Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 6, 1958 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, February 6, 1958
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Established in 1914 Published erty Thur»d«y morning at Fayetta. Iowa SUBSCRIPTION HATES (YEAH) Fayette County - - |3-00 Outside Fayette County ... $ 3 - 50 SECOND CLASS MAIL PRIVILEGES AUTHORIZED AT FAYETTE, IOWA NATIONAL EDITORIAL AsTocdATI ^N ^ U U ATFIUATE^MFMBER Communications of 'public interest are invited. Such communications must be received before Wednesday noon to insure publication in the current issue. DONALD L. KIMBALL JOSEPHINE BORCHERT WAYNE BARNES _ BUCK MAXSON MISS ANNA WILSON MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS MRS. TED LENTUS MRS. RALPH DICKINSON ... - Editor and PublLsher Assistant Editor Linotype Operator _ Shop Assistant Fayette Corrsepondent ....... Maynard Correspondent _ Randalia Correspondent Lima Correspondent EDITORIAL THE PASSING OF RAYMOND M. DEMING The entire community was shocked recently at the news of the passing of Dr. Raymond M. Deming. In the field of education it is men like Dr. Deming who make the greatest contributions, for he was dedicated to his work. Not seeking material advancement, but only seeking to give and share, such a man leaves a profound impression in the lives of many. There is no measure of what a man like Dr. Deming has left. But, we know that there is a record of his accomplishments in the hearts of many Americans all over who worked with him and learned under him. Dr. Deming was blessed with seventy five years among us, the greater majority of which were of service to his fellow man and the coming generation. That is why a dedicated educator is among the very greatest of contributors to our ongoing society. Dr. Deming was a living example of this, and still is. While he is missed by many he has taken his place among the great that served Upper Iowa University and his country's young people. This was his greatest glory. THE COUNTY ATTORNEY'S RACE Two Fayette County lawyers and possibly a third will be seeking the Republican nomination for County Attorney in 1958. Incumbent County Attorney Mark D. Buchheit will be seeking his third term in that office, which he won after a rough and tough campaign in 1954. West Union Attorney Richard Donohue is opposing Buchheit. Donohue is from NeV Hampton originally and is active in West Union affairs. Speculation has been around the county that Fayette Attorney John W. D. Hofmeyer might run. When contacted by the LEADER, he only said that he had made "no decision, but the idea is not entirely out of my mind." It is always a healthy situation when the voters can take a choice of candidates for any office. Whether or not it will be a two or three way race is largely up to Mr. Hofmeyer at this time. FAYETTE COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS The Town Council met in regu- by Reuben lar session at -Council Chambers, Tho ^^ Qm „.!„ ..'. » January 6, 1958 at 7:30 psn. Meet- The dramatic "stops" were ing called to order b / Mayor R well pulled out, in the rehearing " " of the Charles Greathouse case at CREEK-BOTTOM COMMENTS E. Cousins. Councilmen present — Erion, Addy, Henry, Johnson, Schmidt. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. Bills were read as follows: General Elkader, with character witnesses and Civil Liberties attorney in tears. But as the Oelwein Register editorial stated, if he hadn't Dr. Scott Linge, Health been caught, he would now be Officer spending the money he stole. On ¥tSSSS b3TS5 »rt the other hand, did an Iowa bank R ' El Cous,ns - bal - Mayors embezzler ever get a sentence of „. . e „ „ „. 35 years ??? We firmly think that ^ate J^^,?^' bank embezzlement is ever bit as *• *• f^° n, i 3 T^ ann criminal as bank robbery, if no 5' I - « y ' C ° uncilman physical harm is done the bank £ E. Henry, Councilman personnel during the robbery. «• i 0 ^^' S 0Un '^!" • • , • , H. A. Schmidt, Councilman The private life of bankers L °3^ ft SS» SSdS'*' should be just as private as any Fa ^" e County Leader ' other person's "private life." ,, p J*f' T However, their business ethics & ^ integrity (or lack thereof) should Iowa Sec ' Com be a matter of public concern. Street When bankers of one bank use , . „, a \A\r>o questionable ethics in dealing ** an K A ^ a J «n Snow with another banker, the patroni Alfr{ * Ht*?f' n 'J£™ have a Justifiable right to be con- cernea. . , , , Director Internal Rev. Earle's Standard Service, gas, oil A. N. Hansen, salary 25.00 36.00 50.00 3.00 44.00 42.00 40.00 i 40.00 i 42.00 242.06 11.93 25.00 180.14 781.19 22.51 13.00 10.31 69.49 100.00 6 FEBRUARY 10S6 THIS WEEK —In Washington With Clinton Davidson If you listen to the debate in Congress thin week you can hear what sounds remarkably like an echo of spewhes made some 33 yrnr> I \RO in those same House and Seimle chambers. The issue is the same: How im- rmrtnnt to our defense is air power? The central figure of the debate iu 1925 was the well-rcmcml)ereti Brig- (ien. William "Billy" Mitchell, an early and earnest advocate of air jH>wer. Mitchell was being courtmartialed by the Army for criticuing the military brass for failure to build up our almost non-existent air force. Congress was divided over whether Mitchell was a crackpot or a genius. The question, again, is how important is the