Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1939
Page 2
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Star ' Star of Hope, 1899; Press^ 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1«S9 •*1r.-.-lfr__-; .- --,- ->^-. v - i.--. .-•-- r- .-» -) .-jf— T-- - _...-,.- -.....—_.„, i-.-nr ir-TT—m. — 1-I I-...-.--.—_.nn 0 ./tMttfe*, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report- Political Announcement J*trtrtteh«! every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Wiishburn, at '(lie Star building. 2I2-2M South Walnut street', Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER. President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher * ..... r-! i L - i , ___ —— — __-_«_^ - . (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA) — Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rale (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 1S«; pet month 6Sc; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, ffcrttanl, MUter and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated l*ress; The Associated Press is exclusively e&tJtl«d-to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or IWt Otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. ft* Stnr h ntithnrfafrf to un- notinrr (hi- following rnmlldaie* suhjert to Ihe aftinn of the Drnm- crnHe rlty primary election Tnrs- ifcl.V, November 28. 1939: For City Attorney K. F. MTADDfW LAWSON E. GLOVER Charges on Ttttmtes. Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protett their readers frotrt a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of uny unsolicited manuscripts. What Does the War Mean to Business , If subsequent analyse* bear out present predictions that the American business curve is bending upward once more, full credit for the expansion of domestic markets is likely to go to the war abroad. There is sennt reason to Jetty that any European conflict should produce some effect on American business. No one in this country believed indices would be unaffected when hostilities broke out in September. It.is too early to forecast accurately the eventual results of Europe's conflict on business trends in the United States, but it is interesting to note the theory that he •ftar was merely the instrument rather than the cause of expansion. This'point of view is taken by The Annalist in its quarterly review and business forecast edition. Since the United States was swept into the depression in 1029. industrial {irVxhiction has curved downward, despite a continued increase in population, it is pointed out. From comparative charts, it is concluded that demand for manufacturing output has been restrained during the past 10 years almost to the point where increased consumption must become inevitable. "It seems reasonable to conclude that the outbrenk of war has been, merely the spark needed to touch off the latent demand for goods suggested by the marked disparity since 1929 between the growth of the population and the trend Q£ industrial production," The Annalist declares. It follows as a corollary that it a sharp decline would came after the cessation of hostilities, business would shortly find its own level again and proceed with the interrupted expansion. Furthermore, an increasingly large group of American economists and industrialists say that if the United States enters the war, the post-war outlook would be black. Excessive profits during the period of the war would he clipped _by high taxes. Even though there might be enough left to give industrialists an ample share, the .somber after-effects do not appeal to business men today. This country does not want another 1929. Excesses in the business cycle must be eliminated in favor of a steady market flow. War profiteering, in its most sinister connotation, can produce no healthy results. So far, American business men want none of it. For the 'most part, they have expressed their desire to ride with the normal trend, foregoing the hasty profits that may later lead to ruin. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions on Past- One 1. (»> One mile; (h) one rod: tc> one yaid. 2. (a) One acre: thi one stpiare foot; (el square mite. :f. <n> Cubic yard; (b) cubic fool ic) cubic yard, 4. la) Gill; Hi gallon; (c> quart. 5. (a) Bushel: (hi peck; (c> bushel. IED • _"Tks More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • • Vent Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP Alt Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One lima—3j word, minimum 30c Three ttmea—3Mjc word, minimum Me Six times— «c word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum I2.W Rates are tor continuous insertions only. For Sale > aches suddenly begins .suffering re- < j pea ted I y attacks, there is usually some '• definite change taking place in the 1 ; hrnin and may require surgical treat- i jrnent. i j Particular attention wa.s given to the I I mental aspects of headaches. Headach- j A - jcs due to some menial trouble, such' las a difficult family adjustment, are j j not likely to be relieved by the use! i i) fdrugs. Most headaches caused by i l changes that have taken place in the j j tissues can be helped by pain-reliev- I int; drugs. j It the doctor can find out the relationship of the headache to some social rnnl.'idjustrnent, he can pro- l FOK SALE Wo save you money on I your furniture.* buying. Complete | stock new and used furniture, stoves, b«>d_s. \Vt> pay highest prices for fur- jnilure. .See us. Franklin Furniture (C<>. O2 1m i FOR SALE-OiK- female Setter pup. (Six months old. From UoVner Atkins .Slock. Link- Rock. K. ]?. Timberlnko. ! :«)-(Hp FOR SALK--1KI) acres. 80 acres 'creek huttoni, good house mid barn, I ; four mile.- southeast of Hope. P. H. I i Albert, box (KW. I-'im- Bluff, Ark. For Rent FOR RENT: .1 room house good con- ilition on South Main Street. Rent reasonable. Call 7.'M 2-:!lp, FOK HRNT: Phone 212. Adult wheel-chair. 2-:itn. Wanted id Rent WANTED TO RENT: S ot 6 room unfurnished house with large back vnrtl. C, W. Weakley fit Hope Stnr, 2.6t-dh ~Maie~Heip^ The feet Man wanted in Hope to tnke orders I'rom tractor farmers for oil and fsrense on OUR year dating. No down 11 payment. Nothing to pay until crops are marketed next year. Our men twrn over $[()<) per week wliile the tractor-using season lur-la from now on until next May. Experience not necessary. Write Box 98. Hope Stnr. in California are said n si/e Inrfjcd after a residence in thf to grow aboi few months i Sunshine State. Tl Chamber of Commerce is not expt'cti issue any Blowing circulars c the .subject. Kesotuceful Parisians have put i the market types of make-up dosigi ed to bring out iiuidaiiif's finer puint.s during blackout periods. P'rfpartitions Ihe are now complete for the contiiuiHlion approximately of (he war. The Idea of the ricksha In Japan Is now said to hnvc been conceived by n United Stnlea mnrine. After Jill, the Japanese can't he blamed for all the horrors of the Orient. CnrrcsjiOddpnts tell of rt>nminK a- rnund the Western Kiont in taxi. cnUs. A reward is brine offered tu the first one who finds hie war. National Guardsmen in (ieorjjia have heen requi'Med (o Like off cxrev?; weight fiinn llifir iiiidscctinns. What was lluil Napoleon Mud iibnul mi HI my moving »)i ii.s .sloimich? •urfiirp of the human 11! MPIMC feet. body OUT OUR WAY By J. U. Williams FOK ItBNT: 2 room furnished apartment, alt bills paid. See Hazel Abram al Mary's Heauty Shop. 2-:ile. FOR South nil) lit RENT: Six-room house. Heivcy street. Phone 15-1 Patterson's Cash Store. 2-llte. SOLD G'UT— I have sold out of corn. N - St ''°ii(!. Washington, Ark. <!-? KOli IiENT-—Furnished three-room i aparliniMit with adjoining bath, (jar- Division. Phone 79. IVrfi niple. FOK SALE: Wood for .al J ; ,eks,m OIL East Division -. See T. A. Phone SDIi. 2-fitc Lost THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. REG. U. S, ^AT. OF* bably bring about a cure y attack-' ina the social difficulty without de- ' pending on either drugs or an operation. FOR SALE: Four runm house with hath, -(.mill-in cnhinots. excellent neighborhood. Harfjaiti. 