Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 6, 1958 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1958
Page 4
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l\ 11 Kj Eaters v/; a I- in ifr.KI i! 1 I-. el ,.1 di.ily. r ;-/-vn Meiidow T.ily P.'ibst, boasted •nrd pi-i.'iii'-l inn <if -12.805 lbs. of milk v.". (iM. Her tl 'iily menu: ,'ilfnlfa- '•'ii !b.;. i.f i :r;iiii, nil'! nil Hie .-ilfnlfa .nth-! mi tc.'.t. shu tiickc-fl nwny an Her home—Green Meadow Farms, WANT A AC ii." , I .'1 K f. Ill fi--i ..I l>. FOR SALE U :-.<•(! Bathroom fixtures. Stools, Lavatories, Showers, etc. Call 195 Vie Dahl. Minimum Charged Classified 50c per line. Classified (National) 18c per line Classified Display (National) 77c Col. inch. Card of Thanks $1.25. Minimum Classified Ad 45c Classified Display (Local) 70c per per col. inch. Classified (Local) 15c per line. Mind Classified Advertising 20c area come on foot and liy the Upper Iowa (35) FOR SALE: QUALITY WASHED ,;and, aggregate Pea Gravel luck dirt for lawns and gardens .'arl Zupke and Sou, Randalia ohone 0617. (3-TF) FOR SALE — Good 5 room house lo be moved or remodlcd, priced to sell. Phone 240 Fayette or .vrite Tom Henry, Fayette. (33-34-35-30) FOR RENT 160 aero farm adjoining Donnan Junction on the North. Possession, March 1. 1958. H. J. Swift, Manchester, Iowa. (34-35-36-37) 0 SIIKKWS A UK RAVENOUS, mouse-like animals that eat their own weight daily. Native to the U. S.. they eat mostly bufi.-i and worms but i!et so hungry they attack and devour animals larger than themselves. (ChlciiKO Natural History Mu- BCiirik I'liotol Order you Armours Fertilizer today. Dumermuth & Fay, Fayeito. Iowa_ 34 May 15 ,^ lch "thoso" who' wish to donate. The RED CROSS DRIVE TO BE HELD MARCH 10, 11 Each summer children from Fayette and the siwroiin'lirr; bll ; lo p-ymnasium to receive swimmini; instruction - instruction that not only adds to their enjoyment of summer sports, but may one day save some of I heir lives. This is only one of the services sponsored by the National Red Cross. March is Red Cioss month and the annual drive will be eon fiucted Monday and Tuesday. March 10 and 11 throughout Fayette iind Wostfield Township. During the two days and. evenings, volunteers will be calling on residents to give them (he opportunity to support the Red Cross. During the evening, a '.jorch light which lias been turn ed on will help volunteers to 6 MARCH 1958 Nelson's Store Features Drawings During Anniversary .n'.: Siiue and Clothing in Fa-.e to ha., bee n giving three pao-' of ladies Glov-elte shoes on each Saturday of March !!, 15, and 22nd. Tin- 291 h they will draw for a clock radio which will lie given in this event. Drawings for the free' pairs of shies are weekly and new registration is required each week. Registration for the radio is cumulative. FOR SALE — Deep Freeze, 12 ft. General Electric. May he seen at Ella Langerman's home. Phone Red 124. (30) FOrTsALE — 100 Egg incubator, two spotted hen canaries. Howard Roberts, Ph. 5522 Fayette. Iowa (36) FOR SALE — Hay and Straw, square bales, reasonable, H. F. Oelberg, Wadena, Iowa. (36-37) DIGfil'.sT "1I0(«" OK AM., is this new McCormick hay baler, capable of baling 1(1 times its own weight every hour. USDA indicates todays farming methods enable farmers to produce a ton of hay with only half the labor required 15 years ago. Production per farm worker has doubled since 1910. Development ot other laborsaving machinery is certain to bring even greater efficiencies in farming during the years ahead. FOR RENT — Farm house, five rooms, modern. 