Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 28, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1971
Page 2
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editorials FAG! 4 Garden City Telegram Monday, June 28, 1971 Hoovers Not Indispensable (Guest Editorial by Ihiane West, Garden City attorney.) Eleven years ago, while serving as Finney County Attorney, it waa my privilege to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as that agency assisted our sheriff's department, police department and Kansas Bureau of Investigation on the Clutter murder case. Numerous items of physical evidence were submitted to the FBI laboratory and four specialists testified at the trial. Through all of my contacts with the Bureau, I was continually amazed that all of my correspondence was signed by J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI has been Hoover's baby — so to speak — since he was appointed director in 1924. Under his leadership it has developed into an outstanding law enforcement agency that has served this country well. As one who has admired the job Hoover has done with the Bureau, I am saddened by his refusal to relinquish the director's job. As a bachelor, Hoover 'has been "married to the Bureau." For the good of the country and 'his beloved FBI he should discontinue his attempt to celebrate his Golden Wedding Anniversary! Of course it is only with the President's consent that Hoover stays on. Selecting a new director is perhaps the thing that kept Presidents Kennedy and Johnson from making a change. However, no man is indispensable and Hoover is no exception to the rule. Let us hope he and the President recognize this and act accordingly. Retirement now amid the applause and accolades of his grateful countrymen would be a fitting climax to Hoover's long and distinguished career of public service. "WHAT TOOK you so long in the bath tub?" a summertime kid was asked. "Well I was just counting things — my scratches, bruises and bites" * * * WHEN YOU say "Angela Davis" to a Presbyterian, smile. * * * THE FAMILY of Sara and Bill Kesler, formerly of Garden City, has long been in the service of the American Field Service. They kept traveling-through AFS students during summers here, were host family to a school-year AFS scholar, and served in various capacities on the local AFS chapter board. Last weekend they came through again for ttie Garden City AFS by helping Gwen Ramsey, daughter of Marge and Leon, off on her nine-week stay as an Americans Abroad guest in Peru. When her scheduled travel plans wouldn't work (Air Midwest doesn't fly on weekends), she had to leave for Kansas City a day early. Keslers took over at the Kansas City airport, kept her overnight and saw her of f on an early morning flight to Miami on Sunday. * * * JUST WHEN we thought we had all of the blessings of that nature (having just added two guinea pigs and a fish) we cared to count, someone made a passing observation about the probable condition of the family cat. * * * A FINE gentle family cat, white with brown spots, needs a good home. Her owner is leaving town and can't take her along. Call 6-7034. * * * A MOTHER CAT and three kittens all need good homes. Call 5-5920. * * * THE WAY it is we have almost come to accept the sight of Paul Newman standing behind the upstairs door holding a bottle of beer. But we are still adjusting to the latest poster hung at the homestead — an old movie display featuring Mae West in "Every Day's a Holiday." byHaroldCoffm him Ib«r. In he Gala* . Jahiuon as nklln np&rtvcH- .on tMi twite loiljy. Id uy thi/AMerfei'imu lonurt Vith (cmpHilon Joilltf lot alt—or 11 tin. not to [«w»:tl A ill. PENTAGON slct for North .CarellniL Johrem Badti ina at tar lilt tut for lilt Job tnt uiliut rivlk ~ •ntermlnitlon' (o "wipe In lie, JXA. he In ing Suato Rlehi aulslcd by Ceo «mol Ted to lb» •tbut your bnrti *lttl Iht poof hit appeal 10 dint! JohMon pl«c« JluUct lol poor, Johnson tiid: REPORT ON of Fhlliiilphli, an a York, W« ... ot Iht South of ncbl tlrlft la U» uttlia North, » jour :ia Keith ct. yon ,bav» > Mul lulde, the HitUnllMS •iiut* /IK IteirU wllli In bit a dints Job pbasls OR , _ . Jtoilct *r Ull the room, rat poor, Johiuon old: ""Mr Pit" - *""' I A> J •I Mpml ampus, hall ty Vu who dt ett Hatlow lo)J lh» r«a» VlHilAlW. w