Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 16, 1937 · Page 49
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 49

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1937
Page 49
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 16 • 1937 FIVE AH-American Honor KiUinjc. >', S. P. A.. International First Place Award, Quill. Scroll. 1934-':io-':!C. Bob Purrlsh—President of Fred D, Cran Chapter of Quill. Scroll. STAFF Kditor-in-Chiet Bob I'ajrish Manajrinr Editor .Martin 1 osclori Associate Senior Editors Frances Kmmrrt. Gera!ri A Her Business Manazer John Ar men trout Corresponding Secretary. Glfn Buchiinan Typists Evelyn Thomav PhyM* fl rch. Opal Himmond. Adviser, Miv Eli/a brth II. GIMVC*. president o( Iowa As>'n. of Journalism director^ ] Band on KGLO Sun., Jan. 17 5:05 P. M. ^CUBCAZtTTE We Northwest Assembly Jan. 27 FOUNDED 1929 DEVOTED TO MASON CITY SCHOOLS PUBLISHED BY M, C. H. S. •Vol. VIII Jan. J|5. 1937 Nn. XVII GIVES ADDRESS AT COMMERCIAL CLUB GATHERING Claudme Coleman Tells Students About Chamber of Commerce Work. 40 Boys Inducted Into Hi-Y at Y. M. Ceremony Take Pledge to Maintain MILTON MADNESS Milton in large doses hns made i some seniors decidedly Milton con- j scious since Christmas. However, i one senior has scarcely regained j consciousness since he reported on ''Paradise Regained." The point is that in spite ol the ! normal resistance offered to , : a project, the alleged siuceir.s i have admittedly grasped some- ' thing of Milton, the power oC his '•• themes, the artistry of his verse. ' The feat was accomplished by ; serving the Miltonic classics, not by piecemeal bui in their emiie- ties. The tonic was effective. The idea which we should like to put over is that a tas',.o of a classic is not enough. One has to get the feel of the thing, lhat is, enter into the spirit of the writer and his times for only then does the reader begin to do what is facetiously referred to as "developing an appreciation. A more apt term is enjoyment. Such attainment depends upon individual ability and inclination. At any rate the chap who has struggled through the whole of ''Paradise Lost" should know something about it and be abic to report it to his class much better than the person who has read only an excerpt. It may be better to have tested the classics than never to have contacted them, but our opinion is ; that one's time is better spent in ' reading wholes. not parts. Your School and Mine And Then Go to RAY SENEY 19 EAST STATE For Watches & Diamonds & Save the Difference Mrs. Claudine Coleman, assistant secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, spoke to the Commercial club in the Pioneer room of the Y. M. C. A. Monday noon. The duties and values of a secretary and the accomplishments ; of the Chamber of Commerce . were stressed by the speaker. i After the luncheon Magdalene i KartcJ. Commercial club president, awarded certificates and i pins to the students who were ; runners-up in various tests. i Got Test Pin. Marie McConnell merited the '• 100 word transcription test pin and certificate while Beth Car: tcr was the 0. A. T. pin winner. Marie Madscn had the distinction 'of being the first to merit the 60 word competent typist certificate this year. Other seniors who merited the 100 word transcription test certificate were Norma Chamberlain, Marie Madsen. Evelyn Lien, Ruth Kellogg, Dorothy Schiesberg, and Eleanor Thrams. while Rosalie Birch. Evelyn Lien, Audrey Claudy and Marie Black received I their 80 word transcription test j ature certificates. i ' '_ Awarded Certificate. j Those awarded the O. A. T. j Wilcox: "Good Sport" . . certificate were Ruth Kellogg, j cage shows still manage to Audrey Claudy, Rebecca Kitsis. Opal Hammond. Shirley Dobson, Dorothy Schiesburg. Betty Chapman, Eleanor Thrams, Orvilla Hanson. Evelyn Lien, Irene Web' er. Marie McConnell. Dorothy ! Sullivan. Margarctte Paraskevas. i Vivian Martin. Marie Madsen, Eb; ba Olson. Alva Skram. Margery : Simkins. Belh Carter, Margaret j Wright. Thelma Miller. Nadine i Myers. Vivian Woldmoe and Ma; de Black. The commercial advisers—the Standards of Christian Character. Standing before a red, white and blue Hi-Y cross emblem ornamented with candles signifying purity, the service and sacrifice to others, 40 boys were formally inducted into the Hi-Y club