Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 27, 1958 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1958
Page 4
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MO. — School supplies valued at over $121,865 have been donated by American school children to schools affected by disasters in eleven midwestern stales through the Junior Red Cross, it was reported today by officials of Midwestern Area HOOVER REPORT (continued from page 1) race with Russia that will send defense spending to a new high, she pointed out. "While no one will object— least of ail women—to whatever it may cost to regain world leadership in space and missile research, we do want to make sure that our defense problems are solved by common sense and not by few or hysteria. "Our basic problem, and one all women are interested in. is to net the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for every government dollar spent. The unenacted CHOICE Building lots. New addition. Priced to sell. Phone 240 Fayette or write Tom Henry, Fayette. (33-34-35-36) RURAL HOUSEWIVES Avon Cosmetics offers opportunity for growing income through servicing families in your neighborhood. Write P.O. Box 352 Dubuque, Iowa. (33 34-35) FOR SALE — 40c. Straw 30c per bale. Wadena. Ia. - Alfalfa sq. bales sq. bales. 25c and II. F. Oe'.berg. Ph. Fayette 5616 (34-35) FOR RENT 160 acre farm adjoining """ntian Junction on the North. P? March 1. 1958. H. J. Sw u Chester, Iowa. (34 J5-36-37) Tl Order you Armours foday. Dumermuih Fayette, Iowa 34 FOR SALE drop leaf table Blue 190 - Nearly and chairs. '.IV, I Ic.y 15 blonde Phono (35) FOR SALE — Used Bathroom fixtures. Stools. Lavatories, Showers, etc. Call 195 Vic Dnhl. (35) FOR SALE — Used Maytag washer, 2 sofa beds, ironer, used T.V. set. Hamilton Beach Sweeper, gas range. McLeese-Leytze, Fayette, Iowa. (35) FOR SALE Trumpet. Call John McLean, Ph. Black 87. (35) FOUND — Brown and white puppy, about 8 weeks old. Call Tom Henry. (35) FOR RENT — 5 room house with bath, garden lot and chicken coop. mile N.E. Randalia. Phone 0307. Everett McSweeny Randalia, Iowa. (35-36) FOR RENT — Sleeping room — also garage. Phone red 123, Mrs. Frank Davis, King St. (35) NOTICE Avon representative. Phor\e white 67, Marie Solomon (35) CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our gratitude to the Fayette Fire Department and all those helping out at the fire. Ralph Dixon CARD OF THANKS My family and I wish to express our sincere thanks to our relatives, friends, and neighbors whom have been so kind and thoughtful by helping us in so many ways during my recent illness and stay in the hospital. I also wish to thank those who visited me or sent their lovely cards and letters and to Grace Mission Circle for their cards and nice gift. These expressions of your thoughtfulness will al ways be cherished by us. Mrs. Ernest Alber and family headquarters of the American National Red Cross. Since 1949, whi'ii the program of assistance to disaster damaged schools began, schools in 41 communities of the eleven states have received needed replacements of visual aids, books, music, recreational and shop supplies. In Iowa, the report of Children's Fund expenditures in the Midwestern Area lists a recent contribution to the Catholic Girls' School in Ottumwa of $1,500 for the purchase of music, books, and recreational supplies to supplement supplies replaced with school funds. American Red Cross Chil- Fund, through which these /lies were purchased, was ahlished in 1919 to provide i.-tance to children in the U.S. I in other countries stricken y disaster or armed conflict. The fund is supported entirely by the voluntary contributions of junior members in 67,300 elementary schools to their local Junior Red Cross service funds, all of which arc restricted for Junior Red Cross purposes. During the year which ended June 30, 1957, the value of American Junior Red Cross international shipments of children's disaster relief supplies totalled of the Hungarian revolt received $155,200 of this assistance in the form of warm sweaters, underclothing socks, and other clothing, special dietary and medical supplies, and basic supplies for schools. Children's Fund assistance was given to disaster affected schools throughout the United States in the same period. Junior Red Cross members also gave direct assistance in many of the nation's 295 disasters by serving as volunteer workers in Red Cross offices and shelters, and assisting with distribution of toys and comfort articles prepared by junior members throughout the country as gifts for children suffering from disaster. These youth programs supplemented the disaster relief and rehabilitation program of the adult American