The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on June 7, 1964 · Page 106
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 106

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1964
Page 106
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SECTION 6 THE COURIERJOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY., SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 7, lf64 Television And Almanac Courtney Scliool of Donee SPRING RECITALS end Courtney Ballet Companies In "let Sylphides" "Snow White and Rosa Red" and excerpts from "Swan lake" and "Sleeping Beauty" Louisville Woman's Club (4th & Ormsby) Recital 730 P.M. Ballet approx. 8:30 P.M. Twos., June 9 Fri., June 12-Sat., June 13 Tickets 75c (Children)-$1.00 Adults Obtainable at Box Office 1lrtHHrttlnrt Br BILL L A D D , to answer them. Thus the opinion of the viewer was overbalanced with the philosophy of the network and the performer. The way it came off, the viewer was wrong again. ... Sings In Choir Mrs. Morton Downey, wife of the former singer, died. . . . David Brinkley will celebrate his 44th birthday during the Republican Convention in July. . . . Joseph C. Harsch is back from London to attend the graduations of his three sons from different schools, of course. . . . Red Skelton hour will be replaced by Lowell Thomas adventure well as announcer, has undergone a second cancer operation. . . . The "Weather Girl" bit is dying out. Three, two in New York and one in Chi, have been fired recently and the weather goes back to being just part of the news on those stations. . . . "First Impression" leaves the air on June 26 as N.B.C. again revamps its daytime game schedule. . . . "Dear C.B.S.," the preview of which was ballyhooed as a 'letter-to-the-editors column" wasn't quite that at 1L Garry Moors and Harry Reasoner took the letters and sought A BRIGHTLY COLORED leries of variety shows may replace the last six or seven "Hazel" reruns this summer. Sponsor is mulling a sort of "starlight theatre" format to Jazz up the last few nights of the summer. . . . Emmy squabble even hurts at the cash register. Networks, which are much unsold for next season, say TV at low ebb in public esteem because of the bickering in its own house. ... Ed Murrow's son is graduating from Milton, Mass., academy. Howard K. Smith, old friend of Murrow, makes the commencement speech. . . . Rod O'Connor, who for many, many years was Bed Skelton's straight man as You're Invited to Join... 0s COUNTRY CLUB 1 flW. V IV V' I' liffrH United Artists. . . . "Profiles In Courage" was the first of next season's series to start work but will be the last on the air. The late President Kennedy insisted that it not open until after the election. . . . Headed For Court The reason Mary Tyler Moore didn't get on the Ed Sullivan show as promised was that Ed wouldn't let her "lip-sync" her number because the entire show that week was supposed to be live. It's going to court. . . . Tom Kennedy's night time "You Don't Say" has been canceled and in fact there seems to be not a single prime-time game show for next season on either N.B.C. or A.B.C., although C.B.S. has four. Perhaps that's enough. ... Beach Boys will be back on the Skelton show, they brought so much mail. . . . Type casting? Chris Warfield has been signed for the road-company lead In a play called "No Strings." He's the guy you see getting into that rented ear from above with "no strings." . . . David Westhelmer has been signed to develop a half-hour comedy series called "Campo 44" about a prisoner-of-war camp in Italy. Westhelmer is a former TV critic of the Houston Post ... It takes three miles of television cable to wire up the Warwick Hills golf course for a golf tournament to be seen on A.B.C. . . . Book Author Jules Bergman, the science editor of A.B.C, has written a book entitled "Anyone Can Fly." He and his wife are both pilots. . . . Bill Burrud pro 1IM Help From 'Hams' Spans 50 Years MMu4 During our prreent mtmberahip drive, we have eliminate! our regular entrance fee. Thoae of you who join now will nerer nave to pay our entrance fee only due. t'ti 'II v. i i i&C, -.; Radio Television-Radio Editor films. . . . Gretchen Walther, who plays Patti Tate on "Search for Tomorrow," sings in the choir of Church of The Ascension in New York. . . . Robert Richter, working on his master's at Columbia on a C.B.S. foundation fellowship, has been named associate producer of "C.B.S. Reports". . . . Latest report says that "Arnie's Army" has