Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 28, 1971 · Page 1
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 1

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1971
Page 1
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College of Insurance in NY Is Unique '' ' " ' By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) — American industry has. a lot 1 to learn and a lot to teach, but few if any approach the mater in quite the same .way as issu- raoice, which operates a campus in the sky, the College of Insurain'oe, in the financial district here. Fully accredited since 1%7 as a' deigree-giraniting institution, the coillege is one of about 200 work-study institutions in the country, but it is perhaps unique in being so closely al- lied, endorsed and supported by a s'ingle indusitry. All students have jobs in the industry. Many of the instructors corn* firom nearby insurance company offices. C of I could become a model for othe. industries desirous of assuring themselves of highly trained personnel. And it might be a partial answer to the. prob- leim of high tuition costs, which affects so many youngsters. Three hundred undergraduates participate in the college's work-study program. Four momtihs of study is followed by four months working for an insurance company sponsor at a minimum beginning salary of $90 a wesk. The student's study in classrooms and lecture halls on the ninth floor of a commercial office buiildtog. Fifty par oent of tti-eiir courses ore in liberal airts, 25 pe>r cent in 'business and 25 per cent in itissuramce; They .may work just. a few doors away, although many of the students return to • their home ciMets for their work peri- od. Those who remain in the city can live in dormitories at $100 a month, room and board. Tuition 's $800 tor each four- month semester, but the sponsor pays 2-3 of this, often pays for books and sometimes even helps .pay living expenses. And if the student remains with his company alter graduation he may receive a refund of 'his tuition payments. After five years the student has a BBA in Insurance or a BS in actuarial sclemoe, a total of 2Va years of actual ex perienice, alt least $12,000 in if fringe bene HOBBY CLUB 1(5) King Fe«Uiie» Syndicate, Inc., 1971. Woild richu . "He was doing HIS thing... now I'm doing MINE I" \ IU Try Spin-rfie-P/o/ Game ""* included-and a bright opportunity for organized estot- curricula:! 1 . activities—-although there -is a school paper and a basketball team—but the students never expected many amenities. • • '••'How does a student aipply? fiits aire future. "Students may get offers of $9,000 to $11,000 upon graduation," says Dean Robert Strata, a former Texas insurance comiinissioneir and ones professor at the .University of Texas and Indiana University. G-raditates are readily accepted. Rapport in general between the industry and the school is close. Many executives teach there. Many have taken part- time course. Many use its vast insurance library. The spirit oif the students appears to fos Mgh. There is IMLe By writing to the college at 1,50 William St. He is then .given a, test and a personal interview near 'hiis home. "The applicant doesn't have to be a strigtot-A student," says Strain, "but he must be smart, have the personality to get along well in business and have a reel interest in hairug in the college." By CAPPY DICK To make the spii game sihown in Figure 4 you will need a cardboard box, an empty thread spool, a sodia straw and a piece of Government Victory low to Radical Communists WASHINGTON (AP) — Pair-1 •ticipation in' the eoaJiiitton behind Chilean Presidismit Salvador Alkinide was am "outstanding evenit" for Communists in the Southern Hemisphere last year, a Stiato Department study says. The study of "World Starengtih of Communist Parties" found tho AUemde