Red Cross, through which 311,000 persons re CHORALE (continued from page 1) son was assistant conductor of the "Porgy and Bess" production which toured the world. A former director of the Collegiate Choral, Mr. Jonson is known for his work in the Broadway presen- recent Book of the Month Club tation of "Wonderful Town". A record selection, the Little 'Orchestra and Choral Art Societies' "L'Enfance du Christ" has Jonson as its choral director. Gene Bayliss, choreographer for the "The Voice of Firestone" and stage director of the Master Singers, has additional credits at the Birmingham Opera Under the Stars, Cohasset Music Circus, Oakdale Theatre at JWallingford, on Broadway and on numerous TV shows. Consistently praised for the superb showmanship, charm and warmth which is readily communicated to all of their audiences, the members of the Little Chorale are Francine Falkon, Laurie Franks, Joyce Harrod, Rita Schoen, Lynn Detwiler, Richard Park, Howard Shaw, and Arthur Swan. Their accompanist is Dobbs Franks. ceived emergency mass care and 88,000 families were assisted individually in restoring normal living conditions. The total cost of disaster relief operations in 1956-57 was $17 ,509,014. This assistance, like that given through the American Red Cross Children's Fund, was a free gift of the American people, for which no repayment is requested or expected. nvommendfttlons of the Mnnr +f- san Hoover "Committee's Report point the way to savings that may well run into billions and to efficiencies in operation that will insure our national strength, security and solvency," Mrs. Mo Eli'oy said in urging Iowa worn, n to at.end one or more of the conferences. The Teapot Tempest conferences will he limited to the "Big Five Targets" selected by the Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report. These are: modernized federal budget procedure; unified procurement and management of "common use" defense supplies; halting needless government competition with (.rivate business; creating a corps of career administrators and improving federal medical services. A new program, written by Katheryn C. Metz will tie presented and made available, cost free, to any woman's organization that will use it. A similar program written last year by Mrs. Metz wa,s requested by 13,200 * organizations. The new program, entitled "The People Vs. BIG Government," will show BIG government being charged with unnecessary spending, duplication and waste by the five witnesses for the Prosecution. The audience will be asked to serve as the jury and render a verdict on the evidence submitted. A steaming teapot will bo th" motif used al all luncheons and teas. At the close of the confer ences each woman will be presented with a tea bag and asked to hold a Teapot Tempest party at her home to share the information received at the T 'n T conference with her friends and neighbors. FARMERS UNION (continued from page 2) the farmer. 5, That the consumer be informed in any cooperative venture by farmers and that such movement be for the benefit of the consumer as well as for the farmer." The next meeting will be in the Art Quandt home on the 21 of March. Pot-Luck lunch was enjoyed by all. SENATOR MILLER (continued from pagel) War 11. His service included the China-Burma-India Theater of opeia!ions and the faculty of the !'.S Army command and general •taT .:<•! i ?I. where at the age of twenty-seven he was one of the yo.ni.,( t instructors in the history of that institution. He has been active in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and currently holds the rank of Colonel. He is a graduate of Creighton University and Columbia University Law School and has taken post-graduate work in the law school of the State University of Iowa. A scholarship winner at Columbia, he was a member of the winning Moot Court team, arguing his case before Iowa's late Justice Rutledge of the U.S. Supreme Court. Since his admission to the Iowa bar in 1946 he has been active in American Bar Association activities and formerly headed its committee on tax problems of farmers. Senator Miller is a Rotarian, a member of the Woodbury County Polio board, the Advisory Council of the Siouxland Association for retarded Children, American Legion. Veterans of Foreign War;, and numerous fraternal, professional and service organizations. He and Mrs. Miller, a former public _ school teacher, have four children. DR. BOHSTEDT (continued from page 1) stock nutrition research program A high-grade S194,000. Child victims EASTER is APRIL 6 Time to look over your spring wardrobe. Let us have your cleaning early. UNIVERSITY CLEANERS Fayette Phone 152 Come in and Register Today SERVICE BACKED BY EXPERIENCE, AND FULLY GUARANTEED New Parts screen conversions, minor adjustments or major overhaul. Free estimates. • To be sure, call 265 HOWARD'S Radio & T.V. Fayette, Iowa IT TAKES TANKS AND TANKS OF CHAN, RUST-FRII HOT WATER to keep up with the Kids .. . the Diihes . . . the Laundry . . . and the House. gat all th* HOT WATER you'll ever need with an alt-new A.O.Smitll «la..