Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 6, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1958
Page 3
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THE TATTLER THE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MIXED CHORUS GIRLS GLEE CLUB SENIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS TYPISTS BIRTHDAYS FUR AND FEATHERS GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL NEWS SPONSOR TATTLER STAFF Barb Kautcn Ruth Nims Donna H<;Hh and Kiitliy Shaffer Sluv'i; Talcott . - . Carol Pahlquist Jan SchabacktT and Bill Hughes Jan Benninjjton and Roger Otlerstein Ruth Ninis and Jan Bennington . Bocky Maxsnn and Marge Downing Lowell Paul Peg Eischeid and Sharleon Mullins . Kip Knight and Gone Van Huron Kolloon Anfins.m and Gloria Alhcr Jean Cuo and Carolyn Bright Mrs. Picket! GRADES THROUGH THE First Grade News In number class each of us has made a little set of flash cards to work with at home. Most of us found it was easy to add one and zero to all of the numbers from one to nine, but we are doing a lot of concept work so that we can add two without counting. Our rule is "Don't ever, ever, ever count your fingers." Our science classes have been about the weather. One cloudy, cold, rainy, winter day we did our best to put into a picture the bad weather which was keeping us inside all day. We each have a calendar in our desk and we keep track of the weather and the temlperature each day. In Language class we have talked about the mistaken ideas and fears we had when we were "Little." Some of these things were told to us by adults and others were the products of our own imaginations. We would like to share some of them with you. Bonnie thought the rain was caused by God squeezing a sponge. David J. believed it rained when the birds poked holes in the clouds, thought it rained and Barby when the THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY angels took showers. Jimmy thought the thunder was caused by a man rolling a barrel down steps. Susan thought thunder sounded like the people in hoax-en were bowling. Charlie and Diana have worried for fear cracks in the ground would net deeper and they would fall in when they crossed the yard in the dark. Patty and Chris thought that night came when God turned off the sun with a light switch. Many of us thought the key contained the pnvor which made the ear i;o, and nearly all of us have been afraid that then- were animals and other things hiding in the dark. On Thursday we welcomed to our room Susan Welsh and on Friday we won.' sorry to say good-bye to Marlene Larson who moved to her new home near West Union. Second Grade News We have been working very hard the last few weeks on cursive writing and have lieeii enjoying every minute of it. We know how to make .several letters but it is still quite a trick for us to join the letters to make words and to read a written sen • encc. We helped Billy Gillette, David On- and Jimmy Miles celebrate heir birthdays in February. Those receiving 100 in spell- ng were Laderyl Bierbower, Ei- een Bonjour, Billy Gillette, oycc Hull, Cheryl Hienemann. laryl Hienemann, Darla McBride, Jimmy Niles, David Or, lyde Pickett, Diane Pattison, Mary Schmidt, Julie Smith, Norna Tripp, Terry Van Buren, and .owell Voshell. * » » • Fourth Grade News FEEDS "You can pay more — but you can't buy better" Mfd. by BELL BRAND FARM SUPPLY Fayette, Iowa We are at the end of another fix weeks period. Those who received A's in the six weeks spelling test were Sloven Aanes, Pat Ashby, Tom Butters, Curt Dumermuth, Paula Gould, Sandra Gray. Howie Ilubbell. Harriet Ann Johnson, Hose Mary Owen. Louise Pickett. Diane Seheider. Mike Sehroyer, Carol Wegner, Rodney Wh'itt. Pally Scheidel. and Francis Kauten. The two p; ople with A's on the exercises for the six weeks unit were Richard Ash and Curt Dumermuth. We have boon multiplying and dividing problems using money. Many of us have hard limes re rnembering to put in our dollar sign and decimal \.oints. We had a check upon all our kinds of problems last week. Those who L,'ot all of them right were Curt Dumermuth, Louise Pickett. and