Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 12, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
Page 4
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* *"-*^^^^^^—^^«^^ Classified You cari talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands SILL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP Alt Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone Ort* flitte—2c word, minimum 30c Three times—3i/jc word, minimum 50c Six Mmti—J« word, minimum 7Se One month—!8c word, minimum $2.70 Kates are tot continuous in*ef»iotw only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For SaU SAVE BY BUYING USED FURNl- ture from ust Chaiw, Tables, Stoves, Beds, and many other items all in , food condition with reasonable prices. Also highest prices paid for used furniture. FRANKLIN FURNITURE CO., South Elm Street. 9-lmc. MULES, PLOW TOOLS OF ALL kinds. Plow gear. See A. N. Stroud, Washington, Arkansas. ID-Imp Trailers For Sale NEW AND USED HOUSE TRAILER as low as 10% down, balance like rent. See Thelma Stephens or Regnal Roberts, Darwin Camp, on Nashville road. 6-6tp 1JNTVERSIAL TRAILER_21 ft. EX- cellent condition. A good buy for cash. C. E. Wilhite. SPG Trailer Camp. Lot 52, Hope, Arkansas. (Leaving Saturday). ll-3tp Wanted to Trade FOUR-DOOR SEDAN IN EXCEL- lent condition, five good tires; trade for good pickup truck. City Market, 112 E. Tthird, Hope ll-6tc. Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE - WE repair anything Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture see "•• 21-30tc Notice DON'T TAKE A CHANCt! BRING us your abstract work. MONROE ABSTRACT CO. Phone 10, WASHINGTON. ARKANSAS. 1-23-lmp WE SAVE YOU MONEY IN BUYING Selling, and Trading. New and second hand furniture. We carrv' NEW BEDROOM SUITES, Studio Couches, Occasional Rockers and Mattresses. "WE SELL FOR LESS" Hope Star Star of Mop*. 1899; Pnss 1927, Conioll- doted Jonuory 18, 1929. Published every week-day offer noon by . . Stor Publishing Co. Inc. ^ ; . E-. Palmer ond Alex H. Woshbum) at the Sfor bulWino, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. All*. NMtt* En *?/. ec l « second" class matter ot th« fMCA\* A £ 1 ~ Me ?, rt * Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n . Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier/per week 15c; Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller an<5 Lafayette counties, $3;50 per year; else- wnero 56.50. Member at The Associated ProMi Th4 Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republicatlon of all news dis- ?£$!!$ f re & t . 8d to " or . not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. m dv * rt 5t " 9 .?epre«enroHve— «.,uB ./""• J- ne ' ! Memphis. Tenn. Sterlck Building; Chicago, 400 North M 'ml' 9 T Avnu e; New y York City, 507 - th j A X enue - - Detroit, Mich., 2842 W jrond fllvd.; Oklahoma'City, 4 4 Termini I STILL HAVE A FEW MORE mules for sale. Won't be at home until February 16th. A; N. Stroud Washington, Ark. ll-4tp For Rent . DESIRABLE BEDROOMS WITH PRI- vate baths. On Highway 67. 1002 East Third street. Phone 808-J. Mrs. David Davis. ll-3tc , BEDROOM. PRIVATE CONVEN- iences. 116 West Ave. D. 9-3tdh FURNISHED ONE ROOM APART- ment. All bills paid. Phone 786-j Mrs. C. A. Williams. 