Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 13, 1958 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1958
Page 2
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i'"»"i.*l»C^H' , 'Tt" P JtATX.I 'TTiAJ? ;:; in ;:; .iii SECOND €LAi5 MAIL Pfc7f.TL£G£i AUTHORIZE! 'j'iiCirj','.;:ra".r.> , .i: z'^vw .". .••.••>;:" i:"> .:•>•'.'.:'.. "iu':: •">::;••:.;:.c:i .<'.r:; SHiar. -a* » V»rtv.i«siM-t •.,•.!•.>: .-. :::i;;:-' ;>..-• .«•:» • «:»• i: ::i:r:::!4 m in ->.;*.'.*:! v .i »7 : i -T .i^r; -»<;-f vr»-»* oon- ::*'.~i*ri. r;:. -.;-.r.,'.;-;:;i .".7 ir"*""-"!? '-''""- JI :."<-: j>.*ru!- trti .'.c-.". •• "a:! zn<tr:. fx : T.I ::;.". :". ".ir.j ~jz.ut:i .". j/vtst .ole -;*t« _—.v -i. ir.::i-cra ~ i<."?.."ire >r.-.-. *.-.e city n:::r.o ;i. T "tia ~:;:ir ii* vfdwr 'JJ"? ?.7.?AL STUDENTS V•'. 7~ hA'.Z 7KE 5-J- r i ^.V7--.C£S A5 r JTY- i 'T '.'l'L* ~'i ;••? 7~'E": 7V»''->7 '.OMPETF. - 7.-7^57 7KLM 77- ^VILZOLS A.'<1» L'NI- • z-"*w'.'. .x -i «' *.rtr;*j»r •.•it7 r*, c* ."..'**. it i* ir,.. *rt!t«UBii*"T ",'it'y * 'SIXS*Z*.'iT..".tX Jft life ".".i. - -f^ti '.^: '.*i *r-_ v .i *i* ><•..'///.! Frit only -„i:<ur,ntt- j«*tu»ibti». •^lei fuji*. v.. -i.. u v.iSool re- -.•••js^-.Zi.tji^. iatcqr ..- J *:! v..*: r-.i.n^;r. *r.d guar- i vvptTi-x *&.tvz.'s.--r. *"»ery yv ;r.i' f-,-war« re- Ti.'i'.i'svi ~: z-tr.Trz.zr~>: «"04.:;--.r. t.v.-%i or economic 13 MAftcll IGftfl CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J / J Wiuigeilri, j»»nlof S^/j'lay bchool ft 30 t rn L>, v,/)<- V/c/fadip 10 30 am. First Methodist Church faul Hiuclm, MinlMar .Sunday H <:fi /vol 9:30 a m. Profeanional & Business Directory "DIAMOHDB HILVRnWAnE I^WCI.HY AHJ> ti.OIN HAMH.TOM ANIi UUI.OVA WATCKKB SABOE JEWELRY WKHI UNION. IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Auto f'lruIJahillly and Hospital Innurnnce 'Ifuuriinoe you can (jep*""! on' PHONt: BLUK 229 FayeJJo ZSMJ^Z. L. i':.tG.'..:.: lea: rs-.o".*: '^"i-ac:."^' Lr.v.ii ':.-T— M <:*r.-'' y-,i' J'i','*':.' '..-.I--! :~A\-.i'..\...i '...<-•• COilEHTS THE SCHOOL REORGANIZATIO'S ISSUE Br E^oaJd L. Kirri»Jl PART n The AjyrjrotnU axud tbt Ben«fit* '..'.X. :..r.'4>. '-. z*:v*T. o%r. .r. v.;.o!': ',:',<.:*:.'/ TS:.'>.i',r,.i. :tA.v,T..\ *:z-:>.'.'.t >r.r. :j&.:ri. "VJ - v.\*.*r. ^f^v/n hrj*, :i .*:•_». . . . For w .t.-i. r.'.onow a tpoxip or i />n.*citnUous JT>*3S t^i'd't Tjtxr. •*>•',: on rft^r ^anixAtion i??ue. T7 J«J .' L« Y* :^:.*,O cor.f.'or.''^ rn ^ny ;;rr.^» by ar^urn'rn^ *»3 bl/>ci.*.'. fo *s <d Tfrft '. >.-.":r.* /*o .'^inuM ;:ior; :r»cjud*» We^tgate, Slay- RfsszOA^if! (nry*f V. e»t Orntral) along with Fayette ajsfi Ar^jsgtou ar*d tnitosrilarteout additions. Only Fayette and Wfctlt CeTitnsI csn meet a current requirement of 300 papth, in ilxt %rJt.vi..%. HeDce. w>rne sort of action must be taJbsn by the otKer*. Tr ^e lax b ^ve u too iov/ in some area.% to carry on *epajal« operattom tkat vriil provide the necessary educa- tk/rit for students of Together, with Fayette and Shtynaid and tfje rest of th« combination, a sufficiently large and efficient school syatem can be achieved- A tax bsa* e *ljr .