Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1939
Page 2
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HOPE STAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday. 19:19 Star Stop of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January IS, 1929 Political Announcement O Jmtiee, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report: fMblished, every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co.. Inc. C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Wasliburn. :il the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E, PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBVK.N, Editor iwd Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Asw'n. The Slur, is aufhoil/.t'it to nn- iioim<-t' tin* follimiiiir Ciiiididiitcs siihH't'l l'» tlu v wliim tif the DPIIKI- cnitir city iiviiiuiry election Tws- iM.v. Ntivpinlior 2.H. 1939: Tor City Aldiriic.v E. K. M'KADDIN I.AWSON. E. O1..OVER Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance!: By city carrier, per Week 15e: per month 6Se: one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstend, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties. S3.JO per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Pi-ess is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Chatg«s on Tributes, Elc.: Charge will l*> made for all tributes, cards or thanks, resolutions, or memorial*, com-pming the departed. Commercial newspapers holti to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions ou 1'nKi- One , I. It-' Uiipcr |i;trl of ill III. , 1!. (:i) Ore di'l'i'.sil. ' !!. (.1)' Shelter. i •!. UO t'Vi'ling of re-Ke.uUwut. . ;i. id' .S|ili(:rioal ]ui.'tic.'U>. ' vti(.'iit<> peiifi!. would Mivc military, IED • "Th* Moro You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Ulan o Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-R&NT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the I* hone One lima-—2.3 word, minimum 30c Six times—6c word, minimum 90c Rates are for continuous insertions only. Three times—3V4c word, minimum SUc One monllx—I8c word, minimum I'^.'JU Several In Race for Offices at Prescott PRESCOTT. Ark.— With the closing of the tirliet for Ihc Cily Democratic i Primary election, several new caiuli- j lutes made known their intentions of I •welling office in the city government, j M Whittemoro, former Circuit Clerk of this eounty will oppose the incumbent. U. P. Hamhy for mayor. Others were: City Mni-fliid. Curtis Wnrd; Ht'corder. Jmues Ynnwy; Treasurer. Wren Scott: Instinct plays a Rri-nt pavt \n tho lives of the «o-cnllfd lo\vor animals, but experiments have coiivinceil most iijilui'alis^ that they dn have limited i-npaeilicN fur Ihinktn.i;. Tin 1 fncl thai ,|o|',. ih.'iiiii indicates the pi'ssession For Sale Two Senators Roll Back the Years .Seldom does the United States Senate provide more movim; nnd i'mpressive iraina than that which was on display when Senator Norris and Ln r'cOlettc ftebated the merits of the La Follette war referendum proposal. To listen to it was to go b.ick to the spring of 191". when a hnndful of senators fought bitterly to avert a declaration of war with Germany. One of that handful was Senator Robert M. La Follette of Wisconsin— j ^ father of the senator who was now trying to write into the neutrality act a i provision for a nationwide 'a'dvisory election" to precede any vole on a foreign war. Another was Senator George W. Norris of Nebraska—the sa'oie Norris who. ' hr.'