Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS THurstTay, NovdmKer 2,1939 I Panama Canal Goes on 'War Footing/ Troops Board All Ships in Transit By THOMAS M. JOHNSON | NEA Service Staff Correspondent ' WASHINGTON - In Panama, the '. United States Army is inarching as to I war. And in lhe.se times, it must. j For if war strikes America, it will ; probably strike first at America's Hie- . line, the Canal. ! And even though America today is . neutral, the Canal is menaced with' possible sabotage by any belligerent I who might decide he thus could weaken his enemy's maritime strength. Therefore, what last sulnmer were ' only blueprints or bright ideas, havj ' now been put into effect, and recent, 1VC HAZARDS I OLD AGE...ACCIDENT TOTAL DISABILITY SICKNESS... DEATH Talbot Feild (Sr.) District Manager Hope and Texarkana, Ark. Phone W7. P. O. Box 44, Hope, Ark. 9 Years with Reliance Life Steamer Capitol On Fall Excursion Steamer to Leave Barfield Landing After Hope- Blytheville Game On its end-of-the-season trip down the Mississippi from St. Paul, the excursion steamer Capitol will stop at Barfield Landing. Ark., on Friday. November 3 for the Inst excursion Ihi.s season. The moonlight dance trip, sponsored by.Elliott Fletcher Chapter of U. D. C. and Charlevoix Chapter of D. A. R. will leave Barfield Landing after the football game. Music for dancing will start at 8:30. | In keeping with the tradition of good j music on this steamer, the Capitol is ! featuring Piehon's 12-piecc 'Mississippi Serenaders" on its fall cruise down the river. This big-time troupe of master musicians and entertainers, said to be one ot the finest cUnuT bands on the river, has been a distinct smash hit at St. Paul this sumvner. Veteran Razorback Tackles Reminiscent of World War times was this scene as 1150 men and 29 officers boarded an army troop transport at Boston, the otbcr day, hound for duty in Congratulations to Talliot Fcild On Winning his Second RELIANCE GOLD WATCH and also ••making" the §100,000 CLUB and PERFECT PPiOTECTION CLUB Your suggestion to the company to make the purchase locally and their consenting to do so shows a fine spirit. Grocery 25 Years in Business in Hope, Ark. Events Give Nazis Best News Report They Have Spectacular : End of It—But America Unimpressed It may not be our war, but we are subject to jlaily "hot uir" raids —propaganda raids—that might Well be us filial to our neutrality as bombing attacks. In this article a propaganda analyst (ells bow mitions lit war have attempted to win American favor. He considers also the results obtained. Ships—American and foreign alike—pass through the Panama Canal only under the close scrutiny ot the U. S. Army. weeks have seen important progress in strengthening tho defences of the Ca- A r R o5 Pale, Weak? IF you arc pale, weak, tire easily and fee! logy ami dull, you may nccil a tonic to help build you up. Ur I'icrce's Golden Medical l)i-< - i.ivcrv Stimulate.-, she- appetite. incrcn-i 1 - ihc flow of ua-trir juice, thu- tcndiny ' ' ilb :, 4 ••A ;, Congratulations to Talbot Feild DISTRICT MAXAGIiK of the Reliance Life Insurance Co. of PiUsburg'h find I On Winning the Hamilton Gold Watch the Reliance Life on making the purchase in Hope Hope Auto Co. Ford for Forty nal and the whole vital Caribbean area. For example— A passenger ship goes through the canal today—but not with her own Captain at the helm. She first is searched by a squad of American soldiers, who then board her and direct her transit of the Canal. AJH! that ship is an American liner'. The troops who conic aboard a German ship are not just a vquad, but an entire company. They search her as the ragged Continentals searched Benedict Arnold, and every lock she passes through is immediately dredged for— v.'i.-ll—bombs. British and French ships, too. arc inspected and chaperoned. Sabotage Danger Greater Before War Oncf a war began, sabotage danger would initially be. diminished, for iii)-.lilo foreigners near the Canal, who aie now card-indexed, could be inlern- td. But a yri-'ater danger would ari.sc-r- iiir—raids, 'most likely from bases on nearby islands now virtually unfortified. Therefore welcome- is Holland's intention to -;pcnd SI,000,000 on anti- fiirci'ufl (lcferi.sc for Curacao and Arubu. whence come he;ivy oil shipment.". Fn,lection against air raids for the I'.marni: Canal is. of conr,-:<j. ;i matter far more expensive and extensive. Recently the Canal Zone has rc- heai.sed blackouts, .snuffing every ligfil not only .strtols ;JIK! houses.