Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 13, 1958 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1958
Page 5
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m TEENS TOP TEN (Returns from votes cast for pop tunes at our most recent Bell Hdps at Val Air-, Des Moines, and at Wintcrsct, Hedrick, and Colfax.) Last WMk 1 This W»«k 1 Title Sweet Little 16 (Chuck Berry) 3 2 26 'Miles (Four Preps) 2 3 Don't (Elvis Presley) 6 tie 4 Bop-a-Lcna (Ronnie Self) 0 5 Ballad of Teenage Queen (J. Cash) 0 tie 6 Maybe Baby (Crickets) 4 tie 6 Short iShorts (Royal Teens) 5 8 Who's Sorry Now (Connie Francis) 0 9 Wonderful Time Up Tthere (Pat Boone) 0 10 Are You Sincere (Andy Williams) Out from last week: Your Name is Beautiful; You Are My Destiny; Good Golly, Miss Molly; Knock Knock. Ulpcoming: College Man• • • • WILL ROCK'N'ROLL STAY OR GO? ONE SAYS YES. OTHER NO Winning letters sent to this column in our recently completed contest were written by Mrs. George Cope, RR 1, Carlisle, and Diane Stimson of Adel. Diane points out today's teens weren't satisfied with the previous generation's music, so why should the next generation of teens accept the choice of this — rock'n'roll? Mrs. Cope points out that the music appeals to all ages; her own, as well as that of her 17- year-old and 3-year-old daughters. Packages of six records have been sent as prizes to each of the winners. • • • • BELL'S BELLS BELLRINGERS The four new records rating the most favorable response from our Bell's Bells preview show this week were: Lonely Island . . . Sam Cooke . . Keen 110 to 23 Doin' The Stroll . . . Saints . . . Prescott 102 to 33 Kc% & For Always . . . G. Hamilton . . ABC-Par 96-43 Jackie Brown . . The Passions . . . Era 89 to 45 "LIVIN DOLL" MAY BE FEATURED IN "TOP HIT CLUB NEWS MAGAZINE" Jerilyn Oliver, the 15-yera-old from Williamsburg named "Miss Livin' Doll" recently at a Bell Hop at Val Air ballroom has been invited to send a few pictures and information about, her ambitions and hobbius to Buddy Basch, editor of "Top Hit Club News" maga/.ine. Each issue of the maga/in", Buddy profiles a young performer "on the way up". Jerilyn's picture with Jim Eddy and this columnist is in a '.publication written for people the March 8th issue of Cashbox, concerned with music and eo.n- opirated machines. • « • • TEEN TOPPERS This column feels that teens who arc worthwhile should b>- recognized publicly. The name.; you see below are those of Iowa young adults who have recently been honored on the Don Beli shows as outstanding. Each received a Teen Topper certificate, six month subscription to 'Teen Maga/.ine and season's supply of Coca-Cola. Do you know an outstanding teen? Write me about him —- or her. Bill Mitchell, Norwalk; Joyce Jordan, R 2, Ames; Mary Kay Scha'hen, Defiance; Sandra Straus, 5515 Merle Hay Road. Des Moines; Mary Ann Rushing, R 1, West Des Moines; Judy Mann ing, 1423 Guthrie, Des Moines. « • • • FAN CLUB Ronnie Self Fan Club Judy Figgins. 1032 E. (itli Si.. Des Moines. • • • • • DIDJAXNOW? There are Hi million teens in the U.S. — enough, to sittle two cities the size of New York. (Or unsettle 32 million parents.) .... A U. of Michigan survey showed that only one-third of the 60% of "going-steady" teens are sure it's a good idea? .... Thirty years ago — in 1928 — working-class teens went to the mills at age 14. ... Over 90% of teen girls buy their own wardrobes; the boys buy their own watches, typewriters, cameras, EFFICIENT FEMKG AND LIVESTOCK/. MANAGEMENT 13 MARCH 1966 By Dr, Gustav Bolislcdt Emeritus Professor of Animal Husbandry f University of Wisconsin Good Care For The Dry Cow Pays In Future Production A modern dairy cow lias the maternal or sacrificial nature so highly developed that she spends herself nl all rusts mid pnuiicvlly puts herself into the milk pail. In the dryinp-ofl and (ho dry period she needs good feed with special attention to sail and mineral needs to restore herself, in preparation for future calvinjj and future lactation. A. Beryl Thompson, salary UtiUties Interstate Power Co., service Rockwell Mfg. Co., meter parts Mame L. Cole, salary 43.99 63.54 305.48 ,r Too often, however, farmers feel that the dry cow is tho non-pro- ductivo