Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 12, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
Page 2
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indon Assails lational Waste Treating War as ''Just Another Political Alphabet" J^ WASHINGTON— Saying New Deal- l 'f er&: were treating the war 'as just iT'fiiiSther political alphabet," Alfred M. g 'Lundon called upon President Roose- S 3 , V*3t Wednesday night to rid the gov- ^t',efwment of "waste, inefficiency and ' \cen£usion." ~'^ "the American people, he said in ?.,an address prepared for broadcast ^.ipVer the Blue network at a Lincoln .«* Bay dinner here, me ready for unit,-, ed action, "but the s6und of their ^ leader's trumpet has been obscured. JCbs babel of conflicting agencies in *" the nation's capital is creating con. fusion throughout the nation. Because ,, W a lack of frankness we are not , sufficiently aware of what is requir- '-. ed of us. We are not efficiently girding ourselves for battle." Likewise, Landon said, the president ras "not made clear the stag- ering sacrifices ahead qt us." , "We have never experienced any- v thing like it in our history." he said. J'Resolute and courageous as the 'American people are. their mettle will be severely tried in the years ahead. ° Whether it be the man who fights or the man who works, his dreams will be broken. Life will not be again, tn our time, as we have heretofore known it But we have a job to do. . and we are going to do it." OUR BOARDING HOUSE HOP! St A*, HOM, Aft KANSAS jyith ... Major Hoople /A£ AS • A SNeEfcfe/ BUT dAKE- TO HAVE MATCHED VOUR FORM.AN1GE/-**•• HE COLLECTED _TK£ PUr3.se AMD FLITTED AWAY " ALMOST AS RAPIDLY A*, _ OUT YOUR OPPOMENT/ SEAH, AN' ME A<S :LA*t AS A BOOKMARK ' ABEAM SMACK TILL, WE GET HOME AMD PULL ~ THE TR\S6ER ON SAKE f •**** I COULD EAT THE AMTLBRS OTPF AM '^\ e//ees NASAL IRRITATION due to colds 8 When your nostrils become red, Irritated, stuffy due to colds or dust, just Insert a little Mentholatum In them. Note how quickly it soothes the irritated membranes and relieves the stuffiness. It will also check sneezing. Once you enjoy Meatholatum's comforting relief, you'll always want to keep this gentle ointment handy. In. Jars or tubes, 30c. ENTHOLATUM Automatic Water Heaters Harry W. Shiver Plumbing Repairs Phone 259 309 N. Main WANTED CAfT IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas ORIANA AMENT BOYETT Teacher of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting. Studio 608 South Maip Street Phone 318 W RADIOS - BATTERIES BICYCLES and AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES BOB ELMORE'S AUTO SUPPLY Bob Elmore, Owner WANT A PIANO? This Model $365 cosh or terms: $36.50 Down $19.38 Monthly. Drop us a card for Catalogs full information. Qual" by STEINWAY, H^ CABLE, WURLITZER. Beasle 200 E. Broad Texarkana, Ark. Used Pianos, S75 up. Tenoa DUDLEY Flour & Feed Co. ON COTTON ROW Agents for International FERTILIZER We recommend that you buy your fertilizer now. As tile ingredients in fertilizer are used in the manufacture of munitions, shells and bombs. Price subject to change without notice. COST HINA 4.70 = -, LCOPR. 1M2 at NEA SERVIC i_T. M. REO. U.S. PAT. Air, i ani Hemostead County February 12, 1942 Prepared by Jewelle Bartlelt Warranty Deed, dated 2-11-42, filed 2-11-42. Sam H, Smith, et ux to U. <?• Lcwisville, Arkansas Royalty Deed: l/16th of l/8th Int., book R-7, page 277, dated 2-10-42* recorded 2-10-42. H. H. Harrison to Opal Jacobs. SWV 4 of NWV4 and «-*i~ifi.. kjtun n_ ouuui, ei ux to u. ^H*** OWLUUK, owr4 or iNwy4 and NE%i S. A. NE Frl. %; E 23.81 acres of! of NWV 4 of Sec. 2, Twp. 15 S Rge E% NW'/ 4 Sec. 2, Twp. 11 S., Rge j 24 West. 25 West. j Royalty Deed: l/16th of l/8th Int Warranty Deed, dated 2-11-42, filed j book R-7, page 278, dated 2-10-42 2-11-42, 2% acres. P. T. Turner, et recorded 2-10-42. H. H. Harrison to ux to U. S. A. Pt. E'/4 NW'A Sec.: 6, w - N. Johnson. SWV 4 of NW'/ 4 and Twp. 11 S., Rge. 24 West. NEV 4 of NWy 4 of Sec. 2, Twp. 15 S O. Si G. Lease, dated 1-5-42, filed Rge. 24 West. 2-11-42, 120 acres, 10 yaers. Ollie Form- Royalty Deed: 1/640 Int., book R-7 • • • - — 279, dated 12-29-41, recorded 2- by, et al to Gene Goff, et ux. N'/j > t-"s c SW'/ 4 ; SEW SW'/ 4 Sec. 3-1, Twp 14 i 10-42. °i., Rge. 24 W. " " . O. & G. Lease, dated 2-9-42, filed 2-11-42, 160 acres, 10 years. Mrs. Maggie M. Martin, et al to F. F. Kelly S%; NWy 