Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 20, 1958 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1958
Page 2
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Established in 1914 Published every Thursday morning at Faycite SUBSCRIPTION ItATnS Fayette County Outside Fayotto CotinU SECOND C AUTHORIZE Icwa (YEAR) $,f.00 $3.50 JL PRIVILEGES LAYETTE, IOWA rrA T 11 o M A L C ') 1 TO .. ! ;. , 1 ASSOC'"}; 1 ASSOC'"}; l '.Ai .«.iliiSjV'.Viil- . '•• -1 Communications of public interest nre invited, must be received before Wednesday noon to the current issue. Such communications insure publication in DONALD L. KIMBALL JOSEPHINE BORCHERT WAYNE BARNES BUCK MAXSON MISS ANNA WILSON MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS MRS. TED LENrUS . MRS. RALPH DICKINSON Edit*.- and Publisher Assisiant Editor Linotype Operator Shop Assistant Fayette Corrsepondent Maynard Correspondent Randalia Correspondent Lima Correspondent A FAYETTE HISTORICAL SOCIETY? As this nation and this state add a few more years to their age the memories of people and events also " crease in number. in- THIS WEEK —In Washington With Clinton Davidson Washington military experts are saying very little publicly about what many of them think may be our most potent "secret weapon" in the event of cither a brush-fire or all-out war. That weapon, we can now reveal, is our stand-by ability to move men anil war materials speedily, economically, and safely to a trouble spot anywhere in the world through a well-organized system of airlifts. Details have been carefully worked cut by military and civilian air authorities and have been reported to congressional committees investigating our military preparedness. Some of the details, given at closed hearings, still arc secret. Records available to any newsman, as well as to Russian agents here, make reassuring reading to Americans who ha\c been awed by Russian sputniks and ICBMs. We are years alio.ul of Russia on airlift facilities. The airlift is another example of lum the military and private business can work together closely to strengthen the defense of the democratic free world and, at the same time, save taxpayers billions of dollars. Nearly $5,000,000,000 worth of civilian passenger and cargo planes have been earmarked for pooling with military aircraft through an arrangement known as the Civil Reserve Air Fleet. The upkeep of any- All who appreicate Fayette and know of its intangible, as well as its tangible properties, respect its history and traditions to no end. It is time that something be done about preserving these things before it is too la 1 ". While the Fayette Development Commission, existent or non-existent, is trying to prepare our town for the future there should also be an organization that is dedicated to preserving the memory of the past. While many pioneer Iowans still are among us, this should be accomplished. The LEADER is now in the process of surveying the thoughts of our leading citizens along this line. We are certain that the results of their thinking will point to a definite need for a Fayette Historical Society. The goals of this organization should be: 1. To restore or promote the ressoration of existing old landmarks or buildings. 2. To recall the history and traditions of our town to the coming generations. 3. To take pride in the past as a means of promoting our present and our future. For examples of past and present history one needs „, W a S no i but look about him. See the old hotel still standing and y cars previously the memories it recalls. See Mrs. Oliver Stevenson, whose,,, wi u cut^pp^Uow 'Sf husband lent so much to UIU—his work was a milestone partmcnts and v increase those of a in Fayette history See our own Dr. John Dorman dean ^ ar^LlL^ miE of American footbal coaches. Recall the stones or ray- and airlift should be in the No. l and ette's woolen mill, the shot tower, the history of tne bank, No. 2 positions. Congress cannot the founding of the teiepnone company. Look at Upper Iowa and' the great tamihes behind it. All these things have historical aigniticance. Let all who love Fayette and who believe in its future and who seek to promote it join with those who would act to do these things now. It is for our own good that we ask this. Let's giye it some serious thought. such a fleet alone would cost the military hundreds of millions a year. The importance of this large reserve airlift cannot be overestimated. It is the most' inexpensive method of providing military emergency lift and should be encouraged to the fullest c.vtcnt. The airlines have on order more than 53,000,000.000 worth of additional jet and turboprop planes for delivery in the next three years. If the Sputniks, through their dramatic impact upon the public, should cause the Congress to concentrate appropriations on missiles to the extent of neglecting airlift, the result would be disastrous. The responsibility for developing commercial airlift rests upon the Civil Aeronautics Board. It is greatly handicapped in this field, however, because although the activities in commercial aviation arc today three times as large as they were ten years ago, the stair of the Board has not been increased. For example, in 1956 commercial air traffic was 360% of that ten years previously. Available seat miles were 3SS% of the !947 figure and yet the staff of the C. A. B. in 1957 was no larger than it was ten AUSD^HURCH EVERY WEE ft? ..... PRAY rVERY DAY CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangerin, pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m Divine Worship 10:30 a.m. First Methodist Church Paul L. Huiclwr, Miniarer Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning worship 10:30 a.m Wealeyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m Morning Worship .._ 10:30 am Youth Service 7:15 p.m. Evangelistic Service 8 p.c Prayer Service Thurs. 