Wednesday evening at the first of several ceremonies to be held by the club this year. SCHOOL SCIENCE CLUB SPONSORS STRUNK SPEECH Luther College Professor of Biology Says Man Has Copied From Nature. The Natural science club of the high school and that of M. C. J. C. under the supervision of Miss Ida E. Iversen presented Dr. W. Science Sponsor Art Fischbeck, president Doug | strunk, professor of biology Farrer,. vice president. John .Armentrout^ secretary, and Jim Barclay, treasurer, standing behind the candle lighted emblem told the new members the purpose, planks and vows of the Hi-Y as When the lid's ripped off the second week of January you know the school year's well on its way . . . Somehow this frigid temper- makes me think of M. C. . . . Descriptionette of Lyle The drag 'em out when it's nice inside and ice outside . . . What I especially feel t.hata waya 'bout seeing these mornings are those smiles, so warm . . . Just to balance with the radium dips . . . This is just about the time of year that seniors stop playing the goat so that the} will get a sheepskin in June . . . Do you note the sheepish ai"s'.' I've penned about the sr'iooi this week with a sort of an e-nipty feeling . . . You gel used tc do! Misses Grace A. Barnard, Gladys | ing something you love, then it's | Price, Myrtle Albert and R. ~E. ' ! Nyquist—were present. Names were drawn and Vivian \Voldmoe received a fountain pen as an attendance prize. Winter Sports Equipment Shoe Skates, Skis, Sleds, Guns, Snow Suits, Jackets DECKER BROS. "Everything for Sport" ZORIC (deal American Laundry I AND ZORIC DRY CLEANERS IT'S PHONE 22 Manufacturers and Jobbers of — and — 7 UP Carbonated Beverages in Bottles MASON CITY BOTTLING CO. Phone 85 701 S. Fed. Avc. notsy hotsy when yru see it . . . Yeah, I've dor.e n.y final column for the old Cub ... A year ago I started with "Much Ado About Nothing" . . . It's really swell to glorify .activities here weekly . . . And "weakly." I suppose . . . Now I close the lid to "Your School and Mine . . . Beginning next week the junior staff takes the column over . . . i And they'll probabjy mnke Martin ! look pretty—well you know , . . i They're a grand '-Hindi . . . And • now. well it's -.ivi?:- . . . Thanks | 3 million to yo:i, nnd von. especially YOU!—Since r ciy, tin Yoseloff. each group was initiated. Repeated Peldge. After having been unanimously accepted into the membership of v the club upon recommendation of the membership committee who stressed the character and habits of each the new members repeated the following pledge in unison: "We. the members of the Mason City Hi-Y club in the presence of God and each other, do pledge ourselves to help one another in the keeping of this covenant—to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character and to stand together on and for the platform of Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Scholarship and Clean Living." Marched in Twos. In twos the boys marched hand in hand in front of the white cross standing for thought and action and the red triangle standing for red blooded service to others and for the growth in body, mind and spirit. Each lighted a small candle circling the emblem from the large candle in the middle of the cross and officially became members of the Mason City Hi-Y. Boys inducted into the club were Joe Price, Bill Stoakes, Kenny Kew, Sam Mooney. John Monger, Bob Bush, Elwin Lunning, Ellsworth Burgraff, Leonard Mark, Glenn Fessenden, Clark Gage, Bob Oliver, Russ Felix, Ed CloUse, Vern Rediker, Bob Brisbane, Ray Clough, John Youngblood, Bob Kipper, Bob Brown, Jack Haskins, Warren Dushack, Bob Smith, Chuck Barr, Roger Luther College, Decorah, in double assembly before the high school students and in a special assembly for the college. He was introduced to the high school by Roger Hsyes, president of the high school club, and to Jaysees by Derwin Myhr, president. "The principle of the wheel is the on'ly one which was originally discovered by man," declared Dr. W. L. Strunk. "The other principles applied by man are all imitated or copied from nature." Didn't Originate It. Dr. Strunk drcwe home his statement by giving several examples from nature. He said tha hitch-hiking was not introduced by man' for the Remora fish has for years had a free ride across the seas by clinging to the sides