Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 11
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.,pH*,V »™ w/v 3 i?»-^f^ £+*• f- '* i *i~ f Jw Th«N«jrro Community JVIth their fHehdrt Mr, and of (inn , In Wife fortune nt O\ flmltfi fetal Wr, and Mr*. flf«v« «*n Pablo, cmif Mr, ond irtM taudVmilk of Hun lUI., Ml-, nnd Mm, find |rnrulclfluj{ht(<r to. Calif, and Hip hoiiw to. CfcfTlo McOhcc: Mr. I, Bobble Prtmklln «n<l ition of Chlnfltfo, in,, "•\fiii who l« on SJJOP, Atnbninii. Green of Detroit, nt of Mr, find Mm. MlM VlrRlnln Mr. Irdoti, Ark, Minn UJUIe Roekt Ark., Of Mlndon, l,n. 'W» wuro: Mr, mid Mr, and Mm, C. o. r. end Mm, J, II, Mr*, W. M. linxxilll Id Mr*. 8, T, Merry, Mddhfo, Mf, ond Mm. * And Mr, Richard mul Ilion. irilllton, «0iruu»l Hniml ( »» J» Boblnnofi, Belly S, , Jda-F, EagUr and Uorlti f«d to Pino Illuff, , u Mond»y, AuMuitt u, tu (vt Arkftnxmi School for Worker! til Iloyeoud K<- rEkt. In two SBimusl llnrnllton wnn Pi'flsldwit of tho AKiocIatlorv. The , % J0l|»Wll)« PI-l7.CH III : tWHli Douslnd flint on <lrtji»*r scarf, Hobble J. f frit pHi*. on bflm, MIH« Y^jfcr fli-it prlxp on ff , oh b*lU. Mind MoHlyn Hum. tWrfl' iprtt* >tm feurw urul Idn tir th» thtrtt prize on U.-Un, of 0, M. 'IS. rtutreh will htp wl«> V\* n*v, r, K, Hdwdi Lonuk«^N.p<iiit churcn Suitdwy, ' of Ohlnhomn K. Powell, H, W, , MN. Bornlco Murphy nnii h» Rev, and Mm. & H, i Hr»i Kiturnn L, Q«|n wow tint ti ! i( Mm,* MurHarnt N. Ann« Harris , Mich, Jher parents, Mr. U« Pamela, aiu< ftntt Mr«, Willie Wnlkor nnd had il MM, Kmtnn {.. Cora fidword of ,on who in HIN. Collogc in tVfed hW\c to th n«f pwonts, llle Brandon, afe >» of BAUCY SAUCER PILOT—Sky-rldlng nylng-wucer^lrlver gets n quick look t»t Kuu Clnlre, Wlu,, Union High School which leaves him goggle-eyed, Set-mil so munyEnrthllnga have b«n »potting anucer- nwrt thnl thfa boy* wlio rld*^rock«ry through tho cloud* have bc- como boldpr t»»i bolder until now they're brave enough to swoop down nml be "pictured" by n gng-lovlhg photographer. MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Texarkcmo Bus Strike Still Unsettled TEXAHKANA, Ark. •*-- A 10- <iny old iitrlke of bug drlVff* Wn» mlomntprl here today after <hc eompnny withdrew tin offer of 3 .'••cent hourly incrennc a'nd the I union «»ld It would "l«t the ultuii- I lion ride a* It U." • I Thft Texnrknmi Bus Co., wa* ati'iH-k Aug. 10, by 49 member* of Union lit buck wnjfe lncrcn«o rti- ttv API. Amnlgnmiit<>d *S t r e p t. Klcetrlc Railway und Motor Coach. Union to (Kick WIIRP Incrensc d«- numcls. , Thf- firm hod just lout midnight n* a dnndllnc for the* union to 8C' crpt the .Vcont offer. The offer wns' yesterday by Ned Stewart, rurripnny ottorney, nt o meeting ofj company officials, federal media-j tor C. W, Thompson nn«l the union. | Floy Murdoch, a union spoken- rnnn. sold that the 4l)-ntrlklnf< bus drivers and one mechanic have dc-1 elded to "let the .situation ride us i It Is." The vyatte dispute left some Iflf- OMl bun riders In the Arkansas- i Texas border communities without; but' trnnsportnljon. The strike bc-j Kan Aug. 10. Tho driver* previously rejected n wuge IIICIMHC culling for « 5- Filial Tally Reverses One Senate Race By The AtsOclAted Press The unofficial results of this summer's Democratic primaries were reversed yesterday in races | involving a state senator, a county | judge and a county clerk. H was announced that one grand jury would be called In connection with reported illegal voting in tho run-off primary and a petition seeking to • impound ballot v boxes for alleged fraudulent voting wag filed in another ^race. Most of the reversals were LITTLE HO PI STAR, H Oft, ARKANSAS Telecasts of the political cor ventions should hove convince Americans there are jackasses i both parties. ,. - . «H INCORPORATES LATEST. THING IN SNAKESKIN-Taklng a glum first look at tho world, this baby python Is the seventh to hatch from n dozen cgM delivered by Moma Python nt the London Zoo. A foot long at birth,'the little fellow will be 15 times as long at maturity. Republicans to Go All Out to Win Dixie ATLANTA — Ropu%1iearts fected by County Democratic Committees, .but ono involved a 'grand Jury. . , . . Here are the results of yestcr- ciay's action concerning the Aug. 12 voting: 1. Chlsm Reed of Paris was named the fifth district senatorial nominee "by the Logan County Democratic Committee. The group threw out two contested boxes from the Aug. 12 primary which Sam Ford, a Scr'anton farmer, LITTLE ROCK iff) —Articles incorporation were filed yeste af.! by Price-Cobb Tire M>irt, SOCIETY f»nen« 74411 ••tw««n I A. M. M« 4 K M. 3S m •Calendar : Tuesday, August 19 ' • There will be a call meeting of Jhe Wisteria Garden Club Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Mrs. W. E. Walker. All members are urged to be present. The VFW Auxiliary will meet 'uesday night, Augvist 19, at 7:30. "rs. Paul Bain and Mrs Alvin , a 24-votc district wide lead. Reed opporlunUI.