Larry Webb. Rodney and Patty missed only one problem. In Language we had some very good book reports and movie reviews. There were only three people who didn't prepare book reports. The reports were given orally. We are ready to start new units in holh Science and Health. HUvtricUy will be the topic of our Science Unit and "Safety for Other Gateways" will be' the Health topic. These gateways will be the five senses. Some of us sent our poems in to the poetry contest. Mrs. Fish typed them for us. Thank you, Mrs. Fish. Mrs. Dumernui.h and Mrs. Webb visited our room on Feb. 20. We were glad to have them and hope that we will have more visitors. David Buhman and Louise I'ick'.tt have had birthdays since la.,t news time. David brought us candy and Louise brought cup cakes. Louise had candles on her cakes and we lighted them. Thank you, David and Louise, for the treats. Hose Mary Owen had the misfortune of shutting her finger in the door. We hope fei'ls much better Mary. One of our gills — Allea Omar — moved to Cedar Rapids. We were sorry to see her go. We only have twelve girls left. Of course, we still have 22 boys. In our Weekly Readers we have been studying rockets, weather, |;>lancts, comets and many other interesting things. weeks to go and then vacation! We have some people to list who did extremely well in some of their subjects this six-weeks. Those receiving A's in arithmetic were: Bob Lamphicr, Penny Shepperd, and Winnie Zbornik. There were more who received A's in spelling. They are: Patrick Beckner, Sue Crafton, Alwyn Hall, Bob Lamphier, Janis Lenz, Sandra Miller, Sh;»on Pattison, Dolores Rhines, Donna Roberts, Jani-t Scheidel, Penny Sheppard, Jim Timmerman, Nancy Torson, Tom Van Buren, Linda Van Sickle, Gary Voshell, Sherm Wright, and Winnie Zbornik In science we have been working very hard to keep up our science notebooks. They have boon very interesting and have certainly helped our grades. Those receiving A's in science are: Sue Crafton. Bob Lainptn'cr, Janis Lon/, Sandra Miller, Sharon Patlison, Janet Scheidel, Penny SlK'pperd, Rusty Sill, Joe Smuh, Linda Van Sickle, and Winnie Zbornik. Next six-weeks we hope everyone's name will be on these lists. We have been making candy, popcorn balls, and taffy apples and selling tneni at recesses to help us make enough money to go to Chicago, April 19. That is the big day that we're looking forward to, as there's an educational tour SOL for that day! your finger ''.-st soon, Hose SERVICE BACKED BY EXPERIENCE, AND FULLY GUARANTEED New Parts screen conversions, minor adjustments or major overhaul. Free estimates. • To be sure, call 265 HOWARD'S Radio & T.V. Fayette, Iowa Sixth Grade Mrs. Nef/gar This is it! The end of the fourth six-weeks- Only two more six- Seventh Grade News By Helen Kauten The question (or this week is, "What would you do with your paraphernalia?" Handy Anderman: I would put i' in a fish bowl. Richard Langerman: I'd eat it. Jimmy Buhman: I would tie it mi Tony my horse and let him loose. Zue Anna Martin: I would give il ',o a /oo, I think! C'aiol Beck: I'd eat it. Melody Gilette: I'd keep it until I get married. According to the dictionary your paraphernalia is your personal belongings such as clothing, tools, etc. Friday instead of the regular six weeks spelling test we had a over the most misspelled words which ran according to the papers we have handed in. Those who got A's in spelling were: Diane Ashby, Carol Beck, Kenny Butters, Carol Clerk, Mika Gaynor, Melody Gflette, Helen Kauten, Kathy Keig, and George Van Buren. In arithmetic we arc learning how to make bar graphs without graph paper. Mrs. Stirk put the following people's drawings on the bulletin board: Diane Ashby, Carol Beck, Tom Borchert, Mike Gaynor, Rcnee Jellings, Helen Kauten, Kathy Keig, and George Van Buren. • • » * Eighth Grade News By Marjorie Webb and JoAnn Quandt In American History we just finished a unit on the immigration to the United States since the 1800's. Friday, the 28th, we took a test over this unit. Mrs, Capell reported the test, as a whole, turned out very good. As a review for the test we wrote reports, drew