Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 13, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 2
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Ingle Beasts Dodge the War Soldiers Seldom Contact Animals ^ in Malaya ^f By DAN DELUCE & ijAP Feature Service ^RANGOON - The jungle beasts of f t Malaya a« among the world's best ^dodgers, according to that re- natural scientist, Tommy , "< >^ Brilisn Toops, who have been fighting through dank green forests along '• the long, bony peninsula, reported few encounters with elephants, bears, N, , leopards, deer and other denizens. •" -In these forests, b'ght filters down - ihiraugK 50 feet of dripping foliage and j -. gives soldiers the feeling they are ' , 4t the bottom of an aquarium tank 'False Alarm' Birds For hours at a time infantry patrols see no wild tite. The- stillness is broken only by shril Icalls of hidden birds. Calls which resembled the , army's air raid signal whistles. The soldiers have nicknamed them "false .alarms." If this were the dry season, both ' t the British and Japanese would have probably tried jungle fires to hamper the enemy and cause animal stampedes. But this ;s the monsoon period and the jungle is successfully , sheltering its own. The Malaya war's most dangerous role is nevertheless being played by animals—pigs and cattle. Called "mine sweepers" by the Japanese, the animals are driven across • 1 mined areas, detonating concealed explosives. The rivers along the West Malay ". coast teem. with crocodiles, but it is * unknown how many Japanese troops may have been victims while swimming across in inflated rubber belts. The monkeys are proving to be born i, looters. They slip into evacuated vil- 1"£°s ?nd carr yoff small articles overlooked in the scorched earth policy. The whine of shells or drone of planes throw them into instant panic, butthey usually remember to hang on to their booty. Automatic Water Heaters Harry W. Shiver Plumbing Repairs Phone 259 309 N. Main WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas ORIANA AMENT BOYETT Tetcher of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting. Studio 608 South Mail? Street Phone 318 W Blevins Junior Play March 3 Story of the Kennedys on School Stage March 3 The Btevins Junior Class will present its annual play on Tuesday night March 3, at 8:30. It is the story of the Kennedys who live oh a state highway in Ohio where they run a i iadside diner and garage. The fai.iily consists of Mr. Kennedy; Linda, a 19-year old girl; Frank, who wants to go on the stage; Jackie, a graphology expert. Nick Forman, Leslie Manning, and others add much comedy to the occasion. A small admission will be charged. The public is invited. MOM.STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Lowly Private Makes Good Representative Votes for War, Joins Army By JACK STNNETT WASHINGTON - he capital in wartime: The lowly private seems to be coming into his own. In the House of Representatives, they are pointing with pride to Pvt. Frank C. Osmers of Ha- worlh, N. J. Private Osmers was serving his third year in the House when he voted for war on Dec. 8 and immediately went out and enlisted. The 34-year-old representative is now at Camp Lee, Va., and according to proud cronies here, he wouldn't turn a political finger to get a commission. ~ "• '" ' n Legal Notice NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION IN NASHVILLE SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 OF HOWARD AND HEiVIPSTEAD COUNTIES, ARKANSAS. RADIOS - BATTERIES BICYCLES and AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES BOB ELMORE'S AUTO SUPPLY Bob Elruore, Owner WANT A PIANO? Thlj Model $365 cask ot terms: $36.50 Down $19.38 Monthly. Drop m a card for Catalogs and full information. Quality by STEINWAY. HA CABLE, WURLITZER. 