nothing to do with the golfer. It is the 30,000 people recruited by Arnold Snyder to cover last week's California primary. ... Sunday-night movie series to be back again on A.B.C. and Channel 32 next fall, has bought post-1958 films from as a hobbyist.' In fact he is often a dedicated public servant. He trains other amateurs, develops new techniques in radio, and is present in case of disaster or even to help his neighbor who may be in trouble and cut off from help. It was in 1914 that a group of radio enthusiasts, then considered to be nuts, met in Hartford, Conn., with Hiram Percy Maxim, developer of the Maxim silencer, and formed the American Radio Relay League. This is a non-commercial group of radio amateurs bonded for the promotion of interest in amateur radio communication and advancement of the radio art It has more than 100,000 members which are scattered over 60 nations. Originally the service in emergencies was on an individual basis. However, as the need for advanced planning became apparent, the Amateur Radio Emergency Corps was founded. Working with the Red Cross there now is a solid network of stations which come into service in case of disaster anywhere. Often the first word of a disaster, the first call for help and subsequent communications between survivors and relatives is by amateur radio. MISMATCHED I ' I ' I c I I ' ( SINGLE MEMBERSHIP No Entrance Fee Only Dues... $1.50 per mo. FACILITIES INClUDf: Dlnlog Faellltlea 1,000 80. ft Banquet Aldeetlsf Room 8,000 iq. ft. Ballroom t 2,000 iq. ft. Dining Room with Bar Colonial Club Home (with private meeting roomi for group activities) S-Hole Golf Courie Planned Dance The Classified Ads Help. mew I FAMILY MEMBERSHIP No Entrance Fee Only Dues.. i, q - $7.00 per mo CIUI AOrvmiS end Olympic Swimming Pool o-SwImmlnf tenons Wadlns Pool for Children Play Ares for Children Tennlt Courts Soft BiU Diamond andTeamt Baby Slttlns Service Danclnf Lessons for Adults and Children PRESIDENT You ore invited to drive out and Inspect the Oub at your leisure or Call 969-9696 or 969-9583. To Buy a Ranch or Learn to SEETHZ PATSY BLOOR SHOWS wioe wmM Photo Pretty Linda Kaye of CB.S.-TVs "Petticoat Junction," helps her mother with dinner. She is 19 and the daughter of the show's creator. 'Country Gal' Linda Is Slick City Chick SAT., JUNE 13 & 20 7 P.M. MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM 4th & Kentucky' ' Adults $1.00 Children 50c ductions are making all entries in color, claiming that within four years almost all television homes will have color sets. Meanwhile C.B.S. and A.B.C. are reducing colorcasts while N.B.C. increases. . . . Some "Beverly Hillbilly" segments will be filmed about a trip to Europe. . . . Has Jeanne Bal quit the "Mr. Novak" series? Her roles were upgraded while Dean Jaggers was ill, then cut back when he returned. . . . Don Knotts probably will have a TV series of his own within the year since his movie became so successful. . . . Carol Burnett and Bob New-hart will be on the same series next year but will never work together, even in sketches. They are not mad the producers think this is an original ideal . . . E.G. Marshall dislikes flying machines, so rode a train to Hollywood for one day's shooting of "The Defender," then rode a train back to New York. This ought to get him a letter from Elmer Sulzer of Indiana University, another dis-liker of the flying machines. . . . C.B.S. has bought rights to an Esther Williams special which was seen four years ago on N.B.C. Plans are to telecast it on July 21. . . . A.B.C. (has set up two annual fellowships in communications management at University of Pennsylvania to train administrators. . . . May Heatherly has been signed for a continuing role in "Man From U.N.C.L.E." . . . National School Bell Awards went to "Mr. Novak" and "Experiment In Excellence" about a school plan in Pittsburgh. SUITES 5209 125 SUITES $95 mi cam on - w)lh SUITES m 4-PC. le t alatOC ' SUMMER CLASSES Z AIR CONDITIONED STUDIOS BALL ROOM TAP BALLET BATON PUBLIC DANCE SATS. 9 P.M.