Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 27, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1958
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. UP tii.-*. ivj. i^3 *01NES 19, VOLUME 42, NO. 35 FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents 27 FEBRUARY 1958 with the editor Fayette County Beef A /i-O 1 V>/lY j[\ L Cj 1 • JT jLY/ViN VJ I O A tour of several feeding estab- A tour of several feeding establishments located in Delaware, Du uqe ami Jones County will 1) • held March 13th 1958. T..is tour will be made by bus ;i 'm'nisl;-;.t >i •i -vi'l I'Mve Oelwein, Iowa at Co;ta Kica GUEST SPEAKER AT /mr\r r\rr\ METHODIST CHURCH oAROUND NEXT WEEK TOWN... A Met!;<'d':;t missionary who has l:::en a t.-acher. pastor and n ' oih Malaya and for ;wi nty-sevcn 0 a.m., Maynard 8:15, Arlington years will '•>" a i/iust speaker at 8:30, Maryville 8:45. the First Methodist Church on wi.-.n.ng to make this Thursday. March (i at 7:.'!0 p.m. Spring seems to be well on its way at this writing; as we remember its when a young man's fancy turns to what the girls have 'been thinking about all winter. ttw Affairs of state eaused us to be out of the little college cUy for a lew days in a very hurried trip to the national capitol. The snow forced us to take the southern route. ttw Picked this bit up for ttw in front of a Baptist Church in Forest City, North Carolina: "He lias bad food who feeds on others faults." ttw Prior to departure we enjoyed a swell dinner at the Lutheran Church last Tuesday evening, ttw Speaking of odd speed limits. They are posted in Tennessee at 39 mph and 53 ntph now. ttw We worshipped at the Foundry Methodist ChurcH in Washington, D.C. Sunday and enjoyed the beautiful service and the wonderful sermon by Dr. Theodore Palmquist (TIME, July 1955). ttw We sent a few cards home. One to Lois and Paul D. They thought it was from Garbee's „..,.., .,.,,. . , „ , because we sent it from North Dl 6 nKV Wlth genuine friendliness might describe Father Lowell J. Shckleton who came to St. Francis Carolina and noted "the home of parish a few weeks ago. Father Shckleton, whose home is Greene, Iowa, was formerly at the Catholic the Jack Tales on it." tt w hospital in Dubuque and is now serving as pastor for the Fayulle St. Francis of Assisi Church and the We ate at a restaurant called Hawkeye St. Francis Xavier church. (Leaderfoto) Buck's. So we brought a cup, a menu, a place mat and some book matches .home .to Buck Maxson.. who kept everything going at the LEADER during our absence, ttw iLois Davis donated this to us. It comes from the Iowa Pharmacists Magazine, ttw THE TYPOGRAP'CAL ERROR The typographcial error Is a slippery thing and sly. You can hunt it till you're dizzy But it will somehow get by. It shrinks down in a corner And it never stirs or peeps. "Til the platee are ofif the presses It is strange how still it keeps. The typographical error Too small for human eyes tr.p please mail your creek to the Maynard Savings Bank in tho amount of S4.00 to cover cost of The Rev. Ralph Kesselring. Itasca, 111., has returned to the United States for a vear's fur- transportation an dinner by lough after four March Third. There will be at least 6 stops in the above counties to look at all types of feeding operations, oponserod by the Fayette Co. -^e.. Producers Ass'n. Frank B. Means Announces For Iowa State Commerce Commission Manilla, Iowa — Frank B. Means R I ublican of Manilla, former Labor Commissioner, under Governor Beardsley and Hoegh, this week started circulating papers for Iowa State Commerce Commissioner. Dean Reed of Des Moines is, so far, the only other man to have announced for this office. The terms of John Ropes of Onawa and John Tallman of Clarion expire January 1, 1959. years of mis- WILKES TO FIRST ANNIVERSARY AT CLOVER FARM Kenny and Betty Wilke will observe their first anniversary in Rev. Ralph KesseLring sionary service. For the last four years, Mr. Kesselring has been deputy educational secretary of 70 Methodist Schools in Malaya, which enroll about 50,000 students. During the last year, he was also a district superintendent. From 1949-1952, he was educational secretary for the schools. During World War II and until 1947, Mr. Kesselriny was a missionary in Costa Rica. He was both pastor of a Union Protestant church and director of a Methodist school. Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Carley spent a few days in Ottumwa re- tvntly to be with Mrs. Cat-ley's mother who celebrated her !)2iul birthday February IC.h. • m • * Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy McElree o; Waterloo were dinner guest Sun.lay in the Bob McElree home. • • • • . Mr. and Mrs. Millard Nelson, Jr. and girls of Clermont. were Sunday dinner guests in the Elmer Nelson home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Welch and daughter of Dunkerton, are mov- im,' February 26 to the Proctor farm Northwest of Fayette which they purchased last summer. Mrs. Vern Arth returned Thursday from a three weeks visit with her daughters and family.-;, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Sherwood and Paul McElroy at Percival, Iowa. * • * • Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Carley at- ti'ti.U'd the Iowa-Illinois basket!-:.l! . m ' ::! !.;-va C'ly la--.t Saturday nl.;:;t. * * • • • Mr. ;:ud Mrs. I1:ilph Fchrader an I f iinily. PoslviHc. were Runday vi.-.Hors in the Elmer Nel -on home. Chamber Meeting Postponed One Week The regular meeting of the Fay< tie Chamber of Commerce will be held next Thursday, 6 March 1958. Frank B. Mean* The regular meeting was post~Mf-.. Kesselring first went out poru>d duc to sevcral conflicts, -ten-year po-i-J, .."I":.;,;,'.; ,; ; ,;; hr .: "V" 11 ""? tu "^ uavls ' unam oer in the Anglo-Chines School (Methodist) in Ipoh Malaya, and Supreme Court Rules pastor of the Wesley Methodist r Church in that city. In addition In Fayette Case principal of the Ipoh school from The ll)Wil Supreme Court af- and Mrs. Al who oalcd to his other duties, he was also 1948 to 1957. A native of Malta, 111., Mr. Kesselring is a graduate of North Means, 60, previous to appoint- Central College, Naperville, 111., The firmed a district court decision on 1 1 February 1958 in favor of Victor Dahl of Fayette over G"orge A. and Mary Zabriskie. The original judgment was the Clover Farm Store here this Means and Reed are announcing weekend. for thcse offices . They bought the store from Mr. Commissioner No ' r \ nw estern "university and tin: n . n( | (T( , d in t . ( , urt a t West Union. Chicago Theological Senrmary. Dahl was represented by Fayette 9:30~a.7n"r~Katheryn C. ~Metx, Attorney W. V. Clark, former Iowa newspaper editor cookies be served all day Saturday and Comm i ssio n 1930-1952. free groceries will he given away. i he case involves specilic per- Commission recommendations for and state legislator, uncl present- formance of a contract which in- cconomy in government. ) y Director of Women's Activities, volves property at the corner of "We've simmered long enough! w jn spu ak at this one Iowa con- Main and East Water streets in Let's come to a boil!", is the feretice. She is national chair- Fayette. theme of the conferences, accord- rnan o f the Woman's Committee ing to Edith Wasson McElroy, for lne Hoover Report. interested in learning what she, 718 27th Street, DCS Moines, other Iowa meetings will be .,..,, -i. i t rd' ator for the ,\ • r \ n- I M- • •! 15 iis an lnc ' 1VK ' ua ' citizen, can do Governor Herschel Loveless signs the Proclamation setting March Women of Iowa are invited to Women's Committee for the a t tho Sheraton Mont'rose Hotel; to help implement the Hoover 2 to 8 as "Save Your Vision Week" in Iowa as Dr. Caryl Hollings- attend four "Teapot Tempest Hoover Report. Mason City, March 22, Hanford recommendations and thus hellp head, Webster Cjty, President of the Iowa Optometric Association^ Conferences" to be held in the The Des Moines meeting will Hotel and in Sioux CUy, March ()Ur n alion strengthen its defense said in part: "Safety on our streets and highways depends to a focus attention on the Hoover March 8. Registration