Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 26, 1971 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1971
Page 6
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COLLINS CATTLE CALL Joins Women's Lib: Becomes a Wyoming Cowbelle By EDDIE COLLINS A funny thing happened t6 me coming home from the Forum. I became part of the LacMes' Lib. No, I did not go to the Scandinavian countries with a Presp Secretary and submit to a Christine Jorgensen operation. My transformation was more psychological than physical. As I finished <a strictly mid- dle-of-thenroiad address to the Wyoming Livestock Growers and was leaving the stage area, a diamcinjg band of Avon-smelling, burlap-wearing, multi-hued eyed Indian damsels waylaid me. True . . . Delightful, tout true. With tambourines, with gourds, Woolworth drams, with an eerie, wistful clhanit these Buttercup Squaws guided me in a rythmioal step reminiscent of Red Cloud, of Rain-lrt-The- Face, of Gall, of Sitting Bull. At the podium, this Chief Squaw, (surely a half breed- one half Swede, one half Dutch), who has been known to Square Dance at the Wyoming bam Jioedowns till dawn, almost needed oxygen. Breathlessly, the. Chief Honchia made me an Honorary Wyoming CowbeUe. The scroll •was a soft-tanned doeskin. It said: "Welcome to Wyomin'I To Eddie Collins, Honorary Wyomin' Cow-belle, Lois Morel, Pres., WCB." Also presented was a very fancy, used ladies shoe box. The size lOVa C., written on the end kept me from further inquiry. The box I had to open. Tonight On Television SATCRDAT NIGHT 6:00—News. 11 News, Wthr.. Spta., • CqJt 45. 13 6:30—Mission Impossible, 6 Andy Williams, 11 Lawrence Welk, 13 7:00—Great Mojave Desert, « 7:30—Of Mine and Men, 13 Movie. 11 My Three Sons. • 8:00—Arnie, 6 8:30—Immortal, 13 Mary Tyler Moore, 6 9.00—Mannix, 6 9:30—This is Your Life. 13 10:00—Scene Tonight. 13 News, 6 10:15—KSN News, 11 10:29—Local News. 13 10:30—Movie. 6. 13 Name of the Gome, U 12:30—News. 11 SUNDAY MORNING ,7:30—Davey ana Goliath, 13 8:lW—TV Altar. 8 Get Together, 11 8:15—Doodle Time, 13 8:30—Perils of Penelope, f Revival Fires, 11 Freddy Fudd. 13 9:00— Johnny Quest, 13 Day of Discovery, 6 Herald of Truth, 11 t:30—Oral Roberts, U Cattanooga Cats, 13 Insight, 6 10:00—CathredraJ «f Tomorrow, 11 Bullwinkle. 13 Faith tor today. • 10:30—Discovery. 13 Face the Nation, • 11:00—Bay watch. 13 TEA, 11 Guidelines, 6 11:30—This is the Life, 11 Music and the Spoken Word SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:00—Bowling at Fun Center. 6 Meet the Press. 11 12:30—Issues and Answers, 13 Open House, U 12-.45-TBA, 11 1:00—Sunday Classic, 13 Garden Wise Show, 11 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff, 6 3:00—The World Tomorrow. 11 .2:30—Harvestore Feeding. Roller Derby, 11 • 3:00—Golf. 13 3:30—AAU Championships, 6 Phys. Mutual, 11 3:45—Smart Shopper. 11 4:00—Children of Compassion. 11 4:30—Untamed World, 11 Kansas Outdoorsman, 6 6:00-CBS News, 6 Ian Tyson Show. U Celebrity Bowling, 13 6:15—American Sportsman, 13 6:30—Death Valley Daya. 6 Pet Set. U Virgil Ward Show. 33 SUNDAY EVENING 6:00—NFL Action. 13 Lassie, 6 Sportsman Friend, U 6:30-World of Disney. 11 Hogan's Heroes. 6 So Ranch and .Farm Moms, on the waU of our office you may now find <a jar of the "real thing." Guaranteed pure Wyoming Cow Manure, slightly aged, wMi slight growing mold. Then a sack of Genuine Wyoming Sage Brush—this to bring on hay fever in nostalgic moments. i Of course, every Broad-caster needs a hunk of "Jerky." Yellow in color, aged sines 1968, it Ed Sullivan, 6 7:30—Bill Cosby, U 8:00—Movie. 13 Bohanza, U Glen Campbell, 6 9:00—Honeymooners, 6 10:1)0—News. Wthr.. Spts., 6, 11 Scene Tonight, 13 10:30—Movie, 6 Movie, 13 Movie. 11 MONDAY NIGHT 6:00—News, 6, 11 t>:30— Gunsmoke, 6 From-a Birds Eye View, 11 I^et's Make A Peal, 13 7:00-Laugh In, 11 Newlywed Game, 13 7:30—Here's Lucy. 6 It Was a VeryGood year, 13 8:00—Mayberry EKD, 6 Movie. 11 Movie, 13 8:30—Doris Day Show ,6 9:00—Carol Burnett Show. « 10:00—News, Wthr..- Sjrts., 6, 11 Scene Tonight, 13 10:30—Merv Griffin, 6 Tonight Show, 11 Dick Cavett, 13 12:00-News, 11 News, 13 TUESDAY SIGHT 6:00—News, 6, 11 ' To Tell the Truth. 13 «:30—Beverly Hillbillies, « Mod 'Squad, 13 7:00—Green Acres, • : Don Knotts, 11 7:30—Hee Haw. 6 Movie. 13 8:00—First Tuesday, 11 8:30—All In the Family. 6 9:00-CBS Reports. 6 Marcus Welby. 13 10:00—News, Wthr.. Spts., .„ ™ Soene Tonight, 13 10:29—Local News. 13 10:30-Dick Cavett Show, 13 Tonight Show, U Merv GrUflnT 6 6. 