Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 14, 1937 · Page 56
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 56

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1937
Page 56
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 14 • 1937 LITERARY GROUP FORMED IN 1859 Cedar Valley Society Led to Establishing of Public Library. CEDAR FALLS—The first settlements in Iowa were rough and unkempt with little to remind the pioneer oi his homt "way down east." Schools and :hurches were quickly established, however, and these of course contributed a social as well as an educational and religious atmosphere. But opera houses and libraries wf.'e founded only after much hard work and many sacrifices. The Cedar Falls public library had its beginnings in the Cedar Valley horticultural and literarv society organized in I 1859. ! It was Peter Melendy, the founder o'f 6 year old Cedar Falls, who organized the Horticultural and Literary society Metendy proposed to cultivate the rrir.-i as well as the soil. He hoped to stimulate individual and civic pride by offering prizes for the best arranged door yard, the best vegetable garden, and the best combined vegetable and fruit garden. Local and out-of-town speakers were procured for lyceum programs and I "festivities" held to raise money [ to promote the varied activities of; the society. Perhaps nearest to the ! heart of all was the founding of I s library. The story o'* this cociety j is told by Luella M. uVight in a i recent issue of "The ]-<ilimpsesi." j Five months after the organiza- j tion of the society an indefa- j tigable committee deposited at | headquarters 50 books as a nu- • cleus; a month later it supplied a j second 50 volumes. Four other j members set put cm a book soliciting campaign with the result that one doctor contributed 39, an- other gave 30, a public spirited \ citizen turned in 18, and Peter Melendy showed his good will and energy by furnishing 118. In less than -a year the society acquired over 300 volumes. The library | was enlarged by yearly purchases. ' On Jan. 13, 1865, the Horticultural society was formally disbanded and its place was taken by the library association, now the Dayton-Carnegie library. Urges Church Music Keep in Step With Times in Tendency FORT WORTH, " Tex., (£>)— Music for worship in 1937 should equal the streamline trend of the day, delegates to the Southwest Baptist Church Music conference decided. Such music should not be of the "recreational" variety, but melo- j dies of reverence, declared George ] \V. Card of 'Nashville, Term., di- j rector of music publications for the Baptist Sunday school board. "Illogical selection" of music for use in church was scored by Card. He outlined three classes of music as follows: 1. Heart, or worship. 2. Head, or educational. 3. "Hoof," or recreational. All three had a place in church activities, he said. The first should be used for formal worship programs, the second for concerts, and the third for social programs. "It is a travesty to develop ministers to a high point and have a knock-down, drag-out, whoop-'er- up musical program," added I. E. Reynold of Fort Worth, conference president. Skipper Boasts of Dog With Training for, Untying Knots HONOLULU, (UP)—A real sea dog is Toy, the husky Doberman- Pinscher pet of Capt. Reginald' Hela.iphy of the freighter Mana. The skipper acquired Toy from a Berkeley dog school, after his education was complete to a point where he not only could serve as a guard for his master, but could display the reasoning abilities that have won for his breed brightest fame in the world of scientific sleuthing. Now Toy is a regular passenger on each trip of the Mana. The captain, a 40-year-old veteran of the sea, proudly displays to his friends in this and other Hawaiian ports Toy's abilities. j A sleek, red-coated dog with j cropped ears and soft brown eyes, Toy has been trained to find all j manner of articles for his master. 'Tve forgotten my keys—they're in the engine room!" he told his dog while one friend watched. Off dashed Toy, to come triumphantly above decks a few minutes later, the keys in his mouth. Helanphy a moment later let Toy sniff his wallet, then hid the purse in a lifeboat, beneath a canvas cover. "Go get it!" he commanded. Toy searched the deck until he caught scent of the wallet, leaped into the boat, and retrieved the article. The captain boasts that he has taught his dog to untie knots, also. Special qaurters have been.built for Toy aboard ship, so that he enjoys all the comforts of a de luxe, landlubber's dog house. ' Heaven must think we are in trouble all the time. We always are when it hears from us.—Wisconsin State Journal. ff Is Grandfather. NEW HAMPTON, (/P)—E. J. Feuling, former chairman of the ! democratic state central committee, is a grandfather for the first time. A baby girl was born to his daughter, Mrs. Paul C. Richmond, Osage, in a hospital here. 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