-* for future conciliatory action were dimmed, by Stew- SIGNING OFF—WIHImn Ball ond MB daughter look nt n sign ' 11 ! 0 . 1 ? P . Qrk lol(0 fhllt USC( L l ° "?« d: "Oungw, No Swim,' bm " ow c onv«ya u dWtrcnt mcs»a«e. Police think 8l * n WBI <*«««» I* Pranky kld« carrying bnthlng suits ' » • ' •' • .; ;iW Markets By The Atibolnted Preni (ji'nlmi held sternly nt about y«»- PFdfly'8 closing prlcws in onrly ti'ii(llnn today, WholotiuU' inonts mostly tinehiintu'd, HCKS und wort* (.toady to 50 vunts hw i> IH twlny's commodity repot i. fwnlxhiKl by tho USDA: lings opmiefl steady to BO cents lower nt mnjor ISastern cowbell Kurly tops wvro $S!!,flu nt Chicago. $yj,t!5 (it East St. LOUI.H and J1U! nt Imliminpolls with tho UIO to ' pound 'butcher* to from Sows share the lower trend and ore gcitm-nlly* wllinjt' downward fu.ni $30,75 nt Chicano, $1B at Knflt St. Louis mut $10 nt Indlann- imlls. NKW YOHK — Noon Oct. Cotton Bluff Is visiiInK her mother, Mrs, Ulonlu llohnes. ' Thery will be n Wflner ronKt «V, tht> lioniv of Mr. tmd Mrs. WiU'lo 1'irmuluti, Tlmmltiy ululit, Annual 10. NpousoriHl by U«> Junior i-hun-h. Mr, and' Mr*. Ilerivmn Stott of Luuisvlllo, Ky,, u\'o vlsltinu Mr, and Mix John Colcunan, and tho families, Mr. ut)d Mr«, Steve K, Smith of 8«>t I'ublo, Calif,, were tho dinner guest of Mv. Ami Mrs. Frank Ftetuvry Monday night FOR RAND ENING OONH of our "**" NEW STORI IOCATION Texas Suffering ' From Long Drought •DALLAS. Tex. Texas writh I'd under n mighty one-two punch from drought nnd hont today, Wlillu th(! twin pestilences hit whoro It hurt, tho North Texus un bounded by Dallas, Ft. Worth und Wichita Vails invented out its JHth const'cutlve dny of I00-plu» temperatures, With no hope of relief In Into nreeasts, there'vvort' these developments as tWfe two-year-old period ol deficient; moisture built up: 1. Some 200 farmers nnd ranch- cis, meeting in Abilene, Tex., uskud CJov. Allan Shivers to ro- iiuest drought illsnster iii'eii status for tho entire Btute, Thoy rupre- 18 \Vest Toxns countloS, 2. Stnt« Aurlculiuro Commission* or John C; Whlto sitld at Austin thnt ootton, rlcu and sruln sor- Jthum cropH, withered and burnod by the blu/.lnp xun, hnd .suftcrcd n ti8-nillllon-dcill|u- loss in IB days. , a, Mrs. Kutlu.'1'lnu liobln.son, 38, dli'd of sun*Uoko to become Dbl Ins' fifth hoat fajnlity in dnht ila,vs, Numt'i'OUii hc-nt stroke pit- vvi'i'o in Dallas hospitals. 4, Fni'iners nnd stockmen, tnccd NBSW YORK iffl - Tho Stock arki'i stoudiod iisclf today nnd started n nscovyry niovvntent ovit of the sovoro slump suffered yos- tordoy. und some (if tho oils that wore lenders i» tho drop were unions tho first today to start on >e come-back trail. Cains run front fractions to mound 2 points with losses mens- urde in fractions to u round u point. FARM FORECAST Special ArkJWB»s Farming Fore- cost; 1 i- Clour UK||BjrU# cloudy and continued warm* Scattered tliuiulcr- shower*, mostly in the northeast portion. HuanJdity will continue High in the mornings Winds light. • i'.T.. . 'il» l ^L . ' '''I I h»vo »«*(V WO«\doi fully blossed in being restored to active life after Vi'iiijj crupplwl in nearly every joint in my body ftnd with snuscular KOTWWS* from head to f>HH. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis uiul other forms of RbeunxatUm, hands de- tormed and my ankles were set. Umited «u»a* prohibits telling you more here out if you wul write me I will"T«ply at once «nd tell you how I -r«C*lvod ihis won- derlul r*0«f . MnLelaS.WIer it* its nrt yi.ntcrdny When he sold the company "will not, under any circumstances, agree to arbitration;" Thompson said thnl the only possibility for n settlement of the D-day old strike Is by "arbitration.' 1 Stewart said the company claims cent hour., increase effective Nov. back up ' '"« the Solid South this year with the most intonsive presidential Little Rock Enters Legion Finals PONCHATOOLA, La. I* — Unde- . , . fc-ated Austin. Tex., and once-beati " a " cnai '8 ed that the total number en Little Rock. Ark., meet tonight I of votcs oxcced ed the listed poll in the finals of lh"e American Le-i 1 ? 