Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 25, 1971 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1971
Page 3
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Lindner-Wasinger Nuptials Repeated in Topeka Rites Catherine Ann • Lindner and Kenneth Joseph Wasinger, both of Topeka, exchanged wedding TOWS June 12 at the Most Pure Heart of Mary Church, tfopeka. The Rev. Thomas Punzo and Dr. John Edward Felible, Lawrence, officiated at the afternoon ceremony. The 'bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Richmond. Topeka. Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Wasinger, 1022 N. 6th. The church was decorated with two 15-branch candelabra intertwined with pale pink carnations, English ivy and lemon leaves. .Organist was M-ns. Lee Martell, Topefca. Evan Haughawoufc, Topefca, played the trumpet. Preceding the ceremony, the organist played selections from Beethoven, Shubert and Bach. The processional was "Trumpet Voluntary" performed on the organ and trumpet, and the 'recessional was "Trumpet Tune," also performed on the organ and trumpet. The bride was given in marriage by Mr. Richmond. She wore a formal-length gown of white silk organza styled with a. scalloped scoop neckline, traditional sleeves, empire bodice, and a full-length train. Vertical rows of silk Venise lace fashioned the sleeves and bodice. The neckline and hemline were also bordered with Venise lace. Her Juliet cap of matching lace was caught to a tiered veil of silk illusion. She carried a cascade of pale pink roses, baby's brearth and English ivy. Jane Scblicher, Topeka, was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Dorothy Lewis, Garden City; Jean Kleysteuber, Garden City, Mary Brookover, Littleton, Colo.; Shari Gooden, Manhattan; and Linda Saffell, Lawrence. Each attendant wore an empire gown of navy blue and white voile. The white bodice was tucked anid trimmed with Venise lace. A wide pink satin sash accented the navy skirt. Their headpieces were wide pink organza picture halt's with a crown of self petals. Each carried a single long- stemmed pink rose. Max Wasinger, Hays, broker of the bridegroom, was best man. Groomsmen were Fred Slough, • Manihaittian, Tony Gooden, Manhattan, Robert Herman, Topeka; Gust Nelson, Enterprise, Ala.; and Ben Porter, Denver. » Ushers included John Lindner, Topeka, brother of the bride; Ronnie Wasinger, Wichita; and Darryl Graves, Manhattan. Peter Lindner and Douglas Richmond, brothers of the bride, unrolled 'the white aisle carpet. Oandlelighters were Susan and Barbara Wasinger, Garden City, sisters of the bridegroom. Their pink voile gowns were trimmed with white anid were styled like the bridesmaids'. They wore white mitts, pink floppy-brimmed picture hats, and carried slender white tapers. The mother of the bride wore a navy shantung dress with a matching floppy-brimmed pic- orner SURPRISE MERINGUE COOKIES Mrs. Dick Genneitte 1212 Glenn Scott City 2 egg white® 1 teaspoon salt% cup granulated sugar Va teaspoon cream of tartar 1 teaspoon vanil.a 1 six-ounce package chocolate chips a A cup chopped mute Beat egg whites., salt, cream of tartar anid vanilla until soft peaks form. Add sugiar gradually; beat until stiff peaks form. Fold in nuts and chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoon on brown paper on cookie sheet. Bake ait 300 degrees lor 25 minutes. Mrs. Remaley Reported To Be Recovering Well Mrs. Charles Reimiafey, 1008 Conklimig, is in itbe Intensive Oaire Unit of *he Veteran's Ad- •miiiliistoaitioin Hospital, WkWlta, recovering from major surgery. She is recovering well and was able to sit up in >a chair on Tuesday,, the day after Iher surgery. She will probaibly be up amid around shar%, ia report from VA persominel said. Mrs. Eemaley enitered the faos- piital June 7. Her adidvess is Room 307, Three-West, Veterans Adimiimiistraition Hospital, 5500 E. Kellogg, Wicihita, Kamis. 