Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 6, 1958 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1958
Page 2
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.0 (1 THE SCHOOL == ,SSU E ^^^g^^|^ House of Representatives, State of Iowa Established in 1914 Published every Thursday morning at Fayette. Iowa (This is the first of three articles on school reorganiza- SUBSCRIPTION RATES (YEAR; tion, an issue very important to the people of Fayette Fayette County -• County. It is intended to be educational. Part II entitled 0u,si,le Fayelle Col,nty w , „ ,.„_ c " THE BENEFITS AND THE ARGUMENTS will appear SECOND CLASS MAIL PRIVILEGES in next week's I.MAI >j '.k. Part III will deal with WHY AUTHORIZED AT FAYETTE, IOWA IMMEDIATE ACTION IS NECESSARY.) A WAC off. ccr irt in Piiny from the South Sea Islands after World War 11 tells of how the natives there used American steel •\cs lo bm'd airports. At the end of the day, however, v .u* a u >ey .('turned to their villages they went right bat ! 'o thr-r own stone axes. They did not see the advanta > ; . ; ng. Like people all . <.-, il>c world and all societies in general, Iowans do not often look at themselves and their culture objectively. I hey tend to be ethnocentric , . . r i . | , , t . i i • .! l . .1 • n DONALD L. KIMBALL and teel that all they have is the best the way it is. Uur JOSEPHINE BORCHERT problem is our own hoimmcnicty and what might be WAYNE BARNES r i "J i • 1 l, II " r~\ t li BUCK MAXSON termed an educational cultural lag. Uur schools have MISS ANNA WILSON become a very essential part of our social structure and MRS. FRANK CUMMINOS where community activity centers around the school, we R^^H^^ICKINSON seem less capable of modification of that structure. We tend to be static instead oi dynamic even in a day when we live in a dynamic society. When times force us to pull ourselves back and look, we usually do. No greater force is necessary to require this than that force which touches a man's pocketbook. In the case of school reorganization, it not only Civ*/ Professional & Business Directory cHUUCii :\c\\r.u\)u: Grace Lutheran Church J i J. Vv 'an;;'. i in. p .i.-:- i .-.i... i. . ,'.i 'ii<> ; i \>.Ml a .m Hi , '.. or -. 111 p HI:;J(I a .m. First Methodibt Church Sun.-.iv Son'.ul u.oU a.m. Communications of public interest are invited. Such rniinmiiiirnUnn.; must be received before Wednesday norm to insure publication in the current issue. Edit* :• ;>>>d PuLli..! HT A i lant Kililni- Linnlv |n' Opi I'.-itdi- Sl.'.ip A: ;:i;il-«nl Fayette <'orr. < pori'lrnl Maynanl fun-, spinal' ni Randalia Corn spindcn! Lima ( 'HIT. . [xnuhiil ..lil: , VVill.-:! ( ll) i.e.ui am EDITORIAL A WORD OF PRAISE AND AN ENDORSEMENT After many years of service to Fayette County. Treasurer William Knox has declined to seek another term in that office. A record of honesty and efficiency touches the pocketbook of the individual, but that of a 8Uch a . s Mr - Knox has demonstrated through his many great state. years in the Treasurer's office should not end without Many schools in the southern states are county ^ ue P r£ »ise. schools. One wonders if the south is more progressive ,n his several terms of office, Bill, as he is known to than Iowa, but the answer does not lie in educational everyone in the county most of whom pay him an annual progress, it lies in necessity. visit, has demonstrated all the virtues of a holder ol a If one travels thru the south and inspects the land, P ul3 ' ic office. He has manifested the old saying that "a one does not see rich, black soil as in Iowa. (This is the P ublic office is a P ublic trust." For this reason the voters general south; there is land down there worth up to of Fayette County returned him to office time after time. $1000 per acre in isolated spots.) One sees in the general Wnile the Ioas oi Biii Knox wil1 be felt bv thc People south poor, red soil and clay and sand. This does not pro- of Fayette County, the Court House and the Republican duce much, neither does it provide much of a tax base. It P art y« ,lis wisdom will be demonstrated by the hcA Wcsleyan Methodist ll .r.wii i V> . .J .iiilj.Mui • i 'a..l'- 1 S ;.ii".<.v S,'!I;H'. li.Id) a.in M .. mm. »','.,i •..:}> 1 «.;>(/ a in. l'uui i i v„-c V la p.i:. l '.V .'.!,,,eh.,l u. J,, l \ „t c p.U: I' I a." i i :-v. r\ HI - Yhin ... ii pit. St. Irancis Chinch father Lowell S lclcluloti Suiio.t) M.t*. '< :'M IV lu.oU a v\'i i'li'l.i\ .''Li .