Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 13, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, February 13, 1958
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OF Hir-Tc l.^;i 19, .".r.c;:i'.':':3 VOLUME 42, NO. 33 FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents 13 FEBRUARY 1958 with the editor NEW TRAINING CAR Rex Roberts, 64, Shower for Dies At Fayette Mrs. Madalyn Rasmussen Funeral services will be held today (Thursday) at the St. . Francis Catholic Church here A P° s '-»»Ulial shower was Mr. Roberts died of a heart " '" tlu ' '"'^""'"t of the attack Monday morning Lutheran church last Friday Burial will' be in St. Jo.scuhis '- v " nin K for Ml ' s - Madalyn Vierow i • ... . * A r»tv i ' T i"i cemetery in Wadena. A program was presented for en- TOWN... Processors Dennis Machavelli You will recall the picture of Sen. .Martin we had in a couple of weeks ago noting the remarka- able resemblance between the senator and Fayette's Russell Swartz. Last Friday Russell received a letter from Sen. Martin in Washington which said, ttw Dear Russell: "I was highly honored by Don Kimball in the Fayette County Leader of January 23. When I received the paper I recognized my picture in his editorial column but had to read to the end of it to discover how it all happened. That leads me to write to you to let you know how proud I am to have my picture mistaken for yours ... I would like to have the opportunity to take you and Don to lunch in the Senate dining room . . ." ttw Russell told me I could have his meal and what Senator Martin doesn't know is that I'll be there in less than two weeks to collect! ttw One of the finest Christmas gifts of 1958 was that of Albert Martin III to his mother. II was a trip to Tallahassee, Florida given in the form of a bus ticket. Albert and Lois Byng D. worked on it December 2nd, wrapped it in the miniature of a greyhound George Capell, Fayette High School Mathematics and Student Driver Training instructor, is .shown ., — ..« u ^..». . i i 11 i '.-i,MH n LJ\.:I m ID iviill nilVt 111 He is survived by his wife, the comment. *>"ndra Gray played of chi Illmois anfj n . former Martha Welsh, and eight Uvo P'" no : °'" s - J->""V'"d Jim- B( , ;m , n;UTh;lJ , of GarVt Incli;ma . children. They are Cecelia, Mrs. '" y AslUl i' ""»i u ' m ";: la «' U( ' were Sunday callers on Professor n.i t -.. 11 c,,,;<i. /~\»i :_ ...i two accorclian sons. Wiina and „ ... . Ru.ss.ll Smith, Oelwcin whose two husband died Sunday; Madeline, ^ a - v Mrs. Frank Winn. East Chicago, Brown 111.; Zeta, Mrs. Jack O'Haira Oelwein; Donald, Waterloo- of thu shower commit!*: a lunch. Wihna an. s:,n;: "Tin- Little '" the Vale." Madalyn was assisted in open'"- hor eifu '-'>' : ' Irs - <-'"'• •'* Wayne, Gary, Ind.; Dale, who H'! enSV ° lc1 ,' hl ' r . ( '"";V' n fnml West farmed with his father at Fayette, and Richard, with the Army S.curity division at Boston. One. son, Leslie, died in 1939. Also surviving are 10 gradchil- dren, four great-grandchildern, one sister, Mrs. Ed Wenger, Elgin; Miner Tv/ins Guests a half-brother, Howard Roberts, A t r>- »LJ n Fayetto; a half-sister, Mrs. At Birthday I arty Charles Troyer, Waterloo; his RANDALIA — Mr,-. Mildred slop-mother, Mrs. Etta Dunn, Minor gave a parly Friday alter F;""'tte. school for lier .win-;, Shirl. y and Mr. Roberts, who farmed all Gerald who wen- nine years old h,s life in the Fayette communi- Bingo was p!::y, ,1 nnlil hmeh ly, was born March 25, 1893. time. Present wire i'o;i;;h,: Dean -- Davis, Douglas Gerald Pa-is, Guests In I.iiv'a Lot schc, Connie I'aulsen, Rasmussen Home D;i ' n ' n 'y 7i ^'" H,,h, ,'t 'Var'-''.