209 E. Broad Texatkana, Ark JJsed Pianos, $75 up. Terms DUDLEY Flour & Feed Co. ON COTTON ROW Agents for Internationa! FERTILIZER |We recommend that you buy your Ifertilizer now. As the ingredients IJn fertilizer are used in the man- IJtfacture of munitions, shells and "xonbs. Price subject to change without notice. Notice is hereby given that the County Court of Hempstead County and the County Board of Education of said County have ordered that a special election be held in Nashville Special School District No. 1 of Howard and Hempstead Counties, Arkansas, for the purpose of having the qualified electors of the said School District vote on the question of a building fund tax of 7/10 of 1 mill for the years 1943 to 1959, inclusive, and 8 mills for the years 1960 to 1963, inclusive, to be collected annually on the assessed valuation of the taxable property in the District, beginning with the taxes collected in the year 1943, to pay the principal and interest of a proposed bond issue of $18,000 which will run for 20 years and 10 months, to consist of 56,500 in construction and equipment bonds and $11,500 in funding bonds, with the provision that the surplus in any year over and above the amount necessary to pay bonds and interest maturing that year, and after setting aside the money necessary to pay the next six months' interest on the bonds, may be used by said District for any other school purposes. Said election will be held in said District on the 7tii day of March, 1942, between the hours of 2:00 p. m. and 6:30 p. m., and otherwise in the same manner as provided by law for the holding of special school elections, at the following polling places, to-wit: The School Building, Bingen, Arkansas. WITNESS my hand this 12th day of February, 1942. E. E. Austin, County Supervisor. Feb. 13-20-27-March G RESOLUTION DECLARING INDEBTEDNESS ON FEB. 25, 1941 BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of Nashville Special School District No. 1 of Howard and Hempstead Counties, Arkansas, that after a careful check of the records of the District, there be entered upon the records of said District this resolution declaring the total amount of the valid indebtedness of said District, other than bonded indebtedness, outstanding on February 25, 1941, the time of the passage of Act No. 91 of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas for the year 1941, approved February 25, 1941, to be 512,000 of which the sum of 511,500 is still unpaid and outstanding valid non-bonded indebtedness of this District; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a certified copy of this resolution shall be published immediately for one insertion in the Nashville News, a newspaper published in Howard County, and in The Hope Star, a newspaper published in Hempstead County, and any person who is dissatisfied may, by a suit in the Chancery Court of either county, brought within thirty days after the date of the publication of said resolution, have a review of the correctness of the finding made in said resolution; but if no suit is brought within thirty days from the date of such publication, the finding in the resolution shall be conclusive, both as to the total amount of the indebtedness and as to its validity, and shall not be open to further attack. U. S, Troops in Dutch West Indies Friday, February 13, JUCO *•». <• v V*-**.. V Map shows the location of the Dutch West Indies ^vhero^U. 6 S°'troop° are now protecting the oil refineries like those at Curacoa, shown in photo Prescott News Telephone 163 Society By HELEN HESTERLY Red-Cross Show c?to Mrs. Al Williams. Benefit shows for the Nevada County Red Cross War Relief Fund will be presented Wednesday and Thursday, February 17-18-, at the Gem Theare. "Great Gun," Starring Laurel and Hardy, popular comedians will be shown, matinee and evenings. Admission will be 10 and 25 cents. A contest to boost ticket sales