Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1939
Page 3
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to'rs. Henry French See Ponies, of Britain's 'Iron Cavalry' •*•>; Telephone 321 Pntcliwork Life's moments might become n <|uilt n( Ihnt, If (in would piece them, filling as they will While kettles boil, when neighbors sit ami chat, Or rcadine by the fire on evninws • chill. (ih. hissed simple things that make life sweet - Thn.se daisies growing golden in the sun, A baby's gurgle playing with his feet. Or someone's career step when day is ilone. 'Die /lash nf wings mil.side an open door, lifo's colored moments. prismlike they seem, If otie could piece thorn- comforts. 9 laid in store For bleaker days . , .tt> wiirin UK while we dn-ab! -Selected. G:iptnii> H. A UoyeM left Saturday for a week end visit with Mrs. I'. D. Smith and Mi. »,„! M,- s . thiffin Uiiyi-tt in l)all;i:-, Tex. -o- Circlf No. 2 W. M. S. First Metho- leader rnrct at 2:'.1U Monda aft lli the rcf o. . . . rst dist, church. Mrs. J. T. Arnold, eaer will rnrct at 2:'.1U Monday afternoon lic Young Men's Rihle Class room he rhurrh. The Jo Vcf.ey Circle, W, M. S. First Methodist will meet Monday evening at 7:110 at the home of Mins Alary Sue Anderson. South Main street. I-KSC.S." Tho«- Inking ,,„,.( in ,!„. ,, is fiifpion other than the hnxteux were Miss Vida Catht-y, Nashville. Eva Maude C'.rey, Ashdmvn; Mrs. Or;i Merrimaii. DeQueen; Mrs. Bertha Mc- Uondon, t.ewisville: Misses Thr-lma Henderson and Ann Kirkloy Tex- arluma; Mrs. Lillian Watson, Preqcotr Miss Tht-o Mnrifi Huddleston Murfro- rahoro. A beautifully appointed liineh WH.S- served at (lie Hotel Barlow -O- The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Christian Church will meet Monday nflernonii a! Direr- nVlnck at the church. -O_ Mrs. D. M. Finley is spending thr week end in Fayetteville. guesl of her .'•on, Foster Finley of the State University. The Friday Bridge Club were guests of Mrs. C. C. Lewis at her home in Pri'scntl for the regular weekly game. Attractive favors were won by Mrs. Tom McLarty for ihi> Club and Mrs. John Guthrit- for the guesls. Following the game, the hostss served a most tempting salad course. Circle No. 3 W. M. S. First Mi-tho- j dJst church. Mrs, W. 0. Allison, leader | will meet at 2:30 Monday afternoon I at the church i , - Tin- Study Group of Public Health Nur.'.es was held in this city mi Friday with Miss Opal Cheek, ilemp- slead count Health Nurse as hostess. Miss Mary Sullivan of the State Board i>l Health led the discussion on "The FuniMiun of ihe Public Health Nurse in the Control of Communicable Dis- The Y. W. A. First Baptist church will meet Monday evening at six (•'clock in Faith Hal). South Main street. i Circle No. 1 W. M. S. First Metho- ! ! (list. Mrs. F. P. Stewart, Leader will i i meet at 2::U) Monday afternoon at the ' church in the Ladies Parlors. ; The Alma Kyler circle of Methodist i Missionary Society will meet at 2::«) Monday afternoon at the church. All members are urged to IK? present. vi)S' S <l roX°tn a «h;'Cl?r nk /r 0f ? ri £i n>S mcchanlz 5 d f 9 r ces rumble through an unidentified French MJM£,C, cn ionic to the Western front. They are armed with Czechoslovakia!! Bren guns, one of the •vorJd's most efficient machine guns. Bobcats Beaten (Continued from Page One) i liiit Hope was offside. Then Godwin! intercepted and lateralled to Warring- ! ton. giving Blytheville the ball on | Hope's 2:t. The Chicks lost ihe hall on dowris and Hope cut loo-:e with more passes but a Blylheviyi* tfi-yard penalty gave it first down. Murphy tossed one to Kllen who lalerallcd to Baker for 20 yards and fir.st down in inidfield. j Mope's three passes were incomplete' and F! I Ion punted lo Harbcrt on Blytheville's 21. A IJ-yard penalty against Blytheville set it hack on its six. Two I running plays netted 111 as the game; rmltvl. I I Hope Ulythevilli' ' f!n-«.ii Baxter i