airplane to our defense"' Has it, or will It •oon, become antiquated by guided missiles? Those arc questions this session of Congress must attempt to answor. Who will make the Important decision? Two small groups of experts, the Senate and House sub-committees for Air Force appropriations, have major responsibility for supplying the answers. The conclusions thoy reach con determine the success or failure of our defense against aggression. Hearings on President Eisenhower's budget request for Air Force funds, including both missiles and planes, will be l>egiin by the committees within the next few weeks. This and a later column will be intended to give you a behind-the- scenes look at how those committees Uiinl; and function. First, the Senate sub-committee. Hotli Chairman Dennis Chavez, a \i »v Mexico Democrat, and ranking minority member I^veritt Saltonstall, a Massachusetts Republican, are men of unusual vision and ability Hen. ('have?, fought for more • money for our defense all last year, bucking the "economy" tide thai was running strongly. That he was right is now indicated by President Kispnhower's request for a supplemental defense appropriation for the remainder of this fiscal year. The New Mexico Senator has combined ability and 35 years of seniority to rUe to tha head at one of the most important and powerful committees in Congress. Replying to charges that Congress had cut military funds too drastically, he told us: "My figures show Congress has not been reluctant to provide the money to assure this country 's safety. We are going to keep right on providing every cent needed to maintain pur position as a world power." Two years ago Sen. Chavez, with what now proves to have been remarkable foresight, fought successfully to include a billion dollars more in the Air Force budget than the Administration had asked for or wanted. As much or more than any other man in Congress he has helped to build a strong U. S. air force. Sen. Saltonstall came to the Senate In 1944 and has twice been re-elected. As A former chairman of the Armed Services Committee, he has a thorough knowledge of our military strength and requirements. "The front line of our defense la SAC (Strategle Air Command) with the B -52, and in the months ahead, we hope, with the B-68. These are the weapons of today and todays defense must be built around them," Sen Saltonstall sold. Eldred Dumermuth, fire calls • UINL' CHURCH EVERY WEEI I'RAV EVER 1 / DAV CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangerin, pastor Sunday School 9:30 a .m. Divine Worship 10:30 a .m. First Methodist Church Paul L. Kuscner, Minister Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning worship 10:30 a.m 103.63 271.36 100.22 Likely one of the most difficult things in all this world is to "practice what we preach" -" NadiniT usTmower (whether we are a preacher or w ; ;^.'"™* £ e mower not). Being a little guy with IN- equipment-spla., TENSE likes and dislikes, we fihd it difficult indeed to "practice what we preach" when we V. J. Total Sanitation Thomas, charger titc waai we preacn wnen we •»•«»•»•», ui«|u say very seriously; it is ever bit Mid-Western Pest Control „„ ~ * —J company as much an error of good judge- M»«*H »«V ment to fail to see any fault in Zabriskie's Garage, repairs our best friends, as to refuse to Director Int. Rev., see any good in those we dislike Earle's Standard Service i. W T. most. A "cooperative" movie actress is one who tells Louella Parsons and Jimmy Fiddler she's going to have a baby, before she tells her husband and mother. 38.56 249.48 14.30 517.64 7.50 10.50 1.50 94.80 40.00 229.67 384.02 Otto Finger, fire calls Ed Campbell, fire calls Lloyd Holtzman, fire calls Howard Hubbell, fire calls Howard It Johnson, fire calls Dale Maxson, fire calls W. L. Nading, fire calls M. B. Shaffer, fire calls Harold Swales, fire calls V. J. Thomas, fire calls Frank Wood, fire calls Director Int. Rev., 32.60 25.50 28.00 34.00 26.00 25.50 36.50 38.50 12.00 28.00 18.00 30.00 100.00 WeaJeyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship __ 10:30 am. Youth Service 7.15 p.m. Evangelistic Service 8 p.m. Prayer Service Thurs. 8 p.m. St Francis Church Father Lowell Shekleion Sunday Masses: 7:30 & 10:30 a. T Weekday Mass: 7:15 a.m. Confessions: Sat. 7:30 to 9 p.n Randalia Methodist Gale Hawhee, Minister Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. Worship Service, 10:30 a.m. Martin C. Timm. salary 193.40 Total 1010.16 Municipal Enterprises Anna Conboy, wages 15.64 A. Beryl Thompson, salary 43.99 Total 59.63 Utilities Henry-Vandersee, materials Interstate PowerCo., service D-X Sunray Oil Co., State Hygienic Laboratory 12.00 Treasurer of State of Iowa, sales tax 29.19 Mame L.Cole, salary 162.10 Total 678.50 Total Expenditures 3701.08 Motion by Schmidt seconded by Henry that bills be allowed as read. Carried. Application for license for one pool table was made by R. M. Gould. Motion by Addy that license be granted. Motion seconded by Henry. Roll call, all voted aye. Application for license for three pool tables was made by WUUanvIL^nd James E^Mullins. Motion by Erion seconded by Johnson that license be granted. Roll call, all voted aye. Council discussed insurance policies on the Sewage Treatment Plant. Motion was made by Addy that the acceptance of a new policy be tabled and the policy written by the Fayette Insurance Agency be