Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 13, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 3
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THE TATTLER 17 FEBRUARY 1958 EDITOK ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOT! IKS JUTS MIXKI) CHORUS GIHI/S GLEF, CLUB SEiNIOU SKKTCII GKAIJ1-: NFAVS TYI'ISTS FUH AND KKATHKRS GIULS SPORTS HOYS SPORTS SPEC1AI, KKATURKS UK;; i SCHOOL NEWS SPONSOR THE TATTLER STAFF Uarb Kauten Ruth Nims Donna Ik-tth and Kathy Shaflcr Steve Talcotl Carol Pahlqmst .'.•:!! Sflialiacki'i- an 1 Kill Huc.he^ Jan IV-nnin;U'in ;,iul Kogcr Ott<n>trm "ul!i Nims and Jan Hrnniiu;t<'ii life !-.y Ma.xson and Mar;;'' DM'.VIHIV'. I.iuvt'll Paul .-•(•heicl and Sharlcrn Mirllin.-; K |j Knighi and Gene Van Biuvn '•'.ii. • en Anfinson and Gloria Albrr Jean Cue and Carolvn Hii^ht Mrs. Pickett 1958 HOT LUNCH 17-February 21, Monday V'i'al Choppettcs Mashed Potatoes with Butter Making Powder Biscuits Jelly Celery Sticks and Rutabago slices Oranjje Juice- v. Pint Milk Tuesday Meat Loaf (Beef and Cheese) with Tomato Sauce Bulk-red Quartered Potatoes Spring Salad Bread and Butter Sandwich Apple Crisp '.j Pint Milk Wednesday Beans with Ham Cab!>;m<- and Carrot Salad Cornbirad-Honey Butter Peaches '/_. Pint Milk Thursday Chili Con Carne with Crackers Bread and Butter Sandwich Cabbage and Apple Salad Brownies 'i Pint Milk Friday Cheese-Potato Casserole Buttered Broccoli IJreatieil Tomatoes B'/Hg Salad Sandwich Pineapple-Rice Cream VL- Pint Milk We have some people who have started instrumental music. Steven Aancs, Pat Ashby, and Ronald Crawford are taking lessons on trombones. Bill Bitterrnan, Jackie Miller, and Curt Dumermuth have cornets. Patty Scheidel has a saxo|;honc. Some others are thinking about starring lessons. Maybe someday they can play with something for us in our room. The people who had A's on the master test for Unit 21 in spell ing include: Nancy Beckner, Tom Butters, Curt Dumermuth, Paula Gould, Sandra Gray, Ernie Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Tommy Lamphior, Rose Mary Owen, Mike Schroyer, Bob Swehla, Carol Wegner, Rodney Whitt, Paly Scheidel, Rita Jcllings, Francis Kauten, and Allea Omar. Those who do not get A's on both Tuesday's and Friday's test write the new words 15 times each. We hope that this will help us get more perfect papers. We have our room decorated with valentines and some patriotic designs of Lincoln and Washington. We have an American flag made of crupe paper on our bulletin Fifth Grade News Our room had four birthdays last week and one today, February 10. Last week it was Barbara Kelg, Gory Maurer, Tom Schmidt, and Mike Beckner. Today is Sharon Ash's birthday. We have our room nicely decorated to honor birthdays of two famous Americans, Lincoln and Washington. St. Valentine also has lent a romantic touch to the STUDENTS IN THE third .special education class to be started in Fayette county demonstrate an arithmetic problem which resulted in new cutains for their room in the Fayette high school building. They measui' d. figured the cost and then the girls made the curtains, under the direction of Mrs. Russell "wavt/. si ated, right, their instructor. Students include, left to right, Loel Gross, Claude Llewellyn, Philip Wenlhe, Patty Steen, Allen Alber and Rosy Lathum. (Courtesy Register) Friday, February 14, 1958. Our Measurements have been made if everyone doesn't take~them? TYPING LESSONS are being given to Allen Alber in specia cation class at Fayette 1 to aid him in learning to spell words more ner, us had A'H in multiplication. They were Steven Aancs, Richard Ash, David Buhman, Tom Butters, Ronald Crawford, Dennis Hendrix, Linda Henry, Howie decor of our room for this intcr- Hubliell, Tommy Lamphier, Lou- esting month. ise Pickett, Mike Schroyer, Bob Wo now give Current Events Wh . |t (i() , pl;in (() ^ wn on edu- Swehla, Larry Webb, Carol Weg- each morning as part of our open- you g,.;,^,';,!,. f,- om high school? box i.