Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 20, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1958
Page 3
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Legal Holiday Washington's Birthday FEBRUARY 22 THIS BANK WILL NOT BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS STATE BANK OF FAYETTE THROUGH THE GRADES 20 FEBRUARY isse First Grade News Last Friday now books wore put on the center of our tables. Books are always krtpt there for us to use in our spare time. It is still very hard for us to read books other than our readers but many of the words we have every day are in the library books too. Friday, of course, was the BIG day. It doesn't seem possible but there were over 1200 valentines in our box. By the time 42 of us placed valentines in the box for our classmates the box was running over. We also enjoyed valentine cookies from Pam Kiel, David Yearous, the Houlton twins, Ricky Schiedel, TO & p^£Ti?£/l XING FINAL DATE FOR AILING OBJECTIONS &Hft^ I £?4L P ,? OPOSING THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT TO BE KNOWN AS THE "CENTRAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT IN THE COUNTIES OF FAYETTE AND CLAYTON, STATE OF IOWA." To all persons residing upon, or owning land within, or interested in the formation of a Community School District in the hereinafter described territory in the counties of Fayette and Clayton, State of Iowa. ,,.. ^ ou and each of you, are hereby notified that a petition has been filed on the 13th day of February 1958, in the office of the County Superintendent of Schools • Vl e Un y Fave t tc < statL> of Iowa, signed by more than twenty per cent (20%) of the number of eligible voters in each existing school district affected or portion thereof or 400 voters whichever is the smaller. Said petition was accompanied by an affidavit showing the number of qualified electors living in the tenitory described in the petition and signed by a qualified elector residing in each affected district or portion thereof and also showing separately as to each county the number of qualified electors in that part of the county included in the territo'ry described. The petition requests that a community school district, to be named the "Central Community School District in the Counties of Fayette and Clayton, State of Iowa" 'be established within the contiguous territory hereinafter described, said territory being located in more than three school districts in the counties of Fayette and Clayton, State of Iowa and described as follows: Commencing at the northeast corner of Section 4, Township 93 North, Range 8 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Fayette County, Iowa, thence west on township line for 2.0 miles more or less to the northwest corner of Section 5, Township 93 North, Range 8 West of the 5lh Principal Meridian; theace soutn on section line for 0.25 miles mure or less to the southwest corner of the fractional Northwest Quarter of the fractional .Northwest Quarter of said Section 5; thence east on quarter-quarter section line for 0.25 miles more or less to the northwest corner of the Souineast Quarter ol the fractional ftorihwest Quarter ot said Section 5; thence south on quarter-quarter section line for 0.25 miles more or less to the soutnwest corner 01 tne boumcasl Quarter 01 tne iractiunai ftoruiwest Quarter of saia becuon 5; Uience wtat oa quarter-quarter section line for 0.25 miles more or less to the West Quarter corner 01 saacl £>ccuon t>; Uience soutn on secuon ane jor U.75 miles more or less to the northeast corner of tne Aoucneast quarter 01 t ue iNoruieusi, quarter oi section 'I, 'iownsnip 9J ixortn, flange tt west 01 uie am iTincipai iviL-nuiun; tnence weal on quarter-quarter j>ccuon line lor 0.50 miles to the northwest corner ol Uie souuiwesi v^uariej.' oi tne iNortneabt Quarter 01 sa.a £>ecuon '(', Uience souta on center line oi saw t>ecuon V lor u.bu miles to tne southwest corner oi Uie f^oruiwest Quarter ot tue souuieasi