Left Km! i Simpson liundy Mosleyt. Ford (pass from Lloyd). Extra points—Blytheville. Warrington 2 (place-kicks!. Hope 0 (j o o^. G Blytheville « 7 7 0— M Officials—Referee. Hale (Millsaps): Nmpire, Manning (Arkansas College); head linesman, ing (West Tennessee Teachers): field jud^e. Schwart/ (Valparaiso). Gas Masks Protect Horses, Men in Smoke Charge 1..1 L< Hi ft •ft Co iht Tackle fiiiard Her Guard Johnson Birkerslaff G od \v i 1 1 Bennett Justice Maker S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s Right Tackle ;Rifthl End QQunrterbaek f.i-ft Halfback Right Halfback VVa rington ! Piiulk i Mosley ! ! Lloyd; Fore Fullback Substitutes: Hope—Murphy, Jones. Bran. Stewart. Jewell, Ward: Blythe- 0 ville--Alley. Harbcrt. Hood. First down.--—Hope li, Blythoville 11. Passes— II ope. attempted 15. completed •!. intercepted 1; Blytheville at- lempii'd Hi. completed 5. intercepted 2. Penalties -Hope 25. VUyUH-vilk- 7«. Scoriii!-. -Hope. Ellen i running play >; 1'lyl.ieville, Warrington ipass from RIALTO — SUNDAY ADVEHWRES OF SHERLOCK mm Chesapeake Bay OYSTERS Dressed liens and Fryers Every Day Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver 1'ine ttltiff Wins NOHTH LITTLE HOCK-Pim- Bluff! fancy band mark- an airplane formation at the half. All-State Halfback Rub Hutson leaped in the air lo intercept a pass a minute after the third quarter started and the Zebras' Inotbnll parade got under way as they runted the North Little Hock Wald- cal.s. 25 10 II. at Wildcat Field Friday night. A crowd estimated between 8.1)0(1 and i).(imil) watched the Dun.'iway Dead make the most of four Wildcat mistakes as they scored two touchdowns i in the third quarter and two in Ihe fourth period to triumph going away, j A large and boisterous Pine Bluff de- < legation many who came on a special train, yelled themselves hoarse during the final 30 minutes. It wa.s the same old slory once the Fme Bluff buttle wagon gol the range. The hither-thiter Hutson twins. Hay and Rob. Tommy Leftwich and Mc- ronuy in lln; backfield behind the ag. Sressive line featured by Atkinson. T. D. Davis. LaFitle and Ferguson, the Zebras were the whole .show, preliminary and main event. Thanks lo their superb co-ordination including blocking ami hard-running on the offen.se. lackling and alert pass defense, the X.cbra.s never were in danger. Nearest Ihe t'al.s got wa.s lo the Pine Bluff 28-yard lin in UK- fourth quarter but it was against Zc- bra futures who'll probably deal misery lo North Little Ruck and other teams in a couple of years. The Wildcats, who came back against Blytheville. leached tlie Pine Bluff 'IS in the first quarter ami a pass interception enabled them to attain (In; Zebra ,'!.'! in the .second period. How_ evei, one play later, .some all-eyd Dunaway had re-captured Ihe ball for Pin Bluff. Il was Pine Bluff's seventh .straight victory, its sixth consecutive over conference competition. The Zebras have only to defeat Ilol Springs. Lilllc Kock and Hope lo make a clean sweep of the league. Indications are that it'll lake 11 machine guns to stop them. No les.s. Statistically. Pine Bluff wa.s head and shoulders out in front as well as by a lop-sided score. Tlie Zebras made 15 first downs to .six and out-gained Ihe opposition on the ground by a ration of threo-to-one. Let it he repeated, Pine Bluff simply had the class Old timers are comparing the present crew of 'cripples" as the out-standing in Pine Bluff history. Held for a half, the Zebras wasted little time in the second although Wildcat maneuvering helped. Follow, ing Pine Bluff's kick-off to North Little Rock. Rob Hutson intercepted Williams' long aerial in the inidfield and was dropped on the IS. Leflwich drilled it across. Yerger Squad Wins Straight Tilt Smother Camden Team Under 39 to 0 'Score Here Friday The Verge,- High School football (earn won Its sixth victory of thp CHSon here Friday afternoon by rout- n/j Cnmden