4 SEV 4 Sec. 24, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 25 W.; SW'Xt NWV4 Sec. 25, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 25 W. O. & G. Lease, dated 2-6-42, filed 2-11-42, 80 acres, 10 years. Perry Bolden, et al to A. M. Shirey, Jr. EVt SEy 4 Sec. 33, Twp. 14 S., Rge. O. & G. Lease, dated 1-.13-42, filed 2-12-42, 120 acres, 10 years. E. E. Smith to Don C. Matthews. SV4 NEVr NEV 4 NEY 4 Sec. 32, Twp. 13 S., Rge. 25 W. Assignment of O. & G. Least, dated 2-10-42, filed 2-12-42, 40 acres. E. G^Bradham to Marine Oil Company NW'/4 NEV4 Sec. 25, Twp. 14 S., Rge. Warranty Deer, dated 2-9-42, filed 2-12-42. R. M. Brunson to R. C. Maxedon. Undivided 1/16 Int., in W,'- NE'/ 4 Sec. 1, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 25 W. 81.50 acres. Assignment of O. & G. Lease, dated 1-29-42, filed 2-12-42, 120 acres. A. C. Taylor, et ux to Magnolia Petroleum Company. NE<4 SE%; E 1 /. NWy 4 Sec. 25, Twp. 14 S., Rge. 25 w" Warranty Deed, dated 2-9-42, filed 2-12-42. J. R. Page, et ux to A. N. Stroud. N 2 acres of E!£ NEV 4 NWVi Sec. 32, Twp. 11, S., Rge. 25 W. Assignment of O. & G. Lease dated 1-17-42, filed 2-12-42, 120 acres. Don C. Matthews to Sinclair Prairie Oil Company. S% NE'/ 4 ; NE'/ 4 NE'A Sec. 32, Twp. 13 S., Rge. 25 W. Warranty Deed, dated 2-11-42, filed 2-11-42, 40 acres. Ollie Nelson, et al to U. S. A. NWV 4 SE'/i Sec. 7, Twp. 10 S., Rge. 25 W. Lafayette County Feb. 10, 1942 Prepared by Eunice Triplett S. Randolph and wife to G. E. McClatchey. EVi of NE'/ 4 of . Sec. 10, and W 1 /. of NWV 4 of Sec 11, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr., book T-7 page 114, dated 2-9-42, recorded 2-1042. Will Robison and wife to B. H Dobson. S'/ 2 of NE'/i of SW'/i of Sec 28, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/4 Int., book T-7, page 115, dated 2-9-42, recorded 2-1042. Frank Tucker et al to A. G. Griffin. SWi/4 of NW'A and NEy 4 of NWy 4 of Sec. 2, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/192 Int., book T-7, page 116, dated 1-24-42, recorded 2-1042. Gene Goff and wife to D. Harold Byrd. NW/ and W'/i of NE'/i of Sec 15, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. O. & G. Lease: 5 yr., book T-7, page 11, dated 2-2-42, recorded 2-1042. W. B. Nash and wife to P. R. Rutherford. An undivided Vi interest in the NE% of NE»/ 4 of Sec. 17, Twp 15 S., Rge. 24 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr. term, book T-7, page 119, dated 2-7-42, recorded 2-10-42. Gus Turner and wife to B. H. Dobson. WM; of SE'/i of Sec. 28, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. O. & G. Lease: 5 yr term, book T-7, page 120, dated 2-5-42, recorded 2-1042. F. E. Monzingo and wife to Gene Goff and P. R. Rutherford. SW'/4 of NW'Xi of Sec. 12, Twp. 15 S., Rge 25 West. Royalty Deed: 5/640 Int., (5 royalty acres), book T-7, page 111, dated 131-42, recorded 2-10-42. J. K. Wadley and wife to R. H. Venable. S'/4 of NW'/i of Sec. 12, Twp. 15 S., Rge 24 West. Roylalty Deed: 5/312 Int., (10 royalty acres), book T-7, page 112, dated 1-10-42, recorded 2-10-42. J. K. Wadley and wife to W. N. Hooper. WVi of SEV 4 of Sec. 4, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr. term, book Says Normandie to Right Self Designer Would Lift Ship by Re- ballasting Her NEW YORK -(/P)_ The designer of the capsized Normandie said Wednesday the fallen giant could be righted only by its own buoyancy and estimated the job would take five months. "Men and machines aren't powerful enough," Vladmir I. Yourkevitch declared. "The Normandie will have to save itself." As the first step in salvaging the fire-scarred $60,000,000 liner that was the pride of France, he said all openl ings and vents in the ship's upper part, now under water, must be repaired nnd the compartments.pumped free of water. Then he would pour 6,000 tons of water into the double bottom and fill other lower compartments to help create bouyancy. It would be necessar yto pump mud from underneath the 83,423-ton vessel. With the ship "balanced" and the bottom freed from mud, he said he was certain the line would begin to rise. Yourkevitch, who is SO, came to,.the United States with the Normandie on its maiden voyage in 1935. He returned to France, coming back to this country two years later to start his own ship designing company. As to why the fire spread so rapidly, Yourkevitch said "it seems probable that some of the tight partitions in the hull