1 Ms miles N.E. Randalia. Inquire at Leader. (36) Prevent baby pig anemia — Uso 100% absorbable Armidexan. Available at Davis Rexall Store The World Book Encyclopedia, li first choice of America's homes, schools and libraries. Find out whyl Your're under no obllga- _ lion. Contact Otto Finger — Ph. Fayette County Red Cross has been an emblem of mercy e.'er since it was first organized in lfi59 and it reaches people in need through its services to the armed forces, its blood program, disaster relief, safety service, volunteer service, international relations and nursing and ovt rseas relief. It plays an important supporting part in the nation's civil defense. It is supported entirely through volunteer donations and lo a large extent through volunteer services. This Is one of the reasons the Red Cross has been able lo reach so many areas. Wednesday evening a kick off coffee was held at the Coffee Nook for local volunteers where Mrs. Katherine Gross and Mrs. Roman Gillette explained the organization of the local drive. TALLE COMMITTEE ISSUES REPORT ' n. M •man Henry O. Talle, .''..•eoiid Iowa District, a member of the Agricultural Policy Subcommittee of the Joint Economic Committee, today commented on Ih'; release of the. report of the Subcommittee 's study (-.-inducted over the past seven months. The r-purt is entitled "Policy for Commercial Agriculture: Its Relation to Economic Growtlh and Stability." Congr -ossnian Talle said the Subcommittee recommends four main lines of action for assuring agriculture's continued contribution lo the growth and stability of the Nation's economy. 'Tli" recommended lines of action." Talle said, "look toward long-range improvement in farm markets and strengthened family fanning, including adequate bargaining powers for family farmers." Strongest emphasis is given in the report to expanding the utlization of farm products by developing profitable industrial uses and by caring for the minimum nutritional requirements of all consumers. Greater use of our 192 or Blue 222 (36-37-38) We are now set up lo clean and treat seed oats. Avoid the spring rush by getting your work done early. A telephone call will arrange an appointment to suit your convenience. Call 145 Fayette. B^U Brand Form Supply. Extension Service Calendar Of Events New Armidexan (injectable ironsolution) to save baby pigs and promote their health and growth. Davis Rexall Store. IMTCDCTATI7 DEDADTC - 1 «-' nts of cac!l clollai ' of operat- lillfilWl /UEi ftErUIUiJ ing revenue during the year. SUCCESSFUL 1957 ° perat r exp ™7 increased 25 isvvvuww* vu per cent over 1956. A record ot continued growth ' , „ . , . ., . and progress for Interstate Pow- Tlu> report points out that the or Company during the past year company adequately met all was revealed with the release of noods of lts electric and gas ciis- (he utility's 1957 Annual Report, tomers. and closed the year with Net income for the year was nmplo reserve m power plant $3 711 676 an increase of "6714- capacity. A gross peak load of R . F . d . No. 1 Fayette. Phone 1902 o:>9 over Wi6 " " 202,249 KW, the highest in the A substantial increase in net company's history, was estab- income was necessary to provide ns ' K>cl during 1957. a reasonable return on the com- The 1957 Annual Report, which pany's total investment, which was mailed to more than 21,000 includes $25,723,225 in plant and shareholders and 1,200 employees property additions during 1957, of Interstate, is 24 pages in length the Report state city additions include the Friday, Marc'.i 7 Joint Extension Service—Farm Bureau meeting. Farm Bureau Bldg., Fayette 8 p.m. Speakers — Ralph Krcnzin, Iowa State (36-37-38-39) College Agronomist, "Rotations for High Income and Good Management" and W. E. Collins, A.F.B.F. Div. of Commodities. sented by Merle R. Bovis, County Extension Home Economist, 1 :30 p.m. home of Mrs. LeRoy Henniges. Oran Whizzcrcttes Girls' 4-II Club meeting !1 p.m. home of LaVerne Leverington; meat films will lie shown. , Eldorado Eagles 4 -H club meeting !! p.m. Kennelh and Richard Koester Wednesday, March 12 ' Waterloo—• Iowa Dairy Assn. meeting. Thursday. March 13 Soil Management and Fertilizer meeting 1:30 p.m. Oelwein Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Friday, March 14 Soil Management and Fertilizer meeting 1:30 p.m. West Union Court House. Oran Township Homemakers lesson "The Smart Look" presented by Merle R. Bovis, Coun- Farmers & Landowners For all earth moving, ponds. Terracing, Ditching, etc. Timber and Brushland clearing Contact Robert (Bob) Swehla, MAN OR WOMAN Established Toy Routes Good Income ty Extension Home Economist, Tra . in , in ?,, S !: h ? 