-; so full we can't for window shelves to hold plants Janis Bennington — No, If we and the boys are making them have enough ability to get on the in Shop. honor roll, we certainly have Marcella, Allen, Philip, Claude enough intelligence to not have and Loel are enjoying the Friday to bother with semester tests. If instruction in dancing. Our room now has some Valentine decorations and a Valentine box which filled. Thanks to the Oelwein Register, each member of the room was given a copy of the news- get any more valentines in it. In science we are studying about different kinds of minerals and where they are found. We are goim; to have a Social Studies test pretty soon. (We hope we do good in it.) is gradually being we've worked really hard during, the semester to get good grades, we should deserve a vacation of not having to take them. Seventh Grade News By Helen Kauten The qlies!ion of the week is: CLOTHES efficiently. Other students in the class watch Alber, left to right, ler. Claude Llewellyn, Loel Gross, Philip Wenthe. (Courtesy Register) the art class which followed Dr. Suess' story "If I Ran a Circus". We found that some of the animals that we drew were just as \W are proml of the southwest fantastic as these pictured in Dr. corner of our room where two Suess' book. He is our favorite author and we now have seven of his books in our library. We have been learning to add and so far we are finding out that this is just a way of writing down some of the things that we THROUGH THE GRADES First Grade News big flower pots contain twenty yellow blossoms. Each blossom is a dental card which has been re- 'inned. The cards mean that Marsha Frcy, Jo Ellen Langer- Pt'tty Scheidel, Jackie Mil- ing exercise. The Current Event and Franc-is Kauten. The must be told in our own words and pertain to something that would be of interest to our class. Last week we still failed to earn our half-hour recess. We fourteen A's in division belonged to Steven Aanes, Richard Ash, Pal Ashby, Nancy Beckner, Tom Butters. Curl Dumermuth, Dennis Hendrix, Howie Hubbell, must have 19 A's on our Friday Don Timnn-rnian: I'm going to bo a professional bum and sleep the rest of my life. Paul Clark: I'll be a farmer or a veterinarian. Ken Butters: I want to be a paper which carried the pictures and news story about our room. HIT YOUR PERSONAL DESIGN DRAMATICS Louise Pickett. Bob Swehla, Lar- Spelling Test to get a half-hour, professional water .skier. ry Webb, Carol Wegner, Rodney The presentations for Social Whitt. and Francis Kauten. We Studies, directed by Dane Mc- Barb Burgol: Find a job. Carol Clark: Go to u science college and be a statistician. Zoo Anna Martin: Raise horses. Up to this point we have been taking a very broad view of clothing. But being really well dressed is an art which every individual can practice. Actually clothing is the most personal of all arts because it has to do with us directly. Each time you succeed in creating a harmonious Ticklers By George man, Bonnie Boiilton, Barbara Boulton, Kathy Farney, Dennis already knew about numbers. Brown. Tommy Thomas, Roger Williams, Dawn Patlison, Patty Gym class, which is instructed by "Joe" from Upper Iowa, is a Alshouse, Dalyn Nefzger, Susan new and interesting experience. Aanes, Linda Himmcl, Dennis We go to the H.S. gym for the Grim, David Henry, Pam class and on Fridays we are doing some little group dances. Last week we helped the second grade learn to do "Glow Worm" Max Swohla, M'.irjoric Kiel, Steven Butters, and Marlene Larson have recently had dental examinations and have all which Dr. Beck taugtyt to us last thBTiecelb'ary work done. fallf The school nurse visited our We have our valentines box up room last week and she provided and are anxiously waiting for the us with dental charts which we day to come when we can open kept at home and marked each up the box and enjoy its con- time we brushed our teeth. We tents, set our goal at 15 but many more ..... than that were returned. Seoond Grad „ Some who celebrated birthdays The following pc , rec . eived m January were Dennis Brown, mn in «»iiin. i ast W eek: Barbara •yl Biorbower, Eileen Bonjour, Mike Buhman, Diana Dopp, Joyce Gage, Billy Dalyn Nefxger and Roger Williams. Most of us are now ready to take home our "Guess Who u m Workbook". Those who have _,, ^,._l.., TI ._J T , , completed it are now reading their fifth reader. mond, Cheryl Hienemann, Kary] Ileinemann, Peggy Hofer, Judy King, Darla McBride, Jimmy On Monday, February 3, Fayette High School presented- three one-act plays, the winner of which