Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 24, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1971
Page 2
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editorials Garden City Teletfran Tbwsdoy, <*•»• 24> Knowing Red China Opposition to the admission of Red China should be aoftenisg with the changing atmosphere between the U.S. and Peking. Nixon's new trade policy with Mainland Qrina. is a case in point. Kansas Farm Bureau President Ray Friable calls on Kansang in all walks to support the policy. "It IB important to our Kansas farmers," said Frisbie, "that every possible market be open to us for the sale of wheat and other commodities. Mr. Nixon's new trade policy opens a door that has been closed to us too long." The trade policy could be the wedge to change attitude* about Red China's admission to the UN. The question is an old one, freely debated back in the high school classes of tfoe 1950s. In those days the negative po*it : on won the applause. And, while the thinking has changed through the years to a more positive view, there are still' dieharda around. One is Sen. Peter Dominick (R-Colo.) who thinka the Red Chinese should upgrade their behavior before the UN admits them. He said we would downgrade the standards of the UN by admitting a nation which had denied the UN charter and continues to sponsor worldwide revolution. We already have hardheads and non-conformists in the UN whose behavior ia questionable at times. But how can we hope for world peace without allowing all nations to belong to an international body which la designed to bring all countries to discuss problems, instead of fighting? No matter how much we may disagree with their form of government, we can't ever hope to understand or co-exist with them unless we find a place where we can sit down and talk with them. It is to our advantage, indeed important to our security, to have access to Mao Tse-tung's China, its people, its scholars and its trade. We do not have to like mainland China, imitate them or approve of them. The point Is that Mao's China is a reality, a major force in the world, and if we are to cope with it, we must know it. croBSWord "Much THE OTEIER DAY we worked Mizzle and this quote from Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" emerged in the solution: "The fashion wears out more apparel than the man. ART BUCHWALD WRITES: Little Old Lady in Tennis Shoes Awaits LBfs Book WASHINGTON — As soon as fee story broke concerning the MeXamara Pentagon study of the war in Vietnam I received a visit from my friend, the Barry? Every time Barry it like it was, Lyndon pulled the wool over the American people's eyes." "Now that's pretty strong. * * * THAT TRUTH is apparent at any rummage Bale, not to mention at your friendly neighborhood garage sales. AT DENVER'S Free University there ia a course (Number 32) listed as "Introduction to Theory and Practice of Witchcraft." The fee of $10.90 is to cover such costs as candles, bat'a blood and other items that will be needed for practice materials. * * * AND WE read about a lecture scheduled for the Colorado State Department of Social Services Which was billed as "Reflections for New Directions on Another Look at Looking Ahead—Consistent with the Normalization Principle." * * * IF YOU HAVE a yardful of Chinese elm trees and if the summer winds are anywhere near normal your summer recreation ia pretty well taken care of. You can stay right there at home and keep busy picking up the pieces. * * * A GIRL AWAY from home waited until Monday to call her father. She didn't lihink it would be proper to call him on Father's Day to give him greetings and then follow that with "I need mon- * * * FELLOW ON our street narrowly escaped a summer of unbecoming sloth ... bis daughter was going to give him a hammock for Father's Day, but she couldn't find one in the entire town. * * * THROUGH tlhe ages men of the cloth have devoted themselves to comforting the afflicted. But there is a trend now that is turning their attention to another facet of their calling—to afflict the comfortable. Garden City Telegram PublUhod Dally t*c«pt Sunday and Sli Holiday* Yearly ly The Toloeram Publlihlng Company 276-3232 310 N. 7th Cardan City, Kaniai, 47B46 In those days it was popular to fight, rather than switch. JACK ANDERSON REPORTS; Nixon Is Being 'Made Over' for 1972 Election WASHINGTON—Joe McGin- They paint the President aa public relations expects always nis's book, "The Selling of the a Wise ruler forever being fond- come in and are constantly President,", revealed in excruci- led by the rosy fingertips of riding me ... 