67218. ANN LANDERS SAYS Parents Substitute 'Things' for Love « DEAR ANN LANDERS: tors who have helped others. I smarted -a letter to you a couple of 'hours ago. I left it on my diesk alter writing only a few lines. My dad walked by and saw it. He said in a half-kidding way, "I see you are writing to Ann Landers. I can't imagine what you have to complain aibotit." I didn't anwar. At "the dinner table he started again—"Don't forget when you criticize your parents to Ann Lenders, be sure to tell her you have youT own telephone, that we remodeled your bedroom and put in a stereo. Bte sure to mention that we promised you a trip to Europe next summer aifiter graduation." It's funny, I was going to menifaion aM those things—in a different context. My whole life MB. AND MRS. KENNETH JOSEPH WASINGER (Catherine Ann Lindner) ture hat. She chose navy and white 'accessories and wore a single pink rose corsage. The bridegroom's mother selected a mauve knit dress with black and: White accessories, anid wore a corsage of white roses. A garden reception at the home of the .bride's parents followed the ; ceremony. The tables were covered with navy linen with swags of white bridal illusion, caught up with navy and white streamers and wedding beUis. Each tier of the six-tiered ' cake was separated by a center column. The cake was embellished with pale pink roses, trailing ivy, wedding bells and lovebirds. It was topped with a nosegay of pink sweetheart roses-, baby's breaith and ivy. The cake was flanked by two colonial bouquets of pink roses and "ivy. The wine table, covered witk navy linen and swag- ged with White bridal illusion and ivy, held two large white Grecian wine coolers. Reception assistants included Taco John's 305 E. Kansas "The Hottest Spot In Town" Mrs. Kenneth Bailey, Perry; Becky Frazier, Garden City; Mr®. Stan Sdhug, Tbpekia; Julia Morris, Topeka; Connie Walker, Topefca; Beverly Warner, Topeka; and- SaEy Sandmeyer, Topeka. At the •guest book was Debra Gimple, Olaitihe. The couple are at home in Topeka after a wedding trip to St. Louis anid 1 Chicago. The bride received her ibach- elor of education degree in May from Washiburn University, Topeka, and plans to teach in the Topefea elementary school system this fall. She is a member of the Alpha Phi social sorority and was selected for "Who's Who in American. Universities and, Colleges." The bridegroom attended BRENT DWIGHT is the name chosen by. Mr.' and Mrs. Kenneth Mulligan, Eminence Rt., for their son. He was born June 16. ROBERT DUANE k the name ^selected by Mr. and Mrs. Richard lErskin, 1315 N. ISth, for their son. He was born June IT. Now! Suds Saturday ratorf OF Now! End* Saturday! Support Your Local Gimfightar THE CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLUI 7:35 ft 9:30 Sat. Mat. at 2:30 and ANZIO program GP "LOVE STORY" In Garden Starting July U! Kansas State University, Manhattan, and is president of Grandmothers, Inc., of Tope- toa. Dix-Ogden Vows Said In Late May Ceremony Mr. and Mrs. William Dix, Denver, announce the marriage of their daughter, Sharyn Ray, to Charles A. Ogden. He is the son of Dr. and (Mns.' John Ogden, 914 N. 3rd; The wedding was May 22 in St. Thomas Episcopal Church, with the Rev. John Bartholomew officiating. Stephanie Ogden, sister of the bride, was maid o£ honor. William Ray served as best man. •A reception in the church annex followed the ceremony. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. William Dix and Crystal, .Mrs. William Miller, maternal grandmother, and Ann Miller, aunt of the bride. Al are of Denver. The couple is at home in Garden City. Calendar of Social Evenfs MONBA* SOCIAL ORDER OF TH3 BT3AU- CEANT — 7:30 p.m., Masonic Temple. Stated meeting honoring the past president. Processed Cheese Is Preferred for Sauce If it's cheese, your family probably likes it. But tihey probably have a definite preference lor natural or processed cheese. The processed one is the easy melting one you make like over vegetables or for cheese sauce. The difference between natural and processed cheese is in 'the making. Natural cheeses are made by coagulating milk and then separating the eurd, or solid part, from the whey, or watery part. They can be ripened, for aged 'Cheese or un- ripened. Processed cheeses are a blend of fresh and aged ma/tural cheeses that have been melted, pasteurized, and mixed wiitih. an emulslifier. Pasteurization prevents further ripening. It keeps weiH in tlhe refrigerator when it's wrappet properly. You wall probably use both natural and processed cheese . . . but for different purposes eems to be- finings, things —and more things. I'd gladly give up all ithe things if my arenits would only treat me like an adult. I can't recall iver 'having had a real conver- wiKih either of them. I guess *his is my problem, Ann -.andens. What's the solution? —Too Much And Too Little Dear Too: I gaither you are about 17—and this is pretty ate to try to initiate your first real coniversaition wdlth your parents. From your faifiheir's "emarks, I assume you two are operating on different wave* engrtlhis. Parents who believe a stereo and a trip to Europe are where t's at are a sad lot. Unfor- wnaitely, they become sadder as time goes OK and they realize they)/have no relationship with "their children. * * if DEAR ANN LANDERS; Should I continue to remain iriendly with a person who is in desperate need .of professional Ihelp—even though the re- laibionishiip is threatening my own emostionial balance? This pension keeps me on the phone kxr hours and the conversa- itions usually end Wiitih her screaming and banging up on me. I feel so>rry for her, but I fear w my own mental health. Soimetimes, after a particularly stormy session, it takes, days before I am able to (regain my sense of balance. If, in your opinion, I should discontinue tha relationship, please tell me how to stow this person I wish her wel.—A.T.H. Dear A.T.H.: You can best help your Mend by suggesting itifae names of two or three doc- Only an extremely stable person can tolerate the abuse )f a sick person without feeling hurt or resentful. You obvious- y cannot handle it, and you should not try. DEAR ANN LANDERS: Please to! me what is wrong wilth people who do not answer efcters. I have called friends distance alter extended periods of silence, just to sets if they are all right. On the phone they say, "I'M put a let- iji- in the mat today"—but they don't. Thus has happened to me so many times I (have just about lost my faith in people. I enjoy writing letters. To me, it's the nexlt best thing to conversation,. I cant understand Why, at this very moment, at least 15 people owe me letters. Why are so many people slobs?— A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma Dear Wrapped: Not all derelict coiiv-eiSipondenits are slobs. Some are rather nice folks who an-e unsure of their spelling, tlieir penman-ship, or grammar—or they re-read a letter after 'Waving wait-ten it, and it sounds dumb, or illiterate, so they decide mo letter at all would be beta* than what they've written. Reserve judgment honey, because you never know why people don't write. * * * Give in or lose Mm . . . when a guy gives you this line, look out! For tips on how to handJe the -super sax salesman, check Ann Landers. Read her booklet, "Necking And Petting— Whalt Are The Limiite?" Virginia Garcia Garden Citian