Quarter ol sum section 7; thence west ou quarter-quarter secuon uuc lor U.ou mues more or less to the southeast coruer oi me Mortueasi quarter oi uie aouiueusi Quuriur ot section 12, 'iowri- &mp ito isorin, nange y west oi me otn Principal iviuriuian; tnence nortn on tcwnsmp line lor 0.20 miles more or less to the East Quarter corner ol saia ejection 12; thence wesi on center line of Sections 12, 11, and 10, Township 93 North, Range 9 West, of Uie «Kn Principal ivieriuian lor U.Za miles lo the soumeast corner 01 the Southwest Quarter or tue JNoruieasi Quarter 01 said Section 10; tnence nortn on quarter-quarter section ane lor O.oU mues to the northeast corner of tne JNortnwest Quarter 01 trie fxouaeast Quarter oi said Section 10; thence west on section line lor 0.^5 nines to tne iNortn Quarter corner of said Section 10; thence north on center line of Section 3, Township 93 North, Range 9 West of the 5th .Principal Meridian tor O.t)2i> miles to tne noruieast corner ol tue bouth Half of the Southeast Quarter ot the iracuonal Moruiwust Quarver ol said section 3; thence west lor U.2t> mues to tne nortnwest corner 01 tne boutn Hall of tne Southeast Quarter oi tne iracuonal i\onnwest Quarter ol said section 3; thence nortn on quarter-quarter section laic lor O.JYO miles more or less to the nor me as t corner oi tuu iractionai iNortnwest Quarter ol tne fractional iNortnwest Quarter of said section d; thence west on towns/up line for 3.25 miles more or less to the northwest corner of Section B, Towiuuup »•! worm, uangu U west 01 tne inn Principal Meridian; thence soutn on townsmp line lor ii.O miles more or less to tne soutiiwest corner of Section 1U, Mownsnip ad IN or in, runge y West oi tne 5tn Principal Meridian; thence west on section line lor O.ao mues U04 rous,/ to a point 115 rods east of the nortnwest corner oi section 24, iownsnip yj iNortn, uangu 10 West of the 5th principal Meridian; thence couth 10 rods, thence west 16 rods to section line, said point being 10 rods south of the nortnwest corner 01 said section 24; thence south on section line lor 0.yuU25 miles uyo rods) to the northwest corner of the South Half of the southwest Quarter oi tne boutnwest Quarter ot the boutnwest Quarter of said Section 24, said point being 'M rods norm 01 tne southwest corner thence east o^ the' north line of the south 10 acres ol Uie Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter oi saia Section 24 lor O.^o miles to me northeast corner ol tne Soutn. Wait oi the Souuieast Quarter oi Uie taoumwest Quarter ol Uie soutnwc-st Quarter oi said Section *4, saiu point being 'M rous norm oi me soumwest corner ol the toouiheast Quarter oi uie soutuwesv vuurier o» said section ill; thence souin on quarter-quarter section nnu iur U.uozu nines uu rods; to the southwest corner oi the souuieust Quarter 01 me soumwest Quarter ol said,£>ecuon W, thence east on section line 101- U.zo mnes to me souui Quarter corner ol said tome? north on center line of said Section 24 for 0.50 miles to the center of said 1 thence 1 ewt on center line of said Section 24 for 0.50 miles to the West Quarter com«r Oi wscuoii i», lowiwmp »t worm, ivan t «-- » vvebt ol me otn rrincipax ivwsnwan; Uiwice soutu on wwnainp nuc ior ^.ou miiea mure or K-S.-, to me SUUUIWCM curlier m becuou di. iowiusiup JM norm, itan 6 e a west 01 me ata rrmcipai meridian; s on wwuam line ior ^ uuics more or less to tue aortuwe^i corner of west on wwuamp line ior iMorm, nauge iU webt 01 me iiui principal ivieriuian; unc ior i.au miles more or les, to tne ^st Quarter corner of Secuon 10, Xownsnip Mt Aorta, AUUKU iu west 01 me otn principal Meridian tSe we^t on center line 01 sam section iu lor u.zo mues to me suumeast Soutnwest Quarter oi tne wortntast Quarter ox suid section 10; er-uarter section line lor O.