o. other sea animals. To illustrate that animals copy from others, Dr. Strunk told of a domesticated otter who did no 1 like to go into the water. When the others were swimming he would walk on the sand along the bank. But, when they came oul of the water, rolled in the sand shook themselves and jumped in the air, he did likewise. Dr. Strunk stated that the Bower birds were the only creatures besides humans to have an aesthetic sense for they buiM a perfect bower with colorful and artistic exactness. Presented Mo^ie. Speaking on the subject "A Marvel of Creation,. The Bee" before the Jaysess, Dr. Strunk meanwhile presented a four reel movie entitled "The Realm of the Honey Bee," produced by the department of agriculture. He pointed out that the great mysteries of life are ever before us in our study of the honey bee. Prof. Strunk commented on the various scenes of bee life as they were shown on the screen. Scenes of Dees gathering nectar, pollen and Sport Squibs FRIDAY, JAN, 22 IS REGISTRATION DAY FOR JAYSEE Office Will Be Open From 10 a. m, to 4 p. m. for Students. Dean S. L. Rugland has named Friday, Jan. 22, as registration day for both new and old students Hey you! Those fast little fellows are t;oing to scrap those big! in the Mason City junior college. fellows again! Once again the Trojans will pit their "firewagon 7 ' speed agahist the height of a col- The office will be open from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. so that students may contact the dean, if necessary, before registration. The college semester examina- lege freshmen outfit. This time they wili .scrap with the Drake Bull Pups if what promises to be I tions will be given from Jan. 19 one of the fastest contests of the j to 22 - The complete list follows: season at the local gym Saturday, -. Jan. 23. , 19. IDA E. IVERSEN Orr, Martin Connett, Hank Nel- water were interesting while son, Freddie O'Green, Jimmy Challis, John Moore, Jim Wagner, Schwab, Kenny Wiede, Bud Lea- g'njj j man, Wells, Payne, Leonard and Mar , _ I Boomhower. Photographs Live Forever RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Next J. C, Penney Co. Ph. 2272 Miss Buehla Sanders, instructor of speech, who has been in a Council Bluffs hospital since Christmas will return to her work Monday, Jan. 25. Mrs. Carl Frederick Beck has supplied in her absence. phases of the honey industry, and the castes of bees, drones, workers, and queens were presented. Commenting upon the fact that the queen's attendants never turn I their backs to the royal mother,' I Prof. Strunk said, "Our custom of always backing up before royalty probably dates back to this habit of the bee." Senior Students May Enter Essay Contest Senior students of the Mason City high school have been given opportunity of entering an essay contest on the subject, "What Engineering Has Done for My Community." Prizes have been offered for the best essay: A first prize of 520; second prize of $10, and 12 prizes of $5 each. In addition, the winners of each county will receive a medal. The contest is sponsored by the Iowa Engineering society. The papers are to be from 700 to 1,000 words in length, and are to be in the hands of designated teachers on or before Feb. 28. The three best essays from each school are to be sent to a representative of the society at Ames, who will send the three best from Three local high school boys havie entered the ''squared circle" racket and have appeared in a number of the American Legion Boxing shows this winter. Bob Kipper, Maynard Michaelson and Russ (Freddy Miller) Enright ars the boy's who have taken up this brutish art of pugilism. Mike Martin, former Mohawk star "grunt and groaner," has also entered the boxing game and thus far has not been defeated. Well, here's more power '.o you, fellows! 8:00 to 10:00 8:01) to 10:00 10:00 to 12:00 English I German nl Calculus Holding a rabbit's foot in one hand and a good luck omen in the other I'm putting my money on the Mohawks as they travel to Davenport Jan. 22 to avenge their eariler season deieat at the hands of the river city team. "Round and round she goes and where she stops no one knows," would well fit the Mohawk basketball team as it shoots the ball toward the basket, never knowing where it will end up but in all probability it will :;top outside of the rim of the bucket unless old lady luck by sorm' in and changes itr occasional swisher. chance steps course for an 10:00 to 12:00 Speech I 10:00 to 12:00 Enslish in l:00to 3;0n History I J.