had been removed and also that elaborate fire detection and fighting system had been disconnected or possibly dismantled. Farm Bureau in Meet Thursday Confer Here With State Director on War Problems Thursday nt 10 a. m . Hcmpstend County Farm Bureau mid other farm lenders discussed form organization activities with the assistance' f Thomas F. Dodson, director of organizations of the Arkansas Farm Bureon Federation of Little Rock, according to T. A. Cornelius president uf the county group. Mr. Dodson says: "With the trying times ahead for agriculture farm loaders see a need for strengthening county organizations to do the job of interest building and soliciting for agriculture in every county. Among thr> things Farm Bureaus have scee- duled in their program this year are to strengthen their board of directors by having regular meeting dates and above all, more discussions and more emphasis on discussing their problems and developing a line cf action to solve these problems." Mr, Cornelius reports the meeting will start promptly at 10 a. m. war time nnd that nil farmers interested in the cause of agriculture and farm family welfare are invited. Our Daily Bread (Continued From Pnge One)- T7, page 113, dated 1-26-42, recorded 2-10-42. E. A. Speriky and wife to P. R. Sylvestre. SW'/i of NW'/i of Sec. 2, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/128 Int., book T-7, page 108, 15 yr. term, dated 2-2-42' recorded 2-10-42. A. M. Shirey, Jr. and wife to Frank E. Nolen. SE'/4 of SE'/i of Sec. 7, and S'A of SW'/ 4 and SW'/ 4 of SE'/i of Sec. 8, all in Twp. 15 S Rge. 24 West. DOLLARS WASTED ON UPKEEP CAN'T BUY NEW ROADS TNFERIOR roads seem cheap •*• aQ d easy to build. They stretch a paving fund so that it covers a lot of territory. But after a year or two, the trouble begins! Maintenance costs go up and up. That's why it's wise-and economical-to build concrete roads. Concrete lasts! It requires almost no upkeep. Concrete's smooth riding, skid resistant surface speeds up traffic i ; ; reduces accidents . . . you save in gas, tires and repairs. Urge public officials to build all main highways !of safe and saving concrete. ISTHEBEflt tOW-COSI ROAD PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1306 Syndicate Trust BJdg., St. Louis, Mo. A notional orgonizglion to Improve ond extend the uses of concrete ... thecujh KtenMic research and engineering field work Nevada County February 11, 1942 Prepared by Helen Ilesferly O. & G. Lease, filed 2-10-42, A. H. Boswcil from W. D. Friday et al, S SW Sec. 7, Twp. 14, Rge. 22 W. Minerals Deed, filed 2-9-42, Horace C. C;ibe, et ;il from J. B. Cross et ux, SW SW and NW NW, Sec. 2 and 11, Twp. 12, Rge. 21 W. Warranty Dsed, O. & G. & Min- qrals, filed 2-7!/(l, T. L. Gprland from 1. B. Davis, N NE, See. 27 Twp. 12, Rge. 23. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-9-42, Allen Buibt-rson from Lee Whitehurst et ux, Sec. 34, Twp. 13, Rge. 22. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-10-42, Hunt Oil Company from Gene Goff et ux Sec. 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, and 23, 25, and 31, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-10-42, Hunt Oil Company from R. W. Rogers et ux, Sec. 14, 15 and 23, Twp. 14, Rge. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-9-42, Rufus Martin et al from J. M. Davis et ux SW NW of Sec. 35, Twp. 12, Rge. 2s! Warranty Deed on Lots, 10 and 11 Block 20, Railroad Survey, Prescott, Arkansas, filed 2-7-42, H. V. Scott from A. T. Bratlon et ux. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-9-42, Hunt Oil Company from W. A. Caudel et ux, SW NE, of Sec. 7, Twp. 14, Rge. Royalty Deed, filed 2-10-42, E. J. Hudson from H. E. Bemis, S'/2 NW SW, Sec. 34, Twp. 12, Rge. 20. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-9-42, and separate Royalty Deed, Quentin Wheelington from Bodcaw Bank of Stamps, Arkansas, S NW of Sec. 10, Twp. 15 Rge. 23 W. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-10-42, Lion Oil Refining Co. from P. J. Drake SE Sec. 26, Twp* 13, Rge. 22 W. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-10-42, Wm. C. Nolen from W. A. G. Woodward et ux. SW SE Sec. 6, Twp. 15, Rge. Mineral Deed, filed 2-7-42, J. M. Passwaters from Howard Manning Sec. 26, 27, and 34, Twp. 13 S Rge 22 W. • Royalty Deed, filed 2-10-42, Leo N. Sail! from Clyde Wheelington and others. S 1 ^ NW, Sec. 10, Twp. 35 S Rg(.-. 