3 ? recoi P ts m th e disputed town- Hion Baseball Regional Tourney. I ' ps '™. Little Rock gained the finals by! 2 ' Thc Carro " County Demo • -- erotic Committee threw out all but whlh Little • " x aDscntee votes cast in only one ' lhe rlmofl election giving the coun- 1 ' campaign over waged in Dixie. . thejjeclional tourney at Charleston, In contrast to previous efforts of' " ~ cither party, an Associated Press .S. C. next week. Jackson, Miss., the fourth team ty clerk's nomination to Burton George with a 26-vote margin over incumbent Tom Howard. The questioned ballots were presented to survey today showed Republicans in lno tourney, was preparing to campaijjn ext(>n.sivoly :it the precinct level in most of It hiui boon operating tit a dcfieltj ',;.,. southern stall's. ' Sunday. Johnny Vcnable of Little Rock, «tar pitcher' of the series, gave up '"'"> warn the County Committee when a re- eliminated ,. r ., ln t r>nmt-*iunn »»»««. ,. nn ut» *^ The usual mass appeal mediums! ""'^ two hits ul beating Monroe. He ..... „_ ..... . newspapers, radio, television i fanned ten men to send'his scries tho offered S-cenl hourly increase. | imtl billboard — will be used as strikeout record to 25 in two for the punt three years' nnd rmi not nffonl u wiiRe Increase iibnvi finances permit. But it is tho'K nmos Lions Move to Arkansas for Game LITTLK ROCK planned telephone and door-to-dc peisoniil appeals that will intro- '.luei! a new factor to southern presidential campaigning. Democrats on Uio other hand ap- The Detroit i pear to be planninjj only their usual Lions moved Into Arkansas today | loutiiu.- campaigns In behalf of their to propuro for their pro football national ticket. ehlblllori with thu Philadelphia j Because of their traditionally Ksrfcles here Saturday nlHht. | Democratic status, southern states Flying here from Aumrillo, p.,| j n the p;ist have been pretty well where they walloped the 'Chicago, ignored in presidential campaigns Qiu-dlnnls, 211-13, last night. The; TO the Republicans it was hope- Lions wt-ro to land at Adams | loss and to the Democrats useless Meld hero at noon. They were to| t n wasio C ;impaii;n effort in them boiird two special busses mimed-. But now, in Gen Dwight U Fi- liilley to KO to Hot Springs, wla-rr i senhowor. tho Republieann havo they will train until Friday. The ! nominee with great popular appeal t i ,,„ ;; rlR , lnall y w f< ! '"Im the South. And it, addition they com.' to Little .Hock today, but dc-l hu ve the support of many clissnlis- clded at the last minute to remain al their Hershey, Pa., trainiim cump until Thursday. Missouri Woman Dies in Crash LOWKL M— A member of n vacationing Missouri family was killed near here last night in a two-ear collision which injured five iitber people. Sheriff John M. Black identified the victim as Eliza Josephine Spnulley. 43, 2020 Paseo Blvd of Kansas City, Mo, Hlack said she was riding in nn nv'Uimobile driven by her 19-year-1 greatly increased GOP activity fled Democrats. The situation has encouraged Republican leaders to think they have a good chance to carry rive .southern states. Louisiana National man John Minor Wisdom, after conference- with Eisenhower, predicted the party will carry Texas, Florida, Virginia and Louisiana. National GOP Organization -Director Wesley Roberts added North Carolina to that list. Most of the regular state Republican organizations are being assisted directly or indirectly v by dissatisfied Democrats. The survey disclosed plans for tlcl son, J. Calvin Spnulley. Ho .snid Unit the accident occured about 2 miles south of Lowell on Highway 71. BUick said »Spr;idley and his son were Injured seriously. Almost 200 tons of coal are required to make the aluminum that into a B-38 bomber, with dry tanks, seared pastures and rnnnelands and rising feed costs, sent their stock to market only to find depressed prices duo to the unseasonul movement. throughout the South. For instance: In Arkansas Republicans will have state and district headquarters and organizations in every county. Little Rock businessman Bob Rhodes will head a separate "Dem Little Rock rightfielder Delton Ashley scored the winning run in count was unable to of Fayetteville, listing authorizj Willis will br? hostesses, capital at $15.'000. Listed as Incorporators were L. Price, Janette Price. T.L. Co and B. M. Cobb, all of Fayettcvil Legal Notice rig home on Buddy Martin' 010 000 000—1 2 1 '010 001 OOx—2 7 2 Monroe Lillle Rock Causey, Swanson 0, and Galloway Veiuible and I,inch. ocrals for Eisenhower" organization. Eisenhower is reported tc have told the Arkansas national convention delegation that he will visit the,state. Any Democratic campaigning will be directed by a new etato executive committee to be t'.amed next month. Arkansans'Win at Trap Shoot VANDALIA, O. (ffi — Arkansans took a considerable share of the booty at the opening cf tho 53rd Grand American Trapshoot here yesterday. Shnrpshooting Mrs. Julius Petty of Stuttgart, Ark., captured the champion of champions title in a shootoff with Mrs. Clyde King of Atlanta, Ga., and then combined Committee- with ncr ' husband to win the husband-wife laurels. Twenty state title-holders cqm- peted in the champion of Champions event. The Stuttgart couple won a shoot- off from Mr. and Mrs. King in the husband-wife championship round after they had tied' with 195 oi 200. In the shoot-off, both wives broke 25 straight while King dropped two targets and Petty lost only one to give the title to the Arkansans with a 49 to 50 score. i Julius and Paul Petty of Stuttgart scored 100 of 200 in the brother-brother event. Julius and his son Gene scored 18U of 200 in the father-son. Other scores by Arkansans in ''j yesterday's events included: Julius *"" "- 197; Mrs. Julius ;imer 194; C. W Hulen, Hughes, 197; Paul Petty, * England, 181; Gene Petty Stuttgart, 88 of 100. :r±i »5«^>•£;,; A^,™" Civilized man scorns insects as food but Hottentots consider a locust plague as manna from heaven. A Studebaker truck cuts costs week after week for years! agree legality of 44 absentee bal lots which had attached affidavits but no applications. The ballots wore counted illegal. 