Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1939
Page 2
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:ar Star ot Hope, 1899; Press. 1927. Consolidated January IS, 1929 Q/nsfece, Deliver Thy Herald Prom False Report,' . «.« „ Cl & PAL MER. President ALEX. H. WASHBURN. Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. )— Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Political Announcement The Star h authorised! to nn- nounco the following candidates subject to thp nrtion of the Demo, crude city primary election Tups. •«iy. November 2S, 1039: for City Attorney K. F. M'FADDTN LAWSON E. GLOVER BARBS • "Th9 More You Tell the. Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only Om Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone All Eyes Turned Inward. Please ^.™L be .. the ' !me . for A«eri«i«i7o take their eyes off Scientists have advanced the theory that the lower aninuiLs are capable of thinking. Sttumls suspiciously like i TOR SALK—We save you a dirty crack at some people we your furniture buying. Complete £*• , . . I st0( -' k ne w and used furniture stoves , ; eemrHl ;, j,,iy no one jumped to the | beds. We pay highest prices for fn, <.leler.se of the sardine at the hearing niltire See „- I-Vml- in «<,. •! in Washington the other day.' Without | Co i'.inkhn Furniture the sardine, where/ would distraught! - '"' Iwstww be when Uncle Horace and FOR SALR-oliVfei^teTri^rpuT, (amity of eight drop in sunddenly of Cl ^ •"•—" ' > •- •- * •!'• Ratcs afe for continuous insertion.. FOI: Sale For Rent — • _ -• — • • • ....i... t.fcii r*i L)lll). Six months old. From Ho'oier Atkins Stock, Little Roek. K. R Timl)erlaUe. _ :in-iitp , • F °R SAI J R"-Tiii~7 lt . 1 ".™s ( V" n -~ N word| creok bottom, good -house and barn "haunts." I four miles southeast, of Hope. P H plans to lay in a ' Alhers, box 028 Fine ISluff A,.), of from 500,0<M> to 800.0001 ' n,v B : of quinine sulfote. Looks like i ' FOR RENT: 5 roomie ^dloT^ ditiou on South Main Street Rent reasonable. Call 73-| ,?.;),„ TOR RRNT- Plinnc 'i\2. Adult wheel-chair. 2-Stp. Services Offered Tday,^pveiTibe_r 6,1939 SERVICES OFFERErx-See Hempstead Stress Sliop, 7U West Fourth for n«v> and re-butlt. Phone Paul Cobb GS8.J Sept, 26 1M. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Somehow It Never Workecl-~For Us The hum of ( , vacuum cleaner is said to hypnntiyp rats, Instond of Irap- ing cm chairs, housewives now can ''imply start sweeping the rugs when .•i rodent appears. Questions on l'«ne One . (hi Colt. . d-l Sholcs and ('Hidden. . iii) Howe. . (hi Whitney. . i il i Kelly. Soviet s mm-ch'pg j n |o Es- different s- tonia to man bases Kivmtrd nuclei' the mutual assistance treaty nre carrying books, films, llinotype machines" and «uns- p;irls uf bovine .. ^v » < fnuiul in f>7 animals. i SIOUX KALU-;, K. I). Ciiffivv. li.ral newspapci found ,i i.(.,,i v.,ry ( ,f ilui-lui turn- p.irkiMi,- Mrkf-i. II' 1 pkadrd, ,ind tin- lil ; lor and Mimii-ipal .In j that In-, ai-i-.l car I "I cannot di.sno^-: il jcuini. "Tlu'u 1 i.sn't ji.Mi'l nny ciii. MI tlf i illliMlll-liuii " ri' (.