previously unbeaten, .'ft o 0. One of the largest crowds to witless the Tigers this senson snw the tope scluiitl outclass the Camden team n every department. The Yerger team icored in every quarter. Carson and Carrigan, Yerger players, were injured, but are expected to be •eady for next Friday's game a- tairtst Mrndon, La., at the Verger field. M^NariRallies Isolationist Vote Anti-Alliance Sentiment Is Very Strong Through Midwest By PRESTON GKOVER WASHINGTON — Liberal Repubi- cans here consider the move of Se- istor McNary of Oregon to enter the race for western delegates as one )f the smartest moves yet made with- n Republican ranks. Sunday school9:45 a. m. In his statement announcing he was Morning worship 10:55 o'clock, with willing to accept the candidacy pro- special offering for Assembly Home posed by Governor Sprogue of Ore- Missions. Al the morning service gon. McNarl said he was under James H. Pilkinton will be ordained 'no illusions" about the possibility of j a deacon to serve the local church. Ournew Presbyterian Hymnbooks . Royal hfayy's Watchfiif Waiting Oxygon feed bags protect horses as well as men in charge through smoke screen by U. S. First Cavalry Division at Balmorhea, Tex., maneuvers. Pack horse in foreground carries heavy machine gun. GUILD THANKSGIVING PICTURES Argentina Tough (Continued from Page One) The k.-en eyes of the lookout silhouetted on the bridge of this Bntit. ' Hestroyer scan the seas for a glimpse of a German periscorj-; ar ;l:t -.;>;illa steams on patrol. Note foredeck cleared for action. CHURCH NEWS FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister becoming president. He had one main idea, he said, which was to solidify Ihe reclamation stales of the west and Rocky mountains in a way which j Young people will meet Sunday at '• will be dedicatedduring the morning > ' otner vi _ sit By Special Request, a Guest Returns BUTTE. Mon.t — (/Pi— One Montana convict has discovered a sure-fire formula for turning a one-way ticket from the state prison into a return ride. Released on parole from the Deer Lodge prison, he was toid to get out. of town as quickly as possible. On the way through the prison of_ fice—so guards say—he stole Sll in stamps. Reaching Butte. police promptly arrested him for prison officials who said ho could come right back for an- would permit them to dictate farm planks in the Republican platform next year. An idea McNary did not mention, but which other Republicans did. was that he might also become the leader of a foreign policy group opposed to those Republicans who ar efollowing the Rooseveltian "help-the-Allies" pro gram. Can Rally Hie West Early estimates were that McNary j could gather up the 50 delegates from ' Oregon. Washington. Idaho. Utah and j Montana and possibly the 44 from I 6:15 p. m. Vesper service 5 p. m. Sunday. No mid-week service Wednesday as the pastor will be assisting in a training school in Texarkana for several nights. You are cordially invited to worship with us. FIRST BAPTIST William R. Hamilton, Pastor "Christ, the Christian's Advocate" , will be the pastor's subject at the 10:55 California, together with others from | service Sunday morning. Since God's the grain states of the trans-Mississi. j children are held secure by His re- ppi west. It would be a taunch trading | demptive love, what provision has bloc to swing a farm program plank | 3een John the Baptist, imprisoned by caught it. and turned it over the game warden who killed it and returned the bird to Quintal. The school boar billed the coach six dillars for a broken window, figuring/it was his bird that did the damage. ' Legal Notice Warning Order IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT ETHEL FRANKLIN et al ....... Plaintiffs, v. FRANK HENDERSON et al _________ ;.. Defendants The defendant Frank Henderson is ... ------ __ ....... - — , ----- , ....,,. .