-OOto 3:00 Frenth I 2:00 to 4:00 Speech I Wednesday. Jan. 20. S:00 to 10:00 Psycholosy I 10:00 to 12:00 Chemistry I 10:00tol2:00 Chemistry III & 10:00 to 12:00 Speeeh I 1:00 to 3:00 German I l:00to 3:00 History in Thursday. .Ian. 21. 8:00 to 10:00 Government I 10:00 to 12:00 French III 1:00 to 3:00 Biology I Fridiy, .Inn. «i. 8:00 to 10:00 Economics I 10:00 to 12:00 Math IV !:001o 3:00 French V 1:00 to 3:00 Physics I ins 311 .113 20S .115 .111 201 313 315 311 311 315 313 315 311 313 311 ."11 205 313 311 Speaking of wrestling, I wonder why Fort Dodge sports writers have branded Tom Rumeliote, his group to a central commitee. "Mason City's carnival roustabout? Maybe one of the gypsum Awards be made and announced as early as possible. city's sports writers attended the i carnival held here last summer | and saw Tom talking to some of 'the show's "tough guys." and thought he was just one of the — ,— „. [ gang. Tom with a!! his bone Robert H. Parris, senior placed ! Ashing tactics reminds me of the | . ., ...., ^-,,,_ '. ,.. _, • following fur.nvbone tickler. Yoseloff Plays in "And Sudden Life" Amusing and dramatic moments were provided in the original one act comedy, "And Sudden Life," by Martin Yoseloff, presented by the staff of the 1937 "rhythmetic 1 Wednesday morning. Playing his character of Gerald Young, with sympathy and vigor, Martin Yoseloff portrayed the tribulations of a would be child prodigy who from the depths of disillusionment finds himself. Devoted to composing a sym- j phony, Gerald shuns the parties which his friends enjoy. When he learns that his composition is immature, he finds his dreams shattered, but a.vakes to the sudden realization of the joy of being a normal person. Parnsh Places in Editorial Contest third and fifth respectively in copy reading and editorial writing in the first group contest of the school year conducted by Quill and Scroll, international society for high school journalists. Don Smith junior, merited honorable mention in the current events contest. Don defeated all .ocal junior and senior journal- ,sts. Parrish's pals in Cub lab are laving their fun twitting him on lis strong language uttered when le was struggling with the copy •eading. Parrish's comeback was 'Guess I'll make it stronger yet if have to battle with another, following funnybone tickler. Barber: "Was your tie red when you came in here?" Customer: No ;: wasn't. Barber: "Gosh! I must have cut your throat." J, A. Have Your Eyes Thoroughly Examined by Dr. Keith V. Mace OPTOMETRIST SMITH OPTICAL 21 East Stele Miss Mary Bullock, history instructor, returned to her glasses Monday, Jan. 11, after an absence of a week, due to illness. J. U. I Crosen substituted for her. Howard Barker's "grunt and groaners" have set up quite an enviable record this season and are now holding down the top position of the big four. Well someone has to uphold the su- I premacy of M. C. H. S. in the athletic circle of the big four, eh [ Judge? I chaotic mess and medal winner." then I'll be a MILK 7 Days Every Week Seven dayi a week and Hirce . times a day milk drinking will give your children «ind family extra nutrition needed during these cold winter month?. For richer, purer palatable miik you can find no belter than Sebcrmer- horn Farm? Milk delivered daily \i'hen and a? you want it. Schermerhorn Forms DHivrry Third Vocal Recital of School Year Hi?h School Auditorium—Tuesday, Jan. 19, 7:45 DIRECTOR, MISS ELLEN VOCAL SOl-OS "A*lecr> -n ihc DCPP ' — ffoiirr .,....,...., .......... 'My Am Folk"— Scotch Folk Son;. ...... ..... ........ "On fhr Road m Mandfllsy"— Speak* .......... ... ..... onorr OF SONGS BY ROYS- QIARTKT £d Duke. Dirk Uffnrrl. Boh Ram pi on. Clark Swccisrr YOfAT, SOLOS "Old M?n River"— Kf-rn , Walirr Sweet Enid Forbes Clinton Dicrcks "Nichavo"-— Mana Zucca , , "One Fleetinc Horn " '•The HiJJs of Home"~Fox Tinrirn "Songs My Mother Taught Me" — Dvorak "The LrfUighing Cavalier" — Sanderson "Smc On" — Denzn . . . . Mclvin »rr ..,,,.,. Ina Mse Ivin Russell Bistline Veda Kimrey ,...,,. . Bob Rampton. .,.,,.,, Virginia Farmakis Ruth Doucall ,., Clark Swcetser C retch en Weber GROIP OF SONGS BY THREE MIXED GROUPS 1 Bill Armstrong. Warren Brown. Pcccy Hencman. Dorothy Swift. Frances Stinehart, Doric Read, 2. H.irolrt Ashley. Harold Johnson. Janr SaHer. Chartone Storer, Jeanne Feier- soa. Virginia Stoakes. X Hrlcn S'orcfccr, Verta Ximrt-y. Ruth DoiiRall. Gtetch^n tt'cbcr, Howard Freeman. Thomas Rye. GROir OF SONGS BY THREE GIRLS' SEXTETS 1. Oom Read. Alice Hood, Frances St in chart. Jeanne Peterson, Virginia Rto;.kr«, Brlly Eaiirncanner. 