3. The Hot Spring County Grand Jury said it found discrepancies in tabulation of votcs in one township in the Wuly 29 primary. The Jury said in the Lower Prairie Bal- cumbent County Judge Grover C. Spurlin and 45 for Grady McCowan. Election officials had certified the county at 62 for Spurlin and till for McCowan. No indictments have been returned. 4. A .spokesman for Sen. Y. M. Muck said the candidate, reportedly defeated in the run-off, would file a contest suit "as soon as possible." Circuit Judge John L. Bledsoe denied a petition filed by Mack yesterday seeking to impound all the ballot boxes in the 18th District senatorail nomination race. Ho claimed trial in 88 fraudulent votes were cast in the election, giving a 745-votc margin to his opponent, Orvill Cnency of Calico Rock. >' a. At Fayetteville, Circuit Judge Miuipin Cummings said he would call a grand jury early next month to investigate charges of electioa irregularities in Madison County. Up said he. would .call attention to "all reported irregularities": in the July 29 primary. NOTICE IN THE PROBATE.COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Mrs. Dora Asberry, deceased No. 882 Last known address pf decedei Route 1, Hope, Arkansas Date of death: June 15th, 1952 An instrument dated Noveml 1st, 1943, was on the 7th day August, 1952, admitted to prob as the last will of the above nar decedent, and, the undersigned^ been appointed executor under. A contest of the probate the will can be effected only filing a petition within the ,ti provided by.law. All persons -having.claim's' agai the estate must exhibit them, :d verified, to the undersigned Wit: six months from the date of. first publication, of this notice, they shall be forever barredi'i precluded from any benefit in estate. This notice first published 12| of August, 1952. Sid Baxter (Executor) 2201 Glendalc, Texarkana, Arkansas .August 12, 19 Hope Country Club will entertain with a family potluck picnic Tuesday night, August 19, at 7 o'clock. Hosts and hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hays, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lowe, and Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hobbs. k jNotice The American Legion Auxiliary meeting which was scheduled for Tuesday night August 19, (tonight) has been postponed indefinitely. Wednesday, August 20 Thc VFW Post and Auxiliary will have a potluck supper Wedncs day night, August 20, at 7 o'clock. Commander, Herbert Griffin, and president,Mrs. Thomas Fenwick, request all members to be present. , 1952 BREEDER REGISTERED STOCK i u u i.,1.1, COKH'S VICTO»CH»IN 41-91 BATS COK[«! 41-1! WHtAT $3.75 $3.50 $3.3 3.75 3.50 6.25 6.00 HELD OVER! BY PUBLIC DEMAND POSITIVELY LAST DAY Thursday, August 21 Thc Catholic Altar Society will sponsor a benefit ice cream supper Thursday evening, August 21, at 7:30 at the Parish Hall. Thc public is Invited. Friday, Au|tist 22 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Moody Willis will be hosts and hostesses to a f.ormal dance Friday night, August 22, at 8:30 at the Country Club for the high school and college members of the Country Club and their dates. Christian Women's Fellowship Meets at Church Monday Circles 1 and 2 of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church met in the church parlor at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon for a business meeting, program, and social hour. Thc meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer followed by the reading of the minutes and the treasurer's report. After the business meeting the j program was opened with a devotional by Mrs. B. L. Rettig. Mrs. Wm. P. Hardegrec gave a discussion on the last chapter of the study course. Circles 1 and 2 tied for the president's dollar in attendance. Following the program a social hour was held. Thc hostesses, Mrs Carl Smith and Mrs. J. B. Easter, served 'iced drinks and cookies to those present. Now .Booking Orders TOM It's designed right for 90S saving...its built right for low upkeep S W9H4KB trvckt art itMMyraWitf tMt ywr. Y«W •*• m«r* and amm tf fan *v*ry 4*y to »v**y toads veto *ft f»Mte« »wo«*hly— •MAaiairalJy*~i*Uin8 119 n«w »«* ' •P*W^»HNP itMiMMy* iitfiuiiTOi •! th«ut«ndt of StvftefealMK trvcfcf tor* cutting IMftf centtentiy f«r tfctir 4*ti«nt*d own«rt. Stop* in and wrong* to