„ ---- „ „., hereby warned to appear in this court " un P ° S " 10 "'i jThis expository and doctrinal sermon within thirty days and answer the What might happen if McNary j dcals with ., problem which con . complaint of the plaintiffs herein sought to lead his followers in support j fronts eve , y Christian. j Witness my hand and seal as clerk of - -t — s±.^£ ! SI M " lhis 13m day S October ' «» pupils are urged 'id'^s "f i '° ' 3 '" n ( ° k° P'' esent every Sunday in j i November for a stimulating study of I ' j God's word. I ; in the Far West but the bit it is in the states on both the upper Mississippi. McUary has been considerably more , , _ . _ than a tag-along in the present sen-i ' A Pnso " ers Earnest Question" will 21, 28, Nov. 4. Clerk atonal fight over the Neutrally bill. A minority leader he has maintained I be the subject service Sunday evening. the 7:30 you had QUA LIT V PIANOS Beasley's Texarkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOM Local Representative stories. Senator Byrd of Virginia said I ho was a supporter of reciprocal trade. ; but added a caution that if it should ', result in bringing in agricultural 1 ducts at a level below that at American producers can compete, "it means repeal of the reciprocal trade agreements act, which I believe would be a great misfortune." He wanted Virginia turkey growers protected. The opposition was mostly agricultural. There seems little doubt that any concessions made will have to he in lowered tariffs on farm products. And the money Argentina gets from selling such items here will be spent—mostly—for manufactured goods The principle behind the act is that working arrangements with ihe White i hcen Jo - !h » 'he Baptist, imprisoned by House, but there has been no doubt i" ; sillful ruler because you had dealt as to his position on the bill. The op- Ulil 'l v with him concerning his .sins, poncnts of repeal of the embargo fea- anct if >'ou heard that Jesus was per- ture have accepted his guidance. It 'orming marvelous miracles on the be- is just possible they have shoved him ! naif of others but He was nevertheless farther forward in the matter than he 1 leaving you in prison—if you had been really wished to go. But certain it j in John the Baptist's place would you is that they are looking to him to not have doubted? Did John doubt? Hear Sunday night's sei'm'on and receive the benefit of its message to all who suffer hards! ships. lead the fight in the party for an isolationist foreign policy in contrast to those factions within the party wish-. ing to take a more aggressive world! Baptist Training Union meets for en- position joyahle training in the Christian life at i T. , n £ «'' ' Cllll(l " lak '- s> ' 6:30. All Baptist Young People are ral pro- , Tactically, McNary s entrance into urged to be present L which the race has an important bearing on j A cordial welcome is Vi Price DRESS SALE $7.95 Dresses $3.97 ..$9.95 Dvesses $4.9.7 $12.95 Dresses $6.47 LADIES Specialty Shop ch trade will in turn benefit the farmer because employment in manufacturing will be increased and a wid- 1 er market for agricultural products will be opened. But it is hard to sell that sort of "remote control trade' 'to U. S. farmers. Carnegie Fortune (Continued from Page One) _ Make the Thanksgiving record complete this year. It's easy, with high speed film and amateur flood bulbs —even if you have an inexpensive camera. an inexpensive S TALBOTFEILD.Sr. ACCIDENT ami HEALTH \Vilh Life Insurance ClaiVus Paid 100% Promptly I) years with Reliance Life »o\ 41, Hope, Ark. Prescolt Wins PRESCOTT, Ark — Led by Left ' Half Back Holscll who made a total | of :m yards Prescott. trampled tin- j Paragould Bulldogs 13 lo 0 to climax ! a successful! homecoming. In ih,- first quarter Halsell wenl off laekle | for HO yards and .scored the fir.st ' touchdown. He kicked goal. In the .second quarter Stanton wenl over from ' the three-yard line to complete seor- ng for the night. : Moore to Replace (Continued from Page Onei ! have revived the payment of dues from , and asking Governor Bailey to im- | medialely proclaim the last ^TTiursdav i j nl November !!)