411 West Ave (G. • 2-fi(p. LOST: Ked hull calf, six mou. old. missing sim-e Wednesday. RewaTd of S2.,")0 fur return to Holt's Grocery on Highway 2fl, Hope. Ark. 2-3tp. NOTICE Radio R«oair Guaranteed Radio and replacement pur R:;(lio Service. Phone liepair Service s. Tubes tested HOIl. H;.y Allen 28 If I'll-)', ilav i.V F.ife Polieies'. StWKI up. old and up. Tallxit Feild. !•( Hope Ark. !) yrs \villi Reliance Get 27-1 V/anted By DR. MORRIS FISHBEBi Editor, Journal of the American Medical Hygeia, the Health Magazine Stutly.of Headaches Intrigues Medics; Origin of Many Types Still Unknown One subject that comes up again i and again in medical discussions is, k that of headaches. Apparently all i over the world people suffer with ' lieadaches of unexplained origin. Recently the special section on ner- j vous and mental diseases of the Bri- ! There are certain headaches that , are due to swelling within the brain and its coverings, Sometimes headach- ! es result fro man accumulation of the cerebospinal fluid which circulates through the brain and the spinal cord. ! Headaches which are dull, throbbing tirh Medical Association met to hear | or bursting, and are, aggravated by many different British authorities talk ] coughing, .stooping or straining, are nUmrJrieadac.hes...A numhc^ of valu-j usually associated with'i-ome inflam- facts everybody ought to know i mation of this type. Fain beginning were brought out. A person's own account of his headaches has little value for the doctor in. making a diagnosis, it was said. It is impossible, moreover, for the doctor to assess the quanitity of the patient's headache. He must take patient's word for the area of _ in the back of the head and radiating to the temples and front of the brain rnay be associated with irritation of the tissues which cover the brain and the spinal cord. However, these pains have also occure- the | red in cases where the doctor could the j not prove such changes had occurred pain, duration of the ache, character; in the tissues concerned. of the pain and its intensity. ' If a person who has never had head- CABINET OFFICIAL HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured U. S. cabinet official. 12 Laughing. I. 1 ? To excite. 14 Weaver's reed. 15 Any \vronp.ful act. IfiVei'y reticent person. 18 Prophet. 20 Pronoun. 21 Ici£.nt. 23 Grain. 25 Second, note. 20 Alluvial matter 28 Jockey. 30 Inhabitant of Ireland. ' .1 ICxpert flyer. Answer to Previous Puzzle '-0 Dowry. ".I Mountain. 12 Constellation. 43 Copper. 15 Palm lily. 4o Pass with a sword. 4B Scratches, 50 Annelid. 52 Astronomical instrument. 54 Lasso. 50 The gods 57 Female relutivo. 58 Wing. 09 His official title, general. 60 ife is a native of the State of New . National Committee. 17 Taro paste.. 19 Kinsman. 22 To deprive ot horns. J - 24 Proverb. 2G Light carriage. U 27 Label. 28 Portuguese coin. 29 Scepter. _AlR'N'E|31Old wheel ITfEySlfl track. 33 Cry of n dove. .15 Witticism. 38 Live stock disease. 39 Nail maker. 42 Final .statement of accounts. 44 To deviate, 40 Falsehoods. 47 Goddess of discord. 48 Cereal grain. 49 Song for one voice. 51 Bustle, fi.'i Encountered. 05 Nominal value. VERTICAL 3 Junior. 2 Theater pathway. 3 Evils. 4 Foes. 5 Eye tumor. G Musical note. 7 Work of genius. 8 Male fowl. U To entice. 10 Compound oilier. 11 You. 16 He is also • of the Democratic » HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Yotilh Travels Nation's Bvwitv.s j i ' ' WANTED PKCANS- -We pay bighcst! No typical American hoy is Frederic t P'"'i't's fur Oceans. MeKae Mil! ft Feed ' Prokosch's hero. Tom, whoso hitch- • c "- O-17-1M hiking adventures are recounted in "Night of lhe Poor" (Harper and Brothers; S2..1fl>. While most 17-year- old:: would have found more fun on t n trip from Wisconsin to Texas, Tom •it-ems to possess the knack of making) his odys.sey a slumming tour. His companions come and go and are quickly forfiollen. The first. Pete the farmhand, kills a man over a woman, disappears with most of Tom's money. Lucy, the girl, runs away with Tom. leaves him, to reappear in the closing chapters of the book. The lynching of a Negro and a brief companionship with an old man and a dyin» Ind are included in the adventure. The narrative is definitely far from attractive, but