11 Scientists estimate some 168,000,000 cubic miles of heated water lie beneath the Earth's f proves harder than a Titleist Golf Ball—>amd guaranteed not tu cut in the deep rough or any cither pkce. Pity >a poor cowpoke with festered teeth, no knife, and no sp'ital to soften Ms jerky. I intend to keep this in reserve until Thanksgiving, '78. And then a tinker bell. A grey porcelain, with metalic clap- p>er, Cowbell made in Ft. Laira- mie at the pot shop, dangling downward and giving off a friendly "tink, tink, tink," . . . My first flash reaction being it too small for a "pottie." Loaded with these goodies, I became an Honorary Cowbelle. Our chiefer danker is Lois Morel of Torrington. I'm happy -to be aboard, girls. Truthfully, I am biased but I believe thait the CowbeUes are the 'best diogoone working group in the USA today. With a cheap wage scale—'Usually only a license, (marriage)—too dedicated to flinch, too involved to question, too talented to fail, point the Cowbelles on target amd tte job is as good as done. These ladles raise some of the greatest kids in the world. Individually they fight drought, floods,, school superintendents, conservative bankers, uninteresting school circulars, changing dress fashions, changing buOi fashions, discouraged husbands, and sometimes the in laws. Collectively, they tackle any task too boring for their "Loird- anid-Masiters." They finish almost as many projects as the men taible. The only ones wiling to work cheaper are their kids and maybe the college professors who submit papers to state magazines. They do not merely ^.nile, they give oM-fashioned grins—the kind that turn me on. My pleasure to be a Cowbelle. Incidentally, alter 9700 miles of three weeks travelling through the Cornbelt, Mountains, and North East, I see the best grass prospects of all time. Warning, however—it is washy—not packing much power as of mid-June. Due to soft fleshiness and early gainis, expect a $2-$3 drop Page 12 Garden City Tctagram Saturday, June 26, 1971 an stock caitUe between mid- August amd mid-October. Was surprised not to see more Crossbred cattle from the Highway. More mixed hues within 50 miles of North Platte than the other 9600 miles combined. s " % All supermarkets advertise low pees ' ' ' ' ' ""' ' ^ ' ' ' ftf.'ffft -. , ,f * f.1:-. 1'f, , ,v . -. , ,.. v .. V . -. . t % f - - -. - *• ' • Shop where you get everyday low discount prices in all departments every day! QUARTER SLICED Pork Loins 9 TO 11 CHOPS Sliced Slab Bacon Country Style Soare Ribs Lb. X. ^ All ^N ^OUR MEAT IS ^ CAREFULLY INSPECTED FRESH AND LEAN FOR SUPERIOR s. QUAUTY' - * Ground Beef IN 3-LB. PKGS. OR MORE LB. MEAT MASTER BEEP 26 LB. BEEF BUNDLE 7 LBS. ROUND STEAK 9 LBS. CHUCK ROAST $1 Q99 7 LBS. GROUND BEEF 3 LBS. SHORT RIBS FARM FRESH Whole Iryers FRESH DRESSED •ar-S Skinless Franks Ohse—By The Piece Imitation Bologna 12-01. Phg. IDEAL THRIF-T-PISCOUNT FOODS PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 1971. LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED. NONE SOLD TO DEALERS. Ribs Attached Fryer Breasts u, Plump Juicy Fryer Thighs Tender Meaty Fryer Legs Farm Fresh FOUR LEGGED Fryers Ohse Sliced Luncheon Meats Camelot . Gelatin Salads '£ 38° Medium Only One $5.00 Purchase, excluding Beer and Cigarettes, entitles you to all Super Star Specials at Prices advertised. Van Camp Pork & Beans 0 "49 C Camelot Catsup Nestea 4 " 01. Jar LOW DISCOUNT PRICES I ALLEN CUT Green o Beans L 303 CANS f " LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! MEADOWDALE WHOLE OR CREAM Golden r ^ Corn O f - I Del Mont* Apple Sauce 5 co" $ 1 Sudden Beauty Hair Spray '£ 53 C LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Enriched Only One $5.00 Purchase, excluding Beer and Cigarette*, entitles you to all Super Star Specials at Prices advertised. 3 FLAVORS Western Drinks 54-OZ. JUGS Rodaers Whole Tomatoes Camelot Spinach Mead Blackeye Peas Camelot Whole Beets Kuner Pinto Beans 303 41C Con A I 5 '* $ 1 ^ 01. I 303 1QC Can •' 5 303 $| Cans I 0 15' 19° LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! ALLEN 52-OZ. CAN Whole nnoie VA, Chicken 79* Ellis Potted Meat Ellis Beef Stew . Morton House Vait Camp Vienna Sausage eI4 28 c Chicken of The Sea Chunk Tuna .142 C LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! Meadowdale Fruit Drinks 1129° Camelot Tomato Juice 3 4£.oi. SI Cans I Hawaiian Punch o 4 , 4 39 C GOLDEN Sweet EARS Texsun Orange Juice .,' 45° "•'-^ - ' ' Camelot Pineapple Juice i J 38' CALIFORNIA IDEAL Grape Jam 18-OZ. JARS For

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