he farma Rlno aetei ox toiaeu and lift actu of cot. .,,_.. ,j jinYtmt. ta Iki Ion onirtiat la .noWM halves. ySui* I SwSSSSS Sid I* ™lng . SUM ""WoniS tT« «lr«ta «f Nm Yor"V5 — vSfsM! «£ ""* **" "" d •'"'<" >*"' ln 'TSS.Vu'S "ft**"* fcea UM» CIOA •"When IM POT Mil AppiliKhlan hi auetl, when the "Is nothing sacred? Now they're even desecrating national raonumentsr . O O «> *<& JACK ANDERSON REPORTS: JIM BISHOP: REPORTER I'm A Fault-Finder But Then Nobody Is Perfect Nothing makes me cringe rate of which will be deter- silence-feUs over the table more than reading something I mined by the North Vietnam- This column was never in- have written in anger. The ese wno n , ave fo een told by our tended to be gospel. It repre- flush of irritation is gone, but p re ' sident ^ ai we ^rjU speed it sents the best thinking of an without good rea- from their prison camps. So it son. I am chronically unhappy i s _ what? — less fai tban out? - Rart & ^^ ^ m $ has with the state of the Union, 0r more out than la? crime in the streets, inflation, war, the deceit of men in high office, and myself. A careful examination of conscience shows that I am pretty good -ait pointing the indicting finger everywhere but at myself. A week ago, I was the keynote speaker at the Florida Bar Association's crime paoel and it was my big chance to point the way to modernizing the grinding wheels of justice. What did I have to say? Very y ^g£ g^i, now have politt- whoToes not stick his chin out little. I ticked, off the problems, ca j opinions and they toss their at a me3 punches an emascu- but I had few solutions. I am ^stem at me at' the dinner lated typewriter, opposed to capital punishment table aiS ^^ 1^1$ ^row wild because I have witnessed too flowers. If they coincide with As Harry S. Truman used to many executions, and I can't m } ne j ^ink the girls are be- say: "Don't shoot the piano see killing a second person to commg extraordinarily intelli- player. He's doing his best." correct a first. The taflls of gen(t> H ^ y disagree, I mu<t Imagine me wrtibing "the stark justice have become a drain- ^ '«y ou don't know what truth" when I didn't know age ditoh of virulent bacteria, you're talking about," and a stark truth? Or did I? ... leading from a street to a precinct to a court to a jail. It is slow, expensive and puts the novice criminal in a prison where he has plenty of time to study crime under the mas- tens. The dockets are overcrowded; toe judlges aire listless from listening; the convict serves his time and is tracked by a parole system which spies on him, and a public which cannot forgive what he has done and will not employ him. The narcotics addict who needs 20 or more dollars per day to keep from going mad has two choices: become a pusher and recruit more addicts, or become a criminal. Sorry. nome Jim Bishop the to achieved its goal. It is intended to be a low-key, storyteller's corner, a place to paint a word portrait or to relate a human interest story. Now and then, it leaps into an international story or a political eveiwA worth scowling, but it cannot represent more than the current intelligence of the writer. Often, the editorial published beside it takes an opposite — and equally justifiable — view. The writer the Boating Industry Replies The recent antMes by Jack estimated amount of Anderson conoerndrag "outboaird fuel iibait ategeidly grias inlto motor poUuitJon," -and publish- the water from ouftboards ed in your paper, were inaccurate and misleading. Your readers ighouid know the full amid true story. Mr. Anderson's are lady comes from a company a device tlhait is supposed to solve thisi problem. Obviously, suidh a source is suspect, to' pay the least. (All engines present- ba^ on a **r (popu- * ** « SS^. known as the "Shuster Nixon Continues Vietnam Duplicity Started by LBJ T 7™>? fc a ™, ZT «X Report") published by EPA. I dont tarn the solii- By ^ arefu g w8e i eotin g e^ I ft* M I have written be- !<^ * JJ? I 5?* .