Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 6, 1958 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, February 6, 1958
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r;"?:. OF ni?.T'.::vi f " ' VOLUME 42, NO. 32 1958 with the editor We had a wonderful Saturday evening as the FHS Senior Class gathered in our home for a party. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pickett, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schichtl, Mr. arid Mrs. Dean Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Redel and Mr. Walter Farwell. ttw We certainly were impressed with the high character of the class in general and their politeness. ttw Part of the evening's entertainment was a scavenger hunt in three teams led by Bill Finch, John Rhode and Larry Maxson. ttw Before the hunt one said, "What if they get mad when we come to the door?" Our answer, "Don't worry, they'll be glad to see you." Y'all were, weren't you? ttw Donna Heth said as they were leaving, "Let's go down to the drug store. She has everything." Meaning Lois Davis, of course. ttw One item required was a white hair. The donor: Paul Davis. • • • . Among the prizes given the hunt winners were a pair of rubber baby panties and a pair of W. H. NICHOLAS TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR In making the announcement that I am a candidate for the office of Governor of Iowa, there are a few issues which I wish to discuss. Regarding TA XATION: In carrying out my duties as Lieutenant Governor, it has become increasingly apparent to me that the revenue of the state must be 4-H Boys' And Girls' Dance The 4-H boys and girls of Fayette County arc holding a 4-H Dancing Party, Saturday, February 8th, 8 p,m., Farm Bureau Building, Fayette. cost — 25c per person. John Miehe and his orchestra will furnish the music. All 4-H'ers are urged to attend. The County 4-H Boys' and Girls' Officers will be in charge of the party. Council Discusse Patrol Car By OHM Kimlial cAROUND TOWN.,. C. A. (Gus) Lund Fayette's City Council convened Monday and .pent m».;t ,,!' the pvtlnin K discussing ;i big problem now facing F ft FV rayetle LMeS The problem centers around traffic control and the town'-; FAYETTE — Funeral services sponsibility to insure the safety and proter.'ion of it; ,. were held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at T Presently, the Town of Fayette employs Martin First Methodist, church in Fayette LI(1 >' d Holt/man as its law enforcement officers. for C. A. (Gus) Lund, 74, a Fay- Mr - Timm i/cns. Timm ind ette businessman for many years. Richard R. Harrington Mr, Lund, who operated a gro- . Mr. and Mrs. Bernice Stans- eery store and pool hall during to meet our responsi- bury had Sunday dinncr ., t thc hi£ 34 ycars . ..^^^ in FaycttCi Milo died at Palmer hospital in West Union Saturday at 9 p.m. .. i He is survived by his wife, thc former Stella Rundle; a son, Carl, bilities in the fields of education, home of Mi- road improvements, state insti- Schneider tutional needs, and other important functions of the state. For and Mrs ?.!:•. and Mrs. Harlan Prestien tor Olsen, Oelwein; Dorothy, Mrs. Louis Raether, St. Louis, and Rita, Mrs. Marion. It is my feeling that the treatment which our educational institutions have received at the it . • iii..-^, ii.ii/.. rvin_i\_ ^. g fJl erS ' V I hK * they obli S- the past 10 years. William H. Nicholas George Cowles Funeral Wednesday FAYETTE — Funerals services for George Cowles were held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at St. Olaf improvements in all of our edu- Lutheran church in West Union, cation institutions at all levels. Burial was in the West Union We must be ready for an unpre- of . Cowles, 56, died at Phoe- the years ahead. In nix, Ariz, where he had resided existing Lantz . tax laws. For this reason I am « • • • opposed at this time to any in- Mr . and Mrs Elme ,. Nelson creases in taxes of any kind. and famil wcrc gucsts in the In the field of EDUCATION: shorty Thomas home Sunday. * * * * er.s, Oliver, Corvallis, Ore., and Out of town visitors in the Arthur, Manhattan, Kan.; a sis, , , .. ... ova , lt . . Milo Schneider home Sunday t er, Mrs. F. J. Lund, Manhattan, hands of the chief executive -s werc Mr and Mrs Ivin Leverton R , To Be New Wapsi Scout Executive Craig II. Mosier, President of Wapsipinicon Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, annoilned Rich- new the unity He will come to Waterloo from support legislation furthering WDrtn Bond, Oelwein. both capital and instructional .... Daryl Engelharclt, " ll- Kaw Clll ""' il »f K-'insas City, Kansas, where he has served ., • • , i ., since 1949, starting as a Field Also surviving are two broth- c . n ' . ll '" h "* rn.iu . ,->!:...,.. ^.......,,,:„ n ~j Scout Executive and now serves as Assistant Scout Executive. Mr. Harrington is 3:> years old and a graduate of the' University preceded him " f . K * nsas wilh ,,;! n 1J ,f h( ll "' lil 1 Arts Degree in H)49. He is married and has 2 children and is a 16 grandchildren. A Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Borchert afternoon visiting Borchert's Mrs. in death. The Lunds were married in 1915 ingly left probably expecting that they might get some use. ttw Highway Patrolman Nelson worl situation , which is likely to continue> th e education of our their dln . ner « ueat '. n the evening Larry Wlepkc was after being and lived at Lansing five moving ill three his death. He died a short time member of the Methodist Church. He is also a member of the Ser- toma Club of Kansas City, Kassas. Fayette Stores closed between Mr. Cowles is survived by two youth is, and will continue to daughters, Jean Ann, Fayette, be, the most important issue fac- and Karen, Eau Claire, Wis.; a ing our state and nation. sister, Mrs. Chris Rasmussen, Much is being said about re- _t _i ' f oioiwi, i-'ii a. V--111 la AVUOIIIU.JOLJ*! ATi V*l_li AS Lowing aciiu «'-"-'«-* fc * *dropped m for a short visit dur- Fayette, with whom Jean Ann apportionment of our legislature ing the party and everyone makes her home, and a brother, a t the present time. Because our found out they aren't really such p ar k Ossian " bad guys after all. In fact, dur- j ' forefathers »»w fit •when drafting wife, the former Bernice the Consitution of our state, to Art Crawford sold his 41 farm located between Fayette and Arlington to Mr. and Mrs. sale was made through Mr. Paul vrith r hp is wmnected Agency, rayette. Legion Auxiliary Meets Tonight ry will ho]d tne regular meeting (which is just a matter of educa tion, anyway). 0 , uttwu Record of hamburgers eaten during the evening was set by Kimpstons and Kiels ,,. .^ . „, t , Visit In Waterloo of t pep hem- selves, any change in the existing ^^aul M^ system will have to be submitted btt . Faul>t . end guests mthe to the people as a Constitutional T _ . . - Mrs. Allben Kimpston and Amendment. This is not a prob- Lowell Paul, who finished nine. Mrs Grant Kiel and their hus . lem for the execut ive office of „, . „.„ * w , „ bands drove to Waterloo Mon- the state to decide. I have com- Teasmg Bill Finch Pat Chase d to visjt tneir brother( W illi- plete confidence in the legislature and Donna Heth walked up to am Carnpbe ii who suffered a and the people of Iowa, to make S 3 ™ at . *° wa . C ; him and wispered, 'Come on out light strokc and is confined in the proper decision in this mat- nl S ht - February 1st. side so we can tell you good Scnoitz Memorial Hospital. His ter. night." At which Bill gave the condition was slightly improved usual BF blush. ttw ^ were'weeK h mo iome. mother of Ken Wilke and two broth moeting U begin at 8:00 with « . rep °^ °" ™ Week \ P0lti0 dnve> The Auxlhary wishes to express their thanks to the peo- , pie of Fayette for the fine con** tributions received during the driye Plans wil1 al$ ° be made f ° r tht ' Legion . s George Washington Din- ner . M( , r ' and ^ rs " E ' daughter Frances I ° wa an . d ° hl ° at Iowa , attended the Monday. One senior said to us, "I know performed by electricity in two who had a good time — the everyday life; the week of Febru- twins—there was plenty to eat." ary 9-15, 1958 is to be known in ttw Fayette as Electrical Week." Buzz Earle's $40,000.00 worth Edison worked untiringly to of Standard station is rapidly tak- develop the first practical elec- ing shape. It'll make a wonderful trie light bulb and the equipment addition to our Main Street, needed to bring it into the homes Kind of a modern look on that' of America. He founded an inside of the street. dustry that has become one of ttw the nation's largest and moat What FHS music teacher with vital. the initials W.F. sat down at thu The electric industry is the one piano, played a little and. ex- that has put the magic of electricclaimed: "WHO'S been playing this piano with jam on their fingers?" ttw A clue to his identity: He's also ity to work — to light homes . . . preserve and cook food . . . protect health . . . and serve in a thousands ways that contribute to the strength and prosperity of Mrs. Harry Dickinson of Fayette was visited Sunday by her Fayette County Soils daughter and son-in-law, iMr. and Mrs. Ernst Hlas, of Cedar Rapids. With them they brought Micheal, Mrs. Dickinson's 2% month old grandson. Mrs. Dickinson was also visited receives SUM. a month in -;alary and provides hi; nwn ear. !le is on evil I 2\ lnvi v. a d::y. In ad-lilion '.