-3ted at well over $12,000,000.00 in a»*e «s«d valuation will be the supporting factor of the new ryttern. Tlii* v/ou!d enable the best education available to be jgiven to our young people. The senior centra! high school, to be built in a central location, would offer, a.Uo, bu&ine** education, vocational art*, college preparatory courses and a greatly improved health and physical educational program. A larger district implies a more efficient use of teachers. Why should several small schools hire several Eajr»«fe te&rKsr*. severe] rr , a ;h. teacher*, several coaches, etc, when a larger school can hire experts in each field. Teachers would deal in their own subjects and would not nave to carry additional dutie*. Further, more specialized training could be oifertd. Tiit fields of technology, so very important in the training of the 1958 student, would not go ne^ected any longer. Latin, which every youth should learn before 9th grade could be made available with the Other requirement*. (The legislature should require Latin before graduation!) Approximately 40 high school teachers were hired this past year in the four high schools—this could be reduced to around 25 in a central high school. A little higher salary for these same teachers, fewer in number, could put our district in a position to demand the best that can be "bought'. In regard to the buildings necessary to house the new system we would build in the Weatgate area, a new grade school. The desires and needs of the local community would be reflected in the curriculum. would be reflected in the curriculum. Questions regarding the tax rate are always pre- dominate in a reorganization such as we propose. It is reasonable to assume that the rate will remain the same or be lowered with efficient operation. Hawkeye (North Central) has already experienced a considerable drop in the millage levy following their reorganization. Youngsters up to 9th grade would go to school in their own locale in their own grade school. High Schools would operate in Arlington, Fayette and Maynard until the housing were completed. With five attendance cen- tef * for grade students, they would not have to ride buses any farther than they do at present! The Board of Directors would be selected from "director districts" apportioned by the reorganization to insure fair and equal representation of everyone in the proposed district r The whole purpose of this movement toward re- oraanization cannot physically be ironed out in these columnf . What we roust realize is that several years ago by Resaben . ....... i.:r. '.>••>.•.• • ' i; r .'r..t:<: v'..i"-r.'* v *i.v - • .• •»!•-..-.-.•.;i'x-..-. J f -1 ^ If '. .: //.a: 'j ic h '••:...<*. *.-.* nr.'.* i.-^i L...:,. vs,T. 4 'jsrt.:..v. K'- ..•-...i "(-...-. ':^:y:: :.l yz-.-y.-r.f.:. t • a « ~:ii **.iV!*. -.r.i,•//.' T: .:>.c.i/ '..it-\.tr.t ': F~s.yi y .i*-.'.z*'<r 'ft'-. ,: v.. i". A."-.i.-.> :"iay, -iiV! r"..-,/-J -.5.5 '.'.«•.* 4 /.-.^ "i .-..rv.' j "..v^. ;r. ; 'A V:^-..>. I.v.r.g 10:30 urn • ... i. r.iT, • .. T i.a—^ «i a. z..../ . 1 1 'i 'r.<cy. * V OBITUARY Duaae G. D^dtetl G«.:g^ Zr.:.<<::: 'Aits', 'A-42 r..-..-r. J Jf.«r 23, Wesley an Methodist How a a W. John»on- i'kstoj .Sunday School 8:30 am Morning Worship 10:30 am Voutk iiervice 713 p.rri EvaXigtiiiUt Service 8 P«r Prayer service Thurs. 