/ilig stood shoulder to .shoulder with the eider La Folletto in 1917 and endured, the. obloquy that was visited on the "little group of willt'u men." was ! n< i\v opposing the younger La Kolletie'a motion. There was Senator La Follette—who remembered the try ins days of 1017 \yhenhisfather fought unsuccessfully against war. and who now was avRuini; that if the people could vote first there would be much less likelihood that Ihf Congresr would declare nti overseas war. Recalling that never in American i history hjk Congress refused to dec-are war when a president asked it to. he ; rri"d: ' "Congress has only the power to write'approval' across n foreign policy '. i>f a chief executive when that policy has finally culminated in a demand by '• the executive that Congress vote a declaration of war. Then. Mr. President, J fihd from my brief experience that it writes it with cheers, mixed with , epithets and howls of derision against those few men who may oppose the resolution declaring a state of war." j 'A- La Follette would know about those "epithets and howls of derision." ' . .. Btitso would a Norris. And a few moments later Norris I-OM.—to recall that ; in the spring of 1917 it was pressure from the voters themselves which put the declaration of war through Congress. . "When the blood of my countrymen anil the lives of '.nen and women are at stake and in my hands." Norris said, "even it' every man. woman, and child t rose up en masse and said. 'We want you to vote for a declaration of war.' if I | believed in my heart that a declaration of war would bo wrong. I would vole j against it. I did that once, and 7 am ready to do it again." ; In. the end, of course, the La Follctto resolution wan vmc-d down. But its ; consideration hud given tlu> Senate a moment of most, intense drama: two men. harking back in their 'memory to tin.' things that, had to bo endured by tho;.i> who vpted against war 22 years a;;o. applying; themselves to a measure designed to meet just such a situation as arose in April uf l'J!7 - and. in Ihc end. eai out on opposite sides. MIND YOUR MANNERS T. M. REO. U. S. PAT, KOK S.'\LE--\Ve save you money on «'Ui' furniluro l)»yiiij{. Complete loel; now and usod fiirnitiirc, stoves, ed>. \W pa%' hit(ho.s( prices for fur- iUirt 1 . Sti 1 us. Kninklin Furnilure ... OS 1m 1 KOK SAI.K— One female Setter i>up. i Six montlis old. From Itc/rner Atkins For Rent Little Hock. E. H. Timborhiko. IlL^lL!! FOR RENT: 3 room house pood cu dition on South Main Street. Hi-nt reasonable. Call 7IM 2-:i|p. Adult wheel-chair FOR RENT: Phone 212. Wanted to Renl 1, Dan I'ittinnn I n . Montgomery. H. ». DeUiimr Odrll (lairett; Ward ?.. Watson White H IV llardey; Ward 3. T. K. I .<>#"'. J WANTED TO UKNT: .. ..,- li nio,n i U- Cornish.' K. .M. Sharp: Ward -I unfurnished house with law bm-l; j Homer Ward and J. M. Stnplmii. 1 wo | vsird. C. W. Weaklcy at Hope Star. 2-tit-dh to OUT OUR WAY By J. II. Williams I'OII RENT: 2 room furnished npart- meni. all bills paid. See H.-txi'l Ahram Beauty Shop. 2-3U-. Tust your Micicii n.i.'igc 1 lowing knowlcdce or correct .'igc 1 by an.'iwerint,' the fol- i|iie;.tn>»s, tl>en checking the anthorilalive answers be low. 1. Is it umul lustc- for \vcdding guests to iiltrnipt U) follow thf b:"i:it- ;>n<j .'^-<i'>i:i ;UK! |'!nv tricks oiv thorn'.' i. Is while paper the only cor- n.vt kind fur wedding invitations'.' ;!. Duo-; a ttivmcie havo attcnd- ;mts at her f-ocoiid marriage'.' \. Mny .T!IC \ve;ir ;i \vhite wedding Kuwu and veil'.' ."i. Does the bride \vear lier en- p;'..;;ement ri;ur oil lu.'r left hand d'.iriiu 1 , tiio vvedclint; curomony'.' 