£1* fore,, that there is a chornic na ™® o™ 0 discontent in this country with « on 'S«rucitm an authority. Children no longer accept the dicta of parents WASHINGTON — The secret Plsnitogon papers show thalt itihe Johnson Adimmoistoaition wasn't always honest wiltih Hha pubic laibouit what was happening in Vdieltraaim, The decepttLoait dfemiaiyingly, is stilll 'going on 1 . We have tafed to go beyond the secsrelt history of the Vietnam War, canfbainled in Hlbe Pentagon Papers, to linid out how iflhe Nixon Admdmastaaltioin) is handling *he war. Here are aw fMirais, based on current secret documents: — Adrnfoalstoaitfaa spokjesmen have toasted nepealtedly Xbat the facuratej toto Oaantoodiia Jack Anderson troops stepped up iflheir opera- tflons. And foi Soulth Vieitniam, govteomnenit troops opened a gemeiral ofifenisiye against known guerilla stamglholds'. PresMenit Nixon was kept fully informed of tine ooondi- naited offemisiive. Sometimes Admiral Thomiais Moorer, the stop by the WMtoe House and point out on classified maps to code niaime "Salem House," toe Laos raids as "Prairie Unhappily, the raiders ofiben found ftae enemy waiting for <tlh|eini and suffered severe eaisuaOjtaes. None of the Ameri- was taking place. de- were ifihe comfMctiinig sibafanjemiis made during tlhe oampadigm abouit Mr. Anderson attack on ttie ouitiboaird mioitor thalt is totally U>K , invalid. Had he wriititen a fuM and teachers; par7nfa"wralgie ? nd *"« «»ly*, *» *»** with their neighbors and local "^^ noted: officials; local authority blames (1) That the "ShuisibOT Re- 'state 'authority; the prss de- port" ciaiQs itself a "recom- Bounces ithe governmemt; high naisanice sibuidiy." Nowhere does officials prod the press; every- it claim to be Khe final word body favors peace but it is no- on tlhe subject. In fact, tihds re- where to be found; prices are, port goes to greait lengihs to as the kids say, "out of sight." emphasize this polinit and con- Herbert Klein, a friend Prom eludes worth a -strong recom- better diayls, is now Director of mieradaltiton thalt a real study' be made to find the answers to *he alleged problem. EPA and tlhe outboard motor industry aire doinig jusit such a study now. (2) That the report also refers to certain Studies which •some of your like the Jim Bishop I know and admire." That makes two of us. Maybe three or four. ' __..-. ,, t • » AjVUig tAJlM T W Mil'J UllHiJ. AAAlaVUIl. •Irf'AUJV Nobody bate a thousand. And ^ w w , aterwaons (gtudto (4) That outboard manufacturers <are pulttiinig up more than $200,000 of their own money to ifiinanice a study to determine What harm, if any, outboards do to our waterways. EPA is cowtributiing to the sitady; so theme slhould be no quesition of the valdolty of, the results. (5) Thalt the albove isituidy *c- tiiaHiy 5s an implementation ol the reeommendaitioos to the "Shiuster Report"; this situdy wffl last over two years and will produce iiTefuftaiblie data on whidh we can determine, once and for aill, whether or not outtooiards are pointing our waterways and -what may be needed to stop it. For some reason, Mr. Anderson chose to lignoria *liese facts. Perhaps he feels that half- truillhs miake a beftber, "news story." In 'any case, .'we be- prove *halt ouitiboai'd mdtiorig do Me ve you would perform a not have any harmM eflects valuable siervice to your read- and Laos have out off enemy ^folded in the ofcaal casual- «se headxiuaiJeiTs ui Cam- Th , e havp no nlan<: for ffriwcilins *"£ .T* '"•"—""»» v»—— leare to outboard motors own- JT™JK S ..SL g S" g ^w* T 6 ^ ****** oult «"*«• era, aod to the EPA if you pub- supples and disrupted their openaitrajs. Secnet inlbeliigenice reports ciihow, on ithe vonitnairy, (ihait HJbe Viet Oong merely have olf ithie Ho Chi Minlh supply lane was desiciribed to the Amer- iean .people as a Mmilted Souitti mi ?i!i Vietoameise operatian. Actually, it was pant of a coorddnated miatery openaltion, involving several ihundredi thousand men. tribesmen the men U S Busineiss barometers go up and down. The consumer price index is a little 'harder to read because it's always out of sight. * * * And how about "no fault" ecology? Just blame everything on Mother Nature. If "no fault" insurance policies are feasible, why not have a national "no fault" policy under which everybody quits blaming everybody else for everything? * * * Under "no fault" politics, the Democrats wouldn't be held responsible for Mayor Yorty if the Republicans weren't blamed for Major Lindsay. Garden City Telegram Published Daily Exevpt Sunday and Six Holidays Yearly By Th« Talagram Publishing Company 276-3232 IIP N. 7fh Gardan City. Kantaf. 