is under way in the Prescott schools, under the auspices of the Pare.it Teachers Association. All of the pro- dav in Hot Springs, ceeds of the shows will go to the ' Mr - ancl Mrs - TO 'TI Compton have war relief fund, since the thyatre is i '"^turned from a few days visit in contributing film rental and use of j Liulc Rock. its facilities. j Mr. James Hamilton of Emmetl i spent Thursday in Prescott on bus- Mr, and Mrs. H. E. Proctor Jr., of Wynn announce the arrival of a son, born February 11. Mrs. Proctor, will be remembered here as Miss Virginia Montgomery. Miss Jimmie Nickols spent Thurs- Basket Ball Game The Prescotl Wolves won over Okolona in 3 games, Wednesday night in Okolona. The Senior girls of Preo- coll won 8 lo 3, The Senior boys won with a score of 23 to 3, and the Junior boys with a score of 24 to G. Boy Scout Breakfast The Boy Scouts of Prescott had a "kick-off" breakfast Friday morning at 7:00 at the Loda Hotel. The breakfast began the annual drive to raise money for the Caddo Council. Scout masters and heads of the various committees were in attendance. 191G Club . Mrs. Matt Hitt entertained members of the 1916 Club, Wednesday afternoon with a desert, bridge. The living room was attractively decorated with jonquils. High score was awarded to Mrs. Frank Gilbert, guest og the club, and the cut prize went Down at Fort Knox, Ky., the other day they named the main parade ground Brooks Field. The honor was District Singing at ' Unity Church Sunday The District Sinking class of (his district will meet Sunday afternoon f ebrmiry 16, beginning at 2 o'clock at the Unity Baptisl church. Everyone is invited t<, come nnd bring their song books. M-7, page 315. dated 2-10-42, recorded 2-11-42. A. H. Teat to J. C. Hawkins. Commencing at (he SE corner of the NE'/i of NE'/i of Sec 27 Twp M £"o^ Se - 23 West ru "»ing thence N. 66 2/3 yards, west m yards. South 66 2/.( yards, East 220 yards to point ol beginning, conlaining 3 acres Assignment of O. & G. Lease:'book M-7, page 315, dated 2-10-42, recorded 2-11-42. Gene Goff and wife to babine Royalty Corp. NW"/i and W'A ?[ !?, E ' /4 of Sec - 1S - Twp. 15 S., Rge: 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/132 Int., book R-7 page 281, dated 1-26-42, recorded 2-11-' U. R. S. Randolph and wife to Frank C. Adams. SW'/, of NW'/i; 11.78 acres m the NW'/i of NW'/,; 59.91 ncres in the E'A of NW'/,; all in Sec. 10, fwp 15 S., Rgu. 24 West. 0. & G. Lease: 10 yr. term, book R-7. page 283, dated 2-G-42, recorded £.11-42. J. W. Price and wife to A. H. Teat. Commencing at the SE corner of the NE'/, of NE'/, of Sec 27, Twp 15 S., Rge 23 West, running thence North Gfi 2/3 yards, West 220 yards, South 66 2/3 yards, East 220 ground urooKs field. The honor was G . Moore. ME'/, NW'/,- SE'/, Sec \S- for Pvt. Rvt. Robert H. Brooks, a NW'/, NE'/, Sec. 19 al 'in T-vp 14 S Neero and the f rst mpmhni- nf <hn r> no ,„ -vp - 11 & " Oil and Gas (Continued From Page One) S., Rge. 23 W. (40 acres); SV- SEVi SE'/ 4 Sec. 19, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 2,1 W (20 acres); NVa NW'/ 4 & SV- SW'/ 4 SW'/i Sec. 20, Twp. 14 S., Rge". 23 W (100 acres); SE'/i NWVi & NEVi SWVi & Pt. NWVi SWVi Sec. 21, Twp. 14 S Rge. 23 W. (83 acres); Pt. S'A SWVi NWVi Sec. 21, Twp. 14 S., Rge 23 W (G acres); Pt. NWVi SWVi Sec. 21 Twp 14, S., Rgc. 23 W. (3 acres); Pt WV ! . SEVi Sec. 19, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 23' w" (75 avres); SEVi SWVi Sec. 21, Twp 14 S.. Rge. 23 W. (40 acres); Svi SWVi; S',fe NV4 SW'/i; SV4 SW'/ 4 SE'/i „ , -- - „• - —„* all m Sec. 24, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 24 W.; R 7 7 ' I 3a 8 e 2 ™. dated 2-G-42, record- E'/a SE'/i SEVi; Pt. NEVi SW'/, Sec I ed < ! - 11 "12, Araminla Price to A H 23, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 24 W. (191.5 acres ' Teat - N '<& "f NEVi of Sec. 27, Twp' m