was to go to the Sectional , . Speech Contest at West Union J? s ! gn ' y ,? ufr fPP earan " reflect& last Saturday. The plays were y °" r f °? taste ' , . . . . — ' >-•"- —--•:-• j.. f , epd loPillv hv Mr* Willinm Flrst ° f a11 &°° d taste "Wolves Those who got A's m spelling J"dged locally by Mrs William CQrrect selection _ This u to Friday were Diane Ashby, Mary Esters, Mrs. Harold Austin and , fc O r make Austin, Tom Borehert,. Kenny Supt. Paul Pickett. The plays J h at skarf. jewelety Butters, Carol Clark, Mike Gay- wore -The Jackpot , Concert m an thin ^ y nor, Melody Gilette. Robert the Park , and the eventual win- l ccon * dl good taste involves , Gould, Sandra Hennig. Renee ner Sunday Cost Five Pesos combination or arrange- Jellings, Helen Kauten, Kathy Th <-' winning play was then Keig, Linda Niles, Zoc Anna t akl; n *<> We st Un »°n where it re- Martin, James Rhode, and George ceivcd a Superior Rating and the ment of articles. Just one item out of place can spoil a costume. To sum it up, good taste is a which we transformed into a little (puppet) girl. We also enjoyed Diane Pattison, Mary Schmidt, Tulie Smith, Norma Trip/p, Ronda Van Bogart, Terry Van Buren, and Lowell Voshell. "A discriminate shopper! She's selecting a bed for her little boy!" Dennis performed an experiment to prove that there is air in water. Mrs. Cajpcll gave them a little assistance. • * * » Eighth Grade News By Majorie Webb and Jo Anna Quandt This past week we finished our health books and started on science. Our new science book is titled, "Our Environment, How We Adopt it to Ourselves." The first chapter is about the weather signs. Other topics in the first chapter arc about weather superstitions, clouds, and rainbows. In English we are studying prepositions and their modifiers. Friday, February 7, the class took a test on prepositions. The "Question of the Week" one is not born with the "knack" Also in the Speech Contest, b "j « n *° ne ? an dae .Y* lo P e U with Elaine Kuhens received an ex- 5t p dytta "J, J? £ v ,„ M „ cellent rating with her humerous Da ^ otta Rush ' Happ y v * le n«n es reading "I Like Men." Max y- Gross, who gave "Choir Practice" will go to Mason City, also. •^•^•^••••^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•M Fayette Theatre FEB. 15 — 16 — 17 Ava Gardner — Stwart Granger — David Niven THE LITTLE HUT (in color) Ava shipwrecked on a QUESTION OF THE WEEK By Kollcen Anfinson By Lois Davis KEEP YOUR CAMERA IN THE KITCHEN! This is the advice we offer io the housewife. And for good reason, too. The center of all her activities and of family living is in the kitchen. So what more natural place to keep the camera? It's always close at hand when picture opportunities p o p-u^p while the children are playing in Ihe yard or underfoot around the house. As a mother working in the kitchen, you keep one eye on the stew and the other on the kids. So why not also keep your eye peeled for priceless picture op portunities your offspring create? In shorl, keep your camera handy! Keep it loaded. Keep a iup. ply of flash bulbs so that you can gel those indoor pictures or those dull-day pictures too. We don't have to give you any hint! of subject matter, they're everywhere. Since there isn't a we«k goes by iut you wish you hud a camera handy, why go any longer without one? As a starter, how about one of the Brownie Star Cameras, tJarting a* 15.85? They're always ready for any picture situation: You never have to focus them. Just aim and shoot And Brownie Star Cameras take color slides as well as black-and. white and color prints. Come In and see these cameras soon. DAVIS REXALL STORE did QUESTION — Do you believe that the honor roll students should have to take semester tests if they've been on the hon- desert Island with two men. or roll all during the semester? TU .. i i Bill Hughes - Sure! If they're There are more Aligns smart enough to get on the hon- than you can shake a grass series continues this week with or roll, they're smart enough to skirt at! Because two gUVS Judy King and Mary Schmidt lem read stories to us this week. one. much better on reading prob- Bride, Donna Kiihens, and Mike the question, "What is your fa- take test like everyone else. j | namee | , test 2 than we did on test Beckner were