member of the herd nnd they fail to provide feed and minerals in the quality and amount required by Dr. Bohstedt the animal. This is not good management. Dr. E. B. Hart, of the University of Wisconsin, estimated that during a heavy lactation, cows lose as much as 25 per cent of the calcium and phosphorus of their skeleton. They even become subject to hip and leg fractures because of these mineral losses. During the drying-off and the dry period the cows, for the first time since calving, are in a position to restore their necessary reserve nutrients. Not merely the visible reserves that show up as pood condition of flesh, but also the invisible reserves, the minerals and vitamins that are stored in the skeletons, the liver, and other organs of the body. In addition to restoring her reserves during the dry period, the cow is meeting larger and larger nutrient demands of the growing fclus. It is vital to make sure she receives the right kind and amount of minerals. Dr. E. B. Meigs of the United States Department of Agriculture has demonstrated that nn adequate supply of phosphorus during the dry period is rewarded with a better flow of milk during tho following lactation. The opposite is true too — phosphorus deficiency during the dry period resulted in lowered milk production. At the Ohio Experiment Station, Dr. E. B. Forbes shoNyed that cows accumulate the vital calcium and phosphorus in their bodies most effectively only during the dry period and in the latter period of lactation, Good management calls for care during the dry period. To restore the nutrient reserves she has put into the milk, she must have decent roughage, whether hay or silage or both. If her body condition requires it, don't hesi« tate to feed a few pounds of suitable grain mixture. Protein level of the mixture would depend on the kind and quality of the roughage fed. When limited amounts of grain are fed a mineral supplement mixture of one part trace mineralized salt and one or two parts of dicalcium phosphate or steamed bonemeal should provide the necessary minerals. This attention to the feed and mineral needs of the dry cow will pay off in better calves and in better proi..u-lion throughout lactation. TYPING PAPER One Ream (500 Sheets) $1.99 Fayctte County Leader Fayette, Iowa fountain pens and influence family choice of household articles. FAYETTE COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Council met in regular session at Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m. February 3, 1958 Mayor R. E. Cousins presided. All councilmen present. Minutes of last meetings read and a'pproved. Bills were read as follows: General State Bank of Fayette, Clerk's bond 5.00 State Bank of Fayette, Treasurer's bond 40.25 Matt Parrott and Sons Co., Cl. spls. 31.81 Fayette County Leader, printing 39.90 Fayette Insurance Agency, Comp. Gen. Liab. policy 360.04 483.00 Street Knight's Hardware, supplies 11.21 D. E. Paul, repairs 6.21 Joyce Lumber Co., materials 1.45 Alfred Lee Hansen, snow 6.55 Fayette Stone Co., stone 34.09 Mid-Town Industrial Supply Co., signs 33.73 Zabriskie's Garage, repairs 14.36 A. N. Hansen, 249.48 Frank A. Miller, labor-parts 44,60 401.68 Are you one of the forty million owners^ of shares in America \ Sanitation Swomley s D-X Station, gas, oil Howard Popen'hagen, gas, oil Fayette Insurance Agency, Liab. Policy Davis Rexall, supplies W. L. Nading, salary Public Safety iloward Popenhagen, gas, oil Martin C. Timm, salary Lloyd E. Holtzman, salary 4.93 34.95 200.00 9.42 230.77 480.07 35.51 193.49 97.75 326.75 Municipal Enterprises Anna Conboy, wages 19.55 Forty million Americans are proving every day that a smart way to save for their own family security —and to help build their country's strength at the same time— is through the purchase of United States Series E Savings Bonds. Savings Bonds are one of the safest investments you can make. Bonds are guaranteed safe by our Government backed by the strength of 170 million Americans. . And Boodl ue absolutely indestruct- - mature in only ible. If lost stolen or destroyed, the Treasury will replace them without charge. Bonds arc safer than cash. They pay good interest, too — when held to maturity 8 years and 11 