'You have got to ating detail how presidential fortune. They rush to poke do this, that and the other candidate Richard Nixon was fiheir thumbs in every hole in thing to change your image.' I newspapers in one band and her tennis racket in the other, "what do you think of your President Johnson now?" "I don't know what to say." "AH the time he was calling Bany Goldwater a war-monger during the 1964 election campaign, he was secretly planning to bomb North Vietnam himself." "It's hard to believe th- President was going to do something like that," I said. "As a candidate of restraint and reason be sounded so convincing." "I haven't forgotten those days on the tennis court when you said my Barry was a dangerous Hawk who was going to get us involved in a war we had no chance of winning." "Please, little old lady in tecnis shoes," I begged. "Everyone can make a mistake." "Don't tell me that," she shouted, "after aH the fun you made of the people who supported Goldwater. You laughed at us at parties, you snickered at political rallies, you thought we were kooks. And all the while your boys were thinking of ways of provoking the Viet Cong so we could bomb the beE out of Hanoi." "I know it doesn't sound . good on paper," I said, "but I'm sure there must be an ex- planattion for it. Maybe President Johnson will tell us about it in his book." "I'm waiting for that book, sonny. It could turn out to be the greatest piece of fiction since "Love Story.' " "That's not a thiug to say," I said. "Well, what about all the /things they said about my r .t Art Buchwald , then when Lyndon got ~ at night, be made up a „„. of places he wanted to bomb in North Vietnam. It's all here in the report." "Look," I said. "It's ancient history. Let's go out and play "Hold on, junior. You're not getting off the book that easily. For seven years we've suffer- — <ihe 27 million of us who •for Bairry. Oh, how we suffered. You hooted at our bumper stickers, you spat on our bullions, you gufJawed at our tennis sihoes. You even made fun of Bill Miller." -Who's Bffl. Miller?" "Barry's vice presidential oandidiajbe, you idiot. Let me tell you something. We may not have rum a good campaign, but at least we don't have the Gulf of Tonkin hanging around our necks." "Anyone cam be sucked in," I said feebly. "You wouldn't have said that in 1964," she said. "All right, already," I (Tried. "Barry was the peace candidate and Lyndon was the war candidate. Does that satisfy you?" "Say you're sorry for the things you said 'about my boy." "I'm sorry." "Good," she miember, if yot ry Goldwater in 1964 it you never have to say you're sorry." HAL BOYLE SAYS; Being Contrary Is Part ot Human Nature NEW YORK (AP) - Jump- Speak kindly to your wife for k>g to conclusions: tihie next couple of motrths, fel- human nature and us human. For example, I have spent aGl my life on the lam from lamb. I know it widows. It is Pratt Man Charged First Degree Murder PRATT, Kan. tasty and nutritious, but amy occasion on which I can evade eating lamib is a moral victory. To me lamb is still a mouthful of wool, fit only for women and children too small to defend themselves. a day to simply be' cause you can't think of any about I feel the same way eggplant. Whenever I word, I get a "mental image of — Roger a green hen turning into a half- When a politician stairts wav- iig the tog too hard, it'* a idea to look under Ms rug see what he is seeking to hide. like following iflie prffl- of togetherness in marriage me Togetihetmiess in A EC display. They preened, powdered and pomade him. They taught him how to project a warm, fatherly, presidential ima/go on itihe tube. Whalt Nixon stood for was of Secondary importance. The overriding goal was to sell not the Issues but the image to the people. Now he Is being fitted with a new image for 1972. The'con- servative Nixon of 1968 is rapidly being liberalized before our eyes. >f .the studied effort to make his image appear 'genuine. Actual- For lalfof the Administration's ly, the White House is crawl- beUyaching about 'the networks, ing with professional image Nixon 'has commandeered more makers who bade behind a variety of titles but who contribute to presenttinig the President to the pubic in tihe best possible Alight. Jack No one wil say how many imaige specialists <aire on the without according to Sheriff Alva Jen- c hia,r?e stems of Ltmv ^an aman 20 PiwttTta TaT- sau lt ciharge result 'from the wounding of Mrs. John Jones, thing you can think of when one Never lend money to a guy of yo ,ur friends