67846 Frad Brooki Editor U Roy Allman Advertising Managai John Fraiiar Managing Editor Sacond class poiUg* paid at Sardaii City, Kansas. 67146 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION By carriar • month in Gardan City, $1.94 plus applicable sales , tax. Payable to carrier In advance. ;' Local and area college students $10.30 including postage and .' •ppllcabie sales tax for 9-month school year. " ' By carrier in^fhtr eltiei where service fi available, fl.50 * month plus applicable'fales tax. By mall $I5.4S a year including postage " '•--*''-" "• i -'--1.fji«. revecited to protoaidted, Mb- lainid-irun guerrSUia warflaire. They are concemitraitling on re* buildinig itiheor uinidieirgrounid or- 'gami&aitioc>, overKruMnanig out- posits, laisisiaissjniaitiing anlffi-coim- Ijeiaidens 'and re-arodoctri- vilagers. Their strenigbh is expected to surpass in the 1970s whalt it wais in the 1960s. Same secret documents acto- aMy predict tihait the coimimu- ntots will ifaake over all of Vietnam by 1976, ironiciaiLly, the Vretenaimes© posiitaons in. 20(M)h anniversary of ttoe Amer- eam Laos. Even the Royal Lao ican Revolution. _ Forces took ithe offienisive in —'Presidenit Nixon has em- sonne -areas phased that te is wfadiog fo oamlbodto, bolh South down iflhe war. The secret dwu- Viieltniaimese memlts show, however, that ihe has been uaidier pressure from the miuitairy dhiefs to expand (Ihe war just <ais President Johnson wais. They liiaive sought, in paKticu- lar, to resume bombinig Noa-th Vieltaaim. This has been pushed mosit viigorously by Admiral John McCain, *he Pacifiic Com- miamidisa', wlho tried to seM ttoe President on ithe idea in Honolulu in April 1970, and again alt San Ctemenlte in May, 1970. Afterwards, MoOain c-ampladn'- ed in a secrelt message to Genh eiral Ead Wheeler, then the Joint Chiefs chairman, <tihait Nixon hlaidn't been "respon- , save" but fihalt White Housie nia- ^ ' ago> iHional security adviser Henry Kissdrager had been more rea- cam tolled to these raids were CSOVN, «he sec^ Norttt Vht and murmuring .. mea CUJ;pH , ^^ ^ cmmm ^ ^ ^ The raids finally were *»»•• President Nixon at first ^ £~ i'fr/e rf SS in ** laborart)ar y>halted laist Novemlber. sai]ld ^ c'aptare was an objec- tnese troublous times and I ^ Thialt *** !90UIPoe * oir l " b * But this was surprised> ^ , re ading back ^S" 11 ^ 'in «»« report on tlhe doroi and de- over some ^ my own stu£f > - - •: :r— ' other sfpokes- now pontifical a columnist can -The drive Mo Laos to cult *** nned ato g teltbea ' lish 4lhe facts Mr. Andietison ' studiously omiiibted. — MATT J. KAUFMAN, Executive Director, CMoaigo. Mei , ™ aw Defense Sec- Laird was Atoaims thouighit where it wias ithe Army had eenfcer - CMck tooops JiadM)trlals - sound when he is outraged. When he succumbs to it, all he is doing is lending himself to the popular mob spirit of "blame everybody." Mr. Klein, who is an easy laugh wrinkles around says that I wrote "the stark truth is that we are not getting out of Vietnam." I didn't believe I wrote "the stark -truith." I did. Klein to points out that there were 550,000 Americans in Vietnam CROSSWORD -•- - By Eugene Sheffer HORIZONTAL 39. Female 1. Crustacean 6. Farm animal 8. Musical Army frantically when Presiidlemt Nixon assumed itried to catch up wiltih the mo- office and that there will be He COSVN while oM'Cial "184,000 by Dec. 1st." spokeis'imen dSisdaimied 'any Wei, that's not out. It is a greait irtteresit fa it. gradual disengaigement, the BUSINESS MIRROR The Presa^enlt finally oaime around, anid top-'seoreit contingency plains were drawn up last Oototoer by Geraeiral Greighton Abraims, the Amerloam comimainider Sn Vietoam. These Building Codes Mostly From Horse-Buggy Days By JOHN CUNNIFF Neverfifaeless, a model code Builders, whose membership of AP Business Aanlyst that could guide the modem- 54,000 includes many thousands NEW YORK (AP) — Liter- izaltion of municipal building of loeaal, on-site builders, most ally hundredls of. municipal regulaitioiis is sheduled to be of whom have modernized to building codes today rigidly en- released next momth by four the" extent of using prehung toroe the use of products land! largie code orgianizaitilon: doors, windows and trusses. methods better suited for a cen- T^ American Insunance As- The NAHB is stoongly in