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Har- Phone 7!). I ' FOR SALF.: Four room lu/u.sc with I l-itli. miilt-in cabinets. excellent i neighborhood. Bargain, .tt-l West Ave. I ~- Lost LOST: Red bull calf, six months old, missiny since- Weilne.sday. Reward of S2.5II for voturn to Bolt's ('.rm-ery mi HiKliway 211, Hope, Arli. 2-Illp. THEY'RE ACCUSIM' 'SOMEBODV OM TH' NIGHT SHIFT OF US I THAT PILE OP GEARS FOR. A BED--THEY'Rf UP A BAP CASE ACblWST TH' NIGHT SHIFT'S EFFICIENCY /IF I V\/AS / scss r A D WAS A I-'ASOK. OF NOTICE i Radio I Guaranteed Radio Repair Service land ri-hlacement parts. Tubes tested j Radii) Kervie.-. Phone Xdti. Rav Allrn. V/anted 20-Hay Life Policii-s. SHIOO up. Aj'.e.s j 1 day old anil up. Talbnt Feild. Box i •i-l Hope Ark, !l yrs with Reliance Life, j Oct. 21-\ in. j Servicifi* OHered ! SERVICES OWErtKD-See Hemp-; - , slenil MultrnKi Shop, 712 West Fourth, j | for new and re-built Phono Paul ' , Cobb BM-.J Sept. 21! IM. to, \VANTKD PF.CANS We pay highest ] "H'ici's for Pecans, jMcllao Mill ff Feed i U will require $d(),<H10,fiOO,(IO<l l VOU CAM SE.E THAT WASTE HAS BEEM USED AS A PILLOW—SEE TH' SHAPE OF A HEAD THERE? WHO LAID IM 1ST •••-•••-•' *«- >v in i ^vmii L 9uu,"uu,VAiM,vuni ivt y,l y ijp\ | I • » MA Vt ' -Ttir~ OA^-I/ r,r-»^- ,/p-i-\-. O-17-IM i Hi,.- poiisioiiprs of America's past wins. ; V- 0 ^-.'"f^_ w< SCHVICE.INC.'T. M. oecTu. s. P*T. OFF. THfc BACK BREAKER^ P^"\ —- \ '' \ < \] ..**&$> '>^;•v•:;> ! ^ : ;•;•;;•- T",l? v.'llAiAM5 ^ -'.„ J BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ride Him, Cowboy! in' K'ury. THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. «. «e<a- u. s. *>*.T. ort By DR. MORRIS F1SHBEIN Editor, jjonntal of the American Medical AssacUHon, Hygela, the Health Magazine 1. No. I-.. \Vhi !', No. •!. No. ~i. Nu. .S}ir ! i-itlu-r s^-'Cars it ml hej* ri;;ht haiul or leaves it tit ho/ne 'hiring llie eL-renn-'ny'. H,-,t 'What Would You Do solution-- ia>. By Edgar Martin Came of "Mirror Writting' Unceilain; Usually Cuvert by School Oocasionallj a child attracts attention because everything that he writes 5r reversed. In other words, the writing, can be read only when it is held ur '.before a mirror. Opinions differ as to the cause of tbe i&ia.^'e upside down and baeku'ui-ds unless built to overcome this arrangc- tuent. The normal person corrects the reverse diniHge, but it is believed that people have an inherited tenden- lliis strange phenomenon, and none of cy (0 C0 ufiiie the left-right order. tho-ni has been accepted- us the true explanation. . Obviously the difficulty might be either- in the eye, the brain or the hand. Another theory is that mirror writing i.s- a natural sequence of lefl- handcdncss. Dr. Max £. Smukler. who . has made a sj)ecial study of the .sub- Some experts contend every image jeci. teels that -social, economic and fcen by the eye is i'mpressed. on the physical conditions are the 'most im- ictina in back of the eye and goes porlant factun-: in producing "mirror to the brain in a reversed position. It writing.'' It does not represent a def- is known that photographic cameras mite- change in the tissues of the: body with ground glass plate in back show hut instead merely a symptom, he says. At the eye clinic conducted by the Bureau of Health of Philadelphia, one J i;r t'.vv, cases of mirror writing are seen every year. There is a greater tendency for lefl-hunded children to dc- i vcle.p mirror writing than for right- handed children to do so. Mil ror wrifiny may ako occur amonK ' Icfl-handed i-hild-.'en\vho are mentally j retarded. These children are found uudernouriihod in many in; or ne\irotic. fretful and timid, .