over 50 takes up who half the time wears one of jogging, is that you'll gat a hall has sox insidle out. You can't (jay off iCroini tone office to st* trust anyone who is fhiait badly jemd the services for him. organized. Experience is what costs « Unhappiniess to what a wile fellow so much to get when fib when her husband feels dkreisn't want it, and what so someone who toas it. why. prime time on Hhe nation's TV The process began liart lafl s<awo » ®*® j^S^ '* to pre " with his personal appearance, decessiors coimibiMed. public He fire! Ms hairber and hir- image experts note mat Nix< on to careful to choose forma ,ts feat tend to project him as warm" figure. They also ed Miiltan Pitts., a tonsoaial isit; who is billed ais "Washing ton'a Heating men's hair stylist» point out that Whtm he is inter* Pitts promptly washed «he oil vtowed^on television, be invari- and goo out "" L " """ -----combed out ti and gave suDt: a 'natural" look. White House payroll. But con- 20. The shootings took place _ . . .. Sciential sources put the num- Tuesday morning during a par- happy, and she can't tor flhe many buisraesis firms pay so ber alt albout 55, counltmig secre- ty ait the lake, Jenkins said, lite of her figure out the reason litle fflor when thiey demand taries. Mrs. Jones underwent sur- Of course, all Presdldfemts gery at the Pratt County Hospi- have .attempted to sell them- tal to remove a bullet from her lanid itheir programs. But side, and was dismissed, in the history of the Rotas a Presidienit ait- task with more cold \CROSSWORD By Eugene Sheffer calculation and more expert than has Richard Nixon. Bargain CaddJlacs—We were Bible Thought /"Behold, I Isend you forth as sh««p in the midst of wolv*s: be ye therefore wise •> ser> HORIZONTAL ST. Agreed of Nixon's hair, **%' choose? to he questioned the first to report that emigres- pents, and harmless is doves." ends low- hy the network "amehor men" sionial chairmen were alble to —Matthew 10:16. rather than by reporters who lease gleaming mew Cadillacs, In this world the true Chris- cover him daily and are Lincotos and Chrysler Imper- fen wiM inevitalbflie incur the familiar with the White Ms for token fees. It is only wrath and opposition of the un- nodem "natural" look. «n«» familiar wittt me WMe _ According to one insider the Housie operation. fair to report, therrfore, that righteous. Therefore the Chris- President even colors- his hair For *he public'* benefit, we have now caught the Pen- tian must always be alert. But to hide tlhe gray. ' Pxesiidtenit Nixon pretends to be tagon wangling the same bar- he must always be willing to Nixon's talor/H. Freeman unconcerned labout his-image gain. Ten new Oadilac Fleet- "turn the other cheek." & Son of Philadelphia is also ian ^ depredates the "experts" woods haive been delivered to nendrag <t)he President modesiHy who attempt to piaster his the Penitagon for 'the riding If God Is for us, who can be beard with makeup or adjust comfort of high offidials. The against us?—Romans 8:31. the television lights to 'hide the Pentagon pays less than $100 a When we place our lives in haigs under his eyes. month for each car. Anyone else/ ihe hands of God, there is no "I don't worry about Images wouud 'haive to pay iait'least four power thalt uUmiately can de..." he said on television. "The tiimies that amount. feat us. designed double-breasted suite wlh wider lapels. Nixon has also started wearing more modem, three-inch wide ties. He watches his- weight (170 poundis), gets plenty of sleep (seven hours minimum), and shaves as often >as three times a day. Attorney General John Mitch- lei, who is expected to resume his role >as campaign manager in 1972, also appreciates 1 the value of a good image. At a recent Washington party, he was heard to declare that the "Nixon men are not al squares." To prove his point, BUSINESS MIRROR Sound Companies Offering Their Shares - But Beware l.Yawn 16. Withered 9. Con's I companion 12. Arabian | seaport 13. Songbird 14. Male aheep IS.Mona ' Lisa, and others 17. Twilight 18. Italian city 19. Newer 21. Expected 24. Rescue 25. S-shaped molding 26. Forestalls 80. Make a mistake SI. Blackboard 82. Immerse 83. School terms 85. Smooth 36. The Orient (with) 88. Silent 40. Indo- Chinese country 42. Australian bird 43. An unfolding 48. Ignited 49. Ascend 50. Beige 51. Citrus drink 52. Observes 53. Tidy VERTICAL 1. Breach 2.Fusa 3. Through 4. Meal course 5. Natated 6. Lake—• 7. Soak 8. Subjugate 9. Feigned 10. Rant Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Average tlmn of notation: DC miniiton. 