f«t 0 Stwdthefctr track ef yevr ewa, Tn«fV» * wWt mng* «f (llOteSmftfMIMlUlKJl V4 tlMI* % t9A« 1 HW pi<k-Uf»« end i ARCHER MOTOR CO. ^P^V *^^^ IW^P^W^ ^, - -_ -^ WED. & THURS. John PAYNE Rhonda FLEMING Forrest TUCKER Freddy Urrey Celebrates 3rd Birthday with Party Freddy Urrey celebrated his 3rd birthday with a party at Fair park on August 18. Alter opening his many useful gifts, his mother, Mrs. G. E. Urrey, served iced drinks and cookies to twenty guests. The children present were: Tom Churchman Warns of Communism LUND, Sweden (At — The world's Christians were reminded here last night that in opposing world communism, they are nt a grave disadvantage because they do not have the same unity the Reds enforce. Thc warning was given by Dr. Henry Smith Leiper of the U. S. Congregational Church, associate general secretary of the World Council of Churches, who spoke at a session of the third World Conference on Faith and Order now under way here. Leiper said the world now was involved in two missions — that of communism and that of Christianity — and "the latter cannot op- crate without taking account of the former." The Communists, he continued, accepted the world-wide character of their mission as "aiomatlc"; the world-wide mission of Chris- lianity "is too often, even now, subject to debate." Communism. Dr. Leipor went on, enforces "an almost undisputed unity — a unity of strategy and of command." "In the Christian world mission," he declared, "we have no desire to emulate such a totalitarian scheme. But we do well to recognize the disadvantage which the Christian confronts in that neither the strategy nor the administration of its world mission is unified." Dirksen Again Raps Stevenson WASHINGTON — Sen. Dirksen (R-I11) again criticized the administration of Gov. Adlai Steven son of Illinois in replying yesterday to a clergyman's statement that Dirksen told "a blatant lie." "Thc facts will speak more eloquently than the pulpit," Dirksen said in a statement commenting on Knights Columbus Hold Mating LOS ANGELES Iff — A solemn pontifical mass today opens the 70th annual meeting of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council with Francis. Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York, among thr participants. Archbishop J. Francis A, Me- Intyre of Los Anfteles was invited to deliver the sermon and Hishop Charles F. Buddy of San Dleuo to be celebrant. In a preliminary to council sessions. Cardinal Spellman told an audience at a reception in his hon or In Pasadena Civic Auditorium last night: "It Is time •— far past the time — for us to reall/e that by our letharay, wo are responsible for encouraRlnR Communists to increase their power and foul plays until they believe that there is no limit to the humiliations and i\g- gresions that Americans will tamely allow to Infiltrate, develop dominate and destroy our liberty and Democratic institutions." He declared that "secularist tendencies In education have taught a wh,olo generation of young Americans that there is no meaning in life except what they can see and fec'l, and that the highest aim In life is to acquire a multitude of material things." U, S, Ship Fires on AnoHfir TOKYO M - A tl S. NftVy Hit sweeper and .salvage .tug, ftl-rl In .Tnpnn Ift'st nlffht for 5 " ft folrtnl Investigation of nn Ingldenl off j "" i on in which the minesweeper twice on tho tug,' killing W9 InjurlnR nine. •* * A Navy officer Said IKc ftedfd>f& tal shooting resulted from fftflft to exchange recognition signal* \Ht tweon the minesweeper ' Chift AM3W and the Grapple A The Navy said. ,two thri shells from the Chief hU the ,G pie Friday nlsht When tho Vo were searching for small CdM nisi ships off > .VUmgnnm on run's Northeast. C6nst, ,, ', s^Tfflr R rr ,r ,s£\ :- - R SM lh -s-- Phillips, Danny Flowers, Billy Bob and Jo Susan White, Rodney and Nancy Jo Billings, Carolyn Urrey, and Sharon Smith. Intermediate MYF Guests at Party The Intermediates of the First RICKETY-ROCKET MAIL—Hoping for backing from German authorities, Professor Albert Pucllenbucrg readies his "mail carrying" rocket for a test night near Bremen. It is the first post-war German-made rocket, built with permission of the Allied Military Security Board. Made of poor-grade materials, Pucllcnbucrg's rocket may someday be improved enough to carry mail. Iraq's Boy King Visits Detroit DF.TROIT IM — Iraq's 17-year- eld King Faisal begins today a lour of this automotive and arm- \ment-maklng center. His visit vlll be interspersed with rccep- ions nncl ceremonies. The youthful KinR, who flow In j 'rom Washington last night, was: given a boisterous welcome at! Willow Run Airport by approximately 1,000 members of Detroit's colony. DOROTHY DIX minister at Springfield, 111. Dirksen was quoted by the clergyman as saying the Democratic presidential nominee was "the - . . worst governor we've had since the | ncvcr