continued for a month. Motion seconded by Henry. Roll call, all voted aye. Motion by Henry seconded by Schmidt that the Town cell a used culvert now installed in Robertson's Home Addition to Lowell Langerman, price to be determined later. Motion carried The Mayor appointed Dr. Scott Linge, Health Officer and Kath arine Gross, Treasurer. Both ap pointments approved by Council. Adjourned on motion by Erion seconded by Henry. ATTEST: Mame L. Cole Clerk January 20, 1958 Council met in special session at Town Hall, January 20, 1958 Meeting called by Mayor R- v E Cousins for purpose of granting a building permit. Representatives of Standard Oil Company were present and asked for permit to build a new modern station on the present site of the station at corner of Main and Clark Streets and ex tending north on Main on the property purchased by the company from Mrs. Dorothy Goode. Motion by Addy seconded by Johnson to accept the proposed specifications for a station to be known as Earle's Standard Service and as described in blue print prepared by Company, and that the plans be placed on file Motion unanimously carried No further business the Council adjourned on motion by Johnson seconded by Schmidt. Attest Mame L. Cole Clerk few Cards Still Out: Deer Harvest At 2,335 With a few hunter report cards still out, the 1957 deer harvest now stands at 2,335, a chock of report cards now on file in trie State Conservation Commission's biology section has disclosed. Cards reported through January 30 show that 2,198 deer were taken during the two-day shotgun season December 7 and ti. The total is 198 more than the 2,000 white-tails taken by shotgun during the 1956 season. On the basis of cards reported through January 30, another 137 deer were taken by bowmen during the special bow-and-arrow season, October 26 through November 25. The total represents 20 more than the 1956 total of 117. A total of 213 shotgun and 65 bow-and-arrow cards are still out, according to biology section records. Professional & Business Directory DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION. IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auto-Fire-Liability and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette BELLES bWtiiAL HOME Prompt Courteous Service Ambulance Service Phone 199, Fayette Fayette and Maynard PLUMBING HEATING WIRING BOTTLE GAS W. L. Nading, salary Total Public Salary Lloyd E. Holtzman, police 171.06 Howard Hubbell, police 73.31 Carl Master, police 58.80 Ronald Ash, fire calls 30.60 Victor Dahl, fire calls 34.50 Don Durfey, fire calls 14.00 Gene Wm. Singer Fayette, Iowa PHONE 247 More Brood Trout For Iowa Streams Stocking of brood trout from the I" S. Fish and Wildlife Service hatchery at Manchester which were begun last fall are continuing this winter as weather ind stream conditions permit. Most of the brood fish are rainbows, averaging about two and one-half pounds each Some range in size up to five or five and one-half pounds. The stocking program is a cooperative project between the Sti'te Conservation Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In making the announcement THE FAYETTE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate Phone 14 DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday "Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa Dr. Harry I. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Houris 9 a.m—4 pan. Ph. 156 ofc. Fayetl. Iowa Black 79 re*. DR. E. J. DAHLQU1ST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette, la. about the continuing stockirg program, Bob Stoker, area fisheries manager for northeast Iowa, listed streams which have te- ceived stockings of these fish in recent weeks. Thev include Waterloo and French Creeks in Allamakee County: Elk and Richmond Stream Creeks in Delau ;<:•<.: County; Noi\h and South Bear Creeks, Trout River and Trout Run in Winneshiek County. Trout anglers have been re- porting good success along trout streams this winter, with n number of these large brood fish included in creel limits. Spinning gear rigged with spoons — particularly large sizes in either silver or gold finish — and the time-proven flyrod with minnows, salmon eggs and worms seem to be the most productive lures .and baits for the "lunkcr" rainbows. • Well DriUing • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHNjD. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nite Lamont P. 2-58 Ijj All Wallpapers in stock at the present time will be iji III closed out at reduced prices- to make room for the 11! || 1958 line. Many patterns for every room in the iij i;i Home. Iji iji 18 x 36 mats — 29 cents at jj DELS1NG FURNITURE j iji Phone 7509 Maynard. la. V •i ~, f 6i ve ( IT'S ^o ^^Valeiifines! K,C ^ L WE EK y * W* 1 And LIVE BETTER.... Electrically Why not make this year's Valentine gift a long step toward better living—an electric appliance that will bring her easier homemaking, less drudgery, help her to get more fun out of life? When you give electrically, you help her to Live Better... Electrically. And, National Electrical Week will signal the,start of care-free, work-free electrical living for your entire family. See the modern electric appliances at your dealer's today, and choose the one she—and the family—will most appreciate. Feb. 9-15, 1958 VISIT YOUR ELECTRIC APPLIANCF DEALER

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