^ 1 ,,! Miss Karen Cowles of Eau Rollyn and Mardenc Schroedrr, Claire, Wisconsin and her aunt, Uoburla Amos, Charles Otto, Mrs. Melvin Scott, of Colfax, Darwin Sorge, Philip Thyer! Wise. were overnight guests Keith Kelly and .Janet Miner. Wednesday at the Mrs, Chrk, Douglas Gerald Davis and Lin- Rasmussen home. c ja Loe.u'he stayed overnight. •<y G. James Douglas of Fayet They formerly taught with him in a Tennessee college. * . • « • Mr. and Mrs. Wavnc Barnes Union and Janice Ilennigos from T d ; u '« lltpr ' . Dlana : - s : pcnt Su , IV Fayette. Mrs. Lnu.so Herman of ? ay , " ,„ P' Iows | l . u \ 1 P in . g ^ Dubucil'.e registered the ('ifts. The T^. 4 ' , Ml ' S ' Bamt>S fathL ''" S 66th ... c ' n ir. }trl "1 \< irlhday. * • * • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burn; an 1 son an ! Mrs. Ida Burns a'- t 'n !r ('. the 50th \ve.lding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Oldfather Sunday at Strawberry Point. Mr Etta Wiltsie who kcoos lions;, for the F. A. Kiels spent the day in Stanley visiting friends. « « * • Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Reishus, Ro.-'ir.-ter, formerly of Fayet io, WTI- wri k end visitors in tlii- F,. . . Verma/.en home. Mr: ,;esi av mornm! T •'}•-.••. '.-a; Ink- Union IIospit.,1 TALLE ANNOUNCES THAT ENGINEER OFFICE WILL NOT BE CLOEED —-• • Congressman Henry C). Talle. Fayette Creamery Coop Sccond Iowa Dislrict ; . inn ., um ., ;il A>>hie Sv; 1. attended a in Wadena C.• Florence Wallis of Mc\vas a week-end caller in the Mrs. Martha Noble home. ( _ Holds Annual Meeting l °day '" Washington that the bus and put it under the tree. a t> 0 ve as he accepts the keys to a 1958 Chevrolet which will be used in studem^" driver training here. The Fayette Cooperative Army En 2' nol -' rs ' District Office was a Sundaj Mrs. Martin plans to leave lor p resent i ng hi, n w j t h the keys is Dean A. Kenyan, Manager of the Kenyan Motor Company here. Creamery Association held its at Rock Island. Illinois, will not the Martha 1 J-lorida the zist^ot J-eoruary. (Leader Photo) annual meeting at the Ptem be closed. Tallc issued his stuto- hc did . dunlal . _ __— .... , ....... r: ; Bureau building in Fayette Wed- ment after a meeting with Dewey Jt segms that Mrs. Grade Russell Smiltt>,.45, Visitors With William Su\8«*U n«rt*y «t 12-.<Hr. A-Auneh <rf ham' Short -JvssisfanT'Secret'arv'o'f IhV-" 9 ' ~~ Sttrk. teadher at Fayette, reuent- Brother Of Floyd Smith Mrs. Ed Humiston Move Into New Home '°" f was SCrved by the Catholic Army. In a joint release" follo Dr. L. Molumhy of West 'Union :iy business caller in Noble home where he did dental work. ly assigned the Gettysburg Address to her class for commitment to memory. In that class is Buck Maxson who has been conscient- were ealli'd to Redding, Minn, for the death of Mrs. Campbell's 'S. Buned Wednesday Visitors in the home of Mrs. Mr - and Mrs - Wm - Singer Ralph Sinnott, President of the >ng the metMng, it was staled: sister, Mrs. John Alter Ed and Florence Humiston last moved into their new home on group, presided at the meeting. ' Alter several months oi study. A resident of Oelwein since Sunday were Dr. and Mrs. A. N. v 'ne St. Monday, February 10. R oscoe Cousins, secretary of the the ch "' f <)f Engineers today rec- iously trying to learn it and even 1941, Russell C. Smith, died un- Humiston of Cedar Rapids and The Singers moved to Fayette grou p, read minutes and present- °'i""<-'nded to the Honorable reciting it while working with a expectcdly Sunday at 10:00 at his Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Humiston of f'' ol » Winthrop. ed the annua l report. Dewey Short, Assistant Secretary little help from the rest of us. The home at 124 6th Ave. S.E. Waterloo and their daughter The group was welcomed to " f V ie ,„!''"