fa- tury ago. sociaition, International Confer- vor ^ modernizaition. and sitand- Written n the 1800's, they ig- enxse of Building officials, the ardization, it says. And, in fact, nore the discoveries, inventions Souithern Building Code Con- the idea of substituting per- and improvements of the most gross iand the Building Officials fornvance, codes for those that techniologioaily advanced naition and Code Administrators. specify certain products meets The code, to be made available for $7, wil still be only a suggestion. There is no ediot (that isiays a town niuislt abide by it. And, in fact, it is expected 12. Girl's name 13. Mr. .Gershwin 14. Entrance 15. Advance sign 16. Italian adventurer 18. Aristocratic libertine 20. Famous violin (short.) XI. World War II agency 22. "O Sole v n 23. Parsonage 26. Lover of Hero 30.Riode — 31. Lamprey 32. World Warn agency 33. Browning's Elizabeth 36. Peel 38. Indonesian of Mindanao ruff 40. Choose 43. Legendary lover 47. Fictional rake 49. Blind 50. Sister of Fatlma 51. Pismire 52. Author Gardner 53. Actress Patricia' 64. An affirmative 55. Marsh grass VERTICAL 1. Lump of turf 2. San 3. Solar disk 4. Stringad instruments 5. Printer's measures 6. Persia 7. Neon 8. Chinese treaty port 9. Fragrance 10. Prima donna 11. Biblical threshing- floor Answer to Saturday's puzzle. fflHHH Average tine el Mlntlon: 27 roinutei. 48. Beam. 17. Large land mass 19. Employ 22. Honey 23. Unruly; bunch : 24. Constellation 25. And not 26. Lease : 27. June bug 28. Slender finial 29. Knock 31. Greek letter 34. Wife of Jacob 35. Girl's name 36. Unit of weight (India) 37. Jaeger gull 39. Peasants, in India 40. Ardor 41. Solitary 42. Sight In Sicily 43. Conifer 44. Mountain pool 45. African river 46. Used in -winter **• to them. miore upon to nodlh, mdudlng to bombing and inintog of Hal- pbong toanbor. -Ever stee 4lhe U.S. wMi- ***.*• 1 , Said an NAHB spokesiman flatiy: <<A11 builders are for Pe^mance codes." . . ch codes wo ™ d P 61 " 1 "™ w* 6 ^^ *° use his uigenunity in designing and constructing a , ^T enc ? Uira S« ^r^ * 1 llkewl f gf manufacturers to » l in- enco .T provide ijtloirfratas apply whtrt carrior service avallablt. the ic and less They differ agree. As a meisult, fainovaittan is were tramsmditJted to itihe Pienlba- thwairted, inferior products are that lethargy will cause many to gon on October 17. They offer used and time consuming tech- ignore it. options for a three-day, sevun- niques are employed >ait the cost How, (toerefore, is the prob- diay, or ten^iay aerial asisaullt of qua'lity and efficiency. And it i em to be resolved. Seven as more itihan conincldemce thalt (states already have established there is at the sa>me time a mandatory eoties, and a good housing shortage. man ,y large buildOTs-espeoiaUy The clamor now is rising makers of factory or industrial- drawal from Camjjofdi/a a year from various directions for uni- ized housing—believe a federal ago, official spokesmen haive form codes, but that doesn't code is needed. insisited «hiait no American mean we'll get them. Vested in- -Local or "stock" builders so- grounid troops haive crossed into terests will work hard to main- caHed -beoause they aseeimble Oaimtoodia or Laos. The truth tein their privileges. mudl ^ ^ house stk!k by doesn>t mean cuftfjin 1 , mnws is ibat MACSOG Deaimis, com- Uriions will insist ttiat certain stick instead of using modules, But while performance codes posed of U.S. special forces work-saving procedures be ban- argue that while their methods make sense, and while both <aod Souith Vuetoamese ramigers, ned. Materials supplters will are.siaid to be backward, they stick and factory builders seem contoured to make nfcb into lobby to have the code specify are stti as efficient as the f!ac- to aigree that they can wwk boa countries. ' tfwir product. Local "stick" tory buildaiu with them, the guessing now is The seoneit miessages refer- builders will fight to keep out That is the position of the Na- ttet they are still a long way red to «he Cajnlboduiaa raids by factory produced homes. tional Association of Home' off. Unfortunaitely to ake , n J ra that innov 12 IS 30 33 53 25 " 21 30 19 13 31 SI 54 26 39 n 49 52 5S 27 44 ZB Z9 CKYPTOqUIFS KNNSXD BNSQBXYA XEAGB CYH BHViO. VHVD v

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