government victory a blow to radical Communasbs who espouse violence as the only means to gain power. Tlie success of the Popular Unity coalition in Chile "undermines the contention of those radicals, often supported by Cuba, who regard revolutionary violence .as the principal, if not the only means by which Com- luunsiiits and ottiher extremists cam adhiflfve power," the report said, "Another by-product of Uie Alleuiid'e victory in Chile has bem -a reduction in Cuba's virtual potiiticial isolation," it added, noting that the mew government bias joined Mexico in maintaining diplomatic relations with Cuba. Geneaiplly, Ray S. Cline, rector of the Bureau of In tielligenic'e .and Research 'said in the preface of the 250-paige vol ume, Khe principal problem o world conn-nvueism was same in 1970 -as in 1929: "per siistenit -cleavage between tihosn who are wiling .amd o'tohiers vfh are relucibarat to follow un wavedmigly the Soviet model as defined in Moscow." Clime's bureau makes annual 'Amazing 1 WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — An 2,000 tudies of communism around ihis gtobe. Czechoslovakia mads the argeist imipinessdon on Conunu- tots 'Gufciid'e oif Socnth America, the report siaid. The Russian in- asion of that country in 1968 still "a rankling bone of onitenition" that continued to ring condemniaition from the arties in France, Spain and taly. In tiie bloc, Czechoslovalciia was the only country where the anty losit members— 'about one- jhird of its membeirshiip, .when more than 325,000 were ousted nd 175,000 resigned during the mrges folowinig the 1969 Rus ian faro, ndn© plaiin'CloOhied state and ounity law eniforoemenit ofifi- tunned out Sunday for the iinsit oif a seiies of honse raoeis ait Wesiternaire Downs west of leire. A large hand-painted sign wairaiied those 'attending ithe •ace "No Beitting on Premises" — iaod the liawmesi were thea-'e to see the state's amti-gamiblnig laws were, observed. Sedgwick Counity Sheriff Johnnie BaiT said some inidi vidtials who m>ay have been trying to place belts were given a wairmnng but 'there were nt arrefiite. Daair caUeid it iffluait no gambling conducted. Ait *he end of 1970 there were 23 countries where Conunutiiisl jarti'es were was being There are 47,872,000 Roman Oaltholics in ithe U.S. into comi- hat can be cut into a disk. As the first step, cult away parts of *he box as indicated jy the dotted lines in Figure 1, to leave *he franne 'slhown in riguire 2. Cult a -slot in the rack of <ihe frame to receive ihe cardiboaird disk. Glue thie thread spodl in front of the slot and make a hole for the sodia straw in the top of iflhe fname, al as shown in Figume 2. With rulea- and pencil' mark the ciaa-diboard disk inito sieg- ments as in Figure 3. In each segment -promt a number, starting >at No. 1 and going as high as necessary to provide a numeral for each secta. Make a toole ait the exact center of the disk. Assemble the moving pairts of the game by passing ttoe sitraw down through the hoie in the frame, tomugh the hole in t!he disk and into to hole of *he spool, Make This Yourstlf completing the assembly. The disk must fit the straw snugly; a spot of glue may be used to help hold it. BABY BEAUTIFUL CONTEST Sponsored by Gamma Mu chopte r of Epsllen Sigma Alpha. For local and area habits, ag» 6 months to 2 years. _ Baby beautiful will bo erownod August J9 at to > Finney County Fair. First olaee wlnnor will bo prosontod with • U. S. Savings bond. ProeteaY of Me contest will be used to purchase intensive core unit equipment for St. Catherine hospital. •ALLOT BOXES FOR PWNY VOTES WILL B^ BY LOCAL MERCHANTS AUGUST 2 THROUGH AUGUST 14. Final voting will be at the loby Beautiful booth at the Finney County Fairgrounds on August 17, 18,19. RULES OF CONTEST: Entries must be pos rmarked no later than July 25, 1971.,Ages 6 months to 