-lln.d •runu We'll in.t.ll It _- k ^<r~^V I ' , " d '°*right away I oOff LtOngQT 34 month* to payl Come In TODAYI Gene Wm. Singer Fayette, Iowa Phone 247 O O, b 1 o jincL O o FOR BUBBLE SOFT WALKING WEDGIES 1K» imort, gay lillle W.dglo with cushion crepe tole Ihot "flood your feel on bubbles ol air." Velvety lott ' glove leolher. Steel . arch for extra support. Reg* ular price 17.95. In cooperation with the manufacturers, wo are participating in a sensational presenla- '(Ion of 1,000 PAIRS OF GIOV-ETT WEDGIES FREE, and 1,000 RCA VICTOR CLOCK RADIOS FREE, and are going lo give away a pair of these popular shoes and a Grand Priie Clock Radio. Drawing for the Glov-Ell Wedgies will be on SAT. MARCH 8 FREE Grand Prize *\ RCA VICTOR CLOCK RADIO 1 Fineit of clock radio., btautlfut \ diitlncllve) ityllng. 3^gp«rb "Golden ***i*A Throat" tone. 3-potltIon fingeMlp (elector lever. Accurate, dependable clock, operolei rodlo automatically, oversize dial face, hondi glow In .dark. "Window dial" tuning. Calibrated^ ^volume control. Time tel control L Drawing foi Ihe Grand 1 Prize Clock Radfo will be on SAT MARCH ' 29 All you have to do lo be eligible for Ihe drawings is give us your name and address, and be of adull age. Just come to our slore and register .... that's all there Is lo III You do not have to be present at Iho drawings to win. REGISTfR TODAYI mm NELSON'S Shoe & Clothing for many yenrs, Dr. Bohstedt Is well known for his work with salt and other minerals, as well as his valuable studies in the conservation of forage crops for more economical meat and milk production. Dr. r.ohsledt brings to his column on livestock feeding and management the ability to translate research achievements into greater production in everyday farming. His popularity as an author is already established through his numerous contributions to agricultural journals during the years he was in the classroom and laboratory. Besides his contributions to American agriculture, Dr. Bohstedt assisted the Department of Agriculture of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in formation of a research program for its experimental farms. He was a consultant to Jhe Dfcn-* 1 is try of Education"" ol "Venezuela where he pioneered the develop- meiu of a modern Department of Animal Inductry at the Central University of Venezuela. He has also conducted surveys of the livestock industry in Mexico and Colombia. Since retiring from the University- of Wisconsin, Dr. . Bohstedt has been a visiting Professor in Animal Industry at the Universily of Southern Illinois. He also is continuing as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Stale Experiment Stations Divisions, and to the Salt Institute, and as a member of the Allied Industry Associ- ••gttBftLjrUtY 1958 ation Advisory Committee of the Nutrition Council of the American Feed Manufacturers Association. Other professional connections which Dr. Bohstedt maintains include the American Society of Animal Production, of which he has served as secretary, vice- president . and president; the American Dairy Science Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Association of University Professors. Fayette Theatre •..MARCH 1—2 — 3 Jack Leumon — Kathryn Grant — Ernie Kovacs — Arthur O'Connell - Mickey Rooney — In — OPERATION MAD BALL The hilarious G.I. story, filmed entirely off limits and entirely without army cooperation. .. The comedy picture of the year. COMING SOON — TEN 'COMMANDMENTS First ANNIVERSARY OFFEE 1 Lb Limit 79c LETTUCE 2 for 29c Duncan Hines lb. A I* PANCAKE FLOUR ^ box 4t)C RICHLAND RICE 1 box 17c Golden Valley O 2 x / 2 (t» f AA SALAD PEARS «* M.UU Clover Farm KIDNEY BEANS 10 *>, $1.00 1st Yeardmrfr ^AP &rs Wave Crest SALMON -- 1 can SSC Longhorn CHEESE - 49c Sugar 10 lbs 98c Delbrook £ d»1 A A 0LEQ D lbs. «D 1 .Uv Wilson's 9fl^ MINCED HAM «>. 6VC Clover Farm O CA BLENDED JUICE * for D»C Clover Farm O 46 oz I* A TOMATO JUICE * cans DSC JELL0 3 boxes 25c MULBERRY BACON 45c ib. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been our friends and customers thru our first year here. We holpe we can enjoy many more years of serving your needs. to be given 6 FREE Grocery Baskets FREE Coffee & Donuts ALL DAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Wdkek Clover Farm

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