|ibl ; . ,,,:HTI|, \i,s nut vehicle'. > cafe." xn,| ||,,, any case -thru- nnrl cannut lake -all the ncoulri'iuenls uf modern ' civJi/nil -ttt o «»-- TOR RENT: 2 room furnished ;m,,,1- meiu. all hills paid. See Hawl Abram Beauty Shop. 2-"tc at Mat lu.utd have been The Rovermiicnt the FOR HENT: 8*^7^1^" iM'Uth lln-vov slivct. Phono IS I call at Patterson's Cash Store. feverish year ahead. „ «{** ^'? e nP Ians n ° W before the voters-and the few in effect-ire out growth^ of the Towiwnd plan which still has an enormous following "*' Md Ihp l'»If ^ ?n ."Creased, school expenditures have been reduced- TKe cUklnl f th" C " rnng " de£icit in P3ying its 40 ' 000 PensioLre •; THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. RCO. O. S. Off SOLD OUT-I have sold out of corn A - ?"• Siroud. Washington. Ark. . -I-V man start out early in the morning! jfOR SAT F- iv Te i— 7. with a red hat. a purple jacket and j ^n^^'^^^J'^ tan pants. He explained that this! '-"M. urn. i hone H05. the interest of his own TOR RE-NT-ned room, adjoining I'.illi and shower. Continuous hot wat- ••i-. Close to town. Mrs. Harrv Whitworth. Phone 505-W. " r •'.„ was all in safety. Last year were killed in dt'oriumting interest he said three hunters in 10 days during the season. He was taking Lost of being mistaken for no chances a buck. Every year, from November to Feb. j ruary. about 7,000,000 hunters start out to see what they can shoot or to shoot what they think they see. The result is death or serious injury for many hunters, victims of gun accident?:, each year. The number of deaths from firearms in hunting has not decreased since 1913. Hunters have been warn-' ed not to carry loaded guns in auto- nobiles or wagons, not to climb over i M ^ ; •' "' n "" n liousi ' wi "' hath lunll-m eabinets, excellent ne.ghborh,^!. Hargain. AH West Ave G ' -2-fitp. V l: - K< ' 1 ' !)ul1 c:llr ' si; < I'H'nlhs 'I. ''O.^m,; si.,0,. Wwlne.sc.lay. Reward S-,.11 for return I,, Bolt's Orocerv HiKhwav 29, Hope, Ark. 2 -'!lp Radio Repair i _ Guaranteed Radio Repair" Service and replacement parts. Tubes tested NOTICE Kacho S ervice. Phone SOfi. up. Ray Allen. ZStC Wanted fence and pull the gun after them, WANTED PECANS-We pay lushest prices lor Pecans. McRae Mill & Feed 0-17-IM -0-1 ay Life Policies. Sl'OW) day oUi . im , (|p T . i| -l Hope Ark. 9 yrs with Reliance Life. __ ___ Oct 27-1 in. Help Wanted— FemaiT" lot to allow a loaded he bottom of a boat, gun to lie not to try With hour; or C,0 acres to Lease barn. WOMAN-25 to 45 with neat appear;im-e. intelligence personality and mature judgmorit for local business Must have good references and be able to . I . *y »R. MORRIS F1SHBEIN feunnl of th* American Medical AswetattoB. M< « Bygela, the Health Magaziw •"•••«•• Hunters Are Reminded~Th5~Guns Are Dangerous in Careless Hands JlTlits Ls the first of three arti- eles dealing with the problems of the hunting season.) During the hunting season, est sportsmen bearing firearms can he -seen circulating in woods and in bushes throughout the nation. In Colorado recently. I saw a hunts- hoot a gun after stumbling or fall-' ng, not to shoot at an moving object' unless thi.y are sure it is what they! think it is, and not to try to shoot | any kind of an animal when there iiiight b<? a human being in the lim; '•f fire. It may spoil the sport for some to, observe these precautions, but it will! make the woods safer. j Carelessness in hunting produces, catastrophes. The sportsman who has I once killed a human being is not going to care much about hunting 1 in the future. ! OUT OUR WAY I By J.R. Williams NO-- IF A HUNTER. ^\ TOOK VOU PER ANYTHIM' \ ELSE I'D CALL IT BUCK j FEVER--PULL POWN / THEM EARS AW' .---'' TUCK IW TI-IA-1 J TAIL .' )' I '-I //• •^ I W> ^J 1^ GENTS NEXT: Other hazards of hunting. SERIAL STORY ' JOAN OF ARKANSAS BY JERRY BRONDF1ELD COPYRIGHT. 