to Finish Training Virginia Garcia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Garcia, 305 E. Santa Fe, will be graduated Sato-day :firom St. Joseph School of Nurstog, Wichita. She wil be employed at St. -Catherine Hospital. Miss Garcia is a graduate of Garden City High School and Garden City Community College and St. Mary's of the Plains, Dodge City, Methodist Circles Finish Studies With Family Living Discussions United Meltihodisit Church, circles met Juee 17 for the last time until September. "Family Cluster — A Reaiity or HuBian" was <lhe topic for group discussion. BALL AND DOUGLASS The Bal and Douglass circles met together ait the country home of Mrs. Andrew Lar- s>cn Sr. Memibers divided into groups for discussion, then met together to share ideas on family living in today's world. Group singing was lad by Mns. Charles Peamson with Mrs. Oakes at itfae piano. Mr®. Dean Nollte and Mrs. Ray Mann read poems from the book "I've Got to Talk to Someone, 'Lord." Douglass Circle had 14 members present and Ball bad 12. Mrs. Charles Larson wais a guest. Safety Rules Discussed AtSaintpaulia Meeting A program on safety was presented to members of the Saintpaulia Club at the recent meeting in the home of Mrs. Anna Brennaman. Mrs. Vic Eggers, who presented the program., pointed out that fails account for 10 per cent of fatalities and that fatalities from tolfe doubled in 1968-69. Persons who go mountain climbing she said, should wear 'boots and should check with the park ranger before starting. While enjoying park areas, one should remember that the animals there are wild. She also discussed! eye safety, pointing out that a person with foreign matter in the eye should never rub it, but should pull the upper lid down over the lower lid and leit teairis wash the object out. Eye burns should be examined by *a doctor within an hour. In .the home, there are several mechanical dangers which the hands are exposed to. These include shearing, rotating, smashing and punturing. In other business, members o ^^^r IMJtiLt ^^^^^ ' ^F9rw^r PAGEANT Thursday, July 8,1971 American Legion Hall-Liberal 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. PAGEANT INFORMATION- • U N»tt»— Aft* 1 Hiru i— nmpdM In party drtu, tperh- «*«r (no twImwH* er talent). . • Ow UHI» MlH-AflM 7 tfcfu 12-ewnpafat I* party drau. fpertiwaar (paijti, ihorti, eanwl waar, bu»n» twimwiti) and 3 minuta talant; • : . • Idaal Mlw-Agat 13 thru 17. • latent Wlnnan-Salaclad from 7 1h» 12 wA U 1hr« IT Talanr. wMck h only ena-rhtrd, can b* anything that ihowt • «trl( pelt* btfora M avdlanc* and may tncluda panto- • AwardMall dlvlilom) will raealva official "Our Llttlo Mln" trophy itatuaHai. cartlllcatai. crowni. bannan. Flnt and Mcond runntrnip and talant winntr-trophy itatuaH* and etrtlffeat*. • IntomatloMl Fagaant—both wtnnari of tho World's "Our tiHIa Mill Pageant" will racalva eaih eollago icholarihlpi (UHla Mlu-SI.MO and Mill La Pat»a-$500), wardrobtt and national publicity. mliM, humereui ikltt, peatry or dramatlei, ilngtng, dancing. mwlcal Inrtrumanti, baton iwhtlng, towing, cooktn«, ' Marilyn Smart 1422 West lllh. Liberal, Kansas Phone: 624-4517 OR JAYCEES NAME, AGE. ADDRESS. answered roll cam by showing or relating an item about a childhood treasure. Many dolls were shown. A guest at the meeting was Mrs. Thelma Swisher, Denver. The hostess gift was won by Mrs. Bessie Grieve. The club adjourned for the summer. The next meeting wil be in September with Mrs. Charles Milhon. Open House Planned For Holcomb Couple Mr. and Mrs. E. Earl Fisher, Hokomlb, will mark* their 25tt anniversary Sunday with an open house from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Eagle's Lodge, Highway 83. Hosts will be their daughter, Mrs. Melvyn (Nan) Sperry, Rt, 