maps, read poems, made out drill cards, and drew family trees. Wednesday, the 26th, we had a test in arithmetic. This test was over installment buying and figuring interest. This week we learned how to figure compound interest as well as simple interest. In music class we have started practicing for the Talent Show, which will be held March 20. Those who aren't participating in the Talent Show are writing reports on composers. Some of these composers are Chopin, Prokofiev, and others. We are happy to have Mr. Eliot as our practice teacher in music. We are having dancing lessons every Friday. So far we have learned the fox-trot and the rock step. We are happy to report that the boys won the first round of the Boys Jr. High County Tournament by beating Oelwein 2928. On Friday, the 28th. they played Clermont-Elgin and lost. We won over Oran in the consolation game. In science we had a test over the first unit which was about the weather and how it affects our lives and our happiness. For the question of the week, our question is: "What would you first change if you could be superintendent of Fayette High School?" Gary Oakley: Let the kids out of school at 3:30 p.m. Dick Van Sickle: Have physical education all day long and buy new books. Robert Gage: Let the kids teach the teachers for a day. Buzz Olson: He'd change the school hours from 1:00 to 2 p.m. Carolyn Johnson: Start school at 9:00 a.m. and end school at 3:00 p.m. * Thursday, February 27th., we temporarily lost three boys. They seemed to think summer was here and went to their favorite fishing hole. Their luck wasn't so good, but it's worse now. They have to make up triple time. bly Bill. His favorite Ipasstimes include sleeping and eating. (Couldn't be because he is lazy.) Bill's pet peeve are girls who think they are so beautiful, (sort of unusual, isn't it Bill) Bill's extra activities include basketball, dramatics, chorus, and paper staff. After graduation he plans on getting a job and then enlist in the nave. Best of Luck, Bill! MUSIC The Music Club is again this year sponsoring a Talent Show. Eliminations have been tentatively set for the following dates: High school—March 10, Community—March 14, Kindergarten through third grade—MarcVi 18, Fourth grade through sixth— March 21, seventh and eighth grade—March 25. The winners from each of these groups will complete in the finals March 27th. MARCH BIRTHDAYS Max Gross — March 1 Merlin Robi rls — March 2 Deane Watkins — March 13 Duane Watkins — March 13 Barbara Kauten —- Maivh 19 Larry Maxson •— March 19 Bruce Beck — March 23 Arnold Johnson — March 27 SENIOR SKETCH ANNIVERSARY ! MARCH IS OUR ANNIVERSARY MONTH Come in and Register Today ANNOUNCING Jerry Langel as the new PROPRIETOR of the Texaco Service Station WATCH FOR OUR GRAND OPENING In cooperation with Ihe manutactureri, w« are participating in a sensational presentation of 1,000 PAIRS OF GtOV-ETT WEDGIES FREE, and 1,000 RCA VICTOR ClOCK RADIOS FREE, and are going to give away a pair of Iheie popular shoes and o Grand Prix* Clock Radio. Drawing for tl,o Glov-EH Wedg- iai will be on SAT. MARCH BUBBIE SOFT WAVKING cut "float, bubble Velv«ly loft leu»hfff. Steel arch (or exlra support, uluf price 17.95. Grand Prize VICTOR ClOCK RADIO ,i,li,.o Sup-iib "Goldsn Ion,* J poiilion finger-tip or ir-v-r Acrural*. dependable Pt'ioif* tartio nulomulitaUy, , ,iiw rtinl f(Ki\ hand! glow In Window dull ' tuning. Calibrated e tontrol. Tim« ml control Bill Hughes was born April 10, 1940, in Elkader, Iowa. Ho has attended Elkader, Humboldt, and Fayelte schools. He lists his favorites as blue, basketball, baseball, t-bone steak, and pumpkin pie. Jeff Chandler and Natalie Wood rate high as favorite in the movie world to him. If you hear someone going around saying "huh" it's SPORTS Track and baseball workouts have begun in the gym now that our basketball season is over. The boys showing interest in these spring sports include: Seniors: John Rohde, Jim Van Sickle, Bob Thompson. Steve Talcott, Bill Finch, Max Gross, Duane Watkins, Deane Watkins, Roger Otterstein, Larry Maxson, Lowell Paul, and Bob Marvin. Juniors: Kip Knight, Dave