^o mues to tne northeast coiner /nortn on quarter-quarter section line lor u.zo mues 10 me iiuiu.cusi. comer ol the Southwest quarter 01 tne Noruieast quarter 01 sam bection 10; tnence west on quarter-quarter section line mr O.ao mues to tne southeast corner of the Northwest wuarter 01 the Mormwest quarter ol saia becuon 10; Lnce norm on iuaner-quariur section une xur u.w macs to me norineast corner of the Mortnwest wuarter 01 tne iNormwcsi quarter 01 sum section 10; ™» w™onsection line lor 0.2o mues to tne nortnwest corner ot said Section 10; corner ot tne bouth- 01 section U, 'i'own- the s to tne center of soumon center line of said bection y lor O.ia center line of Sections 9 and 8, Township 92 North, Range 10 'West Jtoialan lor ».v. «...« o .!«.- «,uu,w ra t cora«, o! u» No.lh- U,o o, center the Southeast Quarter of _the said Section 18; in m , 050 mik>8 more or i ess to the north- Quarter of the >f factional Southwest Quarter .on wunty line lor 0.25 miles more or less to the southwest corner of said Section i8; „ . } e 01 . less to t he northwest corner of the 2fQ 0 uarte^ *5 he %rt£S Quarter of Section 19, Township 92 North, S W«tof the 5th Principal Meridian; and Ralph Knutcn. Dalyn Nofzger gave us cup cakes, tho teachers got ice cream and we hnd a party. Max Grim treated us to Hershey bars just before we left for home. Marlene Larson's mother stopped for a short visit on Friday. • • • • Second Grade News We would like to thank Terry Van Buren ;md Mary Schmidt for treating us to valentine cookies last Friday. Wr s'Jspect their mothers deserve some of this credit. Rhonda Van Bogart brought us a recipe for a depression garden. We made the garden out of coal, salt, iodine, and food coloring. It has many bright colors and it is very pretty. Those receiving 100 in Spelling last week were: Barbara Ash\-v, Ladervl Bierbower, Eileen Bonjotir, Mike Buhman, Linda Clark, Diana Dopp, Joyce Gage, Billy Gillette, Joyce Hall, Norma THE TATTLER Hammond, Cheryl Hienemnnn, Karyl Hienemarm, Peggy Hofer, Judy King, Darla McBride, Jimmy Niles, David Orr, Clyde Pickett, Diane P a 11 i s o n, Mary Schmidt, Julie Smith, Ronda Van Bogart, Terry Van Buren, and Lowell Voshell. Third Grade News We now have twelve dental cards that have been returned. Three new names added to the list of cards that have been returned are Peter Vermazcn, Clark Austin and Jim Ingles Everyone in the third grade is happy to see Monday, Wednesday and Friday arrive because on those days we can go to the gym for games from 1:10 until 1:50. THE EDITOR . ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MIXED CHORUS GIRLS GLEE CLUB .... SENIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS TYPISTS BIRTHDAYS FUR AND FEATHERS GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL NEWS SPONSOR TATTLER STAFF Barb Kauten Ruth Nims Donna Hclth and Kathy Shaffer Steve Talcott Carol Dahlquist Jan Schabacker and Bill Hughes Jan Bcnnington and Roger Otterstein Ruth Nims and Jan Bennington Becky Max.son and Marge Downing Lowell Paul Peg Eischeid and Sharlecn Mullins Kip Knigrrt and Gene Van Buren Kolleen Anfinson and Gloria Alber Jean CLIO and Carolyn Bright Mrs. Pickrtt ::::::n;!;!!n:i;::;;;:;i;;:!;;ii!n:i!!i:i;!iiii::i!i:i!;niii!i:::!i;»;i!inini!i:«iii::ni;H;»i!i!:ii!:nn!Hi!«Hi::H:iiii:-;-! !» U.I.U. — FEB. 21 Central Here !! It U.I.U. — FEB. 24 Luther Here § iji U.I.U. — FEB. 25 Wm. Penn There I {{I F.H.S. FEB. 21 Stanley (B & G) Here Hi Limestone and spreader trucks are awaiting your order. Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 i! Fayette, Iowa i::>i!li::ii!i::::iii!i!Uiiui;!:i:!!!!ii!:!iHKK:liili!!fiaU!iimU!IHni Our new unit, in social studies deal with transportation. We hope by the time the unit is finished to have a mural in our room showing the progress in transportation from early days on water, on land, and in the air. Our final spelling test for Friday consisted of six sentences to be written from dictation. Tin- words from our list were in these sentences. The other words in the sentences wore all words which we have nad in our spoiling tests. The following people received 100%: Peggy Maxson, Ronnie Lau, and Merline Brause. Roy