-but automobiles, street cars and evunthe glaring necklace about the Canal's slim By CLYDE K. AIIL.I.EK : Director. Institute 'for Prii- pngcinda Analysis ! (Written for the AP feature Service) . ] NEW YORK — So fur. German ' war propaganda has been much better than the British or French. This is due to the nature of the war itself. The Germans, amazingly successful in their military campaign in Poland, could afford to send out rhotographs. and to let newspapermen go right along behind their armies. The British and French, on the other hand, have had very little news , to give out. There has boon little action on the Western Front. And a Ions colorless capaign to strangle Germany : by economic blockade will not pro- I duce many news stories. ' One factor of enormous important i is the difference between 19M com- ; munication.s and today's. ''• In 1914, the British cut the German ; cables. Tho result was that the Allies controlled most of the news. Today —thanks to radio and monograms- all the countries in Europe can reach us an our newspaper. 1 ;. i Results? ; Despite the work done by German , propagandists to date, there is nn (sign that, Nn/i propagandists are be- i ginning to win even mild U. S. ap- i proval of Hitler's alliance wtih St/ilin j or of Hitler's conquests. i The very efficacy of Germany pro- ! paganda has boomerang possibilities, ' This is because Hitler is so gcncrnlly \ distrusted. The better the clissenminat- ion of his propaganda, the mure arc the American people reminded of ;> conquest they don't like and of a leader they like still less. Britain's Eight-Hall Pronounced as U. S. sentiment is in favor of the Allies, the French and British still have a great deal to over come as a result of their previous concessions —- notably at Munich— to Hitler. The British propagandists arc well aware that tho memory of Czechoslovakia presents, in the ease of many Americans, an extraordinarily difficult hurdle for the British. Taking Winston Churchill, a bitter opponent of the Munich p;ict, into the British cabinet, tended to make some Americans forget the appeasement policy. Honce Churchill's appointment was effective propaganda in America for England. •Iro(|imis' Incident On the other side, a recent Germany propaganda act was the warning issued by Admiral Raoder that the S. S. Iroquois, an American .ship, wa.s lo be sunk. The Germans we ing to plant, in American minds a sus- hom«. She Dresses the Pnvl Even her costume reflected bar new outtiffllc on life. The wnrrns red ^ool iersey dress lent color to her face. She also w.'io a luxurious brown fur stole, -i tight bonve,- bat (she Rot that In Paris—from Su?.y) and diamond 'bracelets Hint matched large diamond engagement and wedding rings. "I was sincere when I said in my book that I lived alone nnd liked it. I loved my small mid-town apartment and entertaining in it. But this is different. "You know J always was interested in a house and meals. I've just never had so much time or so much equipment before—and it's thrilling." What docs .she do all day—now thnt she has given up her writing find .speaking and public appearances? "Oh. I plan the meals . . . and 1 fix the flowers. We have some really beautiful gardens and flowers at the house out at Hunlington. "1 always have breakfast fit 7:30 with my husband and drive lo the .station with him to catch the 8:12. "No, I don't drive myself. The chauffeur docs. I haven't driven ever -since 1 had a little Ford and lived with my family in Bronxville. "And I still haven't gotten caught up with my letter-writing. People were so nice when we were married. The lelcrs ran into the hundreds. 1 guess." 'Just Airs. Koulston' i How about rending . . . and en- ; Icrtaming , . or cooking, maybe? "I've done a little reading. Nothing | very serious, although I did finish 1 I 'Grapes of Wrath' on my way back i from Europe. ' "Yes. we have done quite a little ! I entertaining. No big parties. Just j i small dinners—and week-ends when I j people come out. I "No. I can't honestly say I'm leurn- I ing to cook." j What docs she plan for the win- I for? j First, they'll move from the Houls- i ton estate out in Huntington, Long j Island, to the big house in Brooklyn. j After that she plans lo be "just Mrs. Houlslon." Chamber of Commerce Seesjf It'll Worl UUNTlNGTok BEACH, Cnlif.— (A —Possibility of obtaining ambovgb from oil i.s being studiod by the chain-* ber of crftmncrcc. The immensely valuable siibstiinccjji which forms in whales nnd which isi used in perfumery, has been discovcr-l ed in peiloleutn from southern Cali-| fornia wells but has not yet been comj incrciallv extracted. * Thu mysterious sense of direction! piixse.'isi.'tl by burning pigoon.s is di ruplcd by radio waves. KAYETTEVILLE. Ark.—Although three letter men arc available for Uicklc position:-; on the I9o!) Kazorbaeks. a real fii?ht has developed for the .starling jobs. Saul Singer, Dudley Mays and Jan Carter won their letter at tackle last fvusm\ but are being pushed hard by Newman Miller, 1938 squiid man. ;md by two outstanding sophomores, Bobby Allinson, 223- puundcr from El Dorado, and Rollo Simmons, 218-poundor from El Paso, Texas. Singer is the heavyweight of the, tackles, hitting the beam at 251 and standing G feet 4 inches tall. Carter is also 6-4 and weighs 225. Mays, ;i 209-pound .senior from Fordycc, is the most experienced of the lot. Smallest of thu tackle'candidates is Miilcr, weighing 215 and standing 6 feet 1 inch in height. The following notice wus inserted in a rural weekly: "Anyone found near my chicken j house at night will be found there next morning." Ex-Spinster Has Look at Marriage Woman Who Wrote "Live Alone and Like It" Now is Married In I'.UIi. Marjurie llillis wrote: "You might as \\cll face the fact i,illy in the ;;,MIIC that if. ill -III, you arc HvbiR alone, you will probably still be living alone, or wisbing you could, at fifty, sixty, .