0 ^ DlSC " Ssi °' 1 :, o£ 1:3 0 P-m. home of Mrs. Gerald Jensen. Boys' 4-H Leader Training School 8 p.m. Farm Bureau Bldg., Fayette. General Cleaning — Products, Methods, and Problems, 1 to 3:30 p.m., Farm Bureau Bldg., Fayette, Ipresented by Merle R. Bovis, County Extension Home Economist, to representatives of Homemaker and organized Groups. Saturday, March 8 Union Eager Beavers 4-H meeting 8 p.m. Bill, Jim and Jon Grimes. Monday, March 10 County Sheep producers meeting 1 p.m., Farm Bureau Bldg., Fayette, Speaker, Emmet Haynes, chase of the Mason City, Iowa, area natural gas and electric properties, also the construction necessary to insure continued good service for the company's more than 147,500 customers. Electric revenues, which were 82 per cent of total revenues, were up about 18 per cent over those of last year. While electric residential revenues increased, the average rate paid by the residential customer per kilowatt hour was only 3.17 cents in 1987. The 1957 accruals for federal, state, county, municipal and other miscellaneous taxes totaled $5,365,623, which was an increase No Selling—No Experience T . _ ., . . , TT Ihe new prop- and tells the story of the compa- Necessary — Operate from home Iowa Sta e Colle g e Animal Hus,i.„i„ .u„ pur _ ny - s () p 01 . a tions for the year We Place and Locate All Racks bandman : also short report on pictorially, graphically, and statistically. What's New in Nutrition and Feeding of Beef Cattle." Center Livestock 4-H meeting CARD OF THANKS SPARE OR FULL TIME Excellent weekly earnings refilling and collecting from our „ _ _ MAGIC TOY RACKS in your 8 £:™:„^ r 7, area. Must have ear—references —five hours spare time weekly —and minimum investment of S742.50 — for local interview — I wish to thank each and everyone of my friends who remembered me with cards and gifts , . , „ „ during my stay in the Oelwein write at once giving phone nu.m Mercy Hospital. Also thanks to ber the hospital personnel lor their ADAM INDUSTRIES kind and helpful treatment. 170 Wegt ?4th gtreet Mrs. J. M. Durfey New 23> N Y . of $827,266 over 1956. Taxes took 0 r 39. FOR RENT - Good furnished New easy way to get Terramycin apartment for lady or couple. mtoJn i w . n •£! , .r" . FRE * Mildred Walker. Phone Black 13 "f rd Tre . ale ' with 1 lb. jar of (36) Tobramycin Soluble powder. Davis Rexall Store DEPENDAB COOL COMFQ •:r.>T»*r'wtf^ A Groan Colonial central home cooling Installation gives you home cooling that is trouble -free. Every room stays cool . . . ond operating costs are low. Bold v/cter- cooled and air-cooled models available. See us right awayl VANDERSEE Plumbing & Heating Fayette, Iowa %HT TO MARKET © THIS Lime PI& STAYED HOMB THIS L .ITTLG PIG HAD U£EBP WATER WORM&R. THIS LITTLE PIO MAP NONE. HEATING & COOLING MR. HOG FEEDER! DO YOU KNOW? You can worm S12 •— 25 lb. pigs with one gallon of Beebe Water Wormer at a cost to you of less than 2c per head? See u» for Special Prices I' DAVIS REXALL STORE Putnam 4-Most 4-H Club meeting 8 p.m. Jon Downer. Jefferson Hustlers 4-H Club meeting 8 p.m. Linda Kunkle. Tuesday, March 11 Smit'hfield Homemakers Group — lesson "The Smart Look" pre- Fayette Theatre SAT. — SUN. — MON. MARCH 8 — 9—10 DANA ANDREWS LINDA DARNELL STERLING HAYDEN IN ZERO HOUR Exciting, Gripping drama — one of the most exciting pictures in Sometime. GET A LITTLE MORE OUT OF LIFE — GO OUT TO A MOVIE 0 CQ YOUR HOME NEEDS WINTER MIIMB PROTECTION TOO! Your home foces Increased hazards in the winter too! Faulty heating systems raise the incidence of fire; pipes freeze up; furnaces smoke; Ice and snow damages roofs. Make sure your dwelling and personal property policies are up- to-date and ready to protect you agoinst loss. Sea US About PROPERTY INSURANCE Repreaenting IOWA HARDWARE MUTUAL THE FAYETTE AGENCY INSURANCE REAL ESTATE PHONE 14 OR 2706 farm abundance both at home and abroad, promises the best long-run solution to the farm pnililem. St' ppfd up assistance lo far•is, cpcrially through credit i.i-tt,>I ;ip*<cl lo their needs and !