Dennis, Jim Davis, Marlin Weyant, Al Hanson, Darrel Lau, Chuck Gooder, Dave Joltings, Larry Evans, Mike Eisc-heid, Dave Thompson, Don Gray, Frank Pickett, Gene Van Buren, Ben Rohde, and Bob Bass. Sophomores: Jim Gage, Denny Ban Bogart, Duane Voshell, Bill Miller, Lloyd Iliff, Arnie Johnson, and Roger Earle. Freshmen: Paul Wagner, Mike Schneider, Joe Rohde, Ron Webb, Bob Gage, Gary Nading, Bruce Beck, Mike Ashby, Alan Finger, Bill Lewis, Dwight Durfey, Barry Zbornik, Mike Smith, Doug Fay, Steve Vermav.cn, Les Nims, and Dave Burget. Our first track meet is the State Indoor Track Meet at Iowa City March 22. The basketball squad is going to Des Moines this Friday to see some of the state tournaments. ancc and increased self-confidence. Th;;t posture is always the basis of good appearance is another truism. A reminder will not come amiss. Good posture makes clothes look their very best The right foundation garments are a big hcl}.> to good posture and are essential to good appearance. To know what not to wear is just as important as to know whal to wear. A single important piece of jewelry or a neat collar can lift an ordinary outfit into distinction. That buying a new sweater is a tonic for the spirit is, to be sure, a elieke. We sometimes tend to forget what something new-to-wear can do for us by giving a rosy-tinted view of life. HOW'S YOUR BATING ETIQUETTE? When asked where you'd like to go should you: (1) Have a plan or two, (2) Pick the town's t«p nitery, (3) Shrug your shoulders? If that young man leaves the doings up to you—the "I don't can-" routine's no help. Have a plan or two. But don't insist on dinner at the Plush Room. Make several suggestions and let him choose whalever's in line with his financial bracket. Suppose he admires your dress, do you say — (1) "Really? This old sack?" (2) "Are you kidding?" (3) "Thank you." Some damsels imagine they must shrug off a compliment. But it only flusters your date when you depreciate something he admires. So ... next time ITJ losses a bouquet your way— sweetly say, "Thank you." It's a jnark of poise. After a late date, should a damsel — (1) Invite him into the house. (2) Say good night at the door. (3) Thank him. When the right'.-; no longer young, there's no call for your date to linger. Dismiss him "raciously at the door. (Your .family will appreciaie it!) And please—no "thank-you's" either. "It's been a lovely evening" \v.\\ do nicely. THE PHIL °TDRESS By Kalhy and Donna Good taste in dress is selective, not expensive. Clothes do not make the woman, but they make her feel better, give her assur- 8 Drawing for tht Grand Prize Clock Radio will b. on SAT. MARCH 29 All you have lo do lo be eligible for the drawings is give ut your name and address, and be of adult age. Juil coma 10 our store and register . . . < that's all lher« Ii lo ill You do not have lo be present al Ihe draw* ingi lo -win. REGISTER TOOAYI *•*»»., DRIVE BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER HOT LUNCH March 10-March 14, 1958 Monday Shepherds Pie Pickle Slices Baking Powder Biscuits Honey Butter Lemon Pudding Vi Pint Milk Tuesday Cheese Beefburgers Scalloped Potatoes Tomato Juice Waldorf Salad Oatmeal Cooky '/a Pint Milk Wednesday Cream of Potato Soup Toasted Cheese Sandwiches Tossed Salad with Calliflower slices Peanut Butter Raisin Cooky '/.. Pint Milk Thursday Boiled Limas and Ham Buttered Asparagus Cabbage and Carrot Slaw Cinnamon Coffee Cake Vis Pint Milk Friday Salmon Loaf topped with Creamed Peas Stewed Tomatoes Peanut Butter Sandwiches (Carrot, Raisin and Peanut Butter Filling) Apple Quarters Ms Pint Milk THRIFTY FOOD BUYS Fresh CARROT Krafts Philapelpia CREAM CHEESE bags VEL BEAUTY BAR JELLO Folgers, Hills, Butternut COFFEE (With $2.00 order) 2 for «J pkgs. 25c 15c 39c Swans Down CAKE MIX. Chocolate Chip Lemon Flake 37c lb. 79c LEMON CHIP ANGLE FOOD 49c Briardale RED PIE CHERRIES TT cans OtrC NELSON'S Shoe & Clothing PITTED DATES ------------------ lb THRIFTY FOOD MART Van Camps TUNA FISH TfOC cans Phone 81 Fayette, Iowa H. A. Schmidt Northern TISSUE 3 rolls 2?C

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