1938. NEA SERVICE. ALLEY OOP YESTERDAY: Joan and Dam are kidnaped, driven to a country bldeour. Joan Is ordered to ivrite her father, g-lvlng; in.sirucriotiH lot payment of 3.-.0.000 ran»oi>i. "Amd tell him," ,he sauK-u-r «aarl«, "tfcat if that doush ain't plcksd , f b T Saturday, they'll «»<! rou rtontiu* !„ the river" w« he meaim ,vh a , Ut , 'keep you tied j of groceries." ''Mind if we look around a bit?" Joan asked. He grinned. "Sure, 20 ahead. But don't go far. It was a plain, one-story house! relatecl to CHAPTER XXIII JOAN'S feeling of terror grad ually left her as she thought fif her father. He'd know how to handle this. Nothing had ever stopped him.' "That's an awful lot of money " she said. "He—he doe.-n't havr- that much," she added almost desperately. Big Ed smiled crookedly. "What're you tryin' to hand u= sister? Tht- old guy can rako' four times that much in ;m hour and you know it. He knows who he's dealin' v.'ith." with an unfinished garret. Appar- i e-ntly no one had lived there for I more than a year. The fuvni.--h- ings were poor with just bnrp ne- | cessities in t-vidf-nce. j "Yours is the blue room," Eig {Ed called to Joan'. "Right over , Uiere." She opt-nfd the door acros.-; from heiress . . . daughter of J. G Johnson, big eastern industrialist ... he muttered, reading snatches ol the story. ''I wasn't just dumb," he repeated. -I was plain thick. AH tho time I thought she might be ld J. G. or his family. start dowri Arkansas He got his If .slapped the paper. "She told she hud no relatives in Arkan, but that happened to bo tho th . . . and that's what .stumped mo. I never dreamed she was the daughter of THE J. G. Johnson." Tummy turned to Carol wildly. - | " O| I • • . steel . . . railroads Uie .small bathroom and grimaced j ."'"• r ' nl tHIin' you her old man at the sight of thr- rickr-ly bod :,nd I' S ""'* "'' l>leSL< be '" nr - i -t»t'-scenes ,-ti-;,;oh( i, i ..!...-. rr,", .'. i" u - vs wbo owns half The single up securely ..straight, hard chair, i window was boarded I on the outside. j "Hardly the Ritx-Carlton," murmured. r pHF.RE was a scene of wild corn- Dan looked at her curioiply What did he mean by thatV 'jwhen Joan failed t,, ,,,„,,, up for, Rd grinned with satisfaction, dinner. Keith's car had been found ' owns half the country " I Kay whistled softly. "And that's j who Joan Johnson is. Gee it's one thing to be well-to-do' and it ^another to be—" She paused. '•Jo be heiress to 20 million dollars or so," Marianne added. Barney Hughes stopped in and a:-k«l il i), f .,-f. was any Ilev/S- he wanted to WASH TUBES VES, BROMSOM THERE'S NOTHING I'D LIKE SETTER. THAM YOUC HELP IN) MV RESEARCHES THAT UP IN A V. HUR.RV.' / MISTOOK ME FER A •RABBIT, WOULP VOU CALL THAT BUCK FEVER.? THE COTTOMTA\L The Winnah By Edgar "Martin i Something to Think About ^l^^^^ T \f^^B^^ l £^&$^ (I^^H^ By V. T. Hamiin THAT ELEMEWT/ TO VOU, SOMEWHERE BACK. IKJTIME... "We got quite a reputation. Guys; darted on UK- radium who know us never doubt our in- j one could explain it. tegvitv. as thev snv ;»-. tu^ „ n:i> ,-,, motion at the Alpha Nu house j "Keith boon over? ~ T - •- - hrunr. Someone replied that he had I phoned a short while ago, bill had No as they say in the papers, hey Rocco?" Big Ed spread his hands. Ihnt everybody understands every- ) when U.jy^else, v/e're gonna get along, And then, more curtly: "Rocco, you go back into town. Keep low'i Bill Slocum had raged when Dan foiled to report for practice, but things took on a serious aspect not stopped in. "Doc.sn't surprise rne," Carol. '•What do you mean?" Elaine I asked quie-kjy. V I BE WEAK? WY CAN'T I Just an Easy Mark -OKIE OF THESE BIG TUBES HA.PPE.MEt? TO BLOW OUT.' . both Joan and Dan were i c.K^fiTh.Kt h^d --.