-•• is gi\vn 50 gallons of ;;as. Lloyd Hot/man is employer for 100 hours a monlh at PI per hour and is given .<")> gallons of gas also. Hi; hours .ire spent at the discretion of the Mayor or polve chief. The ears b;'lon%'in'; to these iinli\ p idu.ils are equipped with the necessary lights and sir. ns to show authority when enforcing the traffic laws. Al-iti working extra are as;:-Barney Huhbell. Carl Mas- i r . 1 nece'S ens 'in :e light': law and i-'-nl'il an 1 ''•• sary I the c:. Mow, and sh Ihe "renial" of is a viol t!:e' use of tin us is aiiainsl tin UK District Annual Meeting February llth wood is presently in the service. Bob Moorman, Iowa State ' J College Wildlife Specialist, will s"J 0 ut master and on the program at Fay- Commissioner. ..,, ..... , . Mr. Harrington Richard R. Harringfon Prior to his ejareer in professional Scouting he served in the 1 U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. As a hoy he attained the rank of Eagle Scout and later served as an assistant hood Mr. and Mrs. Rial Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rogers and son traveled to the Fred Garner residence last Sunday for dinner and spent the afternoon in Randalia. • • • • Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Garbee left Monday for an extended trip on University business. They will be contacting many alumni along the way and are expected to return later this month. Kenneth I. Jonson known in musical and profession- the nation . . . al circles at 'the laugh.' "The Interstate Power Compa- ttw ny is proud to be a member of We were wondering who we this vital industry . . . and proud could get to go to the CURSE OF to join with the other members FRANKENSTEIN at the Fayette o f the industry across the nation Theatre with us Friday night. in paying tribute to the memory ., _ _ " ~ an . . ttw of Thomas Edison, whose spirit Kenneth I. Jonson, director of Buck Maxson wanted to take O f constant seeking for new and the field service and professional Dayna Dumermuth but he better ways to use the magic of relations divisions of the Iowa ^ w _ _,_ thought she'd be too afraid to go. electricity still guides electrical State Education Association, will gchool annual haye an _ But we heard that she finally progress," Dale Maxson, manager address a dinner meeting of the d that this week is the said Yes. of the utility here,.said. Oehvem Teachers Cub a Fine ^ we(jk t(j Qrder . f th YEARBOOK SALES END THIS WEEK Seniors publishing the Fayette will assume 1 duties in the Wapsie Area on the 1st of March and will reside in Waterloo, Iowa. CANCER SOCIETY YEAR ROUND PROGRAM Although currently involved in an extended educational campaign, the Fayette Unit of the Amercian Cancer Society has issued a reminder that it maintains a continuous service program to aid persons stricken by cancer. "Requests for help from cancer patients have increased during the past year," Mrs. Storms, chairman of the Fayette County continued on page six Bob Moorman ttw Patti straiko reports that the Smithfield Homemakers girls from the dorm are going in a group. So here's your chance, single guys. To Have Cooking And Lodge m Oelwein Tuesday, Feb. CARDINAL, according to ette. February llth, 1:30 p.m., llth. The meeting is scheduled to Gross President O f the in the Farm Bureau Building, begin at 6:30 p.m. senior class' This is the Annual Meeting of Mr. Jonson's subject will be CARDINAL sells for $2.00 the Fayette County Soils Dis"A Timely Reason." His talk will ^"^ & lasting reminder of one's trict. Mr. Moorman's talk will be mVUTTi: TA ARQURVP SeWi " g MeCting membership"inVrofessional 0 or- 3£"» ^ ^r^ould^ave^ne C^strvatiot" * Th^rTwin be°a FAYETlt I" iHtotKVll „.,.,., TT , .