very good. Several vorite subject in school and Jerry Burna — I think that anu * »« " ,f. . We not only have to do the good pJays were given, some Why?" they shouldn't have to take tests ner make the living ammgC- Our valentine box is ready for problem correctly, but also name clever cartoons were drawn and Barbara Alber: Reading, be- jf they have a straight A average, merits hilarious — and the the 14th. Many of us are going to the answers. Those with A's on colored and we all enjoyed the cause you leara so much from but anything under that should [ ovmg arrangements Ut>have practice in writing the these problems were Steven letters and debates. reading. na y e to take them. „» < -e r names of other second graders Aanes, Tom Butters. Curt Dumer- We had review today on that Darlene Solomon: Geography, Max Gross — No, a person on roarious in Ine LUUe nut by addressing the valentines our- mulh, Dennis Hendrix, Howie Social Studies Unit and we will because you learn about different the honor roll should know the m Blushing color. _ _ __ . . _ . '____ „_ v . , « * _.i«_ .rn l.i rvM\ rnvml IM t'n A +«i«t Wi«m%<*j«f% t. A . _ Larry have our test Tuesday. countries of the world. Jostin Takott: Science, because selves. We have been learning Hubbell, Bob Swehla, that all names begin with capital Webb, and Allea Omar. We have a new girl today. Her letters. This will be a good chance T_, as t time we said we would name is Carol Noble and she it is interesting. list the people who brought comes from Evansdale. She told Dennis Heth: Arithmetic, be,,.«. Mmnmiinitv. us there were 35 mioils in her cause it is easy for r I like them to see how well we have learned our last language lessons. • • » • Fourth Grade News things for our farm community, us there were 35 pupils in her cause it is easy for me. They are Rodney, Jackie, Steven, class at Evansdale. T -"" T --— T Ernie David, Mike, Nancy, Fran- In Language we are still work- Judy Langerman: all. We had Miss Stevenson els, Curt, Richard, Linda, Larry ing on written and oral reviews, review tests on the W. and Donald. Some of us spend We have dro earned how to list rv ^ juau it;view VL*OLO un lilt; "• «••« - u . .—.--*i four kinds of problems and read- our free time playing in the farm books correctly. ing problems in arithmetic. There set (continued on page 4) SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Swartz The Special Education room wiui uumerinucn. lorn nutters animuis we BVUUICVI. •• *- ••-•- - , , i,,»,,.v, MI-C was a place of special happiness and Carol Wegner had the only them on our shelf. Thank you, «£££"£ ArniJhin" the tee ° n Thursdav - Pattv and Ros y passed the tests given by the ing piuuiuius in aruumeuc. mere. a>-i. v i__ii nA rj,, v were only three A's in addition: David Buhman brought some **™™*™ a „,„= Steven Aanes, Richard Ash, and miniatures of the prehistoric Curt Dumermuth. Tom Butters animals we studied. We have them 01 A's on subtraction. Seventeen of David, for bringing them. We have a party planned for 14. A to or- will play . tooa. ilH:HHi«l::i!^ U.I.U. — FEB. 15 U.LU. — FEB. 18 F.H.S. — FEB. 14 F.H.S. — FEB. 18 Wm. Penn Plattville Tech Postville (Boys) Monona (Girls) Here Here Here There cream to tell you week. • Limestone and spreader trucks are awaiting your order. Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 Fayette, Iowa K * tu« ™,.*,, « ov « patrolman and they are now en- about the party next ^ to ^ instr ^ ction permit . , This means they will enter the * next part of the Driver's Education program, using the specially equipped car. Everyone in the room rejoiced with them. Sixth Grade News The sixth grade is going to have a Valentine's party next DRIVE IN BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER .._-. to know it in order to attain . (Guaranteed Top Enter- the honor roll in the first place, taiiunent.) Sharon Blaker — Yes, whats the use of having semester tests ii! ill SPECIAL Thur. Fri. Sat 3 lb. tin. Longhorn CHEESE _ Ib. Garden SALAD DRESSING qt. Hills or Folgers COFFEE Ib. (With order) Eatwell «) CATSUP __ L for Northern 80 Count «| NAPKINS £pkgs. Skinless *> FRANKS _ L Ibs. TIDE 2 boxw 59c Johnson* Ib. 1C SODA CRACKERS box £uC SMITH & SONS MKT

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