-aid when such children are traji.-'fenvd to a boarding school where liiey aro [<ro[)ei'ly fed and lnHi.-oil. ihcv soon bt'gin to write normal 1;. . Mii-roi wriliiiB. therefore, seldom continues after tho first yc.ar of school life, particularly if every possible eon- j •! is .shown toward the child ' o dc.velop him into a healthy, social j 'peci'.non. i If ". SPE I" i. v t f" ' \ ' t r " ?3 C.U i ' L if £1K i HOBI20NTAL 11,7 Pictured aviator racer. 12 Largest toad. '13 Star-shaped. flower. ' 16 Having the form of oars. 17 To rot flax. 18 Hand cover. 19 Toupee. 20 Wagers. 2X.Flaxen fabric. 22 Coin slit. ,24 While. 25 Relies. 44 Printer's •• 27 Toward. measure. 28 Chinese 45 Mine shaft people. hut. 130 Garment set. 46 Hall barrels. 33 Ring catches. 48 Blood money. '34 He started as 51 To sketch. a flyer. 53 Fodder pit. :;5 Not bright. \;fj Earracudo. 37 Either. liOTone B. 40 Skirt edge. 41 Doctor, 4.2 To seize in Answer to Prtviotis Puzzli v 20 He was a pvC.iTiS'j observer in B'LiyiEj France. iL-JQ[Bni 2.3 Agony. f 25 To send away. 2GTo hang. 28 Thick shrub. 29 Genus o£ bees, 31 Newspaper paragraph. 32 Hush! 36 Pronoun. 38 Proportion. 41 Football play periods. 43 BJunder. 45 Anxiety, 47 To hoot. 48 Mountain pass 49 Railroad. 50 Simpleton. ' 52 Rodent. 53 South Carolina. 54 Myself. 55 Note In scale 57 And. 54 Ethical. 56 Indian buffalo, 58 His honorar military title. 11 Kuiiv. 59 He is the -— 1 -'. To :l of present day 15 ():,;„, air racers. ocUL VERTICAL, 1 Son god. 2 Monsters. 3 Tallow fat. 4 Feline ;.mrr>al.-. 5 Bird of prey. (iRotk. 1 IncIin-.iUons. y. Line-:-;. i to ALLEY OOP Bronson Will Take Care of It By V. T. Hamlin / WELL.POC, IF WE'RE / I'M AFRAID TO ESTABLISH AW (OOP WOkJ'T OTHEP, TINAE-iSOAUVrO IK) THIS LETS CAUL OOP ANDV. CASE GET AT IT -C E^-kCTLV.' HAD BROM5OW VES.VOU'RE^ MOT RECOSMIZEPTROY, THAT UTTLE PETAIL! v CAUSE vou FURTHER. X OUR. BIG WOW IS TO SECURE AM AGEK1T WHO IS FULLY ACQUAINTED WITH THE HISTORICAL EISA IWTO WHICH WE SEKJD HIM THUS FlXIN!&THt TIME- ELEMEMT, WE'P STILL BE I.M THE PAEIC VOU WERElM i R1ALTO - Starts Sunday WASH TUBBS What's Up? By Roy Crane A\LET^ MOT CyEM 01?>CU% IT, YOU I WWHIHSTOM. PULL TH'SHADES MEAMf / DOWU, AMD I'LL TUfiW TH' ,S\ LIGHT'S, EEAL LOW... -; MAV8E THEY MOTICE QUICK » PUT yOU 60V5 BETTER HIDE IM • ' TH' KITCHEN ^ ' " WELL, U^UMLV X JUST ^ HEftE WITH TH'OWL'S. BESIDES, IF CERTAIM PEOPLE THOUGHT I HOME, THEY Ml&HT TRV TO ... WELL.T^EY MIGHT PAY A VISIT I 6IT SO IOUELV HERE ^OMETIKAEt,, T, COULD DIE. VOU'BE THE OKILV UlVltf EELATIUE I SOT, WA6HIU6TOW. / VJVAV, t 6UBE HOPE VOU 'M' EASV KIUSPEMD TH'WIGHT UMCOLM SUT HAUMT WE BETTER TURW OU THE L16HT5?IT'-5 &ETT1U 1 DAKK Adventures of Sherlock-Holmes" &•<, By Merrill Blosser AT YOUR SERVICE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Sauce for the Goose THIS is NO TIME To BE TALKING I SUPPOSE IT ISMT IMPORTANT THAT FRECKLES WON THE NJAT/OMAL ESSAY CONTEST/ ALWAYS SAID FRECKLES GOT HIS BRAINS FRONA VOU AMD HIS BRAWNl v-,^ FROM ME ' ^C?* IF THAT'S TRUE YOU'VE- wow A POINT so oa YOU ' MIND IF i sir AND CHEER FOR. HIS _ MUSCLES? TtoudHDOWNS ABPUT LETTERS WOULDU'T /E SHOW Prescription Specialists V,'(- rf:|Hil(itiun iinis with prc-ci.si-Mi. ;md (ho we iu;-,Lir<; your \\-i- f-'/opfM-.-iie wiih your |)liv.sii:ian. Two "i in:. 3 ' '. on f hliy, WED RYDER Looks Like an Uneven Struggle Fred Harman CVE.P. -TH' HIUL. --HE'S CAU<3:-n" UP VOVTH - <5tf2EMGlH , TVi ~ HDU/-JO PAMTS \TS KlLU -- j; Drugyi.-.!. "We've Got U" 1'lionc (;^ .Molurcyok 1 Delivery

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