all). Containing in Ihe aggregate S " Rec '- 2:) West, except 3 acres 638.5 acres. (2/115 Int.) '" the SE corner of the NEVi of Mineral Deed & Royalty Contract, > NE1/1 of saitl Sec. 27, containing 77 dated 2-13-42, filed 2-13-42, 240 acres,' """" (1/23 Int.) Daisy Brummett to G.' Camden Quintet Playing Hope Game Called at Local Gym at 7:15 p. m. This Friday Hope high school junior and senior tennis will meet the Camden Panthers junior nnd senior teams at the high school gynasium at 7:15 this Friday night. The lineup follows: Camden Hays, forward 9 Brown, forward ,| Bradley, center 12 Mosley, guard |; Laney, guard , r , Hope Jordan, forward fi Rogers, forward McCullough, center Simms, guard Stanford, (6) guard, or Machin, guard Coach Brasher said Friday Bradley of Camden is one of the best pivot men ni the state. His scores usually total 10 to 25 points each game. Admission will be 20 cents. Indoor Picnic for Methodists Feb. 18 Preparaltions are about complete 7 10 4 12 that nicfor the Church-Wide Indoor Pic- nif in Ihc basement of First Methodist church next Wednesday night, Fob- i nary 18. The picinic, with plenty of good things to eat, will begin at 7:30 p. m. All Methodists whether members of this church or not, all families in which there is one or more Methodists. ;ill friends and "in-lnws" of the chinch, and members of other denominations who have been altcding our services are cordially .invited and urged to attend. R. L. Byers Now Local Food Stamp Officer R. L. Byers of Hope has replaced C. C. Stuart as food stamp issuing officer for Hempslead county, it was announced. Mr. Stuart, who served as head of the office since its opening April Hi, 1041, has been appointed assistant to slate revenue inspector, I. L. Pilkinton. i Sampson to Fred E. Guthre, N NW Sec. 24, Twp. 13, Rge. 21. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-11-42, J. D. Stone et ux to Roy E. Holemann. SW NE, Sec. 19, Twp. 12, Rgc. 20. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-3-42, W. P. Riggins et ux to M. B. Lacey, NW yards to poin of beginning, 3 acres. SW, Sec. 25, Twp. 14, Rge '23 Mineral Deed: 1/16 Int., book R-7 ~ ' ~ Page 266, dated 2-4-42, recorded 211-42. Mrs. M. E. Miciotto to G. W Wilbur. NM, of NE'/, of NE'/, of Sec'. 18; NVi, of NE'/, of Sec. 29; SE>/, of ° f 19; NVi ot , of Sec. 20; all in twp 18 S Rge. 23 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr term, book Negi-o and the first member of the armored forces killed in the present Rge. 23 W. war Private Brooks was killed in dated Mineral Deed & Royalty Contract, war rvae roos was e n dated w fMed 2- -42 D.sv the Philippines the day after Pearl | Brummett to G. G. Moore NW Harbor. And now along comes Sen. Harry S. Truman of Missouri to write another epic of a private into the Congressional Record. In this instance, the private was in the southern army in the Civil War. The memento to Pvt. Johnny Allen, of Mississippi, gave the Senator an opportunity to quote a newspaper from his bailiwick which said: "Let's not forget the private. He is the gentle man who bears the brunt of the battle; he is the hero of every American war . . . the best soldier in the world." to G ' G - Moo '-e. NW'/i NW'/,; Sec. 25; NE'/, NEVi Sec. 26 all in Twp. 14 S., Rge. 24 W. 80 (4/345 Int.) Mi Mineral Deed & Royalt Contract atcd 12-24-36. filed 2-13-42. F. J. Wil- datcd neral Deed & Royalty Contract, dated 2-13-42, filed 2-13-42. Daisy Brummett to G. G. Moore. SW'/i SE'/i Sec. 13, NW'/, NE'/, Sec 24- N 30 acres S'/ 2 SW'/, Sec. 13; W'A NE'/i & SE'/i NEV, Sec. 26; N'/i NW'/i & SW'/, NW'/, Sec. 26 all in Twp. 14 S Rge. 24 W., containing 350 acres NW'/i NW'/i Sec. 28, E'/, NW'/i NW'/ 4 SE'/i Pt. Vtte NE'/ 4 See. 30; W'/, NW'/, & N'/-. SW'/i Sec. 30 (170 acres); W',0 E'A S7'/ 4 Sec. 20 all in Twp 14 S ~Rge~ Pvt. Johnny Allen made consider- j 23 W. containing 448 