Prokosch's descriptive ability lends beauty to his sordid story. Consider, for exaple. the following quotation: "And lie began to love the texture of the country he was crossing; its American smells and American sounds. The sound of tile wild duck, of the chickadee, of the !oon crossing over a silent pond, of the blue-jay clatring through Ihe shrubs; the trains rolling ' by slowly echoing across the hillls; the harmonica and guitar and accordion played at the campfire; the motorcycles tearing past and the great trucks rumbling dwon the state highway; the lawn mower in the grass, the rolierskates on the sidewalk, the wind in the cornstalks, the bullfrogs in the marches. "The scent of mint and ragweed and alfalfa and honey-suckle and clover and march marigold; of hot doughnuts and hot whealcakes and hot eornbread: of asphalt and gasoline and warm tires and warm brakes of apple orchards and wheat fields; of •:oap floating in a tin bowl in the sun. and soap-seemed wash hanging in the sun tu dry . . . MIND YOUR MANNERS f. M. «8O. O. •. ^AT. Off. Test your knowledge ot correct sot-mi usage by answering the following questions, then checking again:;t the authoritative answers belov/: 1. When a creamed food is sorv- i-'l on toast, .should you cut it v.'itb your knife? 2. How should butter be put on n biikcd potato? !i. Should you push your plate ,'iside when you have finished wiling? 4. ll mushrooms on toast are served, how do you help yourself lo (hum? 5. When you help yourself to Kravy. whore .should it he- put on the pliJtf'.' What Would you do if— You are served an artichoke. Would you— ( ai Km it with a fork? 'bi Pull off a leaf at a time, dipping iho end which you eat in .-(.nice; when you reach Ihe center, eat it will) a fork'.' Answers your fork, the fork. Services Offered ! SERVICES OFFKaetX-Sce Hemp. I stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, I for new and re-built. Phone Paul r '"--l Sept. 2fi IM. In 17th century England, i were permitted, to smoke in / (entlcinen church. T. M PEG. U. 3. PAT. OFF. C0)-ff. l»n BY HE» -SCHVICI!. IMC. WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY (l-4- 1. With i. With ::. No. 1. Slide the serving spoon under ilur toast and hold the mushrooms in place with the serving fork. ~i. On the meat. Besl "What Would You Do" solution—<b). -li boxers, before engaging in a iheic nalive land, used to kiss i,l shake bunds. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin S UORWCAMC f ALLEY OOP "WHAT BRINGS By V. T. Hamlin THAT, tf\V FRIEK1D5,1 IS JUST TUT-TUT, VJOWMU6...1VE SPEMT A LIFETIVvElKI STUDY Or THE AMCiEWT PAST...AMP AFTER \<\Y RECEMT EXPERIENCE 1KI TROY— POU'T TELL US YOU UVAWT TO GO BACK TO TROY. --CAM YOU EXPECT ME TO BE COW7EMT WITH OMLY A FEW RUSTY OLD RELICS SOME POT-HUMTER. -l DU3S UP? YOU BACK SO SOOW, POCTOR. BROMSOM? WITH THE POSSIBILITIES OPENED UP BY YOUR. TIME-AAACHIME,L COW SIDER. IT MY DUTY TO POSTERITY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.' / ---AMD THEM, / COWRDE.MTIALLY, L NEVER HAD SO \ MUCH FUM IM ALL N MY LIFE; WHAT? WHY, GOOD HEAVEWS, WHAT I DO WISH TO DO/ WASH TUBES They Don't Look Peaked By Roy Crane WHAT S THE IPEA.SNEAKIW UP OM WE, BUS PR\DDY? OUTA MY VAR1 •SIUCE I 60T THE LUMBASO, I AIUT B1W ABLE TO WORK MDU KIEVER. WORKED AMYWAV, VOL) LA2V U3AFER VOU'D RATHER lUTH' WJD LET THE NEIGHBORS FEED VOUR BUT E BODY YOU GOT A KIUD HEART, LINK.. IT'S A LIE! I'lA THE MEANEST, STIW61EST WAU \W COUMTY ! HAT6 WHAT THEY \ WO ARE. THEY NEED KAILK AW VE6ETABLE5.)r umiiii VOU KIM SEE HOW PEAKED THEY ARE 7 1 WOM T.' LOOK AT'E^,L1MK! LOOK! v-J-IV^I'LL CLOSE UV EVES I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Must Be Interesting _By Merrill Bloss FRECKLES .' FRECKLES / You WOM THE MATIOMAL. JUST BECAUSE? YOU'RE BEHIND BY THREE' TOUCHDOWNS, AREN'T YOU EVEN GOING OPEN IT .^ OK/VT: WELL, HOLV SMOKE.' MY GOSH/// is THAT ANY LANGUAGE FOR AN ESSAY WINNER. TO WELL, I'M A r CAN'T BELIEVE IT / THIS COACM RED RYDER Unmasked &-TOP Tt-wr FIGHT RET5 RYDER'S KILMNG ^.HUSBAND NOW—WE'LL SFE. VJMO YOU f?EALLY ACLL' - % VJEf?EV)OLF" WEREWOLF f

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