King, Cathy Alshouse, Clark Austin, Linda Moore and Eugene Weyant received A's. . • • • Fourth Grade News Last Friday our room celebrated Valentine Day by having a party. We exchanged Valentines and played games. The treats for the day included cookies, cupcakes, chocolate milk and other sweets. Don Blue and Bill Sparkman are serving as helpers to keep the farm animals and machinery in order. The two girls who did a good job putting the bookshelf in order are Patty Scheidel and Carol Wegner. With the exception of only one person we had a perfect record COME IN AND REGISTER for your FREE Westinghouse Appliance Feb. 12 thru May 27 A WESTINGHOUSE APPLICANCE GIVE FREE EVERYDAY FOR 100 DAYS. PLUS A TREASURE of Westinghouse Portable Appliances REGISTER HERE Henyan Motor Co, DAYS 2n». 2?C 1 19c Sniders CATSUP bottles 39c Royal Arms TISSUE __- 4 roii 29c Folgers, Butternut COFFEE 79c With $2,00 order CAMAY SOAP Bathsize Northern COBBLER POTATOES 10 ,B. 45c THRIFTY FOOD MART Phone 81 Fayette, Iowa H. A. Schmidt CRISCO 13 ib« ___ 89c mmmmmmmmmmmm Hartex Crushed PINEAPPLE 10c Fancy HEAD LETTUCE 28 m 29c Shopper CARROTS bags 25c in spelling last week. On Monday Miss Stevenson did not come lo school because of an accident. Miss Luster took over our class for that day. We wrote letters to 'Miss Stevenson in Language class. We hope she is back as soon as possible. * • • • Seventh Garde News By Helen Kauten The question of the week is: Do you take Valentines seriously? Melody Gillette: "Sometimes." Diane Franzen: Yes, if they're from the right people. Carolyn Hennig: I don't know. Paul Clark: "No." Randy Anderman: It depends on who they come from and what they say. Ronnie Brown: "Yes." The following (people got A's in spelling: Randy Anderman, Diane Ashby, Mary Austin, Carol Beck, Tom Borchert, Barbara Burget, Ken Butters, Carol Clark, Paul Clark, Don Evans, Barbara Fish. Diane Fran/.en, Mike Gaynor, Melody Gilette, Robert Gould, Cleon Hammond, Sandra Hennig. Renee Jellings, Helen Kauten, Kathy Keig, Zoe Anna Martin, Linda Niles, Don and Ron Timmerman, Dennis Tope, and George Van Buren. The fourteenth being Valentines Day \v.' hud a party. Prizes were awarded to the winners of several contests. We all had plenty to eat and lots of fun. C & H Powdered or Brown SUGAR MARSHMALLOWS QUESTION OF THE WEEK Question: What would you do if you had a megalomania? Lowell Paul — I'd die its hair and sell it for a race dog, Lavonne Johnson — I'd hang it upon my wall. Kaye Campbell — I'd put it on my dresser. Gene Van Buren — I'd feed it a dandelion and raise little ones and sell all the spotted ones. Kaye Van Sickle — Put it in a .iafe-keeping place. Bill Finch — I've had it for years but there is obviously very little one can do about it except suppress it when it gets to acting indiscriminate or causes my own keen judgement to become obliterated by the results of its delusive ardor. Robert Thompson — I'd sell it. Jane Tripp — I wouldn't have the thing around; I'd get rid of it. Pat Chase — I'd eat it. Larry Maxson — "I'd put it in a cage.—you wouldn't want something like that loose." Eddie Roberts — Throw it out he window. Pat, you might have a hard time eating it, and Bob would certainly have a hard time selling it for according to Webster, a megalomania is a mental disorder characterized by delusions of great wealth, great power, or the like. SPECIAL EDUCATION Special Education students enjoyed a Valentine party on Friday. The committee chosen to plan entertainment was Allen Alber, Philip Wenthe, Claude Llewellyn and Loel Gross. The boys arranged games and contests. Claude brought a treat of fudge and Philip furnished a prize of candy, won by Loel for guessing the hearts in the jar. Our room now has a very nice (continued on page six) IT'S BEST TO KEEP IT UP! Winter isn't over yet. Play it safe . .. keep your coal supply up. Check your coal bin now. Just call 45 ED CAMPBELL'S Filling Station

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