8 p.m St Francis Church Father Lowell S •eklelon Sunday Masses: 7:30 & 10:30 a. Weekday Mass: 7:15 a.m. Confessions: Sat. 7:30 to 9 p.u Randalia Methodist Gale Hawheo. Minister Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. Worship Service, 10:30 a.m. Iowa Traffic Program Tefarei fiqll Rank ifeyihdbJa to farmer? who withhold planting crops in corners of fields at road intersections. The purpose is to provide drivers with clear vision of traffic on incoming roads. National Safety Council Farm Director Maynard Coe called the plan a "sound incentive idea." The magazine article marks tbe first time a safety program originated in Iowa has received national attention. Professional & Business Dirtctorj CREEK-BOTTOM COMMENTS by Reuben A gun is neither dangerous nor safe, good or evil. Those qualities are within the mind of the person behind the gun. A GOOD gun is splendid example of craftsmanship, evert artistry, in steel. However, the finest custom-built shotgun whatever the price, will not shoot one whit farther or harder than the cheapest mail-order- house crudity, of the same gauge and barrel length. A "full choke" will not shoot farther or harder than a "cylinder-bore". The "full- choke" should kill game at greater range. NOT because it shoots harder, but because the shot "pattern" should be more dense. Shotgun "killing power" is a combination of pellet penetration and pattern density. The "power" is in the shell, the control of the "pattern" is in the barrel "choke". 1 DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA DR. PAUL F. OOUftLCV CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday "ErMlafi By appointment, closed Tbun. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Tmftt* ... SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auto-Fire-Liabilily and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Stmt West Union, lows BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompi Courteous Service Ambulance Service Phone 199, Fayette Fayette and Maynard ; .„,, ) j' Dr. Harry 1. RobiaMa OPTOMETRIST Kount t i' 4 pjBk Ph. 156 ofe. rare*** Black 79 res. low* ; .„,, ) j' Dr. Harry 1. RobiaMa OPTOMETRIST Kount t i' 4 pjBk Ph. 156 ofe. rare*** Black 79 res. low* THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone 14 THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone 14 DR. £. J. DAHLQUIST Veterinarian Phone 171 Porotts. to. In most radio and TV dramas, Featured Nationally both the police and the "crooks" An Iowa traffic safety program is in the national spotlight this month as the result of a six-page feature story in Traffic Safety Magazine, publication of the National Safety Council. The article, by Acting State Safety Commissioner Russell Brown, describes operations of the state's secondary road patrol by Iowa Sheriffs and highway patrolmen. The program was initiated last summer as a cooperative effort by the state safety department and the Iowa Sheriffs Association. The purpose of the campaign is to reduce the number of traffic deaths on county and farm-to- market roads through enforcement. The article also carries a National Safety Council endorsement of a plan by Governor Herschel Loveless to help reduce traffic, deaths pji rural roads. The Loveless plan calls for carry "thirty-eight" pistols or revolvers. There are many "38" pistol and revolver cartridges, including the 9/mm Luger. The ONE thing they have in common, is the fact that NOT ONE of .354, in the 9/mm Luger, to .360, them is a true 38. They run from in the "38 S&W". The very popular "38-Steecial" is .357, actual barrel bore. But "thirty-eight sounds right, so they're called that. The rate of spin of "high power" rifle bullets is almost fantastic. As an example the spin of the ".30-'0(i 150-grain bronze- point", at 2970 Ft/Sec. velocity, is at the - fantastic rate of 213840 more stable than the velocity, rpm. The spin of the bullet is far When a ".30-'60" caliber machine- gun was plumbed vertical, underneath a plank covering, at Daytona Beach, and "bursts" were fired in calm weather, the bullets fell back base first, still spinning. The ones striking on pine boards made deep dents, .a have caused painful scalp wounds, if they had struck a bare head. At only a slight angle, GAY'S BARBER SHOP Gaylen Bierbower, Prop. 144 Main St Fayette It Pays To Look Well they came down point first, and with enough velocity