-Food Served I U FREIBERG "SStEiUT Paul Hennlng, the creator of the "Junction" series. She is 19, and around the house she helps her mother with the things that other 19-year-olds help with. Miss Kaye is engaged to Paul deRolf, a dancer and choreographer whom she has dated since high-school days. Her free hours, aside from studying scripts for the series and other acting assignments, is spent in needlework. LINDA KAYE is a spirited country girl in the "Petticoat Junction" comedy series seen on C.B.S. and Channel 11 but in real life she is a pretty hep city girl. Linda lives with her parents In the Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles, studies dramatic art at San Fernando State College between her acting jobs. Linda is the daughter of 70 SAVE with safety y tRSHARP V? 1 CartrWe 1 V 1 IhmW Sad tn, 1 V Na, 7 Swpwr Qotnk tefgrf ' AMATEUR RADIO as an organized volunteer communications system has just passed its 60th birthday. Just before its 50th birthday the group of "hams" did yeoman service in recruiting relief and emergency help for the sufferers of the Alaskan earthquake. In the past 50 years there has not been a single disaster which didn't rely on the amateur radio people to organize relief work and bring help. Most people regard the amateur who talks, apparently aimlessly on the air waves, Channel 15 Cli Children A-Adwhs YA-Young Adults All Times or. p.m. MONDAY S:00-Whors NowT (Ch) l:30-foland Today (A) 9:90 Championship Dtbaio (A-YA) TUESDAY :00-Whafi Ntwt (Ch) 1:30 Italiglepj and Man (A-YA) :0O-Arab Ferment (A) 9:30-Iclenee Reporter (A-YA) WEDNESDAY l:0O-Whafi Nowf (Ch) l0-Jaxi Catual (A-YA) 9:00 Rollglen and Man (A-YA) 9:30-Champlonship Diboto (A-YA) THURSDAY S:00-Whafs Newt (Ch) l:30-Sclno Roportor (A-YA) 9:00-Al hsua (A) 9:30-Jetx Catual (A-YA) FRIDAY S:00-Whafi Nowf (Ch) 1:30 Royal Philharmonic (A-YA) 9:30-At Isiuo (A) O SAVE with safety STATEMENT WITH INSTITUTION Noon lot. 3 1 ju 5-5004 (e&A 13 f? I-l n I . . I -Mnia7iiy'Tli - I I 1 2 .pr LIVING ROOM - Sill. I SCHIID FLOOR SAMPLES ! AN Cam rabker, yl.n ceven, wchk. af ttltn. SELLS ANY. HITmWK t BAY DDHJP I wMKiK$in.M ... now GIFSET BRUNCH BAG Weihuawl nA aVwawify ttyiW Inmcfc Swf wMi Hpiwr Jn f UgMwafctf San am and pint ate fcvtllfc Cbtfc at Mode . Cartridge I tuk Thrown. -J : S1" I SPECIAL LIVING ROOM SUITES TWIN SIZI i 3-Pc. Sectionals NATIONALLY 2"P LMn9 Ro0m Su,,,M ADVFBTKFD 8 '"" ivbber, NrUa Coven, In MlrlUMUSW tttortti toltn cemaaree Te l29'5 to 7955 1 " ' 5 fMti " ' ' ' l t t-t . law i iy SPECIAL ODD DINETTE CHAIRS CLACK UOMZl CH20MI RECLINER CHAIRS & Uretlwtim,yHrche4c V 1 Mr J 32 efFabHcier ad Vinyl NOWI BUNK BEDS CemaUl IeleHM of Style, in Maple. Clete Owl Price 4-PC BEDROOM SUITE Chail, bad, drotter V mlrrar, $139.93 Valtia SOO Hurry, Only A Faw 11 uftv...; MOW 1 2-PC. LIVING ROOM wed even. 1 1 1I I 1 lot tpring filU; nylen A i Sol. up I. SI69.93. "M i "Marted Down TeTheUwMlar n mo 10 TO Your choice of any of these 4 fine gifts when you open a new account of $200 or more, or add $200 to your present one. Certificates of Investments receive 5 Interest at People's, compounded semi-annually. LINOLEUM RUGS SPECIAL99 MRoo Enormous Group of FINE CHAIRS Sulloble let any nom In Ihe hevte Same eriginolly tald up I. J I J. 50 NOW ONLY $5to$66 BUILDING AND ADJOINING LOT FOR LEASE Due to the liquidation of Boll Fumiturt Co. our building (30,000 sq. ft.) wd soon be for rent. The adjoining parking lot is available, 52 x 125'. ' ffrm ff N ia' X' I 5-PC. DINETTE SUITES 3-PC.DAKISHHRN BEDROOM SUITE " " Formica top; chroma, atiortad colort. r . . L . . .... $01195 Sold vp ,0 ,7"5 " 0nl " 7-PC.DINEfTESUI ,ly uv,m iefte ireup; tnretne, Bfeaierene, and many arher celert. $0095 SaUUpI.$m.,S 10''' SlenJ, caWen er wapla. laraa A.laws, 47 iJt $11A95 CEDAR CHESTS lorgtuloctlon of all lyptt and tixat, a faw solid codor WARDROBES Savarel lixat, alio solid cador FLOOR FANS U" ta J" Adimtobk, I speeds. $1 Somt teM up re 59.95. . . . New m a aili . a UIWDC9 Inmatal, Y G.E. ALARM CLOCK f f f jj V'A A naw baoufiM O.E alactrit IXX J V A olonn, aft, 1 rtMl frame wrrh axtra WW MARSH Intel Tepi. e? MW'J r BEDROOM SUITES nrisBrAAii rmrrr Wandt Urae roomy dwUe dretaer, plale $10150 tlla AO IvlkUa , la-t.4 J RUGS . . . Only $ P i l.tJ?JJJlUV3l"IT lliJC I Cray or Q95 g up m na cheat, Reawk Only aula, - 'I eaf f xl2 AXMINSTER . T1ILI 1 FLOOR LAMPS SSTUU mm m. 1 . aV SjiflX COMPARE OUR FINANCIAL ANY OTHER FINANCIAL Sl,UpTeS19.9S . . AS LOW AS ODD t END TABLES Slep-CeHee-Corner-tanip.' v?0 0lr end lebrkt. tii. t iae .... nw aJ mm END TABLES WALL PICTURES & atte SAVE WITH SAFETY EARN 5o INTEREST "You'll like doing buslnesn with Peoples" immmmm ToelMl llher lopt, oM m $1095 VerUly of eubiecla hefony. Values te$4f.5 . HOW 7 Yew Choice (SSSM N. E. CORNER 4TH I MARKET Memker American Industrial Banker's Association Under State lonklnf f upervblen-Heurs 94 Weeldoya-Ml Wltljj))lIUJljl)llilll

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