•I'll mixsmg at 8 o'cloel:. Uxon doing a lot of. thinking It took J. G. Johnson, escorted! lately '" | by a police inspector, to turn some! «7° u mcan ,' • - ? " -.. I light on the problem ,. p . .,. ™' M f h f. wa . s ,i ust about but keep your eve'- and »-,,- rn ^ ' T r- i ,ifMdy tu p;., c k htm in." Lr ^^^^^^jj^^rrir^^h'ssis^ - his s " i: 1 -,™ ns^Kt; s^ij^,:*™.'±!^T;,rf^'^f^s grad- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BUS PR1DDV AIM'T DOME A DAV'6, WORK -SIUCE I STARTED LOAMIW6 HIM MOWEV. I'M A SUCKER FOR AW BODY WITH A TALE OP WOE, AUDEUERV- BODY KNOWS IT. EUEkJ TH' PEODLEBS By Roy Crane "Sam, see what that other kidi plane. has in his pockets that lie! l) l: Shouldn't. Incidentally, what's Upt-ak your name, kid?" he asked Dan! the in.specto, after Roccp had left. Dan told him. Sam tossed his wallet to Ed who looked through .it hastily and tossed it back. "Here . . . you can keep it." Ed looked at him bleakly. "Don't f as possible be a. fresh punk, now. You ain't supposed to be in this party, you know." His face grew hard. "Mebbe we shoulda dumped you cut somewhere, at that, you'll only be in the way. "As long as you kids behave yourselves we'll let you be a little kit free; One bad move- and y/e'JJ till too Lreathk-s-; to f-heriaively, and it wa.s who took over and explained what had happened. ". . . Sign;; and track-;' indicate someone was with Miss Johnson v. hen .she was picked up. The shoe prints tally with tho.se of Dan think clearly, £T was a hushed, scared «roup which huddled iu the Alpha latcr that Th The Tribune had corne out an extra and Tommy Peters, star- ia shook his head. "Boy am i the prize dummy. Joaa Johnson •-•- ually. "Mie had Keith's feelings to '•oi.sider, too, you know. A lot of us reah/ed il too late, rnaybe, but •ne was aces. I hope it isn't too late,' she added, as an ugly after- Ihought hit her. Bom.ie Harris summed it up perfectly. "It was something we all suspected but wouldn't admit" Suddenly Tommy jumped up with a whoop. "I've got it—I've got it!" he yelled. "That guy I saw in the Varsity the other night . . . Rocco Petrone, that's who it i.s!_ Hocco Petrone! '•Now I remember why his picture wa.s in that St. Louis paper a couple of years ago. He was being held on kidnaping charges of .some sort. Maybe—maybe . . . ; ay, I think I've got a clew!" They gaped at him in wo*>4** ** he dashed Xrorn the room (To Be Continued) SCRAM DOWM TO THE DRESSlKJe f?OOM AS FAST AS YOU CAM .' i WANT TO SPEAK TO MDU / WONO&R. WOT TH' WAtiA^INES I'VE SUBSCRIBED TO, KM- TH£TH\NC,S I'VE. BOUGHT' RED RYDER r Bur THIS is MOST UNUSUAL, MR- BAQLEY ' •1 KNOW if IS, MR. VVJLSOMi BUT HURRY DOWN To THE DRESSING ROOM ' life IMPORTANT'' MR. WILSON , DONT YOU AGREE THAT A NATIONAL ESSAY COMTEST WINNER j SHOULD BS ABLE j To PASS AM » £ A N< Prt' SH EXA MINATlON AND PRESERVE HIS ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY? R.YDEF2 CAPTURES CAM YON. HE SHOOTIN5 HALF FACE BLOWN OFF/ AND WAS HELD CAP1WE. SY TH' v WERevJOLF", \5 ACfUAl W He's Not Through Yet By Merrill Biosser &LL/-V>t?Ar-\--- YOU'VE -THING TO FEAR MOW-' VJEftEvjOLF'S* IN OAIL / By Freci Harman

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