„< gamzations. '"'*"",, their experiences, potluck dinner at noon. Everyone feirrTDirAI WPPk r Smithfiel d Homemakers will Mr . Jonson has been a member to r '* a ^hfn/tn nrferan an- is welcome ELECTRltAL Wtfch meet with Mrs. James Levering- of ^ ^A staff for the past Those wl ^' n f ^°^l gchool WCJC The week of February 9 will ton Tuesday, February 11, for a eleven years . As a part of his nual m . ay . p " one lne 8 V be observed in Fayette as Elec- lesson on experimental cookery regu lar work, he also serves as or contacl any Du OOii*-* vtru in *• «^ *- •"*- *-- f- - *. ^ cguitti WU4 xv* **c «uiw OVA wo «o , | trical Week, according to a proc- of donuts and cookies. The meet- secre tary of the Iowa Commission semor class ' lamation issued by Mayor R. E. ing will be at 10:00. on Teacher Education and Pro- Cousins. The event is observed Those attending will be asked f ess i on al Standards. nation wide each year during thc to bring their favorite cookies j^g, wilma E. Campbell, pro- week of Thomas Edison's birth- and donuts recipe. If time per- gram chairman of the Oelwein d mits they plan to make pajama Teachers ' club, Oelwein, is in f The m-oclamation state in part, pillows. charge of arrangements. recognition of the importance For this project they will be itv-ub" _ it _,„_,.,;„„] ^\, n A t o bring the materials ble, pencil and ruler. with Gent>ral E " C> Itschuner ' Chief of Engineers, and members of n ' is staffi to pro test the propos- al to cl ° Se the R ° C ? C Island .) nstal l ation and move lts activities to the District ° ffke at u St ' P u 3U Congressman Talle has been Congressman Henry O. iaue, arnong the most active opponents Second District of J.owa, today of tne pr0 posal to close the Ar- told the Corps of Army Engineers genal gince it was f i rst intimated that this is not the time to make tnat such . ac tj O n was contemplat- decision to close the_ Roqk ed last 8Umm er. Mm . m m*g*n Til IP CONGRESSMAN TALLt D TOADTC Tft PPAP1 F KfiTlllVliJ IV rtUTLB Martin "It's strictly up to the people. on of the intent of the lo'i'.sl.'iture. One reason the State I," .isl-'ture fovliids lights and sir>'n; on private ears is that many oilier individuals art- usini; them. Such use should be restricted to law enforcement agencies. ' •. -** Faytte's Town Council is faced witii solving this problem. Largely, the .situation boils down to wht'thi r or not the town needs a traffic 1 patrol ear, and in effect, .ral'fic patrol. The only intelligent way cif controlling traffic 1 is with an au- tumohiU; eiiforc'ejnc'tit system. Traffic control is not the only prohli m nc'cc'ssitaling the use of an auto. Patrol of the? town, including places like the cemetery, stone quarry and bean mill, the college buildings, the park, protection of outlying homes and access to the 1 Mayor's Court, often held in his home, all are loo remote to give 1 to walking. Many suggest that a street patrolman would be sufficient, hut under modern conditions it would be an impo.'V.ibility to achieve (1) traffic control C2) safety guarantees to older citi/cns and young kids while on the streets and (3) patrol of the 1 community to check for fires, vandalism and other possible disturbances. Purchases of automobiles for municipal use do not include taxes. They can be had for around $1500 more or less. A car used five years would cost, the town around $!iOO per year. With any kind of law enforcement at all of these trucks and out of state cars that speed thru hero, the car would not only pay for itself, but a part of the policeman's salary, also. This is economical! Mayor Cousins said that the Council will ask for bids from auto dealers by '.M February 1958 and said that the council will reserve the right to receive or reject any or all bi:ls. In commenting to the council about the situation, Mayor Cousins said, "We are trying to form an organization in Fayette to promote business and industry. I don't believe any new business or any industry would move into a town that did not have police protection. A policeman in a patrol car serves his community in two ways (1) his presence serves as a deterrent to traffic violators and (2) the vehicle patrol keeps traffic in order. These go without rementioning those duties of a police patrol mentioned earlier, Without such enforcement, the to^the" social and eco- needed, one yard slip satin, A pot-luck dinner will be serv- a wv . . -. nati, nf our communi- thread to match, a yard and a ed at noon. The hostess advises island Arsenal. Talle, and other In today's meeting he pointed i do feel that people should make complete safety and well-being npmic streng i awareness half of 2 inch green satin ribbon, that all ladies are welcome. members of the Iowa and Illinois out tnat j owa ^ tne on i y state their comments to the Council to of our people is not guaranteed. %' £L d i!S»nPe of the service 1 bunch stamens, a needle, thlm- fthe importance of the delegations in Congress, met continued, on page six help in their decision."

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