV WEIL, you DIVE HERE. FIND TWO PfttOL (CAM OFFICER REAV MESSA6E ARE HI06EW IH BUUETOP PISTOL WHldH H «>ROP IN OCEAN. WE TAKE CHANCE ^ <30 AT NI6OT WHEM BRITISH OL, CANMOT SEE POPEYE UJIMPV, ESPLAIM \ ( \ LUAMTED AM APPROPRIATE ^ U^ il®* < Y* NAVAL LJMlFORM, SIR, AMD STRUTTIN4' AROUN /THIS UJAS THE MICE^TOWE I DRESSED UKB^X^AUJ AT THG COSTUMGRS! ALL anwws'p Jj^_ (i _^_ DONALD DUCK ^C~N—*__ ' r^ \ • Another Naval Victory >-. AHOV, ADMIRAL-POP6V67 LOS FIWALLV MADE UP ' OUR MIMDS ABOUT THE Thimble Theater WE ALL WANT A UNIFORM LI X& MISTER c: ^c m BE A MAUORIT4. 1 \ UJHAT DO WOU SAVJ l?yf >k t Mfe* ') & s» f\ z-iM v\^ Love Conquers All £Z C By Walt Disney BLONDIE Beasley's Face Is In the Red, Too! i hlf,. ANPWERESVOUR 1 r MA1L.PAGWOOR BEFORE I , FORGETTO -> GIVE IT TO VOU By Chic Young BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Leave It to Fat I'M TO VOU AND THEN you WAND ME FOUR BILLS.'.' :j •* By Edgar Martin Mr. OM MY vfow \ -5. VOWCVX AVi'X -wet RED RYDER Diablo's Nose Knows LobK-ur-v ^ "DIABLO SEE. 5OME1HINS.' / HE'S ,.. SCE.NTE.E) )" : - VJATE.R.' . VJAS VJARD SRACQ THE OUT By Fred Harman ALLEY OOP NiCE OF VOU.GUZ TO PUT ALL. THESE I GUYS TO WORK BUILDIK)' CAGES FOR ME . OOR..BUT\ WHY DOM'TCHA ' TELL ME WHAT J VA WArOT 'EM FOR? Population Reducer ALL. RIGHT, MEM... JUST VA/AlT'LL \ IF YOU'VE GOT GET YOUR \ ALL VOUR STUFF LITTLE PARTY ) TO&ETHEE, LET'S OF EXPERT HUMT-\ GIT EES DM LOCATION ...YOU'LL FIMD OUT/ &>=. ByV.T. Hamlin FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^S£TJ?P >5!J.^AN BY PRINTIMQ Let That Be a Lesson BUT I SAY, OOP, THIS IS TH WAV TO TH' CLIFFS/ THERE'S WOTHIM' THERE BUT THEM P&SKV PTERODACTYLS SURE.,1 ViMOW.., BUT WHEN WE GET THROUGH, THERE WOM'T BE BO MAMV.' By Merrill Blosser A STOR.Y ABOUT ME T6ARIW& UP A TRAFFIC TICKET ? I WANT [HE ISNTCW THAT COOK THE PAYROLL] KID FIRED / J HIS JOB IS HONORARY— Bur I'LL see , WHAT j CAN DO AND IF >t>U EVER. WftlTH A STORY UKE THAT AGAIN, COOK. I'M AFRAID I'LL HAVE T& HIC>E IT ON THE PROMT PAGE-/ YOU WERE OOlMG MILES AM OFFICIAL CAR, PEDESTRIANS AND I /AS EASILY AS DO UNOFFICIAL, CARS, MR.. HOUR IN TOWN / M? BV hCA SEHVICE. INC. T. M. BEC1 U. S

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