23 W. I seen the challenge they make to cou- [ rageous 'and imaginative effort to create a better life for everyone." The central fact revealed oy five difefrent surveys of post-war possibilities made during the past year is this: the stimulus of war has enabled the United States to do what it could not bring itself to do in time of peace—that is, use its full productive facilities, and even increase them. The steps which we haltingly took in mortal fear of brankruptcy have been dwarfed already by the war effort. Stuart Chase points out that we have already appropriated twice as much for war purposes as the whole governmental effort at rehabilition cost in the previous eight years. Yet during those eight years everybody feared bankruptcy, and now only a comparative few fear it. Not because it is any less possible, but because a prospect so much worse has been shown us that we know that the chance must be taken. All authorities agree that the situation that will go with "demoblizing" war industries at a time when millions of young men are returning from armed service will be scarcely less critical. We may then be in a mood to take chances with orthodox economics that we were loath to take before, since the alternative of social disintegratoin may then loom up before us, just as the possibility of losing the war and becoming a vassel state looms up today. In other words, if we fight,our postwar difficulties with as great deter- r mination as we now fight the war, we have just as good a chance to win. It would be just as fatal to approach that battle without advance plans or preparations as it would be to fight (he present war unprepared. Charles W. Elliot, Director of the National Resources Planning Board,, pointed the way when he said "We j are not going back to anything." We are going forward, and only the general direction can be known. That direction looks toward recognition of the fact that the real wealth of the country lies in its productive facilities, its farms, its skills, its character, and its people, and that these must be used to the fullest possible capacity, even j if in doing so some of the old rules arc- violated or totally disregarded. New techniques and methods will be found but the aim of making life better for rill is the ancient American aim. It is only by looking forward to such a future that we can-make fighting the war worth while ... By planning for it now, we insure against a "Peace-Time Pearl Harbor" when the war shall be over. Thursday, February 1V Use of Tin Cans Is Cut Heavily Not for Beer, Dog Food/ Tobacco or Oil, March 1 WASHINGTON -(/f>)_ The War Production Bonrd Wednesday ordered n drastic reduction in the manufacture nnd use of tin cnns and pro- hibited the canning of such products as beer, dog food, pork and beans, coffee, tobacco nnd oil after Mnrch 1. Thr bonrd also directed manufacturers to eliminnto small-size cnns, nnd established priorities on fuluro production. Experts estimated the orders would cut consumption of tin by cnn manufacturers about 40 per cent compared with 1941 figures—a saving of nt. least 15.500 tons. Unlimited production of cnns will be permitted for packaging tin? principal items on which the Agriculture Department hns sot production goals nnd which would spoil if not canned while fresh. T'lese include fruits, vegetables, tomato juice, milk and fish. Production of cans fir "secondary products" nnd "special products," as the bonrd designates them, will hp limited to the 1940 output. The secondary products cover fruils and vegetables not regarded ns of primary important, including nples, poaches, uirtMipples, prunes and similar items. The special products nre chemical, dental nnd industrial duels. There were almost 17,000 motion picture thcntcrs in operntion in 1941 in the United Slnlrs. _ It's always like When your old dress becomes young again! No wonder you're pleased! it does look like a brand new dress. But that's not unusual for anything cleaned at Hall Bro's. The same care is given to every article — whether it's a rayon scarf or a lame formal, the finished results spells "Perfection!" HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Phone 385 ROBISON'S Outsta nding Buys For • • • Wash Silk Dresses Men's Work Shirls A big selection of wash silk dresses. You'll love these and will want several at this special low price. Complete range of sizes. 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