lovc ae ? ln ' ' W11S .. .,, turn nf the rpnttirv " we wcrc marrlcd : llL> w:ls 18 - Aftor tutn of the century. four ycars durinf , whidl ho scrvcA Playing With Fire Dear Miss Dix: When my husband left me, almost "four years ago. 1 was 21 and thought 1 could . . . . Church, Texarkana, were hosts Monday How to have a winning TELEPHONE PERSONALITY by EMILY POST We're often judged by the way we use telephony service. Good telephone technique and good telephone manners are important to a winning personality . . , and help you get the most from yr>ur telephone service. ' RIALTD "Your Family Theatre" • LAST TIMES TODAY • One of the most aggravating experiences a person can have is' to run to a ringing telephone, only to find that no one Is there. But just how long should one let a phone ring before* giving up? ; At least a minute, is the experts' an-| swer. After all, the person you're call-! ing may be in the yard or away from the telephone. And the figures show that an estimated 350,000 calls a day are lost by Southwestern Bell cus-i tomeris who hsStjg up loo' soon. A call worth making is certainly worth'Wait- ing a minute for. . ' In today's busy life, at home or in the bfBce, It's only^naturai to leave the telephone as quickly aa possible. Is there any •pecial reason why you should replace the receiver carefully? There certainly is! Your telephone is just one continuous "busy signal" if your receiver is not securely in place. Y.ou can't receive any calls, and if you are on a party line, neither can youi PVty-line neighbors. If. a gooj ide<l •to hang up carefully, and to check the telephone occasionally if there small .children in your home. " .. MARLON BRANDO • JEAN PUIRS Swell Color Cartoon He: How about a date tonight? Manicurist: Ask my husband — he's shaving you. Methodist Arkansas, evening in the educational building of the church at Sixth and i Laurel Sts. at a party for the j Intermediate MYF of Hope. ' The entertainment rooms were decorated in paper streamers and balloons in rainbow colors. Miss Ruth Nolze, educational director of. the Texarkana Church, was in charge of the games. Miss Nolze was assisted by the intermediate staff and Rev. and Mrs. Fred R. Harrison in serving punch and cookies to the 75 intermediates and counselors. Hope Methodists who attended were: Billy Wray, Larry M&rtin, Royce Wiscnbergcr, Kitty Jones, Linda Lee Giybert, Jo, Jo Owens, Linda Beth Polk, Margie Vickers, Donna Kennedy, Pat McGill, Bill Bridges, Joe Polk, Jackie Moran, Billy Joe Yount, Bobby Story, Carolyn Story, Carolyn Lcwallen, Bobby Kay Turner, Marion McQueen, Mary Eppler, Pasty Cal- noon, Carl Lee Richards and Terry Dirksen said: "I think that what I said about Stevenson was that he was rapidly becoming known as the worst governor Illinois has had since the Stevenson, the senator added, has made "a long and disappointing record." "Now that the Springfield minister has taken up the defense of his most prominent parishioner. 1 shall expect his sermons to deal less with me and more with the history of Illinois' state government under Adlai Stevenson. Let him explain not to Sen. Dirksen, but to his miner, farmer and other church members." IK' Miss l)ix: I hnvo boon Richards of Bcnton, Kathleen Broach. and Miss Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. are WED. & THURS. SELL-f OUT . WHITES PtDCCBN IOHN NODttK AUOIEY TITTEI PAUUUYJUIjl Commq ana Going Miss Emogcne Fuller left Monday for Shrcveport. La., to visit friends and relatives. Lt. Howard Cobb of the VeiCr- ans Hospital in Hot Springs spent the weekend in Hope with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sutton and Lawrence Albritton. Lt. Cobb is receiving treatment at the hospital for a wound he received in Korea on June 21. Judge Denies Bail to Communists LOS ANGELAS UP! — After asking 14 convicted California Communists whether Ihcy had been in Canada or Mexico or had contacts there, Federal Judge William C. Mathcs yesterday again denied their plea for bail pending appeal. The judge said, VThere is no amount which will ensure the presence of the defendants to serve the sentences. . . their comings and goings are subject to superior authority within the Communist party." The 14 were convicted Aug. 5 of conspiring to te.ach and advocate overthrow of the Kovcrnment by force. They .were sentenced to five years in prison and $10,000 fine each, and bail was denied. Mrs. Hamilton Hanegan is attending the annual workshop for Says Death Penalty Is Too Much BIRMINGHAM, Ala. Iffi — Mrs. Earle Dennison thinks the death tenoing me annual worKsnop lol sentence lmposcd aftcr hcr convic . the Home Economics teachers in tion for the poison murdl;r of her Arkadelphia this week. Those from the Garrctt Memorial Baptist Church that left for A *rea< mw y question* about telephone manners cent«. Wound rhe party IMw, ^d thtte ^£ t , o ££™° Cent< * M to