starts at very large degree on the ability of every driver to see clearly and accurately in order to judge speed and distance." Bohstcdt( author of and "Til the ink is on the paper When it grows to mountain size. The remainder of the issue Can be clean as clean can be. But the typograph*cal error Is Ihe only thing you see. The Rev. Henry Vanderbush of standing attractions of Upper Iowa University's Artist Series current season will be a performance by the brilliant concert octet, The Little Chorale, in the Colgrove-Walker building auditorium at 8:15 p.m. Monday, March 3. The little Chorale, hailed as a minor musical miracle, has parted from tradition and is a far cry from the standard vocal ensemble. Having established themselves as keen interpreters of the classics in superalative singing arrangements of Schubert, Brahms, a nd Romberg, to name but a small portion of the magnificent repertoire of special Little "* / i !!_,* 4Vi*>/MitfVl of H«rbu»h"wUl be speaking. Assisting irrtbe services and directing m u»lc will be Rev. Richard P»ul, ^ formerly _ of J^VI!: J^lLi™ England's famed Cohasset Music Dr> Quslav Bohsiedl WOMEN TO MEET AND DISCUSS HOOVER REPORT eon reservations may be made irlflation> Mrs. McElroy announc- authiti on authoutics on 1 will be 8:00 ning evcept Saturday. m K M e»«nl'l'«-^°S± " "«• 2±iV "-' Sen. Jack Miller Runs For Lt. Gov. State Senator Jack Miller of editor of the farmers and ranch- Sioux City today announced that ers department of the Journal of he would be a candidate for Taxation, and his tax articles Lieutenant Governor on the Re- have appeared in such leading publican ticket in the June pri- farm journals as Wallaces' Farm- mary election. The forty-one year er, Successful Farming, Farm old tax lawyer, who has served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, pledged that if elected he would appoint committees that would insure "Open Debate" in the Senate on key issues, including: Reapportionment to provide fair representation in the legislature, school legislation to provide better educational opportunities, economic development of Iowa to provide more job opportunities, fairer allocation of road use money to cities and towns, and legislation to hellp farmers caught in the squeeze between lower prices for farm products "and higher costs of production. Miller was elected to the Iowa by contacting Mrs. McElroy. All of the T 'LI T conferences are open to any woman who is .. Oui . natjon ; s engaged in (continued on page 4) three of the most gifted young men in New York. Donald Smith comes from Oberlin. Musical director at New England's famed Cohasset Music Circus Mr. Smith has been an assistant conductor at the New animal nutrition and livestock Senate in 1950 from the 32nd Dis- York City Center Opera and management, and as an agricul- ^ r - lc ^ (Woodbury County) by 4500 pianist for the popular Max tural consultant to South Ameri- votes over a strong Democratic Liebman TV "Show of Shows." can governments, opponent, Emlin Bergeson, now a He also had a musical hand in He is Emeritus Professor of member of the State Tax Com- <ar,nke<:man Nation's Ag- and is present- Anima i Husbandry of the Uni- mission, while former Governor Bureau Spokesman. Nation ai Ag "The Voice of versity of Wisconsin where he Hoegh was losing by 8000 votes, nculture, National £» V JJ°« Senator Jack Miller Christ centered won and song. young American choral and page 4) (continued on page 4) problems of farmers, is author of the Tax Book for fanners published by Wallaces' Farmer arid "I don't want me picture taken!" Fayette's own Annie Wilson didn't want her picture taken any more than Garth Kocher wanted Miller spent over four years in nig na - r t , ut( but sne d i dn 't C ry. Sitting in her private office as chief •Id A: ..ff «# m«..«**^»o .ii.»irv,> iittlitiau Annn nttptmnt.s >n Hlrln . Air Force during World execu ti v e of one of Fayette's major utilities, Anna attempts to (continued on page 4) herseU from the camera. (Leaderfoto)

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