••< imieal. assistance for improved l.ii mm;: t'.cliniqui 'S, is urged to t" 1 1 • 11 i t; 11 * - adjustments of farm op- 1 orations and in products (produced. Development of local non- farm resources, vocation train- im-;, and improved employment information and assistance are among the means suggested for widening the employment opportunities for farm-reared people. Congressman Talle said this step is necessary lo "assis farm- reared people vviio have poor opportunities in agriculture to earn income in other ways. The need is to assist some farm people in making a normal change of occupation when they find farming unprofitable. But Ihere is no implication in this recommendation that the aim of any program is to push people out of farming." The report concludes that Federal Government programs to protect income in commercial agriculture will he needed for an indefinite future if farm incomes are not to compare unfavorably wii!i non farm incomes. Improved forms of production adjustment are regarded as essential for the immediate future. The report recommends that consideration be given to placing controls on quantities sold rather than on acreage, and to making quotas negotiable. Improved bargaining power for farmers through wise use of marketing agreements, farmer cooperatives and other means is suggested. "The farm problem is so complex," Talle declared, "and must be dealt with under such rapidly report recommends that consider- changing circumstances, that our ation should be given to having a board or commission to make decisions within board ipolicy laid down by Congress. "This study by our Subcommittee deals mainly with problems of farm families who produce the hulk of farm products marketed. No detailed programs are set forth since the Joint Committee docs not originate legislation, but I am hopeful the report will pave the way for constructive farm programs which will be in the best interest of family farmers who are so important to the economy of Iowa and the Nation." Louie Sorge Buys Vain Paltison House Roy Zabriskie has announced the sale of the Vain Pattison property in Fayette to Mr. Louie Sorge of Randalia. How To Open CLOGGED SEWERS Without Digging ! I SEWEBEAMEB will remove ROOTS, paper, grcn.se, rags and other or- Kanlc matter. No tools needed. Junt mix and pour in door drain. Put Acting. RKAMS LINES CHEMICALLY, CHEAPLY. QUICKLY. Re- Hults assured. Packed In 6 A 10-lb. cans, priced at $2.29 and $3.96. Accept no other brand. Auk for BliWEEEAMEB by name. E. H. CARLEY Plumbing & Heating Sixe. Two..,dnc/ Already Jomcd up! passer ifcoaw? Mis Nfomm^'s smart) SheJ knows Buster Brown wearM longer, looks better, Madfl£ of mercerized EC BON* \ cotton . . . They're tops color-fastness . . . Safe washers, dryers. Open Shoulder 'uRoVW. whtia, yitllow, pink, mint, blu Sizei 1, 2, 3, 4 $1.11 Boxer Shortt. Red. yellow^ blOe* navy, brown, hunter. Sizes 1-2, 3, 4^. %\M CARDIGAN SWEATBrfi IN YOUR FAVORITE COLORS SIZE 2 6 X •I'OBl Iiuitt on - FAYETTE VARIETY EASTER is APRIL 6 Time to look over your spring wardrobe. Let us have your cleaning early. UNIVERSITY CLEANERS F ' yeUe Phone 152 NOTICE! Bids will be received by the Directors of the Fayette Coop\ Creamery Association on Friday, March 7 at 7:30 p.m., at the Creamery. The buttermilk will be sold in one day lots; the buttermilk for one day will be sold by itself to the highest bidder. The buttermilk for each day in the week must be sold at this time to make a sale of any of it. The said buttermilk will be sold on the basis of the amount of the buttermilk from each 100 lbs. of butter made. The said Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any and all bids. FAYETTE COOP CRY. ASSN.

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