acres (4/115 ml) able use of his lack of commission, n»:-- • ~ • - - too, when he was running for congress against the Confederate General Tucker. The doughty general closed one of his speeches by saying: "Seventeen years ago last night, my fellow citizens, after a hard-fought battle on yonder hill, I bivouacked under yonder clump of trees. Those of you who remember, as I do, the times that tried men's souls, will not forget their humble servant when the primaries shall be held." In those days, that was potent political medicine but Private Allen had some that was stronger. After praising the brave general and saying that what he said was very true about his having slept in yon clump of trees, Private Allen added: "It is also true, my fellow citizens that I was vidette picket, and stood guard over him while he slept. Now I ver to L. H. Horton. NE>/ 4 Sec. 20- S'/. NW',',; NE'/,; NV'2 SEV 4 Sec. 21 all in Twp. H S., Rge. 23 W., 480 acres, d/72 Int. Mineral Deed Deed & Royalty Contract, dated 12-24-3G, filed 2-13-42 F J. Wilver to L. ?{. Horton. SE'/, NE'/r SW'/i NE'/i except 2 acres; Pt. NE'/i SE'/,; S'/u NW'/, NE'/, all in Sec 16 N'/fe NW'./, SE'/,; N'/fe SE'/, SE'/ 4 Sec 16; NVi NWVi Sec. 21 all in Twp 13 S Rge. 23 W. 338 acres. (1/36 I n t) ' Mineral Deed & Royalty Contract dated 12-24-36, filed 2-13-42, F. J. Wilver to L. H. Horton S',4 NE'/r N'/. SEVi: SE'/, SE'/ 4 Sec. 29; SW 1 /, NW'/i NW'/,; WVi SW'/, Sec. 28 all in Twp 13 S., Rge. 23 W. 320 acres. (1/18 Int.) Lafayette County Feb. 11, 1942 then, fellow citizens, all of you whu Prepared by Eunice Trinletl were generals, and had privates to w ••••'-• stand guard over you while you slept. Lewis villc, Arkansas CERTIFICATE I, the undersigned, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Nashville Special School District No. 1 of Howard and Hempstead Counties, Arkansas, hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution adopted by said Board of Directors of said District at a duly called and constituted meeting held on the llth day of February, 1942, at which all of the directors were present and voting. CERTIFIED under my hand and the seal of said District, this llth day of February, 1942. A. T. Henry Secretary February 13 vote for General Tucker; and all of NOTICE OF LIS PENDING- Book you who were privates and stood , Lis Pendens No. 2. page 181 ' dated guard over the generals while they 2-10-42, recorded 2-10-42 Frank Tuck slept, vote for Pvt. John Allen." ei - and wife, Tillman Tucker am' That election marked the begin- | w jf Ci ynci Callie Taylor vs A G' ning of Private Allen's 16 years in Griffin, Leodie Griffin, H. H. Har- congress. rison, W. N. Johnson, and Opal Ja- For the sake of the record. Wash- co bs. For the purpose of cancelling inglon ought to make a volume out ,-oyalty deeds as a fraud on the rights of its civilian defense trials and tn- I O f the plaintiffs, covering the SW'/i of NW'/, and NEVi of NWVi of Sec 2, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 Wesl. Royalty Deed: 1/384 Int., book M-7 ula for its air raid Alarms—five short | page 313, dated 5-29-40, recorded 211-42. Ruth A. Bonner to Grace Mer- acres. Royalty Deed: 1/25G Int., book O-7 n ag ,o o' datcd l -™-* 2 > '^corded 2- ll-4<!. H. J. Porter and wife to Robert Win. Davis. SW'/i of NEVi and of Sec. 11, and N'/j of NEVi of ^14, all in Twp. 15 S., R ge . 24 Royally Deed: 1/25G I r ,t., book O-7, 42. H. J. Purler and wife to R W Davis, Jr. SWVi of NE'/, nnd SE'/i of Sec. H, and NVi of NEVi of Sec. 14 all in Twp. 15 S., R ee . 