the b*« w«y to «„ »t. For ewmpte, rtould ooe call*, or make them chain-style? Spacing your calls works out best for a« concerned. For one thin, othS can t call you if you hold the ^ for long tune Spacing your calls given others a chance to call you—and also g»ve» your party-line neighbors a dance to use U» line. That results in better service for everyone * ' lot* DID YOU KNOW THAT: Courtfesy costs nqthing — yet can go a long way towards saving tempers — and lives. The courteous driver stays on his side of the road, drives at a safe speed at a safe distance behind the car ahead, and refrains from cutting in and out of traffic. He stops at stop signs and doesn't try to beat traffic lights. At nigKt, he dims his lights in passing oncoming cars. In brief, he treats other drivers as friends and behaves like a gentleman at all times. Courtesy costs nothing — and may save a life. ARE YOU PROTECTED? SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCi — 210 S. Main lot 40* tof*. Ark» M i (Consult your ln»ur«nce Agent M you would your Doctor »r Uwyer) Safety First Ad^Ppig* for fcy Roy Anderson. poison 2-year-old niece was "too much., it wasn't fair". The 54-year-old nurse was interviewed by reporters in the pros fence of officers yesterday. She will be held in jail here until the State Supreme Court completes its automatic review of the verdict an all-male jury returned at Wetumpka Saturday night. The state claimed the nurse had insurance policies totalling at least $5,500 on her niece, Shirley Diann Weldon. the BTS encampment at_ Siloam Springs Monday were Elder and Mrs. Elbert O'Steen, Dewanna O'Steen, Gwen Ffith, Dana Lou Cun ningham, Janelle and Joe Barry Warren, Clifton Carroll Booth, Vera and Vivian Tonnemaker, Thomas L. Smith, and Martha Bearden. They will return home Friday. in the army, he went to work in another city, from which he wrote asking for a divorce. For four years I refused him, supporting myself, and two children in the meantime. I prayed he would realize his mistake and come back, but finally, last month, I signed the last paper setting him free. My heart was broken and I was sure 1 would never know happiness again. Now I have had a new job for three months, and 'see a certain man every day. I have become so fond of him that, even though I am against divorce and second marriage, I am sure if he asked me to marry him I couldn't refuse. He hasn't asked me to go out with him but 1 know he likes me. We have talked very lillle about ourselves but he knows my .situation, and about the children. 1 haven't even thought of my husband in two months, but find myself waiting fur every glimpse of this man. Could there bo any hope for a future with him? B. N. Answer: While there is little help that I can give — or that yon would accept — my chief purpnse in publishing your Idler is to prove that broken hearts can heal. Perhaps not always with the rapidly with which yours was mended, but a bright future looms ahead in almost any disaster. He May Be Married You arc, to be perfectly blimi, making a fool of yourself over this business acquaintance. Your loiter very clearly leaves open the possibility that he may be married — a fact you apparently have neglected to ascertain. His actions toward you are typical of the usual office philanderer. A few slnli'ii kisses, mutual flattery and declarations of pseudo-affection can lighten the monotony of a day's work, nnd I greatly fear .that that is all you mean to your Lothario. Your life has not been too we ordered since your much-too-early marriage, but you are now 25, and should be experienced .enough to separate the real from the spurious. With one disastrous marriage In- hind you, don't make the horrible mistake of taking on another om-. Your mortal objections to second marriage are a matter between you and your conscience. If you need j assistance along this line, see ynur | minister. Apparently, however the qualms are ready to be sinoth; ered by the first propositioning j male who comes along. j Exercise a little more discretion j in your choice of friends; if neces-j sary, take onother job to get awiiy from the bid influence under which you are now moving. I am quite convinced that the man in the tail- is not honorably inclined. Any attentions you accept from him will lead to more trouble than you have already had. I'.oini; with a boy since Christmas andV tluiuj-'.h we have occasiona quarrels, we KC! along pretty wel on the whole. He says he is goinj, to change some of my ways as he doesn't approve of them. I'm 10 he i.s three years older. Should do as lie says, or give him up? Penny G. Answer: Since your friend is so much older than you, his ideals of change may be an improvement. It is up to you to decide whether he is shuvrely trying to correct faults in you, or whether lie jus! wants to change you in accordance with his own preferences. A little help