10-3tc FRONT BED R6OM AND BATH IN private home. Also 1 house-trailer Call 574-R. 10-6tp GOOD SEVEN ROOM HOUSE. SER- vant house on same yard. Electricity, priced right. See Mrs. W. L. McDougald. Highway 24. Prescott. Ark 10-3tc ROOM WITH GOOD, WELL-BAL, anced meals. For one or two men. Select neighborhood. Phone 238. ll-3tc ?. ROOM UNFURNISHED APART- ment. Close in. Also near courthouse. Aply at 803 West 5th. ll-3tp 8 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT on Old Fulton Highway. Clifton E Whitten or call 567-R. 12-3tp Lost ENGLISH SETTER. WHITE WITH solid black head. Two years old. Lost near Spring Hill. Reward. See ' Roy Butler. Spring Hill. 9-6tp BOSTON BULL, 10 MONTHS, weight 10 Ibs. Has white collar around neck and star in face. White right front paw. Wearing Harness. Reward. Mary Anita Laseter, 315 West 6th Street. * ll-3tp PAIR OF GREEN AND GRAY WOOL gloves. Return to Mrs. Martin Pool, phone 392 or 396. ll-3tc DO YOU WANT A BETTER JOS? Then why wait? See Miss Mary Loggms in charge of our Hope school located in the Carrigan I Building and ask about our Special Civil Service Course that will pre- • pare you kuickly for a Civil Service' examination. The government needs thousands of stenographers. Perry Business School, Hope, Arkansas. 9-6tc Wanted to Buy GOOD USED FORD OR CHEVRO- let. Will pay cash. B. L. Rettig. Phone 67. . Services Offered 556 SERVICE STATION. CARS Washed nad greased SI. Called for and delivered. All business ap. predated. n . 6tp Air School MEN AND WOMEN, 18-45 VITALLY needed by aircraft factories. You must be trained and in good physical condition. See our representative Mr. Mills at Barlow Hotel Thursday or Fridav for full information AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS PaUas - 10-3tp ""How Tt Is'Madc 48 —~ After being boiled in water for a long time, meat falls to pieces and the substance which held the meat fibers together is dissolved in the water. This solution, when cooled turns to jelly and it, in turn, is or-' dmary furniture glue when dried. Charqoi on Tributes, Etc.: Choroe will he mode .for all tributes, cards of thanks H^SlVtlSTV or me morials, concerning the aeoarted. Commercial newspapers hold to his policy in the news columns to pro- ,ttJ. waders from a dfeluge of space- jMno memoriQls. The Star Hisi-Mim* r«» onriWMty for lh. sale-keeplno o return f^ony unsolicited manuscripts. Answer to Cranium Crackers Buestions on Page One. 1. Tailors and officials have suggested making men's suits without vests and with less material in the trousers. 2. Women's girdles may not be rubber shortage. 3. War has limited importation tweeds from England, lace from Ireland and France, linen from Ireland and kilts from Scotland. 4. If men's trousers are made smaller at the bottom and remain the same at the top they will be peg-topped. 5. Importation of silk from Japan was curtailed before the war. Barbs LADIES BROWN WOOLEN PURSE. Containing money, check to A. N. Stroud, valuable papers, keys, and fountain pen, and bank book. Re- war. Call at Hope Star, or call 15 at Washington., 12-tfc A WANT-AD FJND IT/ NOTICE • • • • W. B. WILLIAMS Has joined the personnel of the CAPITAL BARBER SHOP and invites his friends and customers to visit him CAPITAL BARBER SHOP FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR WATCH CRYSTALS 35c All Work Guaranteed New York models have banded together to entertain soldiers and sailors. That may help to explain the increased traffic around recruiting stations. One of the new inventions is a barber chair with a seat for the barber Does it have sound attachments? The government is conserving the supply of lead. Ought to get a pretty good pile of it just from people who have it in their shoes. If you think cold showers are fun these days, you're all wet. One hundred and thirty thousands autos are to be frozen' in dealers' storage houses. Ours was frozen in our own garage. Being a success at dodging work means failure. Sometimes the government is slow in handing out bad news, but not as regards the income tax. 