24 West. Nevada County February 12, 1942 1'repaied by Helen He>lerly O. & G. Lease, filed 2-12-42, W W Drake el ux to J. B. Warmock, S NE —— ^^~«m«—^MM Pin Your Fame On Pinwheel* bulations. The latest: For weeks, the District of Columbia OCD has been drumming into the populace the form- blasts at half-second intervals, repeated three times. The fact that we had no sirens didn't ritt. NW'/ 4 of NE'/i; S',i of SE'/, of NE 1 /, and SW'/i of NE'/, except 4 keep the OCD from publicizing its ] acres heretofore deed to Union Hill formula. Now we've got sireas, 24 | Church, School Dist. No. 3, and Union bright new electric ones, the first of | Hill Burial Society, all in Sec 22 »i — i — »«u ti — t ...:n 1.1 — i — i it,™ ,.;i,, ' the batch that will blanket the city. But we haven't got the formula. The new sirens were not designed to blast at half-second intervals. The best they will do is toot every three seconds. And, according to the manufacturer, that's about the best any bi>? sirens will do. So D. C. has got to learn itself a new alarm. TF you're in a whirl about what to •I serve that's special-extra, pin your cookery reputation on Pinwheels. The way they look coming hot from the oven Is shown above and the tested recipe for making them is given below. They're good as a fancy bread for breakfast Just right for dessert (with sauce or cream), they're glistening and W,3VL£t«« ^?SSMS£?,!K . M-7, page 314, dated 2-10-42, record-! cd 2-11-42. A. H. Teat to J. C. Haw- ' kins. N'/i of NEVi of Sec. 27, Twp. 15 S.. Rge. 23 West, except 3 acres in the SE corner of the NE'/, of NEVi, containing 77 acres. Assignment of O. & G. Lease: book Spicy PinwheeU 2 cups sifted all- -^ c-up milk purpose flour 3 tablt-Kpooiis '•-•teaspoon Kilt butter i ifaspoon* bak- 'i cup brown sugar - iVn J " JWt " >r 'i teaspoon cmnu- « tablespoonH m on cup dark karo Sift together flour, salt and baking powder. Cut in shortening. Add milk to make a soft dough. Turn out on a slightly floured board and knead gently for 30 seconds; roll %-incn thick. Cream together butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Add karo and beat until well blended. Spread V 2 of karo mixture over dough and roll as for jelly roll. Cut in 1-inch slices. Spread remaining karo mixture in a greased pau (8"x8"x2"J. Place rolls in pan cut side down. Bake in a hot ovon (425° F.) 15 mins.; reduce heat to moderate (350" F.) and bake 16 mius. longer. Remove from pan at once. Makes 12 pin wheels. If desired, add Vf cup chopped nut meats to auove karo mixture. Good Pastures Insuree Yar's Feed Supply Planting of Lespedeza Recommended From FebVuary 1 to March 15 Pastures rac the cheapest source of feed that can be produced on Hempstead county fnrms, and plenty of good pastures will be necessary if Arkansas mcrts its goals in the "FFod- for-Victory" campaign, declares Oliver L. Adams, county agent. The most practical way of improving the existing permanent pastures though additional establishment of pastures is recommended on many farms. The most important step in improving a pasture is getting rid of brush and putting the pasture in condition for mowing., The second step is using superphosphate, which stimnk-les growth of the clovers already present. The third important step is to add additional clovers and grasses. Consideration should be given to fencing and locating water supplies. Plants that may be added during the ate winter are hop clover, white Dutch clover, and k'spede/n, according to Charles F. Simmons of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Both hop and white Dutch clover give better results when planted in October and November, but February^ plantings are usually successful the Extension agronomist said If i good stand is to be obtained the first year, from 4 to 6 pounds each of hop and white clover arc recommended Because of the high cost of seed, however, most fanners will find it more practical to use about one pound per acre and encourage their spreading. Lespcdeza, Simmons said, may be planted from about February 1 | ( March 15, using about 6 pounds per acre on pasture land. A mixture of Mind Your Manners 1. Should you drop In nounced on friends expecting t<> spend the night or take a meal wilh them? 2. If you have a car With you should you offer to take home any guests nl a party who happen to live near you? £, •1. In your attempt to save your tires, should you expect others to take their mr always and let you ride with Ihem? 4. [f you cannot afford to en- lertnin as expensively as you.