8 p.ro St Francis Church F »Jh*r I ^)w «U 8 lakJalon Su/id^y Miuoes: 7:30 St 10:30 a. iVt-ekday Mass: 7:13 a.m. CW *3uiiOBs: Sat. 7:30 to 9 p .ti Randalia Methodist Gml* Hawheo. Mini *l«r Sunday S<!hool, 9:30 a.m. V«v >r3h :p Service, 10:30 a.m. ao-.i'ier.t on Feb. 25. 1958. He pa.i'.e'J av.ay .March 2. He is sur- v.-/'.d r,y his parents, three sis- ar.'i one brother. Thej' are Sr.aron, Mn. Harold Etarfaower oJ Rowley. Leon, Linda, and D'.-br..e Sue at home. One niece and o.-.e r.ephev/ Gary and Juiie 3ea::x.wer. Maternal aunts, Mra. George Larghe, Huron, South Dikosa. Mri. Jc -33 Welsh. Fayette, Iowa, ar.d Mrs. Gaylord Lennon BELIES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous B«rvlc« Phona 199. Payait* Ambularu» SerTlca Fayette and Maynard DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOH \AfirA*y *rA TrMjtj Ervma^s YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Lir*d «i &tra«l West Uoiea. lova THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phail* 14 Dr. H ATTY l Robcnsoo 0PTOl £ZTaiST fh. is* etc rrr«tt» BUck 71 DR. E. J. DAHLQUtST VetennsEnaja Phon» 17] of Oelv/ein. Paternal aunts and uncle:-., Mr:;. Glenn D;r.is of Stanley, Mrs. Donald Guy, Buffalo, Iowa Gerald Luc^e'.t. H^okanc, Wa.hin>;ton, and G.I- bert Duckitt of San Jose, Ca!:f. He was preceded in death by hi.s grandparents. Mr. and M.- = i Mike Duckett and Mr. and Mrs. Georj;e Paul and one aunt, Mirv Paul. He :,pent rr.o'it of his life the Stanley and Arhr.gtor. v;c:r.;- ties, graduating from the Stir.- !ey high school ;r, 2&54. He has been employed a*, the P. a *.'.-. Packing Co. the past tv.'o z. half years. He GAY'S BARBSt SHOP Gaylen B4eibower, Prop, 144 Main St Fayette It Par* To Look Wall the Methv by P.ev. Paul Da-, was a fr:er.diy. 1 man and will be • bipt.zed a" ch ;n Fayef.-t ; :r, 1952 He • Well DrflKng • Modern Equipment • Rotary DriQ JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nite Lamont P. 2-58 PUBLIC road Due to ill health the below listed items will be sold at public auction at the farm 3- ! / 2 miles East of Fayette, on South Fayette, Lima on SATURDAY, MARCH 15 STARTING AT 1:00 P.M. MACHINERY 1 Masaey Harris Tractor "22" — Hydraulic Lift — 3 point Hitch — Heat Houser and Cultivator 1 A.C. "60" Combine with pick-up — Straw Spreader and Straw Windrower 1 A.C Power Hay Rake 1 A.C Roto-Baler 1 New Holland 7 ft Semi-Mounted Mower, New, with hand or Hydraulic Lift Fit* any Tractor 1 Minneapotis-Moline Tractor Planter with Fertilizer Attachment 1 Minneapolis-Moline 8 ft Tandem Disc 1 — 2-16 in. McCormick Plow 1 — 4 Section Steel Harrow with Folding Drawbar 1 Wagon on Rubber. — Nearly New 1 Hekkr Grain Box — 6 x 10 — Nearly New 1 Heavy Trailer — 8 x 14 Platform 1 Clipper 2-B Fanning Mill — Extra Screens 1 Platform Scales 1 — 8 x 18 3 Pen Farrowing house 1 Electric Chick Brooder — Large Size 1 —10 Gal "Dairy Maid" Water Heater — Electric Small Articles — Sprayers, Shovels, etc Some dry native lumber — Oak and Walnut All above Machinery in good shape. OWNER Harold Whitley USUAL TERMS AUCTIONEER — Thiele Bros, Not responsible for accidents CLERK — Fayette State Bank

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