?' th "f Uu ' UcK ' k , little help from the rest of us. The nome at 1^4 otn AVC. ^.K. Waterloo and their daught other day he came up with this Funeral services were held Judy, and Mr. and Mrs. Dick remark (bear in mind that he yesterday at Sacred Heart church ciine and son Ricky. ^ppreicates popular music along in Oelwein. -with the rest of his generation): Mr. Smith, 45, a mechanic at "H they'd put the Gettysburg John Deere's in Waterloo, is sur- Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pntchard Address on a record and put vived by his wife, the former Observe 58th Anniversary behind it it wouldn't Cecelia Roberts, and two sons, neahard"oean. r Kenneth, serving in tha U.S. Saturday, February 8th, near so nal < Mr. And Mrs. John Bahl To Observe 50th Wedding Anniversary group Fayette by the editor of tht land, Illinois, District of the LEADER who spoke in place of Corps of En^m-ors be con.inued /-v, n ^K»,. n t r^ m ,T,orno ProciHont as a District Ofhce. Ihe studies Chamber of Commerce President Kenyan who was out of town on business. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John Bahl will celebrate their 50th Wedding An- _. . _. _., _ nivcrsary this Sunday, 16 Feb. Volga Kiver Klders Io 1958 Have Dance-Party personnel strength in the Rock Island District, which will be accomplished largely by transfers to oilier governmental activities in the area, and by normal attrition." Today's announcement is the result of a meeting held with the transferring the Rock Island Dis- Chief of the Army Engineers, trict functions to the St. Paul General L. C. Itschner, and sever- Di.strict, ;he present indefinite- al Members of Congress whose ness of the amount of future Districts border on the Mississip- work such a consolidation pro- P' RlvO1 '- Thls meeting was held Marine Corps at Oceanside, Calif, and Mrs. Dan Pritchard cele- JT rSst£y^ mt£ * Als^one-'s^trs. Lucille SSarT' *** ^^ *"' ceJSS T S? Fr^cis * Church FAYETTE - The Volga River ^^ C ^^C^ 0 l '«„ ^.^ Sha^d^ the Sunday Register of the little Ayrlin g ton ; one brother, Mrs. Zaida Bach and two boys PaPrish Hall from 2 to 5 in the Riders will sponsor a dance and Engineers recommended that, f£*mM TaHe cmp hasuedthe ifriit of Floyd Smith, Fayette; his father, came to visit from Urbana. She afternoon . card party Friday evening at the pending a clearer view of the £«- t ;> l t() ™^'°» Jh work i,- Pnn |« Svina Frank Smith, Clayton, la., and is the Pritchards' daughter. Cold Fricnds of M r. and Mrs. Bahl Community Hall in Maynard. future program, both districts be PiLmatu L be(.dust n ut" woik him. Pop is saying *• , , >,, J 4l — ,—, „•!,„,.,. r^^ nttonH_ , , .. ^..!__ -:<•._ T-I „ ...;u .K«. „ ,™ti,,,.v ^ir,, 1( .r in r.nntinnr>H This Mr. Short an- needs to be done in tnc lutuie, We were looking thru old cuts in one of the numerous storage cabinets in the LEADER . office the other day and found Januaiy 12th this cut of Douglas Fay. He was born April 23, 1912, at and Qne sister> Mrs celebrated anmversary They will be guests at a re- Also by one sister, Mrs. Lucille niversary. ception _. , • ' Kic h»n v "nn"the Beltz, Arlington; one brother, Mrs. Zaida Bach and two boys p ar j s h Hall guy lying on ms oeuy oni uie gm Fayette; his {a ther, came to visit from Urbana. She a f tc rnoon. card party Friday evening at the pending .. _.„... ,..,. ... .... , because much work 2.°°!imV U i yingh *Pnn \* Svina Frank Smith, Clayton, la., and is the Pritchards' daughter. Cold Fricnds of M r. and Mrs. Bahl Community Hall in Maynard. future program, both districts be PiLmat u L be. (.dust n ut" woik the TV'above him. Pop is saying grandchildr en. weather kept others from attend- arc requestcd not to bring gifts There will be a .potluck dinner in continued This, Mr. Short ap- ^.^ bcf w ° h ^ h c^notbedel to Mom: "Reminds you of Abe t. preceded in death by ing. to the occasion. connection with it, according to proved. However, economics w.ll tht^x.Lnt of whith^annot be dc Lincoln, doesn^ it? ^ ™ t h er ^ and one sister, Mrs. — Mrs. Herb Brown. be realized by some reductions m ^^^^anTa™ pointed out " "" " that traffic on the Mississippi has ! r:en incn.'":;:ng rapidly from /Mr to year. Tall . expressed gratification at today's action as he was one of the first to protest the closing of the Rock Island District Office when it was first indicated last ,-ummer that such u proposal LEE E. KOEBEL DEATH REPORTED Fayeite friends of the late