^ used to, should you give up en-^ trrlaining? 5. Is it a good idea to serve at least one hot dish at a buffet meal? What would you do if— Yon are having dinner with new^| acquaintances for the first time and nothing has been planned for the evenings' entertainment(a) Stay and talk until 11 or 12 o'clock? (bl Leave soon after the meal . is finished, unless your host-* ess insists on your staying for the evening? Answers 1. No. 2. It is a friendly, gracious thing to do. f 3. No. It is a good idea to take onf cur instead of several when possible, but everyone should take lus turn supplying the car. 4. No. Entertain more simply. 5. Yos. Bolter "What Would You Do'^f solution — lb). common, Kobe nnd Korean is recommended, as a mixture will permit grazing over a longer period than niy. one variety alone. In ovcrseoding the pasture wilh les- pedezii and clovers, seedbed preparation is not necessary. The seed may bo broadcast followed by harrowing wilh 11 section harrow. . SAWB. NOSI OROPJ . Royalty Deed, filed 2-11-42, John D. Langston et ux to Joe Maryman et al, SW NW Sec. 36, Twp. 12,' Rge. tio, Royally Deed, filed 2-11-42, A. H. Boswcll et ux to J. S. Matthews 5>/2 NW NW, WVfe SW NW, Sec. 17' Twp. 14, Rge. 22. Warranty Deed, filed 2-11-42, Ina Boyd et ux to United States of America, Sec. 22 and 27, Twp. 12, Rge. 20. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-10-42, W. D. Friday et al to A. H. Boswell S SW, See. 7, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 2-11-42, T. J. Barbaree et ux to R. C, Casey NW SE, Sec. 13, Twp. 14, Rge. 23. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-H-42, J. D. Stone et ux to Roy Holleman, SW NE, Sec. 19, Twp. 12, Rge. 20. Royalty Deed, 2-11-42, J. M. Davis and wife to T. L. Garland, SW NW Sec. 35, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-10-42, G. F. Langston el ux to Lion Oil Refining Company, S'/ 2 SW, Sec. 2G Twp. 12, Rge. 23. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-12-42, A. C. Taylor, et ux to Magnolia Petroleum Co. N SW SW SW W3/4 SE. Sec 2 Twp. 13, Rge. 20. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-12-42, A. C. Taylor et ux to Magnolia Petroleum, Co. NE SW, Sec. 11 Twn 14, Rge. 23. --. - ,,^,>, o ,,,,;, O- & G. Lease, R. W. Rogers ct aec. 2 and 3, Twp. 15, Rge. 20 I llx to Hu "<- Oil Company, filed 2-10- O. & G. Lease, filed 2-11-42 Hebcr 42 ' NE NE > Sec - 14 a »d 23, Rge 14 Costs only to make a delicious apple turnover the KARO way These apple turnovers are deliciously different ... And it's KARO that gives them such wonderful Havor! We're giving you a recipe for 8 turnovers - because everyone calls for seconds when you serve these turnovers! APPLE TURNOVERS / red fie pastry (for S squares) 3 afitiles VtCupK/lHO (bine label) J teasftoon nutmeg J teaspoon cinnamon Slice apples. Mix together KARO, cinnamon and nut. mea. Lay slices of apple cm one-half of each square of dough. Sprinkle with KARO mixture. Fold other half of squure to form trmngle. Press edges together Wlt " " Hollred f«rk,und prick top to allow steam j° esca P e - Bake '" » moderately hot oven (400 \ gree ' )abo ' lt20minl ' tes ' lVlukes8tllrnove «. Foods prepared "(he KARO way"supply extra food energy. KAROisrichinDextrose.food-energy sugar AS""" fat'S"' bi/ffy With a capital A! Newspaper men know printing because it is their business. Let The Star print your handbills, display ads and letterheads. Our printers do Grade A work. HOPE STAR » Phone 768 -J

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