2. Cbsrloitp Slnrrr, Bctw Thomas, Jane Sattcr, Ruth .Innes Pejssv Hcnernan. Sophie NeRomir. X Ruth Doiical. Fayine Nnlterirke. Barbara Scott. Estelle Schneider. Rosamond Wrhstcr. Enid Forbes. ICE CREAM MOLDS . . . FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS Children's Parties Clown, Elephant, Rabbit, Dop, Cat, Fro?, Horse. Duck, Monkey, Lion, Chicken, Turtle, Turkey, Football Player, Football, Airplane, Auto, Man on Bicycle. HUTCHIN50N5 ICE CREAM Tested and Approved by Good Housekeeping: PASTEURIZED MILK Is Always the Safest For Children Growing children should drink a quart of pasteurized milk a day to insure the perfect formation of the limbs and a strong, robust body. No diet is complete without milk and no milk is so rich in vitamins and minerals as that if ... HERMANSON'S Phone 646 LYONS A Complete Service Lounderers Dry Cleaners Furrier* PHONE 600 Are there other bjrds butting in? See our fine array of j Spring Flowers and Plants. "Say it with Flowers" Kemble s Greenhouse Main Otllce ISM S. Fed. Phone 55 Dnwnlovn Shop 1 W Stale St. Phone «ir, Attend Our Big January Sale of Shoes One lot of ladies' and misses Pumps and oil other styles, at only . .. $1.69 SHOE BOX. Inc. Third Vocal Recital of School Year High "School Auditorium—Tuesday, Jan. )9, 7:45 DIRECTOK, MISS ELLEN SMITH GROUP OF SONGS BY THIRD HOi;R CLASS Jns Be'Tlis Crystal Brooking. Mary Burrpts. Ruth Clapper. Betly Clausen. Helen Evelsnd." Kenec Fatland. Loi= Gcphan. Amy Lou. Enid H.irvcy. Lsura Hidenry Mildred Johnson. Ruth .Inlinsnn. PrifCilla Knlil. Marion KrimibhoUz. Ida Learner, Nancy Londey. ArleVe Martin. Jcaneuc Fierce. Elsie Schmidt, Jane Schmitz. Opal Smi;n, Ecuy Swcci. VOCAL SOLOS "J Ltii'C a ;jt!lc Coltaip"—O'Hare > V|W;1 R;lc "Pirate Bold"—Fifhcr Bob Buchanan "In an del Fashioned Town"—Squire Maud? Wilson "Da-.™ and Dusk"—Foster Haro.d Ashley GROIJP OK SONGS BY BOYS' SEXTET Hubert Cabell. Lewis Cunimingj. Bob Buchanan, Stan Kivcd,-.'. VOCAL SOLOS -Little Love:>- Dream"—Crews Carol Moore "Two Mexican Folk Song?" Ecl J'rnincz "Still As the Niphf—Bohn Dorothy Wolf "Little Grey Home in the West"—Lohr ri^rold Johnson "My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair"—Hayden Eicon Payne GROUP OF SONGS Jane Lee Berner. Sarah Coc. Muriel Griffin. Geraldine Humphrey. Betty "~ Lou Julscn. Alice Loomis. Marjorie MacArlhur, Dorothy Mickey. Gladys N'ls- sen. Kay Shaffer, Virginia Snyder. Sara Stevens. Ruth Whitson. VOCAL SOLOS "Trees"—Rasba^h •"VMrna Wallers "Bells o/ the Sea"—Solman Art Fischbeck "In the Luxembourg Gardens"—ManninE , Di:k Ufford "Slumber Boat"—Gaynor Helen Harris "In the Northland" : • Ed Hunter "Trie Slave Song"—Del Ricgo Mae Lysne JELLICO COAL Thcre'f Nothing Better Crystal Lake ICE and FUEL CO. 20 First St. S. E. Phone 213 SOCIAL SECURITY OUTFITS Ledgers, Blank Books, Calendars, Steel Transfers Everything for the Office Klipto Loose Leaf Co. 15-n tenth Deliwir< Be Smart . . . Have your school clothes cleaned and pressed regularly. Use Our Complete Loundry Service Phone 788 and 789 SERVICE! Penney's is a public asset! We pay taxes, employ local people, put money in the local bank, use local labor. We work to satisfy local needs with good merchandise at low prices. But because we're more than just a local store, because of the organization back of us, we can pieet local problems with our national experience! DIARIES CALENDAR PADS BLANK BOOKS Ledger Journals 25c UP Yelland & Hanes BOOK STORE 11 EAST STATt PHONE 400 FREE HAIRCUTS MARCELS FINGERWAVES La' Jafnes College of Beauty Culture U-li Tint St. N. W. Fhon. Vlumin "D" Bread has all ttie cimme- somc-more flavor of n home quality broad. Plus the Vitamin "D" that a 11 children need to help build strong bones and teeth. .. IS BETTER BREAD YOU'VE... Tried the Rest — Now Try the VEKY-BESf MILK: FARM PRODUCTS CO. we DELIVW

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