2 years, boys or girls. Entrants must send two small photos ««japt" » not responsible for return off photo) with baby's name, age and sex, parents name, address and telephone number. < ENTRIES SHOULD BE MAILED TO MRS. KENNETH OCHS, IMPERIAL ROUTE, GARDEN CITY. KANSAS, 47844—for details cab* 274*2254. Sears STARTS TUESDAY f actions because of .iihe Jino-SavM ideologiaal spMlt. Of couintbries undier Oommu nist rule, Albania remained the only one siildiinig with Ohiinia in 1970; North Vietnam and North Korea 'Stayed neutral; and Cuba, Yugoslavia and Romnamia were labeled independent by the study. The others were pro- Sovisit. Pre-4th Sale LAY AWAY NOW FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL Use Your Credit CLEAR-AWAY r o '• oir/o STARTS 9:30 un. TUESDAY In Africa toe plaiwied albion of Egypt, the Sudan .and Libya cawed mew heaidiaehies for Sudanese Communfebs, already on iBhe waocprfih 'aigainsit tttie goveirnini'enit. -In Hie MMdle Bast relaitaoinis heitween Comimu- niste in laiaq and the ruling Biaaitth pa^ty became fitr-aimed. In the Far Bast, the study siaid, reiatdonis between Moscow and te Communiisit parties of Japan and Auisitrailiia "ireaclhed a new low." Sunflower Excursions and Garden City Telegram Weekend Tour—July 17 & 18 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY VS. DETROIT—SUNDAY AFTERNOON SATURDAY NIGHT * * .50 Per Person twin bedded accommodations—Single room, Add $5.00 Tour cost includes: Transportation via air conditioned, rest room equipped bus; hotel accommodations at President Hotel; accident insurance during tour; admission ticket to .Starlight theatre, 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, section 2 reserved seats; admission ticket to K. C. Royals vs. Detroit, at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, reserved seats at first base, lower balcony. * * * Tour deports from the Garden City Telegram at 7 a.m. CDT Saturday, July 17. Will return at approximately 12:30 a.m. Monday, July 19. We will plan to pick up passengers enroute east from Garden City. Send reservation to The Garden City Telegram, postmarked not later than July 3, 1971. Or phone (316) 276-3232 and make reservation. Off Women's & Misses DRESSES 25% * 50% • DOUBLE KNITS • PERMA-PREST & COTTONS • BONDED KNITS • DAYTIME & PANT DRESSES All Reduced Regular $7.99 to $17.00 NOW 5.99 to 7.99 LUGGAGE Featherlite—Ladies Cosmetic Cases and Pullman's To Off Men's SHOES For The Family 3QV».'60%W Junior Coordinates Collection of Madras Plaids , Req. NOW Blouses $s.oo 3.99 Skirts Shorts $10.00 $10.00 SUMMER SLACKS Trim 'N Tltt, P«rma-Pre»t Broken Sins Regular $7.00 to $8.00 NOW 6.99 6.99 Large Group Men's Short Sleev* SPORT SHIRTS • PERMA-PREST • POLYESTER AND COTTON • MANY STYLES AND COLORS Womens and Childrens School & Casuals Regular $5.99 To $9.99 Pair NOW PR. Boys and Womens Casuals Shoes MISSES BLOUSES • SOME KNITS • PERMA-PREST • SOME SLEEVELESS • SHOP EARLY Regular $3.50 to 1 $5.99—NOW I, Regular $4.99 NOW 2.97 Regular $7.99 To $9.99 Pair NOW 4.97 Men's DRESS SHOES Men's Short Sleeve—Pullover KNIT SHIRTS 100% VIRGIN ORLON MACHINE WASHABLE Regular $15.99 To $17.99 Pair NOW 9.99 PR. FINAL CLOSEOUT I Pie ralsl Please reserve accommodations for the KC Royals I MAIL I —Starlight Theatre tour, July 17 and 18: J TO i Enclosd is check for ($39.50 each person) iTELEGRAM 'Name , ,, , ' TOURS I Address ,. t.O. Box 958 I City , State Zip j&arden City, • Names of persons going Half Sizes PANT SUITS • BONDED KNITS • 2-PC. STYLES • SIZES 14} to 221 Regular $8.99 NOW 2.88 MEN'S SANDALS Siies 7 to 12 Regular $6.99 NOW—Pair White Goods Sale KING SIZE SHEETS 8.88 84x102—Fitted Regular $11.95—NOW 4.89 SAVE 30% King Sin Regular $15.00 to $17.00 NOW 10.00 on tour: |K ansas 67846 Junior and Misses SWIM WEAR One and! 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