•: 7:J;J a.ir.. L'onl'v Sal. V.3(1 t>. U pi Kandalia Methodist Galo llav/ho.o, Mmislor Sum lay hi-hmii, ;'..>U a.m. \V"o|-.-:ilip SiTVire. lll.yii a.m. DIAMONDS SILVERWARE 'KVVELRY AND I LOIN HAMILTON AND T.ULOVA WATCHES JEWELRY .• ::••!• UNION, IOWA DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday TSvenlngs By appointment, closed Thuns. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette SCHNEIDER INSURANCE I.'fo Aulo-Fire-Liabilily and Hospital Insurance 'Insijran'.o you can depend o.n' PHONt: BLUE 229 Fayetto YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa mm FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Service , Phono 199, Fayella Ambulance Service | Fayette and Maynard Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m.—4 pjxx. Ph. 156 ofc. Fayette Black 79 ret. Iowa Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m.—4 pjxx. Ph. 156 ofc. Fayette Black 79 ret. Iowa THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone U i THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone U i DR. E. J. DAHJLQU1ST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette. U. ,1 Mid. does not compare with Iowa's rich soil. Because they have poor soil, they cannot afford a school in every small area or even in smaller towns. Most of them are county wide. Why? They just do not have the tax base to operate them. Does Iowa? Yes, but it's costing more and more each year to do so. Property taxes that he has very wisely "trained" one of thc best assistant treasurers in the whole" state of Iowa for his successor. Mrs. Doris Springer, Republican candidate for Treasurer of Fayette County, has been Bill Knox' deputy for several years. She has learned all the requirements oi the job and has already demonstrated efficiency, high are rising and the cost" burden"of our own inefficiency Is ^"^ds and a genuine love of her work, becoming greater ^ ne " ay a 8tate tax inspection officer stopped in at Is their an answer? Yes, in school reorganization, the LEADER and made this comment to the editor: "If where unnecessary schools and teachers can be elimi- ever y count y treasurer s office were as efficient and as nated. These benefits, however, we shall discuss in next well-run as yours my job would be easy. He went on week's article. Keep in mind that the Iowa Legislature to P raise , the P eo P le , there and , how th 7 werc a!way ^ on will require by law in 1959 or 1961 a strengthening of time , with re P° rts ' t , heir r , ec1ords we F e a , lwa y 8 neat . and up what is now only "policy" and reorganization will be l ? dat ^i and their knowledge of the laws pertaining to necessary. Delay could also be very costly. their office was commendable. In paragraph 4, we mentioned that this issue is The LEADER does not make it a practice to endorse touching the pocketbook of "Iowa" as well as its citizens, candidates down the line—even tho our leanings are From the statewide point of view, the lack of educational somewhat Republican—but, in the case of Dons Spring progress, where it exists, is largely due to reluctance to We feel We can heart,1 y recommend her to the people act in necessary reorganization areas. We have problems such as rural youth not getting in high school the advantages that many urban schools oirer their youth. We have retained the idea that the necessary fundamentals be taught and that fields ui lechnolgy be left for higher education. Today this is no longer reasible. But, in smaller scnools it is an econo^^c impossibility. We do not puoo by the iuct that there are some pretty lame" teachtus ai our schools, too. In fact, you've got LO educate the educators so tney can educate the kids. Jbut, when you struggle with costly and inefficient systems limited in their curricula, how can you afford the better teachers? in comparing the rural-educated youth with the urban-educated youth, we do not state this as a general truism thru the entire state. For our Iowa schools have produced some of the great men of our time. The examples are multiplied each graduation season, however. But, the great problem lies before us. A mounting number of youth, now being born, and others approaching school age, will spell out even greater requirements m tor the future. These needs must be met before the crisis % appears, not