••evenly ;:ml oven eighty." Tlii-n nil Aug. 1 this year she married. Here .lean Durimm tells what sliu says today. By JOAN DUJUIAiM AI* Keiiturr Service Writer NEW YO11K -- Living alone- and liking it may have its advantages, but married life- has cvc-n more, says M;ir- jm-ic Hillis iMr.s. Thomas H.) Roulston. I'll-year-old author of tlic well- known book. U will .soon be three months since tlii' (.iic'('-busy authorees retired to private lifu as a housewife and abandoned u casx-er that had brought j her f.-imc and a mode/it fortune. ! "At the moment I can barely re'; member that I once led such a life," the radiant bride of the wealthy ! 65-year-old Brooklyn chain store merchant said as she put on a little more lipstick preparatory to having her photograph taken. "I'm almost too contented." There was ical warmth in her voice, sparkle in her eyes, and a genuine flush on ,ier checks as she told of her huiu-yinoon in ISiimpc and Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Crcomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, Increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back, CREOMULSION forCoughs,Chest Colds, Bronchitis Week-End SPECIALS at BRIANT'S We iirc .sole ngcnLs in Hope for (lie Nationally known "Nyal Remedies" wild have the reputation of being one of the very best known and rclinble IMi-illi-imil vnluc. Every one sold under positive guarantee (o give satisfaction. Nyal Milk of Magnesia Pints«)9G Nyal Mineral Oil Pints u!fG Nyal Antacid Powder 50c Nyal Corn Remedy 25c Nyal Honey & Horehound Cough Syrup 25c and 50c Nyal Cough Drops 5c Agency for Martha Washington Candies YOUR Trade Appreciated We Deliver Briant's DRUG STORE Phone 535 No, sir... I'm not bragging, I'm telling you an Automatic OUTSTANDING SELECTIONS Student l.aniji •Shop our 1'iiriiiturc Dupl. for ail .tour needs. HOPE HARDWARE CO. t ui thei- moves to .solve this vitiil Problem of Canaldefcnse have been tu continue work on new anti-aircraft nun:-:. M."m:ltliglits ;md listening sta- 'ion.s. jiiitl to place air defense in charge of ma:->ive, expert Brigadier General .;it [<")r.Tf ord Jiiniuiii. Uut anti-aircraft defense i.s very '!:•.•!'.;.- under tiopic ^kie.s. and plenty' •i( \>h-:i<:-: LHL needed. Last suuvmcr ; t in.,u;:,i hiid but ninety, of which > I;OIH- n-;,- of Die latest typo. Now Gen- ; lal D;n-yue lias received icinforte- ; J.I--.-JL, aii'l i.s pah-i.-iling the Caribbean ' or : uLinurinch. which F resident HOOJC- j ••eU li;<> j-j:,t forbidden our ports. ; Hope lu lluve S-cci;nd Canal 'flu.- sjniTi-xm i;f 15.000 has been rein-i \<j\'-<!f.\ by ,-ititi-aircraft gunners and a ' 'lurd i fuiinc-iit of infuiilry. despite the liirk of jjrojicr bat rack accjoininoda- j ".,,:>.: ! And v.-lule f.'ongi'js., authori/.«.-d the .ini»iii Uini project of ijuilditii^ it tie\v ".l t.( by-p.i.-i.-. locks to ensure the j M'av\ ;i quick and safe truunit of the I '..iiMal. ili.it ..iiui'.' cooyie-s appropriated ; .10 money !ur it. Which mean-, that i ioi ju.'.l IliiO. iii'jeli longer, there is only ] ..i'.- -el of locks lo bomb instead of ' i .'.-o. ! . ,\i:d lio-v '.nany year., longer will i , 'litre b:. or.iy or:e Canal lifeline to at- i •':.c!: ur'cti'J of i'vo'.' An an. i ;v/er seems in Nicaragua have finished a survey | for a barge canal that i.s a possible entering wedge for a ship canal to cost perhaps $700.000,000. This sum and more would be saved according to advocates of a Nicaragua canal—in naval vessels that would not have to be bulk piciou of lire- Allies. Tin- Na/.is are. 1 think, past masters at .sowing suspicion at hime. Their ami-Semitic campaign furnishes the proof. IiKiiilo Waves Another pi opayar.'la act, from an un known j-ourcc. was the broadcast in EtM-lin announcing an armistice. They may have been perpetrated by Hitler's opponents opperaling a secret radio sUilion. Or it may have been a calculated act of the Biitish. as the- official German version had it. Either way the results i.s the same in . ; tcrm.s of a ios.s of morale in Germany, cleatly endeavor- | Thc Gt . nn . m nt , oplc . wcre apparently. delighted the war was over, and that I delight, to judge from news dispatch- ] '. S, linn (U'iiito despair. Wltr.-n you consider the potentialities ol rsi.lio, thi.s incident i.s not surprising. The Germans themselves recently used the radio to spread reports of an important British naval loss, in an attempt lo break down morale in Edfilfiiifl by making liw British believe their navy i.-; vulnerable. 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