Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on July 5, 1951 · Page 18
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 18

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1951
Page 18
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, JULY 5, 1951 AMERICAN EXODUS MYSTERY STUDIED MYSTERY surrounds the skull being cleaned by Marjorie Gardner, University of Arizona student. Only normal burials arc found, but the people fled about 1400. No one- knows where they went or why. Scientists are trying, through excavations, to find out what happened to them. AP Newsfeatures TUCSON—One of the m o s t baffling mysteries of the southwest is under the scrutiny of scientific sleuths again. Dr. Emil Haury, head of the Department of Anthropology and director of the Arizona State Museum, has opened his field school at Point-of-Pines in the White Mountains.' Haury, E. B. Sayles, curator of the museum, and 20 students from universities across the nation, are the detectives. They will dig into the ground seeking clues as to why thousands of peoplp grabbed a few of their belongings and fled hundreds of years ago. They apparently disappeared from the face of the earth. . ..Why did they run? Where did they go? No OTft? knows. "We are no nearer a solution than when we started work six years ago," Dr. Haury says. "Perhaps we will never kno' the answers. We still. hope to find clues that will help us, but you can never tell." You have to go back to the time of Christ, to understand the mystery. The missing civilization began to develop across the southwest. Century by century it progressed. At first these early Americans lived in pit houses. Then they built pueblo-style buildings above the'earth. Whole cities grew. The lost city in the White Mountains housed thousands of people. The residents were smart. By. intelligent use of water they had rich farms on land that the white man condemned as virtually useless. They lived in an apparent paradise. The country was filled with garne; the rivers with fish. They had plenty of wood and rock with which to build their homes. This ancient civilization had an. apartment house containing upwards of 800 rooms on the ground floor. Its strange bins contained con. long before the white world knew such a grain existed. . Then, some time in the 1400 's, every man, woman and child disappeared. "They left in haste." Dr. Haury explains. "The late ruins that we have uncovered are filled . with material." Suppose you had to leave your city on foot by the end of next week. You would probably select the smallest and most cherished items that you could carry and leave everything else behind. That's what these early Arizonians did. The excavated rooms contain jewelry, stone axes, precious arrowheads and children's toys. The residents left in a rush, and never returned. "We have not uncovered the slightest signs of violence, such as you would expect to find if they Personal To Women With Nagging Backache Nagging backache, loss of pep an d energy, headaches and dizziness may be due to alow- down of kidney function. 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"We still have a lot to learn," Dr. Haury says. "We are making progress, but it takes a heck of lot of digging." One theory about where the people went wh|sn they left the Polnt-of-Pines airea is that they set up new communities in the Zumi country. That is on the Arizona-New Mexico border. If that is the case Haury suggests it is possible that they occupied the famed "Seven Cities of Cibola" long sought by the Spaniards. Those cities were supposed to be rich in gold. But Haury says the Point-of-Pines people had no gold. In any case the reports received by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and other Spaniards seem to have been exaggerated. 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