from an older person who knows you I'oih would be in order. Many Get Showers. GOTHAM'S CHOICE-ElRht- een-year-old Joan Kaync wears the crown that marks her as "Miss New York City of 1953" nftor aha ,Was, selected to represent the city In tho annual "Miss America" cBntest nt Atlantic City, N* J., next month. • • i Sanity Test for Man Who Beat Wife FREDERICK, Mil. - Marshall M. Flanary, 41-y'enr-okl enrpenlor, was In Springfield Hospital today for sanity tests which may determine whether or not he Is to be flogged with 10 lashc.s for beating his wife. Magistrate Wilbur F. Sheffield, who sentenced Flanary under tin old Maryland, law, said If the tests show Flanary was Incompetent at the time he beat his wife, sontenuo wll not bo carried out. , Wore By The Aawclnftd' Pr«M f .^ Showers sprinkled large nroas at*.<£ tin- nation today, but they - rtllSsed Texas, which Is baking In week of a crop-withering wavoi Sen tiered thumlcrshowcra reported In tho Southeast ward to the Ohio Volley and Middle Atlantic states. ' - ' Another area of __ dampened the Plains states" Rocky Mountains. > Tho .mercury headed fblf Wwp plus degree mark In NbjfW ** Central Texas 'for tho 17th' this month. Weather , said there was no slfln of^rollot. Pleasant temperatures') from the Northeast states ward across \ho Great Northern Pliilns. Cooler prevailed In ,tnc Politics Crops Up in Road Gang PASADENA, Calif. I/I) — A contractor doing road repairs on th< main Pasadena thoroughfare com bined his work with politics. His warning signs to motorists, read: "Neighbor, please be careful tin next mile so that you may llvr to vote for Ike." Democrats squawked and forcet police to enforce an ordinance ban ninu political posters on clly prop erty. So today the lust four words are painted out. velope to Miss Dix, c/o this newspaper. Assyrian pictures dated about''! 080 H. C show soldiers " overnrm stroke' in i-Swimming,; Beats Rap But Suddenly Stricken BALTIMORE — Edward S. Glssell, 57, persuaded Magistrate S. Robert Lovlnson to dismiss a traffic charge yesterday, then stepped Into this corridor just outside the court room and collapsed. He was pronounced dead of u heart ailment at Mercy Hospital. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country CIUb< rtf. TUES.-WEO../.JV i 'MY FRIEND IRMA GOES WEST",; * » • • i >ti o Starring MARIE WILSON ^> (UuluUHUd- Inc.) l..Syndlcnle If your domestic problems hinge | on money. Dorothy Dix's leaflet D-12, "Financial Trouble," U for you. To obtain a copy, send a 3- ccnl stamped, self-addressed en- HELP WANTED WANTED: A man for dangerous journey Into head huntcr'a territory — a fortune In qold Is the Prize. If Interested see a'd in tomorrow's paper. Flannels Evening Star "^» paul sachs Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Gerald Brown. McCaskill, Doyle Reeves, Hope, James Robert Burnett, Rt. 1, Hope, Clifford Tyus. Hope, Shirley Elliott, FuJton, Diane Latshaw. Fulton. Discharged: Miss Velrna Goss, Hope, Mrs Gene Downs and son, Clifford Tyus, Hope, Mrs. Eldridge Formby, Rt. 1, Patmos. Jotephine Admitted: Mrs. J. I* Treece, Saratoga, Mrs.' Roy Dudoey. of Hope, Mrs. O. \>. Taylor, Hope, Mrs. H. L. Byers, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. C. ?. Batsoa. Hope, Mr. C. JU Stroud, Hope. Dear Miss Dix: A year a^o I married, after breaking an t-n- gagement to another man because I fell in love with my husband. 1 am now 21, he is 27. My husband was wonderful when I went with him, but now all he does is s>uy home and save money. I keen thinking of the other man and with I had married him. G. E. Answer: Not an uncommon situation for one who made a sudden switch from one man to another. Give your marriage a fair chance. one yea i* is too short a tone and you are too easily dissatisfied. You apparently married quickly, with little realization of the responsi- $47.50 •^s v> r Flannel J»fqr ond *woylj »h« favorite fobr '' m fajhlon-coniclpui i wh«thfr»Nty'j Fobulously feminine, deliciously draped.. our new night-blooming beauty In luiciou> acetate and rayon "Dream Castle." The straight skirt it dramatically and exquisitely double-droped. ,•« hii- »• t •** 24.95 oun excluiively bilities you would Think about tnem now |&d agfc yourself j ^H^^f^fr^^f '•BipP* • 4ft^0 Hop*' ( OtpMtMMl Htft Nothing It 19 unlv«r»al|y f)git*rlng 19 man of oil ag«i« i»p«clolly Iheit fm», iwptrbly loft flonn«li. Thty hov» oil the famou* Campuj Togi cuttom detailing and flnlih and com* In th* natural f boulder and vnlvtriity Ipynge model* with patch poclwl*. 3ome hovf the ntw ild« v«nlt. In a aj*at group of , :: - n»w overploidi, narrow »iflpwon(t' \ glowing tolid colon ranging th» ar*yt from »ilv«r to shareool, Ifa* browni from tana* tQ felreh bprk/ th» blu«» from Air C9rpuhad» See our Smqrf Hollywood Jackets Flgnnel ond Gabardine $16.95 to $22.50 HERBERT

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