•!(> as Thanksgiving in 1 Arkansas. illi (I with Ihe proposal to hire a "iv.ar" wcru provisions which wmild a fixed rate to a "per-student" rale, the method of selecting the executive ; committee, and the method of setting j up legislative proposals. 1'ICCIAL events—days of special activity—ahvitys offer snapshot inaieriul. And Thanksgiving. 1101 so far off now, is OIIH of tlie liest of llii'.so days, from lite standpoint of Ihe camera fan. TliHiikssh'itif? picture taking should start, before tlie day i I self, if you waul a complete record. A slioi. of ||K> turkey — be ins inir- chased or •he'ttg lirnn;,'!it home—• skirls off tin- scries nici-ly. Arrival ol" visiting- relatives means' more piclnres. Preparations the day Ijc- I'ore Thanksgiving; — such as tlie baking- of ]ik>s or Hie icing of cakes -—these are also jiossiljiliiK's for Hie camera. Don't overlook liiiniaii-inlcresl Minis as Hie dinner is hcin.ir prepared -- .Mich as- Johnny peering liopi-i'iiliy into Hie kiielic-n. or tin- turkey pun'i-sins from Hie oven, brown and steaming, (id. a sliol or two as Hie table is hcinu sei, ami llie holiday ili.'licaeiVs liroii!:ln in. A piclnri' ol (Jrand-fiillier or Undo John rarving-is practically a "must" on your Thnnkspivini; Day lisl. A i shot as the -wishbone is broken— that's important, too. And there are lots of other pictures—along similar lines—that reflect the spirit of HIR clay, and are of. great value in a family record. For indoor shots, use amateur flood bulbs. Two or three of the largH Ijnlljs, pins the daylight that improved Pan-American relations owe ! much to Scott's profound study and ! work in the field of legal inter-rela- J (ions of the Americas. ! Dr. Butler, present head of the foun- ! dation, has just suggested that the j United States should direct the attention of belligerents to their violation of the Pact of Paris, to which this nation is a signatory. The educator feels the answers would make inter- estingreading and that such a step on our part would be one in the direction of bringing "this most dangerous of all wars to a quick end." Tlie Carnegie Endowment has helped finance many smaller peace movements, especially in Europe where they had been left stranded by the World war. So Andrew Carnegie, the only man who over gave away $350.000,000, was comes into the dining room or hitch- unable to buy peace for the world cn, will provide enoiigli light for ! Even the foundation he left for the Mi;i|)sliot.s on hig-h speed film. The j promotion of peace is again in a state o bnllis burn anonf, throe, times 'of more or less suspended animation, as long- as the small ones. Place tin plioto lights where, they won't be in the way.—tlion snap your pie- Hires unobtrusively, whenever Hie snlijof-l isn't too far away from the limits. With two large bulbs In cardboard reflectors, about five fleet from bulbs lo subject is correct, for box-camera, snapshots on high- speed film. (let a really complete record of this year's Thanksgiving. It's fun - and, as yon view the pictures later on, you'll agree it's well worth while. John van Guilder _ w it was in 19141918. j But it continues to exist, and in j the little French seacoast town of : LaBuule it will carry on as best it ! can against what Carnegie called "the , foulest blot on our civilization"—war. NEXT: Woodroiv Wilson and Henry Ford, who found ashes in I lu- search for peace. Tuesday Is 'Sunday' : BALBOA ISLAND, Calif -i.P>~ Bu| siness has to go on as usual on Sunday i in this resort town, mecca of weekend visitors. Now, after many years of •rar. j working a sevenday week, merchants "i how well the other Republican dele- extended the j public to attend "the church where , , f (-"»•••"*»•• (i-* « it^if 