'Some people suffer in silence and others have children. Let's be real quiet and maybe this whole year will slip by without a nonstop dance craze. When they start building cars again why not make 'em with ready-bent fenders so they'll always look like new? The only reliable sign of spring is when winter goes away and fails to come back. Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut • NOTICE • Erie Ross is now employed by Keith's Barber Shop New Location on E. 3rd Next to Checkered Cafe OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams MOUTH FULL OF AM' MV POCKETS FUL.U a EMPTY SACKS eHE'LL. JUMP A.\_\_ ON/ ME--THEM L'L-L. PUl_l_ OUT MV STAMPS I JUS' BOU3HT AM' SHOVAJ HEB. VJHUT KIWDA SMILU POWER, r GOT.' VOU'BE JUST EMPH AS \ZIK1O HOW WEAK IT \S/ SHE KMOVOS IT, SO WHV TeV TO PROVE IT TO 'ATS RIGHT.' MEVEE. WH\STUE FER A DEAD D0(3 -- IT JUS' BR1MOS OUT THAT VOU GOT ER. HE WOMT MIND VOU.' MOM ftAE, ttOEt, ARKA N S A1 ., j. r WASH TUBBS Not So Fast, Girlie ThunJay, February 12, 19 By Roy Crane BUT vM< 'LISTEN! THBY ARE! .• j«i iii u A, >«*i i A M.tf. *s* **o AB^LI • COMING. tHEX ARE TO YCUANO TORTURE YOU! , , MY W! <SIUETO . ' >M A PRISONER, TO 3, JIMMY. BUT TI'S/ THWK 1 AM OF M IMPORTA CAW TRANSLATE' R3R M3U WHAT »THEy HAVE FOUND A ' t 0 !™ EV °° w 01 "THINK aISTHE • WE/ SAY V«J ARC PROM U.S. AK, MY JlM.l tgMEM you WJtRE WOT A SELLEtt'op SOAP/I VlfJ/J ADC TOV/ILt/f. <Tj^ L1CI B l 1\.J >-, ill IA ., . »i.i^ .. . . _ ^ . - . M nn, IV\T JKVI.A <£NC|M you W£RE NOT A SELLER. Op YOU ABE TftyiH6 TO HELP MV CHIWA IN THIS WAR • 3 6O PROUD... SO HAPPy/ FOR VOU •• -FOB MV s** COUNTRY, 3IMMV ... I WIUL nr i mm T11.".UU> , M6 THE REAL THEY WIUL WOT FINP (T y t The Enemy on the Run! Thimble Theater WHERE- \f 'SUMPINJ 1 IS i H«XT < ARFUL. HAPPlWdffi ISTHATYMBH, KIM HEAR MM THA IT —-POOEV ON THE uMlFORM- -v, ADMIRAL-vou^T JOLU, AFTER I :LU IM I SAO) A < 3CK OF SHARK'S/ y , -VOU POOR MAM! I SUPPOSE 4OU BARELY .ESCAPED CUITH 4OUR C HECK/ NO.' UDHEM THEV SALU LUMAT I HAD ^—^ : . —,OM THSV BEAT IT _ ven;. hTACTUALLV SCRAMMED. 1 POOEvO ' . UNIFORM )fi RECRUIK (WAS '•? -XTRVIM' IT FOR. Sire AM' PELL, . •5PLASHIKJ' AROUM' —^ _-•.,/ THAT,, ^C^OSUMPIN? -r r ->rv>>—-—^ DONALD DUCK A Drop In the Bucket By Walt Disney WHY, YOU TIGHTWAD! VOKAY, TS:<! TS;<! WHAT ^' BUTTEKFINSERS I AMI \ OF OIL i I WONT PAvV if! V LET 'EM, \SQUEAK.' BLONDIE ..GivingJHimself the Bird! T^UT COOKIE 1 I ~^~' ^i7~i"\vH J <?~! ~ iTl ^^fe:>) B>rChicYoung TWENTY TIMES ALREAPY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES E»A WOC,^ LtWSilfi to the Point By Edgar Martin RED RYDER Not This Time, Red By Fred Harmon ALLEY OOP Hello, King! ByV.T, Hamlin AWf?l&HT, ^,_ W1W1 .., KMOW SEfc $LAD T'M BACK, 60 JUST CUT OUT TH' STICKV eENTIMEN-tALITY.'.oS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHERE ROAC*"ArJ"pSEE TO, _Exercise of Authority LOOKS LIKE Iv MAVBE TMATS WHAT A SUPER. SPOT ] THEY'RE CObwNS ~FOR. A GUN CLUB/J BUT WHY BE SO LETS GET BACK. Pi KihJ To TOWN--- I HATE , I'VE QOT SOME TO TAKE- MORE SNOOPING I THIS CAR TO DO.' I BACK. WITHOUT PINCHING By Merrill Blosser sSOMEBODV/ TZ ,rvt ?'< r ^--: ><^>l •)-J 4* i^O& & THERE S MAYOR j) SOES A (THIS (S ' CUSTOMER' j A HOT— CATCM° U J^ IRON 1M HIM? /WHEM'^FEED ^ IT A SPOOM- FUL OF GO-JUICE. ^ "• DOESN'T LOITER &

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