Lee Arlington, "the son of "Frank and E. Koebel were shocked to learn Pearl Stone Smith. last Thursday of his recent death Mr. Smith was a member of and burial. the Knights of Columbus and Jn letterg to Mrs p B claxton Moose lodge. ^ ^ ^ MastcrSi Mrs . Koebel reported the information contained here. Mr. Koc»bel was taken to the hospital on Christmas eve suffering from a bad case of ulcers, heart trouble, of the two rein his death on 23 January Mrs, E. E. Beck Home From Omaha Mrs. E. E. Beck returned from Omaha Sunday evening where she had spent the previous week. She was visiting there following the death of her uncle. Kil Kare Klub Met February 4th 1958. Mr. Koebel was buried in Wayland, Iowa. Mrs. Koebel was unable to journey to Iowa to attend the services here. A California mortician was ta inform Fayette residents of Mr. death, but did not ac- The Kil Kare Klub met Feb. 4th at the home of Viola Bonjour n ~nnH thouBht we couldn't with 12 members, 1 guest and 5 ^mpUsh this. Many Fayette folk 0 1, when 1^ why we would children present. have expressed there regret that recall when or wny we wuu^ The next meeting wlU be Feb. thcy did not know in time to send would be made. CONGRESSMAN TALLE REPORTS TO PEOPLE OPPOSE CUTS IN REA FUNDS A cut of 33 million dollars in REA and RTA funds is called tor m ilie iludgei just presented to i. (in jre.--s. I plan to fight any cm m ti:i'..e lunJs. I do not ta»o.' any cu;_ in funds which are u ..Alv'd in maintaining and promoting the progress of either i..e uural KU ctriiicaiion Admin- istraiion or the Rural Telephone .' .ii;n.:-:i-.ilion. 1-lota of these agencies are of vital concern to larmers and such a tremendous record of success has been have such a cut, until we realized evening was the time i th days no too far in i thefUtl "' e - ttw clothe to - m , H l!f '^SnSL 8 £±£: Benny Kammerman Mrs. Wm. Mullins Dies Tuesday Underwent Surgery Twentieth Century Club Officers Century Club of Fay- splendid examples of how a gov- The to-meetin' ciouies «* B"—" ": What author-professor of com- "^ Q "gu rv ° V ed""by"relatives in Benny Kammerman of Fayette Mrs. Gertrude Mullins under- Colgrove-Walker for me r t para tive languages is sporting a w aland and other placas . died suddenly early Tuesday went a serious operation at Pal- . enviable one' As given by UIU's Mr. Robert Key debonaire new b i ack DUlt around * . morning of a heart attack. mer Hospital in West Union ette met and elected officers this °« Jainia , v i IQRB the Oow» ton. Fayette and the campus? Initials Memorial fund He , s survived by his two sons> Tuesday evening. Her family re- week Those elected for lhe mcnt had advanced ' thr o U gh REA , u w hP regarded as no are Grover Jim ' , Friends of the Lee Koebel fam- John and Richard Their mother ports that the operation was sue- Mrs flnd RTA ab(jut th It should be legaiaea ttw Uy who may wish to contribute preceded their father m death cessful and that she is doing fc doUa to farmer erali less than supn* and we »« » One o£ these daya we 'n have a to a memorial fund, may leave He was employed by the Mil- fine." bet, Resident, Mrs. &. JL. uecK, Qn tha d ^ ^ ^ »• hearing comphmen ta »yj, have story about him, one of -UIU's their contributions at the Walker waukee Road. Dr. Scott Linge performed the Vice-President, Mrs. W. V. Clark, had ^ paid back ; r Qn Janu " about it. Special pi a' t two professors who have written Flower Shop and the money will His body was taken to Monti- operation for gall bladder. Mrs. Secretary and Mrs. Oakely Davis, i on i y s j x O f 939 ac tive borrow- been heard about ni =,, l " bc De . tne ir own textbooks. Other is Dr. be sent to Mrs. Koebel for use in cello where funeral services will Mullins will remain in the hoa- Treasurer. ers were overdue on their ipay- tion of "Isle Joyous*. y £ Naylor- any way she may wishi be heldi p it a i j or a while, bussy. — — l continued on page 6

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