14 I., gates can invade the west' To date j tbe highways cross" tncre are four other senators seeking ' the nomination, actively or passively Tliey are Bridges of New Hampshire, 1 Taft of Ohio. Vanderberg of Michigan and Capper of Kansas. It is well known that Capper's only ....L. . ,. . , interest in the business is to marshal i . ]ect ' lscus * etl b >' >»e regular min- the midwest bloc behind a farm pro ! ' ' , at the chm ' ch « f Christ, Sunday gram. Except as there may be a dif- ! " lormn S- Sunday night his subject ference of opinion on what'the farmers i p., be ' "Qualifications and Duties of need—and no Republican has advanced i klaers anci Deacons." CHURCH OF CHRIST Minister, ,1. A. Copelaml Christ be the whole program yet—Capper and i McNary should not be in conflict. j But with McNary seeking western I delegates, it place the other j Bible Classes. 10 o'clock a. m. Preaching. 11 a. m. Young People's Bible Study. 6:30 p. m. Preaching 7:30 p. m. Morning prayer, loaders at 11 a. m. services by ."fnatorial figures in a difficult posi- - - tion to contest with him for the votes. S ' r - MARKS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Moreover, if the really becomes the leader of the isolationist group, he will be definitely aligned with aVncl- enberg in that respect and solidy opposed' to Taft. McNary has long been important politically because of his senatorial leadership. And since his party fellows cannot suspect him of White House ambitions, he could easily bios- All Was Well— Until the Bill Came MITCHELL. S. D. -I/PI— High School Coach Joe Quintal ate ex- into first rank political leader- I Pensive pheasant befor the hunt- nationally. Independent Group (Continued From Page One) >- ___ troversial high .school free textbook bill which the association defeated at the 1939 regular legislative term, said he opposed the bill and would 'do the the same thing again under similar circumstances." Mr. Pipkin said he would "have something to say" if a problem of 'dictation" arises. "As far as policy of the association is concerned. I will wait until it arises for consideration." Other officers agreed with Mr. Pipkin. The officers refused to discuss a re- j ported ing season opened, but he was not in trouble with the law. He head a school window crash. In the hall, a crippled bir was skidding from wall to wall. Fleetfootecl Quintal AT YOUR SERVICE Prescription Specialists We have long had a reputation for filling prescriptions with scientific precision, and the freshest drugs we insure your health; we cooperate with your physician. Two graduate phar- misis on duty. The Leading Druggist "We've Got II" Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery Lawson effort to executive employed by learned that, the committee, commissioner < oust Miss Willie 1 secretary, who is! TO MY DELINQUENT CUSTOMERS: This is to remind you that I am not rich and that, like you, I occassionally need money as strange as it may seem. Many of you have received statement after statement which you have ignored. What is wrong? 1 do not want to turn these ac- ccunts to jhe collecting agency, but will be forced to unless you pay something within the next few th.y.s. Signed Don Smith, M. D. the committee. It was: at ihe last meeting of! T. H. Alford. state' f education, offered ;? motion proposing that Miss Lawson ] be replaced by Mrs. Howard of Stutt-i Sort, who was defeated for the as-' sociation presidency. The motion wa.s not seconded. ; — -*» • «*- - - There are 750.000 bajos. mandolins. | ukuleles, and other fretted musical in- j Mmments. exclusive of guitars, in Iho! United Stales. Of guitars, inert- are: 1.5000(H). have decided that each Tuesday .shall' be a day of rest. I Shop our Furniture Dcpi. for all your needs. OUTSTANDING SELECTIONS in Student Lamps Kuec-Hol<! Desks Sci'iotavics HOPE HARDWARE CO.

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