to have been deadly. * • • • Contrary to the popular sayinj, empty guns are SAFE. So be sure they're EMPTY, when clean* ing, or showing to friends. The old lady said, "a gun is a dangerous thing, even without lock, stock, or barrel,,. • Well Drilling • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nile Lamont P. 2-58 STOP TROUBLE BEFORE IT STARTS Avoid delays on the road. On* stop here keeps you going safety Ask about our customer courtesy policy. HARRY'S CITIES SERVICE afford to take chances with the effectiveness of our airlift at the time the next war starts, by withholding from it and the agency which supervises it, the sums necessary for proper and effective development. OBITUARY Rex Roberts READY TO PITCH INTO YOUR JOB with new hustle, new muscle, new style! (This is an editorial of similar substance to one that appeared in the loe Valley View of Bakersville, North v_*trouna.) Pinal rites of Rex Roberts, 64, who passed away unexpectedly of. a heart attack Monday morning at his home southeast of Fayette, one day after the death borne serious thought at the grassroots level is being o£ his son-in-law, Russell Smith, given to maKing the rirst major American satellite cutter- S ^linTa* h *J si^FrYmS em rrom the Russians, botn in appearance and meaning. Church at Fayett.e. The body lied w ii w • c in state at the family farm home. A weekly newspaper, the loe Valley View, or The Rosary was recited there at baKersviue, iNorth Carolina, tirst suggested that our 8 P m - Wednesday by Father ftueuue oe a "Mar ox ttope". aiuning brightly, symbol- Ld''af ttX'et Mass°S lZing peace, not war. It could bring comtort to all and internment at the St. Joseph inane actions lor peace. A simple idea easily understood everywhere. Imagine a child in Morocco asking his father: "What is tnat star?" And the rather answering, "Do not be airaid. that is the Star ot Hope' launched by men who believe in freedom." Such an eminent scientist as Dr. Fred Singer, of Cemetery, Wadena. Pallbearers were Lester Tope, Wayne iPuffett, John Doyle, James McSweeney, Ralph Sinnott and Walker Briggs. Rex Roberts, son of Ephraim Leonard Roberts and Jeanette Havenstrite, was born March 25, 1893 in Richfield near Sumner. From there he moved to Waucoma. His mother passed away Maryland University, says making the American satellite when he was 4, later they moved a star tnat shines" is very easy and "most important as a symbol." 1 nat such a concept came from a weekly newspaper is particularly American, in a small community it's more Oimcult to pass the buck tor failures because relationships are direct and personal. Neighborliness is understood. That's what is needed in the world today. Would not you like to look up in the sky some day Dale, Fayette' MrsTT&anlPwiris and see the wonder of an American satellite, shining like (Madeline), East Chicago, Ind., a "Star of Hope", rather than an also -ran of the first James Donald, Waterloo, Mrs. Sputnik? to the Fayette community where he lived and farmed the reminder of his life. On October 15, 1915 he was united in marriage to Mattie Welsh. To this union was bom nine children, Mrs. Russell Smith (Cecelia), Oelwein, Raymond Leslie, who preceded him in death, F. Wayne, Gary, Indiana, Modal 3443 Step-Van with 8-foot body JVatch. 'em ride all-day runs with a new kind ot efficiency! Chevy's new light- duty Apache line is loaded with new ways to stay and save on long schedules! When time means everything—you need a truck with everything. You need a Chevrolet! All Chevy pickups and panels are quick-as-a-whip hustlers in traffic and on the highway. They have Chevrolet's own special brand of built-in muscle— extra-rigid front end sheet metal and hefty frames. TYPING PAPER One Ream (500 Sheets) $1.99 Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa Donald Cornish (Lois), Oelwein, Mrs. Jack O'Hara (Zeta), Oelwein and Richard Leon who is with Army Security Agency at Boston, Mass. Also surviving are 10 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, sister, iMrs. Ed Wenger, Elgin, Half-brother, Howard Roberts, Fayette, Step-sister, Mrs. Charles Troyer, Plainsfield, bis step-mother, Mrs. Etta Dunn, Fayette. He was preceded in death by a sister, Hazel Troyer and brother Verne. Right, Model 3105 Panal with 7-fool body Centen Model 3804 Pickup with 103-Inch cargo box New Step-Van delivery models complete with bodies Got a delivery job? Look over Chevrolet's spacious new Step-Vans with walk-in bodies. Higher powered V8 and 6 Chevy offers the improved fuel-saving 145-h.n Thriftmaster 6. For more power—with maximum economy-thc new 2S3-cu.-in. 160-h.p. Trade- masUr VS is available at extra cost. WATCH NEW TASK-FORCE MIDDLEWEIGHTS AND HEAVIES HANDLE ANY SIZE HAUL I Chevrolet's rugged medium-duty Vikings can move big loads fast. Chevy's heavyweight Spartans feature the 230-h.p. 348-cu.-in. Wt kmaster V8—a new kind of engine for a new kind of efficiency and economy. See your Chevrolet dealer soon. Only francUtml CWofa* Imlmt iUtiqt Mt famout tndmarh 7 CHEVROLET See Your Local AuUiorized Chevrolet Dealer

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