when it appears. If one single child must suffer thru our reluctance to act, then a great crime has been commited upon that generation. The promise of a free, public education has become a part of the great heritage of the present day Iowan. This guarantee must not be torn down by us. Almost every young Iowan has this education available to him today, but the variance of what each graduate has received is becoming wider and wider. Some seniors are prepared to go into the world with a broad background, others with only the fundamentals that have been available. If we have the chance to provide a vaster knowledge of special and general subjects at no greater cost, shouldn't we act? Our problem begins in necessity, is brought to our attention thru necessity and must be | solved thru necessity! of this county. We endorse her candidacy and hope she is the next treasurer of our county. Her record of the past is her only necessary platform! Besides Bill Knox splendid service as treasurer he leaves a donation in Doris Springer. This, also, is to his credit. ATTENTION HOUSEWIVES House cleaning is not far away. Why wait. Make selections of Floor coverings and Wall Papers. Some 1958 patterns are in stock. However we have some close-outs to be had in d ce of pattern for every Room. See Them at Delsing Furniture flimiinmiinsmmimmmiiiiMiiHiw TYPING PAPER One Ream (500 Sheets) $1.99 Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa lb. tin 3 2 for 77c 37c SWIFTN1NG Eatwell CATSUP Sliced AO PORK & GRAVY can *t#>C Facial Q large TISSUE O box Red Rock Cola POP case 24 lb. RITZ CRACKERS box Van Camp ' O TUNA L for lb. SALT COD FISH box Frozen J* d*| A A CHICKEN PIES D fordleUU PORK SAUSAGE . lb. 39c OYSTERS - pt. 79c SMITH & SONS MKT itimiiiMiiHiiiiHiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiinmmmiOT 57c 69c 33c 35c 69c by Reuben It is Lilly plca -iii'.; In nrw cm it He, IIIII ;iinl major :H ;,il store IVIIUII |i•!in:', ^osiifj on. ai-xi:; dear nUl Mum >tveel. Whelii. •;• ilone will] \,i<:'.il money, or mil ol'- toivn i-.ipiUil, the results are equally i;oo<(, as lo tiie miiiinvi ment nl' appearanre. [te:;ai'illes.-, ol periodic iloses of i aivmala// we duly ilope liolii ti \i' lilt If eol- |e.t:e and the littli i oi |e;;e city eail liml aiul hold a stalite place in (he future. 1UU a> to Mauistrei I's tuUirc, resisting eliaii:;e and sillinu tii-llil on one'.; linaneial nest cy,ji, won't Uet the joi> came. It i.s pleasing to note Unit tin., fart is being nivi-n more' consideration <»!' late. .... We were very plea eil one re cunt early moniinj:. with the • hip. We rani,.; ! interview of ;in Uid.n:; FKA youth, who had i '; •< '.t proial at the recent :• : !»•• .-how at Ilawkcyo K . I'm. youn.u man's clown- ui'o llic.cnco ami his peahini; voice was tru- ;.eai conihination, in our i. \\ iln such young men ; MII . only livestock farm•ii futura has bright pros, in both technical know- iiid ori'.auiziitional leader;i ay - heads in thc farm .iln' li aide God and f .l-n . M -i;;m..•;.;•«»»> le-.niership for 'i.-h >oeai", nun. We should be il.iublv thankful that nol all iiii'.'ol lads forsalcc fanning and I in- lain; I'm- ";'.reeuer pastures" in !}><• itidusirial and professinn- ;,1 world. .... 'l'he plane had suddenly developed eni;ine trouble, and five was t !u 'e .iteniiu;. Knu rj'.ency laudinu ii-id b"in made, and passomjers Wi -,e bein;; unloaded posthaste. As there was no ramp available, the husky co-pilot was helping the pa • ;e IU '. r. down. A haughty lady paused, wrapped her mink coal lightly ahonl her lens. The co-pilot barked, "for gawd's sake lady, hurry. I'm not trying lo look a', your fanny. I'm tryin' to save it." GAY'S BARBER SHOP Gaylen Bierbower, Prop. 144 Main St. Fayette It Pays To Look Wrtl Smitbfield Homemakers To Meet March 11th Smithfield Homemakers will meet with Mrs. LeRoy Henniges Tuesday, March 11th., at 10:00 with a pot-luck dinner at noon. Mrs. Bovis will be in charge of the meeting with the topic "The Smart Look." • Well Drilling • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or NUc Lamont P. 2-58 PL/ | You vjon't burn the biscuits in an ELECTRIC range. Reddy Kilowatt® sees to that with automatically controlled, even oven temperatures. Everything ycu coo!-, will come out so much better, so much faster, so much easier. 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