months. No wonder so many Americans buying these Shares in America regularly. Why not join them? Start buying Bonds today through the Payroll Savings Plan at work or systematically where you bank. SERVICE BACKED BY EXPERIENCE, AND rULLY GUARANTEED New Parts screen conversions, minor adjustments or major overhaul. Free estimates. • To be sure, call 265 HOWARD'S Radio & T.V. Fayette, Iowa Try a Frosty Snow Cake For a Winter's Feast 23.31 162.10 490.89 Motion by Erion seconded by Henry that bills be allowed as read. Carried. The council voted to continue insurance coverage on Sewage treatment plant as written liy Fayette Insurance Agency for another month. The Mayor appointed a committee from the Fire Department — W. L. Nadins:, H. R. Johnson, Dale Maxson, to meet with the Smithfield Towns'.iip trustees in regard to joint ownership of Equipment for fin protection. Motion by Erion seconded by Henry that Martin C. Timm and Lloyd HoKzman remain in their present status on the police force the month, Motion carried. Motion 'by Erion that the town be put in the market for an automobile to be used as a police car —and that sealed bids be accepted. Council to have privelege of rejecting any or all bids. Motion seconded by Johnson. Motion Carried Adjourned on motion by Johnson seconded by Addy. R. E. Cousins. Mayor Mame L. Cole, Clerk Treat Your Church Kitchen To A Gift Of Useful Small Equipment If you're one of the kitchen workers at your church, you and the others deserve- to give yourselves a gift—assuming your kitchen isn't the most modern, up-to-date kitchen. If your church kitchen is in line for some extensive remodeling, how lucky you are. But if it isn't take Ihe profit from a dinner or use a portion of the kitchen budget, and give yourselves a present of some small kitchen equipment that will pay for itself over and over again in time and energy s-aved. Merle R. Bovis, Fayette county extension home economist, has some pointers for you on what small equipment to get and on how to make the best use of the various pieces. She feels your new small equipment will help you do your work more easily and quickly. Scoops axe Versatile For instance, an ice cream scoop isn't for ice cream alone. Use it for portioning meatballs, hamburgers, cookies, puddings, fruit cups and so on. Use a French knife and chopping board for chopping celery, onions, parsley and other foods. Also use this knife for slicing tomatoes, oranges and the like. Never use your thumb and a paring knife for jobs like this. You can get an inexpensive hand-operated slicer-grater to do such jobs as slice potatoes, shred carrots and grate cheese. If you have an institution-type mixer, you can buy attachments to do these jobs. But use equipment with care to avoid accidents. I Use quart or gallon measures I rather than cups for measuring large amounts. Better yet, use a scale if there's one available. It's simpler to weigh dry ingredients. It's often easier to portion servings with institution-type spoons and ladles. You probably use rubber scrapers in your own kitchen. You'll find them just as handy in the church kitchen, and larger sizeg are available. Use whips for for stirring, mixing, beating and folding. If you're in the market for roasting Ipans, choose those of moderate size. They're much easier to handle when filled with food than the large ones. And they're rnore 'adaptable to groups of different sizes. You can make work easier and save steps by the way you arrange equipment, both large and small. Analyze the layout of the kitchen, thinking in terms of work units. You^ll save a lot of running around if you duplicate some of the small equipment, such as knives, measuring cups, IIKKK'S A SPAKKI.ING KKIfillT, UTTKKLY DKLICIOUS CAKIO to serve at any winter gathering, holiday or everyday. It's n snow cake, easily made with a while-cake mix and a sweetened cor. densed milk frustum, then spread with coconut and garnished with pale green grapes, dipped, when moist, in powdered sugar and allowed to dry with a frosty coating. The frosting is one of the magic kind matte with sweetened condensed milk that needs no cooking. The sweetened condensed milk thickens to smooth-spreading creaminess when mixed wilii lemon juice. MAGIC U'iHON IJIITTKK I HOSTING (Makes 2 cups, enough for top and sides of two K-ineli layers) 4 tablespoons butter 1 'i teaspoons united lemon rinu -;i cup (U 15-oz. ran) 3!i cups confectioners'sugar sweetened condensed milk 1 lo ','. tablespoons lemon juice Cream butter. Gradually stir in ' i cup sweetened coiu'ensr,. milk. Add lemon rind, mixing well. Add sugar gradually, alte. nately with remaining sweetened condensed milk, bealinj; unt smooth. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice and beat well. Sprea.. on cooled cake (ANSI Invest a little money in some useful small equipment, and you'll have a real savings—savings in time and energy. Above, front row, are whips rubber scrapers, chopping board and French knife, ice cream scoops. Back row: hand operated slicc-r-grater, gallon and quart measure, measuring spoons and cups, slotted spoons and ladles. mixing .spoons, in the different work units. Store small equipment 'and supplies within easy reach of where they'll be used first. Movable tables and carts will also help save time and energy. Consider Major Equipment If you're planning to do some remodeling soon or 'way in the future, you'll first want to do paper and pencil planning to scale and talk to others who have had a part in remodeling and working in a remodeled church kitchen. Perhaps you're now in a 'position to replace or add a piece of major equipment. An institution- type range gives more cooking space, is easier to care for, is sturdy and can take hard wear. An institution-type deck oven i.s also needed to provide adequate oven space for some church kitchens. If you often prepare food for large groups, an institution type mixer is a great help. Tho model having both a 12 and a 20-quart bowl is used in many church kitchens. You can use it for everything from mixing cakes to meat loaves. If the mixer is used in different parts of the kitchen, it's a convenience to have the mixer on a movable table. When you buy coffee-making equipment, think about the sixes of groups that you serve. Some- t'mes it's better to have two mod erate-sized units rather than one large one. An institution-type dishwashing machine is desirable if you serve many large crowds. Such u machine is simple to use, but it should be used only by those who know how to operate it. If a dishwasher isn't in the budget, a three compartment sink for washing, rinsing and sanitizing the dishes provides the best hand-washing arrangement. You can use a metal basket to immerse the dishes in the second and third compartments. Post directions by all equipment. Remember, labor saving equipment is a saving only if it is used and used correctly. '_... K)W» OtPARTMtHT Of PUBLIC tAFtTV By Bob Hullihan Tho people who work in the driver improvement section of the state safety department tend to be a little disillusioned with human nature. They spend their days studying the records of drivers and determine which ones need special attention. They are constantly in touch with drivers who have frightening records of accidents and violations. "Yet, 90 to 95 per cent of thorn are absolutely convinced that they are superior drivers," according to James Fetters, head of the section. To prove his point, Fetters picked up a file he was working on at the moment. In the folder there was a record on a driver showing seven convictions for moving traffic violations, two warnings and three accidents. The driver had been suspended before with no apparent effect. He was about to be suspended (continued on page 8) are Part of every American's savings belongs in U. S. Savings Bonds „. „. JW their pa* i «nd WHY? ALL THE FUSS AND MUSS OF HOME BUTCHEIING? Why not step into our large, large refrigerators where you will find tons of fresh beef with that delicious corn-fed flavor and pick a side or quarter from the beef of Your (Cholc*. All our beef is slaughtered, coaled and aged under the strictest sanitary conditions. If you wish it will be cut and wrapped while you wait. SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK SIDES 37 c YOUR CHOICE BEEF CO. Hind Quarters Priced Accordingly Mile South on Highway ISO West Union. Ipw»

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