11. Hebrew / measure i 16. Scepter v 20. Salutation 21. Garden tools 22. Monster 23. Oppress 24. Hardens 26. Conspiracy 27. Operated .'' 28. Prong 29. Hurried swiftly 31. Nuns - 34. Capuchin monkey 35. Heed 37. French coin 38. Tissue 39. Among 40. Mislay 41. Pub specialties 44. Compete 45. Chill 4G. Money of account 47. Hickory, for one By JOHN CUNNIFP when you can invelst in a local aider's value per share was one AP Business Analyst company with its future ahead cent and Ihe stock is being of. NEW YORK (AP) — This is of it? fered to the public at $5 a he rose to toast the hostess and m excellent time to buy issues Said Fisher: "Only the public Share. told two locker room Jokes of ^ new stocks mys MiiWxM1 oan re j ect the ^^ /Let the is- „ , . W, C. Fields vtatage. j^^. S ome «Ud companies suer .and the uaderwriter eat v f ue . "We have got to chanige the with good wosv&te are attar- the garbage. They'U get the confused » r x- in , g ^ ^^r^ potential message." fa p blg p^^ e3dsts ' Prod Brook* U Roy Allman John Frailar Advarttitng Managai Managing Editor Nixon limiage," he later ex plained. "People do not flee the President for what he reaMy is or isee whait he is really doing." An ally in his cause, Mitchell fiiaikl, was Tneiaisury Secretary John Conwally, who had already met with some RepulbJi- . . . .,..., . * 1 * ls ™* V* « with cost per share. " 11 ? * h f v t P S for his stock, but h * ve tuilt up **** his contributions to ,|. en uw»« value ot Sacpnd clan paitaj* paid at Cardan Clfy. Kamai. 47144 "" TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION " ~~ By carrier • month in Garden City, $1.94 plui applicable talai tan Payable te carrier in advance. I and area aelleie itudentt $10.30 Ineludlnf pottage and applicable ulai tan for ••month tchool year. • . By carrier In othor clttai whore tarvlco b avallablo, f 1.50 * month plui applicable talai tax. By mail 11 MS a year includi** poitage and applicable lalei tan. __^_____ Carrier ratei apply whara carrier larvlco available. Member ef The Aweekttee! Press Thk Aiieclatod rVeu It entitled eieluilvely te the uie for rapre- of all local now* printed In thli nawipapor ai well at alf AP Me else reterveel. The very But beware. A sound founda- v 1 * 0 "*?™ ^ ject *" ju !i k? ^ v tion in the new issue market of ^ stul^y^S *he prospectus, value by deteriorate, suddenly, whi <* F ^ clalm » ™<&y isn't Je company. The important the naive the greedy as tormidiable as it appears. He figure to look for is public's only protection is itself, 1. Pay particular attention, of the company goes public. can Senators to admonish them says Fishier, and sometimes it counse, to the statement of 4. Bead carefully tl»e para- for "not seOing the Presidient to i^'t protection enough. earnings paragraphs. The com- graphs labeled "risk factors" the country." An investment hanker, Fiisher pany must list its live-year fi- or "high risk factors." Amaz- is author of a successful book namcial record, or from its ing linings may be lound here. H GOP Senators aren't sellimig thalt poked holes in the com- founding if less than five. What The principal!* might b« in- Uie President as they should, monUy lacoepbed notion that are the earnings per share? experienced. The company the White House crew is more sm )aM investors must deal only 2. Determine the price-earn- n^ght have a hugd deficit. efflkient. The P're&iidentiial in stocks listed on the big ex- ings ratio, or the number of Business might be Hailing off. image makers weigh Nixon'd changes. times earnings the stock is sell- 5. You must road the paina- every word and monitor his Nonsiense, he said in the ing for. If a new issue comes graphs labeled "certain trans- every ®tep. They plan cairn- book, "How to Make Big Money out at 50 or 100 times earnings actions." A lot of bodies are palgms to promote his programs, in the Over The Counter Mar- and you know you can get sea- burled here, One recent piw- brimg in ooragressimen for break- fcdt." Investments are under soned companies at 15 time®, pectus showed that in January fast meetings, coordinate wlitlh your nloee if you look, he said, you've had your warning. the insiders valued their 'Shares business leadens and special in- Why invest in a big company 3. Study the paragraphs on at only 80 cents each. In June about which you know little of « new issue in which the in- public alt $6. 21 22 IS 38 39 31 27 20 50 28 29 , HJBCGGHMYXF MOai'MN MVPXY BNXBCNXF VHYX OXNJMYa, Yeeterdaye CryptoquIp-FADINa OI'KJUA. B'i'AR FOULED' UP

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