1, Garden City, and ttieir sons Douglas, Richard and Edwyn oi the home. The Fishers were married at Clayton, N.M., and have lived in the^Friend community 22 years. "They have four grand sons, Kevin, Kurds, Kraig ant Kelly Sperry. VOTH The Vpfeh Oiticle meeting pened with a reading of -the song, "Somebody Did a Gold" en Deed." Mns, Cairl Myers >res>ented the lesson and directed discussion for nine mem >ers. The circle mett in the loime of Mrs. W'iliam Me- Elroy. ' SHELOR Sheta- Circle members at- landed a salad luncheon ait the •fflme of MH?.. Claude Shelor, vitih Mrs. Lewis Hopkins as- listing. Mrs. LeRoy Loder gave <ihe [evoitions and lesson. In clos ng, prayeris from Margaret Holmes' book of-prayers were used. Sixteen nuamibens were pires emit. Gueste. included Mrs. Ger- Davis and Mns. Thelma . Swisher, Aurora, Colo. MICHAEL Fifteen members oif Michael Circle attended a paltio picnic ait (the homie of Mns. KelHiy liaison. Assistants were Mrs. Ralph ( Paitterspn, Mrs. Leslie Enslow and Mils. J. O. Raymes ford. Mrs. William Turpentine anid Garnand's 419 N. Main 276-2326 Used Furniture Department 6 PC. United Bedroom Suit Excellent Condition ..... $ 140 4 PC. Walnut Finished Bedroom Suit Very Clean 5 White and Gold French Provincial Chest and Full Sixe Bed, Looks like new , Ranch Oak 54" Game Table with 4 Matching game chairs on casters. Used 2 yean Sold new for $684. 120 349 Mrs. Berniard Oloinon present-1 d the lesson, which was fol- owed by general discussion. tfirsi. Ganbrude Davis and Mrs. ictaael Huff were guests. RICKNER Ricfcner Circle was emiter- aihed by Mris. Ralph Miller, Mitlh Mrs. Wffiam Bryant as ,o-hostess. The "Family Life" theme was presented by Mrs. ida Griffin and Mrs. Fried Bruington. WHITE White Circle met for a 'Covered dish supper in the home of Mrs. Ralph Greathouse, who was assisted by Mrs. Lloyd Joyce and Mrs. Wittaim Groih. crnie Greatihouse led tlhe Ifocussion on "Famiily Life." Impoiitamt points 'Stressed were strengtheniing marriage, mutual concern, politeness, honesty, tolerance, and mutual jinowttih together menrtialy, emo- iionaly and spiritually. Nine miamiberis were present. liuesits we$e Miss Greiait- house and Mms>. L. M. Bond. RHODES Twelve members at Rhodes Circle were guteisite of Mrs. Ronald Broetzmann'. Mrs. David Elsey read tlhe lesson, pointing out that Biblical families were tfjalther-<ceinitered while fte families of today are be coming moitiher •'Centered. Mrs. Bryant Garnand gave devotions from 1 Corinthians 13. ERHART ; Discussion at *he Erhiart Circle meeting centered on the leiS'pomsibiliiitiy of the family to Dresierve Arr-'erican culture by eacihing the children their and hiiistwic heritage, are being challenged to- lay. The lesson was presented by Mi-is. Jake E'ckaipt, assisted by Mrs. David Craft, Mrs. Ken- neitth Muitter and Mrs. Orval leece. Tire circle met in the home of Mns. Andrew Erhart. Co- lostesses 'Wienie Mrs. Ruth Elucfcel and Mrs. Joe Hope. Twenty-one members answer- id noil call with soimmer plans. Mrs. Robert Gisli, Albuquerque, N.M., was a guest. MAYO Seventeen, members of Miayo Circle were guesits of Mns. George Meeker. She was assisted by Mrs. J. F. Dibbens. Mrs. Clyde Stalls worth explained "Chriisf'S Answer to Gemeraition Gaip," rAwnitiing out that love, understandiing anid listening can he'lp to s'olv« problemis. Mns. Glenn Haas used 1 Corinthians* 13 for devotioins. A lesson on whether changes the family loJe are enriohing or demeaning highlighted the McMillan Circle meeting m the home of Mrs. Don Co-hiosteiss was MIPS. Howard Smditlh. The lesson lanld discussion wais presented by Mais. C. A. Quackenbuslh. Mrs. Smith closed with a prayer. Eleven members wea-e present. 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